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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  October 2, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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this is no small issue. this is joaquin. the moisture is moving northward. what is going to happen the moisture is going to continue to feed in to south carolina in a small area. also an area of low pressure over the panhandle is going to pull moisture up. initially that will help give us heavy rain tonight and tomorrow. but the big story when all of this is finished completely, the big story is going to be substantial beach erosion and damaged to beaches and dunes in the midatlantic. possible historic flooding over portions of south carolina. moisture is impressive. it serves you northward. the local story tonight is period of rain, heavy at times. we're under flood flash watch tonight for the entire area as the rain continues to move in with element of heavy rain. slowly over the weekend the rains will diminish in the local area. flooding is a concern tonight. we have to closely watch the element of tropical moisture
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surge northward. a lot of heavy rain coming our way but not directly related to joaquin who is going to move off. more to share. steve rudin will join me later. alison: let's get out in the elements. ocean city, maryland, feeling the bankrupt of the major rainstorm here. out there in the storm,'s jonathan elias. day two out there. is it worse today? jonathan: the winds are worse today than yesterday. but last night the coastal community got absolutely blasted. if i was standing here last night and i was looking out at the mean ocean, because it's not friendly right now, i wouldn't be able to see the waves. the rain was coming down horizontally and blanket after blanket of rain. it was a mess out here. you talk about beach erosion. they have seen a little of that. but the wind is kicking up even more. the ocean, a lot of people think it's a threat. if you look out there, that is not something you want to take a boat out now. some folks who didn't heed the
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warning, whether they went out on the boat or whether the boat went out without them. the coast guard has to get the boat. beginning the team coverage, joce sterman looked into that. that is a time and a money cost-saveer that they can't afford. right? joce: absolutely. we're live in chesapeake beach. the coast guard is up and down the coast along the chesapeake bay. the winds are whipping. we have the whitecaps out and the heavy rain falling. flooding is a concern. we are at the hotel in chesapeake beach. they are preparing for that. once the high tide rolls in after 8:00 tonight. we want to talk about what the coast guard is getting ready for. they have the boats tied down. double secured everything is locked down. they don't want to lose the boats. the coast guard is not worried about boats of this side. they have them prepared. they have them handled. what they told us earlier is another concern. something you are probably not thinking about. they talk about all the stuff
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you leave out along the coastline. kayaks, canoes. that washing out to shore, out to the bay. the coast guard gets calls about it. guess what? this is what happens. they have to go respond in a search and rescue out of abundance of college, protocol they have to follow and they are at the ready. here is what they had to say earlier today. >> we try not to assume it's just a lost kayak. more often than not it would be. but we can't make the assumption that it just a lost kayak. joce: as he said, they can't assume that it's not a missing boater. they can't take that chance. if they get a call about a boat in the water, something they can't identify they have to check it out. the coast guard told us today they even pulled some of their own boats out of the water. they went to larger vessels that they put in, in the offchance they have to get into the by bays, the rivers. up and down the eastern shore.
