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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  October 4, 2015 11:35pm-12:06am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kellye: a tough day for students and faculty at umpqua community college in oregon after a mass shooting left nine innocent people dead. >> how can something like this happen anywhere? reporter: a small town in
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rosedale,amilies and oregon, gather to remember the 9 people killed in the shooting rampage. prayers were answered. his 18-year-old daughter was saved when a fellow student fell on top of her after being shot. she play dead. >> we believe that his blood saved our daughter's life. therter: witnesses say that student gunman showed no mercy, ordering some victims to crawl beg before taking their lives. this army ranger posted this video to facebook. the'm overwhelmed by support. i want to wish all the other families a safe and speedy recovery. there was a student specifically chosen by the gun
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man to live and deliver material to the police. >> he said you are the one that is going to live. in his backpack, there is a flash drive. reporter: investigators have been scouring for evidence at his home and on campus for a motive. >> we did not want to be part of the sandy hook club, but we are now members. reporter: umpqua community college will reopen tomorrow so faculty and students can retrieve their belongings. classes will not be held. tentative trial date for the man charged in the lyons sister's murder case. lloyd welch is charged with killing the sisters back in 1975. a were walking from their house to wheaton plaza mall and never return home. convicted sex offender who was already serving time at a prison in delaware. the sole survivor of a shooting
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on the morning newscast in virginia is talking about the tragedy. vicki gardner says she still thinks about the deaths of journalists alison parker and adam ward, but she does not give the gun man a single thought. she rumors instinctively dropping to the deck, pretending to be shot dead. -- she remembers instinctively dropping to the deck, pretending to be shot dead. thinking, just don't do anything. pretend you, vicki, are dead. , no just laid there screaming, no anything. kellye: she is back on the job as executive director of the smith mountain lake regional chamber of commerce but is working from home. she expects to have another surgery next year. crime stoppers and organizations are offering a cash reward for information
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leading to the arrest of a driver who struck and killed a u.s. marine. he was hit tuesday night on u.s. 15 in thurmont. he had pulled over in the heavy rain to help a stranded driver. for alice are looking tractor-trailer or a heavy duty pickup towing a tractor-trailer with damage on its right side. arlington police are searching for the man who attacked a woman tuesday night, trying to find out if the attacker is linked with seven other assaults on women in the past two months. the woman says the man grabbed her near washington boulevard, across the street from washington lee high school. >> he put his arm around her neck and try to grab her. she let out a bloodcurdling scream. this is a scream i will never forget. kellye: the man ran after the woman screamed. she was not injured. the suspect description in this attack and others are vague.
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doesn't affect in maryland for driving impaired. -- new laws are in the books in maryland for driving impaired. any driver involved in a crash with their alcohol level above the legal limit will have their license suspended for six months. a mclean, virginia, woman said her life was placed on hold after contracting with a local mover. she told 7 on your side that the company promised the move would take just several days, but several months past with a no answer of where her belongings were. that is when she contacted troubleshooter horace holmes. she was so looking for to making her move to florida, until she actually tried to move. the point now where i'm frustrated and angry. i cannot imagine how a degree i would be if i was actually
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desperate. we met her, she was clueless where her belongings were. where is your stuff? >> i don't know. horace: the movers promised her her things. >> there are four pages of what they loaded. horace: nearly everything she owns would be in florida in less than a week. she paid up front, over $4000. a big mistake. >> they have been paid and they have all my stuff. horace: over the course of the month, still in virginia, she called the movers over and over and got excuses. >> how can you think this is any way to run the business? horace: finally the callbacks stopped coming, so she reached out to the police and 7 on your side. they said it is not unusual for moves like this to take 21 days, even though they promise less
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than a week. a manager did not know for sure but believed her belongings were in the company's storage facility in beltsville. a couple days after 7 on your , thespoke with alliance mover said her things were in florida. she said some of her items were missing, others broken. we spoke with her in florida via skype. >> i don't think they're looking for any of my missing stuff. went to7 on your side their headquarters, only to find the company had moved out three years ago. our repeated calls to the company were returned. the better business bureau shows that alliance relocation has an f-rating with similar complaints. travelingming up -- to cuba is easier now. a look at the big change involving a local airport. and 7 on your side with an alert
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president obama and raul castro from cuba show changes in the relationship between the
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countries. and another change, the first flight from bwi to cuba. saw there was a nonstop flight a couple months ago and booked it right away. always wanted to see what was going on in cuba and figured this was a great way to do it. >> today is the first time ever that regularly scheduled air charter flights from bwi airport to cuba. kellye: the airplane was barely full, but the small showing did not dampen the enthusiasm. >> they have vintage vehicles, the hemingway house, the rum tour of the factory, as well as the cigar factory. kellye: this couple chose the flight for convenience. >> it's the first time that it will be easy to visit my wife's family. we do not have to go to any other airport. kellye: this filmmaker wants to share cuba's stories with the
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american people. >> i think there are a lot of misconceptions and mysteries surrounding cuba because it has been 60 years. i want to show that it's time for this to happen. kellye: the flights are being offered through swissair. they will have one flight every wednesday, and if interest grows the flights will be expanded to offering saturday and sunday. we are used to paying extra fees for airline package, but the nation's train system is following suit. amtrak will start charging for more than four pieces of luggage. here is how the existing fees will be enforced -- two bags of less than 50 pounds into personal items less than 25 pounds each are allowed. anything beyond that costs $20. new liability rules targeting credit card fraud. retailers and small businesses who have not upgraded their
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systems for the chip-enabled cards could be on the hook for fraudulent transactions. banks have started sending the new credit cards tto customers. coming up --when is it safe to put away the umbrella?
