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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  October 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. the hour,top of officials say at least one amtrak train has derailed in vermont. details are still coming into the newsroom. the passenger train apparently went off the rails in northfield. injuries, but we will bring you updates as soon as we can get them. after a disappointing and drama-filled season, the nats are looking for a new manager. matt williams has been fired.
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suzanne kennedy has the details. suzanne: a season that fell significantly short of expectations, two years and matt williams is out. he took the job in 2014, even being named manager of the year. yesterday, the nationals general manager alluded before the last game of the season that a decision would come quickly, saying "we are not going to let people twist in the wind." this is a season marred by injuries, poor play, and inner turmoil. they say williams was a key component in the team's failure to make it to playoffs. matt williams out as nationals manager. >> we are learning more about an altercation at red star washington hospital that led to a patient's death. brianne carter is live in
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northwest washington with what hospital officials say happened. nne: not a lot of questions being answered about what led up to this, but we have learned that patient was a man at washington medstar hospital. , it is not being released how long that man was a patient or for what reason, but we know last tuesday he was discharged and traveled within the campus, heading towards the entrance of the national rehabilitation hospital just down the street. according to officials, he was still in a hospital gown. he was escorted back to the hospital center by a nurse and security member of the national rehabilitation hospital. it was at the hospital center he was met by two security
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officers. there was an altercation outside of the hospital doors. they would not elaborate on what happened, citing ongoing investigation as well as privacy concerns. that man needed immediate can -- care when taken to the icu. two days later that patient died at the hospital. the security office -- officers employees, did not use any weapons, and follow protocol. listen to what hospital officials had to say. >> we are very sad and devastated that this has occurred. we will do our utmost to review the situation, discover causes, and to be sure that nothing happened to this again. brianne: again, what happened during that incident, the altercation with security officers still not known.
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they are citing an ongoing investigation. doing their own investigation, and metropolitan police were called in. those security officers are on paid administrative leave. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> denying an appeal for george hooghly, sentenced to 20 years in prison. he argued his sixth amendment right to counsel was violated. one of his attorneys became sick nine days into the trial, missing several days. his attorneys are arguing that his sixth amendment right to counsel was violated. people in south carolina getting to higher ground, the devastating flooding being blamed for nine deaths. governor nikki haley called the storm a once in 1000 years event. live in columbia.
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the governor is giving that update now, has said it could be at least two or three more days until people can maybe get back to their homes. here in columbia, south carolina, there is a born water in effect -- a boil water in effect. it is at least going to be through the mid-to end of the week before things again to approach normal. >> it is pretty and it is really scary. >> record flooding in south carolina has residents and officials on edge. >> if you are in your house, stay in your house. this is not something to be out taking pictures in. >> search and rescue operations begin monday morning in columbia and water rescues are ongoing. more than 200 took place over the weekend. because of danger posed by floodwaters, governor nikki
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haley ordered all interstate shut down on sunday. >> do not be stupid. do not try to drive through flooded areas. the south carolina emergency management division reported 315 car accident and more than 750 calls for assistance along highways during a 12 hour period. shelters have been set up for residents who were evacuated. bridges throughout the state still shut down. it is going to be a long haul. much. thank you so bill is on his way to south carolina. a task force from northern virginia is in south carolina already to help with the ongoing flooding. 80 members of the fairfax county urban search and rescue team gathered to pack up two
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tractor-trailers and six boats, and had out. managers, doctors, engineers, and hazardous material specials are among them. more than a dozen people had to be rescued by boat overnight after a mobile home park flooded in prince frederick, maryland. recededight, the water back into the patuxent river but early this morning, the water had returned and surrounded these homes and cars just hours after 17 people had to be rescued. as the sun came up over the patuxent river, the water once again begin to spill over the floodwalls. >> it did not get this high at all last year. it was all the way up here last night. she was here and watched as her niece had to be rescued from her home. >> it was a disaster last night. nobody from over there could get in.
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they had to bring in a boat. banks lives in this home closest to the water but refused to leave. in all, the prince frederick volunteer fire company rescued 17 people last night and 15 others refused to leave. most of those who stayed said they are used to this. >> they have been dealing with it forever. i sure the floor is soggy. coastal flooding is expected to be a problem here over the next 24 hours so you can imagine the people that live in these homes will be keeping a watchful eye on that situation. we should also mention the property that these homes sits has just been purchased, and tenants have 15 days to vacate before it is turned into a park. i am sam sweeney, abc 7 news. larry: the good news is, we are drying out now. chief meteorologist doug hill
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has a look at your forecast. doug: definitely looking better in our area with the sunshine. a big screen look at hurricane joaquin, well out in the atlantic ocean, pretty much finished its encounter with her muta, and continues to move off to the northeast at a pretty good clip. waters, and it will dissipate. you see where it is eventually headed, over to western europe, and that is not an uncommon phenomenon. top wind still 85 miles per hour. 61 degrees. rooftop,ive from our you can see the potomac river, crystal city. a lot of clouds, but the sun is peeking through, and there will be more sunshine as we had throughout the afternoon. drying wind will be with us throughout the afternoon. 61 in frederick in baltimore, 59 in annapolis.