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they are prepared for this. they know it will happen and are trying to get'm to heed the warning. first and foremost stay off the water. get your boats tied down so you don't become a cost or a problem for the coast guard. we want to send it back out to you in ocean city. jonathan: great advice. as long as folks heed the warnses and keep the boats where they belong. thank you for that. we're in ocean city. the winds have been hauling. this is some storm. doug told me we are dealing with the tropical force type of winds. that's how bad it is. the rain creates flooding issues. not from the beach. it's from the inlet. we drove over there and finding areas of flooding not a problem. our own brad bell spent most of his day talking to the folks affected by it and joins us live. brad? brad: we talk about the two things that will be hurting ocean city here. beach erosion. we won't see that until the tide goes down. flooding. we can show you right now. look at the neighborhood. i'm standing in eight inches
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of water. this is ninth street. this is st. louis avenue. what has happened is the wind is piled the water up into the back bay. it cannot go out. when you add the rain, you talk about it tends to pile up. these folks are used to it. but now we have a threat that this could be as bad as it was during super storm or hurricane sandy. i was here for that. the water was this much deeper. flooding the landmark bay side neighborhood north and south of the route 50 bridge. aaron fitzsimmons watching the rising water of the porch of her 1950's vintage home and says the living space never got wet. erin: it's a nor'easter. we have been through these before and we're well prepared. >> she is caught off-guard that the flooding would be as bad as when hurricane sandy rolled through in 2012. many properties damaged then,
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including wayne hartman's apartment building. today the water just reaching the steps. wayne: i feel comfortable. we'll wait and see. brad: midnight will tell because that's when the next high tide is. look at the folks here. they live in the town houses that are on the bay, which most of the time is a wonderful thing. but they are an island right now. they are above the level of the water but completely surrounded by the flooding. so they are choosing not to drive the cars and got them to higher ground. some people are driving through here and police say it's not a wise thing to do. this is supposed to be approaching low tide and it is worrisome that the water is still here. there had been hopes it would go back down. the next high tide will be at midnight. we will be here keeping an eye on it. that is the scene as it moves in the town of ocean city. in ocean city, brad bell, abc7
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news. jonathan: rain is the last thing they need. thank you for that. the governors of maryland and virginia declared state of muslim -- states of emergency. larry hogan the governor of maryland said he has all kind of resources available to him and they are dead -- ready to deploy if they need anything. terry mcauliffe said the same thing. they have the national guards at the ready if they have to pull people from the low-lying areas that flood. we are talking about flooding, this is the storm we are dealing with. nothing to do with the hurricane yet. but in the bahamas it is all about hurricane joaquin. the pictures we have seen are devastating. check out the video coming to us from the bahamas. they anticipate by the end of today they could see 10 to 20 inches of rain. can you imagine the kind of flooding that could cause? no just that. they have seen storm surges anywhere from 5 to to feet.
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the flooding and the damage could be expensive. as far as loss of life or injuries we have not heard of any as of yet. that is the only silver lining so far. that is a powerful storm that is churning down there. the only good news is a lot of people in ocean city are happy that maybe, just maybe it will be far enough off they will see it on radar and they won't feel anything here. we are staying tuned for that. we invite you to stay in touch. we have the weather alerts we put out on the apps. you download it to your phone so you don't have to be in front of the television set. get the latest on all that is happening with the storms, go on to the twitter page, facebook and for now, live in ocean city where it's very windy and the storm is really turning up the ocean, i'm jonathan elias. back to you in the studio. alison: thank you so much for your coverage out there. we will check back in with you shortly. now, though, to other news of the day. breaking right now at the white house. president obama is holding a press conference. he is discussing a number of world issues.
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he announceed arnie duncan the secretary of education is stepping down. he is talking about syria at the moment. let's listen in. president obama: that is not good for anybody. in terms of our support for the opposition groups inside of syria, i made clear early on that the united states couldn't inpose a military -- impose a military impact on syria either. but we need to be engaged moderate inside of syria because eventually syria will fall. assad regime will fall. we have to have somebody we are working with that we can help pick up the pieces and stitch back together a cohesive country. so we will continue to support that. alison: there, of course, president obama. if you would like to continue
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to listen in on the press conference the entire thing is on our sister station newschannel8. another big story. jesse matthew will spend the rest of his life behind bars. he was sentenced to three life stense terms for -- life sentence for sexual assault. we will have a live report at 5:00 with more. the defense department says ten americans were among the 14 people killed when air force cargo plane crashed in afghanistan thursday night. investigators are looking at two possible causes. engine failure. and the clipping of a security barrier. of ten americans who died, six were service members. four were civilian contractors. their names have not been released. the other big story across the country today, massacre at a
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community college in oregon making headlines nationwide. nine people dead. plus the suspected shooter. paul is live in roseburg, oregon, today. paul, it must be difficult to report on a story like this, yet again. paul: it is. it's horrific. especially in roseburg. a city of 22,000. many people live here because they want to get away from urban crime or get away from the hustle and the bustle. in this case, we are now learning more about the shooter. apparently served in the military for just one month. the army issuing a statement saying he failed to meet the minimum administrative standards and he was discharged. >> the families are currently living through the nightmare in the most personal way possible. >> douglas county sheriff john hanlin says more information on the victim of the shoot willing have to wait until after family members have been notified. >> investigators say they recovered 13 weapons related
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to the investigation. six from the school, and seven more from the shooter's home. they say all the whens were purchased legally. authorities believe the shooter identified by other officials as chris harper mercer shot students and faculty in at least two buildings on campus. the victims were found in multiple classrooms. >> i heard one gunshot. i looked over outside. people were running away from the building. we have to get out of here, there are people running. we need to gun. chris: the gunman targeted christians in the rampage. people who knew him said he sometimes wore military style outfits but was quiet. now police and community members alike are trying to figure out what could have motivated a 26-year-old to carry out a senless tragedy. >> one person's deranged act may have indeed broken all of our hearts but he cannot prevent our hearts growing back bigger and stronger.