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the weather? devon: sunshine and warmer temperatures. kellye: i love it. devon: the clouds are breaking tonight. sunshine developing through the day. real-time temperatures, already into the 50's, 40's in some spots. to 60, hoping to get but do not quite happen. the sad light and radar together, -- the satellite and radar together, may be able to see some breaks in the clouds with the satellite imagery, but the northeast wind is blowing. the bigger picture the next few days, tomorrow morning, clearing away the clouds and the trough of precipitation. it's like a cold front coming through.
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front,ot actually a cold but we will have sunshine and much brighter weather. resetting the forecast, the 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, futurecast confirming breaks in the clouds. mid 40's the cool spots, have the coats ready. sunshine, with the brightest day on tuesday. spots upper 60's, a few possibly closer to 70. bright sunshine midday afternoon , tuesday will be the sunniest day, mostly sunny skies, highs pushing over 70 degrees. a few clouds here
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and there, partly to mostly cloudy depending on where you are. after 7es downtown just a.m. 4:00 in the afternoon, bright sunshine, warming to 67. and the seven-day forecast, the warm-up continues. right sunshine wednesday. a front arrives friday, which could be the warmest day, 77, before we move back down, with a chance of rain and a cold front friday and saturday. nothing like this past week. wednesday into thursday, a brief cooldown. few sprinkles next weekend? devon: nothing compared to this week. week's coming up, this harris's heroes. week's coming up, this harris's heroes.
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students who struggle with reading are getting a boost thanks to reading partners. volunteers work one on one with the students. leon harris introduces us to this week's harris's heroes. leon: the six-year-old wants to be a rock star. she has been identified as reading below grade level. that is why she and the other first-graders at no come next
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middle school are getting -- at malcolm x. middle school are getting reading support. >> in washington, d.c., we have seen incredible results. they are so excited somebody is sitting side by side helping them with reading. phonicse focus is on and reading comprehension, the young students also have a lot of fun. it emphasizes that learning .an happen in any form they can keep you excited and engaged and reinforce skills as opposed to being boring. leon: volunteers say the rewards are well worth the time spent. >> it is so joyful to be able to connect with the students. askne hour is not much to for an adult, but that one hour as a kid can lead to life-changing things.
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>> give me a high five for working hard today. kellye: reading partners is now 18 d.c. schools. d.c. mayor muriel bowser signed up to be a reading partner last week.
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released video of bei bei, the giant panda cub, letting out a sneeze as he slept. the zoo posted the video on twitter and facebook. means "precious one." devon: remember the video of bao bao? kellye: there's something about the pandas. devon: we love the pandas. we love the sunshine,, too. right sunshine comes back, low to mid 70's the majority of the week. friday one of the warmer days. kellye: have a good night.
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♪ extra extra. right now, hollywood invades new orleans and ren is right in the middle of the action. >> on the s of ncis new orleans. >> we're in the big easy with the biggest stars. >> any excuse i have to come to new orleans ever. from dinosaurs and detetectives to feds and i doll >> new orleans has such a musical heritage. >> inside the real star of new orleans. >> the food is amazing. >> the favorite celeb bites. >> jim carrey and cathriona white kissing at a romantic dinner days before she took her own life. new details on


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