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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> it was a huge boom. leon: trees down, water up. more than 6, 8 inches, the tide comes up. leon: the rain affecting the region and weekend plans. >> he ran to the library and pulled all the alarms and was telling people to run, grabbing people, telling them they have to go. leon: the campus shooting and
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america's new debate about guns, next. 11:00, abc seven news at on your side. alert,irst, a stormwatch rain is causing damage in the d.c. metro, and along the coast huge waves bringing flooding concerns. the woods yet of with the rain, but there is good news -- the weekend weather forecast is improving. it looks like hurricane joaquin will not get near us, and we have team coverage in every corner of the region tonight. we start off with meteorologist steve rudin. what is in store for us? steve: better news through the overnight into the day tomorrow. doppler radar, from the belfort furniture weather center, the heavy rain beginning to ease, light rain around the capital beltway, montgomery county, frederick, towards hagerstown.
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southern maryland, not a lot going on right now. they had heavier rain earlier in the day. a huge area of dry weather to the south, well to the south across central north carolina. that is the jackpot, with heavy rain at times overnight. staying awayl be from the d.c. area, moving off to the north, eventually further towards the west. we still have a flash flood watch in effect for the d.c. metro. i don't think we will see much flooding because most of the heavy rain has ended, especially across southern maryland. no watches or advisories for western maryland, garrett county. we are looking for a quick update of hurricane joaquin, with wind of 125 miles per hour. more on the storm track and sunshine in just a few minutes. now, high water in ocean city as we approach high tide. it looks like the coast will
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dodge a direct hit from hurricane joaquin, but it is still a big mess. brad bell is live in ocean city. how does it look and feel right now, brad? brad: we are still experienced this storm before the storm. it is not technically a nor'easter, but it is bringing heavy wind out of the northeast. a couple seconds ago i had to brace myself because we are seeing wind gusts of about 50 miles per hour. on the beach, heavy surf and a lot of beach erosion. real concern in the town tonight is what we can show you right here, it is the flooding. we are down here on st. louis bot and between tal caroline street's, near the marina, mr ducks, it is underwater. we are approaching high tide. in just about an hour. the water is coming up rapidly.
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this is not just rain, this is from heavy wind pushing the water into the back bay here in ocean city. the winde high tide, will not let the high tide go down, and then it is excessive. we are being told by city officials that they expect the flooding to continue until monday. the warning went out this morning that we could see flooding that would equal we saw in sandy. the water here is just now reaching the steps, the first step of this house, already covered with water. it has a couple steps to go. we are getting a gust that is moving here. the water has another couple feet before it gets into the house, and that is just about how it is across the area. , whichecomes like sandy i was here for, the water will be over my knees and it will get into those houses. that is the concern, that is what they are watching for. in ocean city, brad bell, abc 7 news. back to you.
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leon: be careful out there. this flooding has turned deadly in the carolinas, two people died in the flooding. evacuations are underway in myrtle beach. more rain is coming. drivers were stuck when they tried to drive through flooded areas. the fire department was called out. the american red cross is offering a shelter in north little beach. the county activated its emergency operation center to monitor the situation. meantime, the coast guard is searching for a missing cargo ship near the bahamas. 33 crew members are on board this ship which includes 28 americans. it was called up and hurricane joaquin yesterday with waves up to 30 feet high. the ship was without power. rescuers have not been able to reach a because of treacherous conditions. scary moments in arlington when a tree crash down on top of a home. no but he was hurt, but the neighbors on north chester brook