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chris: a little more on targeting christians. according to the father of a wounded survivor he walked up to the students in the classroom and asked them if they were christians to stand up and said to them in so many words, "do you believe in god? great. because in a minute you'll be talking to him." frightening, a bone-chilling incident that happened at the community college in roseburg, oregon. alison: horrific. thank you very much. still to come at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the not so secret meeting with the pope. what did kim davis, the kentucky clerk who went to jail for refusing to issue marriage license to same-sex couples, say to the pontiff. wild weather. this is from the first round of storms. this is from laurel and from a tornado. we'll wrap up what has been a mess and deadly at the worst here. and a look outside. well, wind and rain.
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is not stopping anytime soon -- it's not stopping anytime soon. when it will stop? when "ab
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alison: take a look at this incredible video. firefighters rush to put out the fire on a montgomery county school bus this morning. the bus went up in flames between georgia avenue in silver springs. no students were on board at the time and the driver got out safely. the cause of the fire is under investigation. vdot trying to figure out what caused a streetcar to crash into an n.p.d. cruiser last night. this was tweeted from 13 and-street in northeast. no one was hurt. neither vehicle had damage. the operators are still only training on the streetcars. the program has been plagued with funding issues and delays. no word when they will get up and running but mayor muriel bowser said it could come by the end of the year. new information from the veteran tonight about the pope's meeting with kim davis. the vatican said the meeting should not be considered a form of supporter if her position.
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davis is the kentucky clerk that spent days in jail after refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. the vatican says she was one of dozens of people who met the pope and that group also included a same-sex couple. on friday afternoon, let's move on to get a check of traffic with robert burton who is in the traffic center today. robert? robert: this has been an absolute mess all week. specifically, today being friday. let's look at the highways. right now we are looking at a sloppy track all the way around the beltway. starting at the toll road. when we came toward 95. 202, take a live look. look near colesville road. it's really jammed up. all the way around 50. 95 in the toll road is stop and go. the accident near connecticut avenue is out of the roadway. a look at the beltway near the area of the toll road. looks fine there. also moving in to prince william parkway. expect heavier traffic outbound on 66. on and off of the beltway to
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centreville. the delays continuing as well. that is the latest from the abc traffic center. back to you. alison: looking difficult out there. thank you. live picture again at ocean city. this has been going on quite a while. this has certainly not been a one-day storm. incredible to see the waves and the beaches like this. our kimberly suiters is going to take a look at our wild weather week. kimberly: it's tough to keep the camera steady when you have wind gusts of 40 miles per hour. all the water rushing ashore has to go somewhere. in the case of ocean city, maryland, it's mostly on philadelphia avenue. >> the water is really on the street here. about four to six inches deep depending how the road goes up and down. kimberly: officials talking about the potential for super storm sandy level flooding. but at this point, joaquin is no sandy. >> the flooding then got well into this building. it got about this deep. kimberly: earlier friday
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morning -- norfolk, virginia, saw substantial flooding. a few days before that, portland, maine, had it worse. wet weather all week long in advance of yucatan peninsula is the -- in advance of joaquin is a concern. in baltimore they are bagging sand. finding safer harbor for boats. >> this is an area that is notorious for flooding. >> our biggest worry here is the water. >> better to be high and dry. >> in north carolina, mandatory evacuation order on ochrecoke high land. >> it's a surfer's paradise. look at the way the surfers are waiting were the the next ride. >> the slow-moving storm is hurting the coastal u.s. it's battering the bahamas. where the schools, and the government offices are closed. some people are trapped in