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if there is any question on whether we are hanging on to late summer or getting into early fall, wintergreen, 39 degrees. 67 will be the high. mid-to-upper 60 south of the metro. youupdated forecast all have to do is go to and subscribe. you can keep updated even when we are not on timothy, and know if anything is threatening your , and-- we are not on tv you know if anything is straining your area. the best news of all is that the weekend, we have that forecast. larry: we like that. the coast guard said it has found the body of a crew member from the cargo ship that went to sing in hurricane joaquin. investigators believe that ship sank. an airborne crew spotted the body along with several survival
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floating among debris this morning. they were traveling from florida to puerto rico when the ship vanished in the storm. the search continues for possible survivors. coming up, the latest on the amtrak derailment in vermont. the out of this world opportunity for students at a virginia school. get ready for some sun. do
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larry: back to that breaking news out of vermont, adc-bound amtrak train has derailed. chelsea has the latest.
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chelsea: we are going to tell you what we know so far. this train left from saint albans, vermont, passing through burlington down through massachusetts and into d.c.. are no reports of injuries but we are getting lots of reports on social media. we want to take you through some of the images we have seen. this is the best one. it is on twitter. they were actually on the train. photo, tell from this you see the back half of the train while looking out this window. this has prompted a huge response. we know vermont state police are at the scene, just north of montpelier, vermont. this is williamstown fire and rescue responding. emergency crews, many of them on the scene. areaire spokesman in that
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says he is not aware of any injuries yet that we know, but they are just assessing the scene. image showing passengers off the train, people being assessed. they are checking out the damage to the train, and we are waiting for additional word from amtrak on how many people were injured. larry: thank you for that information. the trial begins for the man charged in three murders in alexandria over the past 11 years. charles severance is accused of killing three people. jeff goldberg is live. jeff: jury selection started about two hours ago, a lot of potential jurors telling the judge why they cannot be part of this trial, anything from work obligation to health problems. up to 150 potential journal --
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jurors will be called for this trial. severance is facing 10 charges related to the murders of nancy dunning, ron kirby, and ruthanne ladonna over a 10 year. . they successfully argued for a change of venue due to its use of fairfax -- fairness. they are going to have to focus on circumstantial evidence, including severance's writings, expressing a hate for this city leaders, as well as ballistic evidence. defense attorneys will counter that the writings are rambling, not specific, and do not mention the victims. they also plan to argue that antsy hunting may have been murdered -- nancy dunning may have been murdered by her husband. the family members of the murder
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victims are inside the courtroom, as well as the family of charles severance. intensepposed to be an trial. this is going to be an interesting one to watch, as we have seen things leading up to the trial for months. we will have further updates on later editions of a b seven news , as well as online and on twitter. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. larry: doug hill is here. i like today. doug: it looks like we will probably get through friday at least with the dry weather. sunshine and warmer temperatures to dry things up. our rain, as that is it was, does not compare to what is still happening in south carolina. i want to begin with a time lapse, this is from washington lee high school in arlington. a little bit of cloudiness
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builds in through the morning. just partly sunny skies, but as we get into the evening skies will clear out and i think mostly sunny skies await for the next few days. springs, 58 in herman -- herndon. morning inville this frederick county. we have some cool weather for a while with a bit of a warm-up headed in, in the upper 50's to near 60 at noon time. 61 in manassas and leesburg. we will climb up through the 60's throughout the course of the afternoon and still a breeze, but not quite as windy as it has been. area,in the metro somewhere in the 60's, 65, 66, and when the sun sets we will cool off just a bit. looking to the atlantic ocean, we still see the circulation
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pattern of hurricane joaquin. most of it has cleared to the north of bermuda and it will race to the northeast. more rain and willing in, but wheelingpressure -- pin in. state,this part of the from here down to the coast line, it was the same area we were standing here showing you on friday saying the legacy of the storm would not so much be the hurricane or the beach erosion, but this incredible flooding. as far as how much more rain is going to fall parts of south carolina could get up to an inch before and -- between now and wednesday morning. lots of sunshine in the forecast for us. on tuesday and upper 70's on wednesday. a cold front could give us a 30%
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chance of showers on friday, otherwise partly cloudy and 72. the average high this time of october is in the lower 70's, so we warm-up to seasonal levels. larry: i will take that. high 60's, high 70's. coming up, getting a look into space. the amazing experience for virginia
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larry: students at robinson secondary school are getting a look into's days, due in part to a live earth to space chat aboard the international space station.
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jeanette: it is the ultimate long-distance phone call. some very lucky students got to speak to a real-life astronaut in outer space who graduated from their very own school. not many can say they talk to someone in outer space, but about a dozen students at robinson secondary school did just that while hundreds of others looked on. he chatted with students and answered questions while floating. international space station is ordering 150 miles above earth. >> he went there so i can go there to. >> i am asking how do you handle a emergent these like fire. -- emergencies take fire. jeanette: he graduated as valedictorian, became a doctor and then an astronaut. his proud parents watch from the front row.
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just before saying goodbye, he gave a powerful and inspiring piece of advice to the 600 students as they watched in all. >> take it vantage all the opportunities you have, and reach for the stars. jeanette: jeannette reyes, abc 7 news. larry: doug is
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say an amtrak train has derailed in vermont. when itd toward d.c. went off the rails in northfield. no life-threatening injuries reported. we will bring you updates us and as we get them. stay tuned on air and online. doug: it is going to work out just fine weather-wise. sunshine will be increasing and the temperature will be increasing. front will move to the south. is onxt chance of rain friday, with a weak cold front. a very pleasant week ahead. larry: we will take that. us at abc 7d join news at 4:00. us at abc 7d join news at 4:00. [captioning performed by
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