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road said that it sounded like a sonic blast. kimberly suiters has the report. kimberly: the tree was not brought down by lightning or high wind. look at these roots and soil, the pattern below. the weight of the tree and the wet ground was simply too much to hold and it came crashing down on to the neighbor's house. when the tree came down -- >> just a loud bang and the whole house shook. kimberly: he saw it crashed onto the house. >> i was in the basement to stories below. a little shocked. in they: he was working basement and scrambled for cover. his brother surveyed the damage in the master bathroom upstairs. wall, which ishe kind of scary. if somebody had been on the toilet, they would have gotten hit. on the topobody was
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floor. their parents are on vacation abroad. >> just a whoosh. kimberly: their neighbor was sitting in the driveway when one of his favorite trees toppled onto the house next door. it was a missing man formation from arlington, then my wife ran out. kimberly: nobody saw this coming. >> i did not think there would be any issues with the storm, joaquin being off the coast, and here is the tree in the house, so what can i say. kimberly: they wonder about all these old trees. soggy, toorated, too much water. kimberly: the fire department has been here, insurance companies have been out here. and the emergency repair crew for the roof just left about 20
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minutes ago. everybody very thankful that nobody was injured. live in arlington, kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, kimberly. the city of laurel declared a civil emergency. the national weather service infirmed that an ef-0 tornado touchdown tuesday. experts say that it was on the ground about 11 minutes and stretched for miles. stilll businesses are cleaning up the damage in bracing for more severe weather tonight and this weekend. is not for the fainthearted. scientist took to the skies to upck hurricane joaquin close and personal, flying directly into the eye of the storm to gather information. and abc 7 meteorologist josh knight will be on one of those flights this weekend. make sure that you look for his news atmonday on abc 7
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5:00 and 11:00. whenever severe weather approaches. will have updates around the clock on twitter and facebook and on our stormwatch app. , still awaiting trial on murder charges, but jesse matthew was already headed to prison for life, sentenced to three consecutive life terms for the sexual assault and attempted murder of a fairfax county woman a decade ago. he faces two trails next year for the murder of hannah graham and morgan harrington. he could get the death penalty if convicted in those cases. development's on the community college in oregon. we have learned the names of the nine victims. roz plater reports. of: we now know the names all nine minute women killed in the organ school shooting massacre. they range in age from 18 to 67
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years old, and one of the wounded is being called a hero. the 30-year-old student, army veteran, and father was said to have charged the gunman to try to save lives. >> tried to block the door to keep the gun man from coming in. got shot three times, hit the floor. it is my son's birthday today. he got shot two more times. investigators are painting a chilling picture of chris harper-mercer, described as a field soldier discharged from basic training after a month. just before the shooting, he handed somebody on campus papers and a computer thumb drive loaded with what is described as hate-filled writing. authorities found six guns on campus, seven at his home, all purchased legally. presidentte house, obama ordered flags to fly at half staff and urged americans to only pet candidates to
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support stricter gun control laws, but jeb bush was critical. crisis, andalways a the impulse is always to do something. it is not necessarily the right thing to do. i think theama: american people should hear that in make their own judgments, based on the fact every couple months we have a mass shooting. they can decide whether they consider that "stuff happens." the hero is still in hospital, recovering from seven gunshot ones. both legs broken. there is an online gofundme account that is shattering records, raising nearly $400,000 in just hours. roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: that part is great to hear. we continue-- tracking the rain rolling through, including how it is impacting the weekend. steve is back with a stormwatch forecast. plus -- the potomac river has
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floated its banks, moving into the streets of old town alexandria.