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flooded homes. lil'kimberly suiters, abc7 news. alison: what a week this has been. you told me what they are experiencing is worse than a nor'easter. doug: nor'easter is goes by for 24 hours and it's done. this has gone on for two days and will go on for three more so the damage will be worse. alison: it's not over yet. doug: no. let's take you to weather wall to look at the latest satellite images from hurricane joaquin. this is 4:21. before 5:00, we have a 5:00 update. if it's like the last couple we will be happy. the move to the north has begun. the key here is the track is well offshore.
4:22 pm
but there is an effect. come by nation of the low pressure center associated with the deep area moving across with joaquin. farther south low pressure to spin up tropical moisture. we will get the winds if for days, days, days. locally. no. we don't have an effect on sunday or monday from joaquin. but right now, coming down from the hurricane, push of tropical moisture from bahamas to south carolina. this will pinwheel to the west. most of the heavy rain is going to surge north. this is the future cast. look at tomorrow. it's pinwheeled around.
4:23 pm
we get through sunday and we will sea the scattered shower showers. so that is our story. steve: the heaviest rain is out of here tonight and tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning this will come on down. in the meantime, all of southern maryland. nothing for the extreme western maryland. show you a future cast. for the anticipated rainfall totals moving through overnight to the day tomorrow. we could be looking at upward of two inches of rain in washington. higher amounts to the south of us. the temperatures is cool, chilly. the wind chills in the 40's. 52 degrees at reagan national airport. we will take you out a look at the forecast. the temperatures are around 60 tomorrow. middle 60's sunday. doug will have a look at the
4:24 pm
seven-day in a few minutes. doug: all right. that is good. the news we hope coming up in 25 minutes or so is that the storm is going to be farther out to sea. we'll let you know when it happens. alison: we like that trend. thank you, doug. still ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- after the shooting in oregon, a closer look at the different gun laws in our area. do they make a difference from one state to the next? jonathan: long before joaquin was a threat here, this storm has been hammering ocean city. but i'm going to take you to discover the world animals, seen those before but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids discover the world with their mouths detergent is harmful if swallowed, so keep laundry pacs up and away from children
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jonathan: we're back live in ellicott city. we have had high winds. yesterday it was a rain event all day long and it wasn't just trickling down. it was coming down in sheets and horizontally. but you can see the wind is still in effect. the storm that has turned up the sea here. this isn't that bad in ocean city. it is bad in south carolina. when you see this from the sister station to joins us live. i can't imagine what it's like there.
4:28 pm
the big story is the surf. this is the wash-out and a popular spot for the local surfers. we estimate at one point there were 100 surfers. some of them came out as early as 7:00 this morning. hurricane joaquin is going to at closest be 400 miles off the coast. close enough to bring us to the impressive ways. this is the best action they have seen in months. we expect these to continue through the weekend.
4:29 pm
jonathan: the concern was that was a double whammy. the other thought was joaquin would be marching from the south. doug is tracking that storm. back to you. alison: thank you. still ahead doug will have more on the local forecast for weekend. much more wane on the way. we are figuring out now it could have been a lot worse. what is still coming and the latest track on joaquin. >> gun control and gun deaths. i'm chris papst. coming up, fact checking president o
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alison: we are back on friday afternoon to follow the weather for everybody. how serious are the flooding in the area? doug: not a major risk. it can happen. the biggest issue is people on the shores of the potomac.
4:33 pm
the watch in effect through tomorrow morning. yesterday it was in effect until the night. there are area of heavier rain farther south. this way it will work is the rain will push this way. the heavy rains over south carolina and the virginia border. joaquin moves to sea. locally we are in good shape.
4:34 pm
we have a window for the localized flooding and a possibility. it will stay breezy, damp and chilly throughout the weekend. that explains the weather conditions in ocean city. what are you seeing there? jonathan: that would be an understatement, doug. this rain and storm is parked hear. they were lining up for a block to get the sand bags being handed out. jeff goldberg spent the day talking to those folks and the governor. jeff: regardless whether you consider this weather a drawback -- >> miserable. jeff: or a benefit. >> wet, cold, drizzly but kind of nice. jeff: it's impacting virginians from north to south, east to west. >> the entire commonwealth is hammered with the rainfall.
4:35 pm
>> virginia governor terry mcauliffe talking about the response. the state of emergency in places wednesday and the 800 national guard troops deployed across the state to help with sandbagging and rescue. mcauliffe like so many others is relieved that joaquin is keeping the distance from the region. >> for a while we look at the potential of the direct hit. to match it with the nor'easter we had, the two would have been cataclysmic for north carolina and virginia. jeff: alexandria streets are taking on water. the city was ready with 3,200 filled sand bags for anyone who asked. >> the response has been excellent. from 9:00 till 11:00 we had a steady flow. jeff: volunteers are happy to give and the residents are pleased to receive. >> better be prepared than sorry. jeff: the storms are not
4:36 pm
turning out to be assed be as anticipated, if rain is falling hard and if waterlems are still high. people are preparing for what could be a long and a wet night ahead. in old town, alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: back now in ocean city. this is humorous to some level that there is a car show planned this weekend at ocean city. hundreds of cars have shown up and the drivers. they want to continue with the car show. it is an outdoor event. good luck with that. if you want to get alerts about what is happening with the weather you can do so, go to anything changes with the weather you will get a text alert to let you know what is happening. that is the latest from ocean city. wet and windy. back to you. alison: thank you. moving on to other news. the it shooing in oregon yesterday has many wondering do stricter gun laws really work? east jurisdiction is a -- each jurisdiction is allowed to
4:37 pm
make their own law provided they don't break the second amendment. chris papst looks at closer look at the gun crimes and the gun laws. chris: there have been a number of publicized shooting that have got the nation talking about the gun control laws. again we find ourselves having the same conversation. thursday morning mass shooting at a community college in oregon sent americans on ride of shock and sadness. the images and stories out of roseburg were moving and i didn't take long for them to be politicized for those favoring gun control saying this is another example of why laws need to change. and that includes president obama. not long after the shootings he took to a podium and spoke to the nation in a very emotional way. saying this. president obama: we know the state with the most gun laws tend to have the fewest gun deaths. chris: is that true? the iteam analyzed data from the federal government
4:38 pm
concerns gun crime and gun death comparing virginia, maryland and d.c. coming up at 6:00, we will share the numbers and answer the question was the president right? chris papst, abc7 news. alison: okay, chris. we will see you then. thank you. is the debate over gun control is an interesting one to say the least. over the summer a cbs poll found 88% favored background checks. overall, however, only a slim majority favored making gun laws stricter. according to pew, 70% favor a database. another survey found 40% believe strict gun control laws would reduce firearm deaths. still to come on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> you're pregnant. alison: the big reveal for a virginia father to be. it is his reaction that followed moments later that has the video going viral. the good news and how long he
4:39 pm
had been waiting for it straight ahead. someone claimed the $300 million jackpot. can you imagine this we let you know where the winning ticket was sold and the lucky woman's first move after finding out. woman's first move after finding out. that's a
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alison: welcome back friday afternoon. we're tracking the storms out there. mobile track 7 on the road. this is a live picture of the roads soaked in prince george's county. this is maryland state route 4 near upper marlboro. we'll have a complete traffic report for you shortly. and weather as well. many of us joked about winning the lottery and quitting our job, right? but for one michigan woman, it is a reality. the 50-year-old mother lives lis in the town of three rivers and she won wednesday night $310 million powerball jackpot. her coworkers say she got the good news while she was at work. >> got back from the lunch break. ready to go home. >> probably for good. the woman's name has not been released and she is not quite ready to go on camera yet.