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leon: right now, bracing for the
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the best,ing for flood prone areas brought in sandbags. with the rain tonight, folks feel prepared. richard reeve's in alexandria with what they are seeing on the streets. how does it look? leon, this is unbelievable. that is the potomac river. this is not part of the river, this is prince street. i will pan down to show you how far the water goes. the question is how far it will end up. it is a soggy night in old town. the hurricanes or the extra rain, it fills the town. sandbags, the first line of defense against the high water. >> oftentimes union street gets flooded. when we get more than 6, 8
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inches, the tide comes up. richard: they say they are prepared. >> it is just wait and see. richard: everyone is watching the potomac with the expected high tide overnight. >> it is something we are prepared to handle if we need to, but we are hoping not to have to. richard: there is widespread relief over hurricane joaquin's status. >> we may avoid that drama. richard: including this wedding rehearsal tonight. >> we secure the boats, we double up lines, stay on the boats. richard: now the waiting game. otherlook out for each and do what we can to prevent more damage. deeprd: take a look at how this water goes. again, this is prince street. high tide is at 1:00 in the
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morning. live in alexandria, richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, richard. you are very familiar with that area. steve: it floods all the time. the wind dection and the rain is not helping, but it will quickly go down. we will look for better weather pretty soon. we have to give it a little more time, but the heaviest of the rain, i'm growing more and more confident, has come to an end. today, 58 the hyatt reagan national. the current readings, 40's hagerstown, winchester 48, luray 46. the windchill factor at reagan national earlier today, only in the upper 40's. we will warm up the next couple days. the satellite radar, breaks in the rain to the south. we are looking at that to happen as we move through the overnight. all of this moves to the north and east. montgomery county, frederick county, loudoun county, light
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rain right now. southern maryland, leonardtown and waldorf, skies are cloudy but at least it is not raining. had quite a bit of rain during the daytime today. still have the flash flood watch in effect, probably going to cancel out early, but until 8:00 in the morning. it includes the entire d.c. metro area, everything to the south. we look for the potential of the heaviest rain, what is left of it, well to the west of d.c. that is where they may have localized flooding. i'm not expecting a lot more. overnight, through the day, these are the totals. the jackpot will be well to the south. this is a computer estimate, showing anywhere from 10 to 16 inches of rain. that may be a bit overboard, but not out of the question. that is a lot of rain in the carolinas. 49 degrees overnight, otherwise
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just scattered showers, cool and breezy, the wind out of the northeast at 15 to 20. through the early morning tomorrow, if you have plans for the farmers market, grab the umbrella come you will probably need it. the good news is by the time of the maryland-michigan game, skies begin to clear. a few lingering showers through the overnight tomorrow and into the daytime sunday, but not expecting a whole lot. the latest update on hurricane joaquin, with wind that 125, wind gusts of 155. shows it moving even further off to the east, which is excellent news, hardly any impact on the united states. it will stay way offshore, no impact on canada either. the forecast come as we head through the day tomorrow, looking for highs only in the middle to upper 50's. we may touch 60 degrees. 66 sunday.
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back into thees 70's monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week, with the nighttime lows that will be in the 50's. leon: that will be nice to see. steve: it will be. leon: what is the latest with the nats? robert: the good thing is no baseball tonight, so no craziness. the nats washed out in new york. are they ready to clean their hands of miniature matt williams? -- are they ready to clean their hands of manager matt williams questio
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. rained out tonight, a double-header tomorrow against the mets in new york. it has been speculated for a while now that manager matt
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williams, his days with the club are numbered. according to a report, williams will be fired when the season ends sunday. no official word on that report from the nationals. quite a reversal of fortune, named the national league manager of the year last year. desean jackson has been ruled out for sunday's game against the eagles. he is still recovering from a hamstring injury. a big target been for kirk cousins, not to mention making an impression on jay gruden. right now he is hoping he did not make the wrong decision with kirk, but his confidence is still there. : every play iser not going to be a touchdown. coverages ands pass rushers and they get paid a lot of money also. they are coached well.
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let theth the plan, players around you help you, and if it is not there throw it away. robert: preseason action for the caps facing the bruins. you know it is hockey season when the gloves come off. the caps trailed most of the game. under three minutes left, alex ovechkin ties it with the wrister. the caps win in the shoot out in overtime, 2-1. steve cubs fans -- bartman will not be returning to wrigley field anytime soon. he became public enemy number one in 2003 when he interfered with a ball that many felt caused the collapse of the cubs. a group of fans were hoping to toe ammends by raising money bring steve bartman to the wild card game.
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espn.comerson told steve bartman will not be accepting the offer and is not planning on attending any of the games. and don't forget to tune in to high school sports final on news channel 8 for all of the high v.hool action around the dmv favorcoming up, a wedding faux pas. what were they thinking? oh, well that's a good price.
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leon: as ugly as things looked yesterday, we have something to look forward to? steve: it looks a whole lot better. showers, the a few temperature only about 60 tomorrow. we warm up sunday even more. tomorrow. we warm up sunday even more. leon:
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