4:43 pm
>> we have a "7 on your side" consumer alert. expirian exposed personal information of 15 million t-mobile customers. the breach only affected peak who applied for t-mobile services between september 1, 2013, and last month. it's notifying those affected and offering free credit monitoring. 12,000 job -- 142,000 jobs added in september. that is according to the labor department and that is well short of the expectations. experts believe the u.s. economy was poised to add 200,000 jobs and more bad news as they revised the jobs from july and august and added fewer jobs were added as previously thought. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> due february 16. it's a boy.
4:44 pm
alison: it's the reaction that is going viral today. we will tell you what happened next. and how long the virginia couple has been trying for a child. that story is coming up. >> flooding is a serious issue in ocean city and other communities across the eastern united states. this rain, this storm is pounding us. the hurricane is just starting to make a trek north. we have the latest in a live ♪song: "that's life"
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jonathan: we are live in ocean city. the storm is going on the better part of 24 hours. the wind is kicking up stronger than yesterday. the rain is starting up. if you do the fair, pan off and see the ocean. there are other areas feeling the effect of the storm.
4:48 pm
stephen: this has let up. this is as light as the rain has been all day. 45 minutes ago it was coming down heavy. throughout the day the rain has been consistent. it has a lot of people concerned. steady rain on saturated ground had water pooling early. >> it's so wet. very wet. >> water expanded in low-lying areas. some of the projected path of the persistent rainfall prepared for the deluge. >> you have to be careful when you drive. you can't tell the water from the road. >> some peak are heading home to wait out the storm. long-timer angela chapman says the region has a history of flooding. even when you are inside your home you still may not be safe. >> a bad flood in 1996.
4:49 pm
in the surrounding counties. and the ground gave way and houses also. stephen: this lull in the rain is not expected to last long. back to you. jonathan: all right. thank you very much. we are getting the rain. whatever lull is happeningin culpeper we are blasted in ocean city. we will monitor the situation. for now, back to you. alison: thank you very much. all right. doug is here now as we look at the newest advisories. this is still from 2:00. doug: the new one literally any minute now. we will pass it along immediately. get to it and look at what we have at the moment. the hurricane joaquin with top winds of 130. interesting to see if the next advisory has it that strong and weakens it and continues a track to the north. that is important to the current location. normally a great place to
4:50 pm
vacation. right now not so much. 130-mile-per-hour winds. storms move out and will weaken. stay offshore and we won't have a direct effect. we will continue to have an indirect effect of the low pressure along this track. high pressure to the north. low pressure system over florida. i know it is complicated. everything is mixed together to continue the battering waves and the winds along the coast. in our area we have rain. not directly related to the hurricane. but related to a tropical push of moisture from the south to keep the rain going. nothing heavy right now. but the steady and the light to moderate rain will continue through the evening. heavier element from the hurricane to north carolina. in the next couple of days we get a break. people to the west not so much. the rain will head north. folksown south will get hammered. our rainfall totals by the end
4:51 pm
tomorrow an, 2-1/2 inch of rain. three inches in fredericksburg. if you go farther south and the numbers are monstrous. by the time we get to sunday an, 12 to 14 inches of rain possible over portions of south carolina. i could be record-setting rainfall. the weekend, showers, breezy. cold and chilly tomorrow. 61. 66 on sunday. as soon as the new advisory comes in we'll be back with it. alison: thank you. talk about the traffic and how it is affecting traffic on friday. robert altman. robert? robert: we are looking at the traffic tracker. very slow traffic wherever you are because of the wet conditions. we have seen it all week and it continues today. on a friday. beltway closed to virginia. building to where the tracker traffic is. heading to 202.
4:52 pm
marina drive to area 50. 995 to the toll road. southbound 395. live look to the abc news of seminary. the delays continue all the way through landmark. outbound 66. metro in toward centreville. beltway out toward the area of river road. that is the latest on the traffic center. back to you. alison: okay. thank you very much. well, the video of a virginia man reak to finding out he -- reaction of finding out he will be a dad is going viral. take a look at why. >> you're pregnant. >> due february 16. >> c'mere! >> it's a boy. [crying] >> wow! his wife dayna put the baby ultra sound picture in the oven next to a pack of buns in
4:53 pm
the oven. >> his reaction was priceless. i wasn't expecting that at all. >> i have never been that excited before in my life. i mean, not mainly for myself. but her. alison: so touching. you know for good reason. the couple struggled for nearly 17 years to have a child. in the past, dayna suffered four mischairmans and a stillbirth -- miscarriages and a stillbirth and she is nearly five months pregnant. we wish the family the best. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- are you ready for all day breakfast at mcdonald's? it turns out it will not be a fulmenu. the exclusions right after this. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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4:57 pm
starting to move a touch faster to the north at 7 miles per hour. the latest track continues it well offshore. in fact a little farther offshore than the previous track. that is overall good news. any potential impact to the east coast, we will have that coming up in a full report in a couple of minutes. alison: thank you for the latest. soon mcdonald's will seven breakfast all day long. it starts tuesday. but it won't be a full menu. consumer reporter john matarese explains what's missing so you don't waste your time. john: mcdonald's is in need of a turn-around. they are hoping to boost sales and make millions happy when it launches all-day breakfast at the d.c. area store. we got a sneak preview and found catches you may not know about. it's frustrating. you race to mcdonald's, glance at mickey, oh, no. it's 10:33. three minutes late. no breakfast for you. that is about to change. with mickey d's about to launch all day breakfast.
4:58 pm
>> thank you. john: bill and josina wright were among the first customers to try breakfast for lunch. >> a dream come true. john: at a handful of test stores already offering it. >> i love breakfast food. i love to get breakfast all day long and get it for my patients is great. john: franchise owner gloria has seen a business boost since she was a test store. >> customers are so happy they can get a hash brown or a hotcake at lunchtime or even at dinner at 5:00 or 6:00 at night. john: some might be disappointed because while they have a lot on the menu some things you still can't get for your midday meal. while you can get egg sandwiches, hotcakes and sausage and breakfast burritos the downside is the stores will have muffins or biscuits but not both. they won't offer the big breakfast. >> it's a different process to scramble eggs. john: the prices will vary by
4:59 pm
restaurant and cheaper than hambuger and fries. popular item is the hashbrowns. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: the region drenched by mother nature. alison: but the good news is it is looking like hurricane joaquin is going to leave us alone. the storm watch 7 team tracking the weather from ocean city all the way to virginia tonight. but beginning with chief meteorologist doug hill and the latest news of the track of the hurricane. doug: we are continuing to see very heavy rain and the strong winds. technically it's a little weaker than it was last time. 125-mile-per-hour winds. get started to give you the latest information over the hurricane. it is moving slowsly to the north at 7-mile-per-hour.
5:00 pm
it will accelerate in the next few days and that is good. not only will it accelerate but the 125-mile-per-hour winds slowly and steadily will begin to diminish. it will move over colder water surfaces so it will diminish and be far enough offshore to have no direct effect on the weather. but what will happen i think as we head through the next couple of days we will continue to see periphery effect from the hurricane and high pressure north pound the east coast with the winds to result in beach erosion. high tide and localized flooding. we still have the concern of flash flood issues. flash flood watch until 9:00 in the morning. the rain is moving from the south all day long. but not much in the way of heavy rain. steady light rain. the best news to share with


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