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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  October 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> you will see it down from the midland to the low country. >> the state officials are you remembering the residents to stay home and stay off the roads. >> stay home right now. >> they knead to stay off the roads. >> governor haley says it could take day for roads in the hardest hit area to become columbia. -- accessible. leon: the coast guard says it found a crew member body from el faro. they believe that the ship sank. some people are still holding out hope, including a man in baltimore a brother of one of the crew members. >> i get another word saying
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they are not. there is not much you can do but pray. >> he got the news thursday night when the sister-in-law called him and told him his brother and the ship had been reported missing. it had 34 people on board and 28 were americans. alison: back close to home, the rising river forced more than a dozen people from the homes overnight. in calvert county it spilled overred the floodwater at the halloween point mobile home park. residents are used to floods but last night was bad. >> luckily no one was hurt. alison: at least 15 people refused to leave. mobile home community had been sold. everyone is expected to move in 15 days.
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the floodwaters started to recede by mid-morning. leon: today was a picture perfect fall day. chief meteorologist doug hill in the storm watch weather center with a check of the forecast. doug: blue skies and sunshine outside the belfort furniture weather center. i want to give you the latest information for the rainfall. 27 in mount pleasant. 23 inches at the airport in charleston. the beach is 21. look at the list. this is incredible rainfall. the best of the rain has taper offed to a few showers. the upper level storm moved out to sea. so the whore improving. looking live at the belle haven country club. 65 now. heading through the evening the temperatures will drop to
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the 50's. we have more on what is ahead and a sneak peek coming up in a few minutes. alison: see you then. coming up at 5:24. meteorologist josh knight takes us inside the u.s. air force hurricane hunter. josh knight. i got it turned around. he takes us inside the hurricane hunter. in hurricane joaquin. don't miss the report. jonathan: awesome. legion: -- leon: police are looking for a man they believe salted a woman. police say a man followed a woman home and pushed her into bushes. they don't think it's the same man wanted for other attacks. alison: we have an investigation in the death of
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a patient at medstar washington hospital center. the hospital held a press conference this morning and stephen tschida was there. he joins us live with the latest on this. stephen: this went down on tuesday. the patient died thursday. medstar addressed the issue today in a news conference after we flooded the hospital with questions over the weekend. they released snippet of information today in the death of a patient following fight with security guard. >> a man came to get help and died. terrible. stephen: they explain what led up to the fatal confrontation. >> this has been devastating to the washington hospital community. stefs medstar tried to put a lid on the growing outrage. >> the hospital security. unheard of. >> the patient left medstar on his own about 5:00 tuesday.
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a nurse caught up with him in front of the rehab center across the street as she and a security guard walked the man back to med star and encountered two more security guards. steves a police report states -- stephen: a police report says the patient resisted and two security guards threw or shoved him to ground and inflicted severe injury. the man died thursday. >> he wound up dying. something should be done. someone should be held responsible. i pray they get that. i really do. stephen: the two security officers who are believed to have thrown the match to the ground are placed on leave pending the outcome of the investigation. the crucial to that investigation is the finding
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about thedy fintive cause of death. reporting live, stephen tschida. alison: breaking news out of northwest washington where there is an accident between the police car and fire truck. get to tom roussey on the scene. tom? toms scary looking situation out here. you can see where the police suv collided with a fire truck that is to the right. you don't see much damage on the fire truck because it's so big. but the suv, there is quite a bit. if we walk down you can see it was sent to a parked car here. this is up. tire in the air and it's up on the other s.u.v. that is parked on quarter street. you can see the air bag was deployed inside. i'm told that the officer who was driving has been taken to the hospital. he was conscious and breathing when taken to the hospital.
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a scary looking scene. 170porter street northwest. a mile or so northeast of the zoo. the street is shut down until further notice. police and fire are here. rare and a scary situation. fire truck hitting a police car. the officer had the air bag go in his face after the crash. he was conscious and breathing and i'm told they are expecting that he will ultimately be okay from this accident. as far as the vehicle, we don't believe it's any police vehicle. this happened to be parked here. we haven't seen the owner come by until after this happened. reporting live, tom roussey, abc7 news. >> settlement today announced between the justice department and five states about the deep water horizon oil spill. 134 million gallons of oil
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spilled in the gulf of mexico after the oil plant explosion in april of 2010. it would rethe civil claims. it would commit the company to a massive clean-up product including restoration of the wild life and habitat. vermont governor calls at it freak of nature but at least seven people are recovering after a rockslide in vermont. it happened in northfield. the train was heading to union station in d.c. that is where diane cho is live tonight. she has the latest. diane? diane: well, leon, the train makes several stops from vermont to d.c. daily. it is expected to arrive at union station at 10:00 tonight before the derailment took
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place. i started in vermont but this morning the train derailed in northfield less than 100 miles away. >> it looked like a bump. next thing we knew there was a swerve to the left and the right. we went uh-oh! diane: it makes several stops along the way, three in maryland before heading to the nation's capital. >> the officials say the train hit rocks that fell from the ledge to the tracks. 98 people were on board. officials say one passenger car went over an embankment. and three others left the track and remained upright. we talk to one man. diane: laura was on board the
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train the day before. she uses amtrak for business once or twice a month. >> i'm still okay taking the train. diane: seven people were injure and one was air lifted. live outside union station, diane cho, abc7 news. alison: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a massive fire engulfs the interstate. leon: later when worlds collide. how charles severance's trial could have an impact on the silver line. alison: democratic candidates are taking aim at the president's healthcare plan and find out what they want to change.
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>> a man breaks in a high school
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leon: update now to a story you saw first on 7. montgomery county police and councilmembers met today to discuss the use of body
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cameras in public schools. this after a school resource officer was disciplined for filming the arrest of a student armed with knife and brass knuckles. c.p.s. ordered police to not use body cameras inside school's. today's meeting looked to find middle ground on that. the decision they make could be made this month. alison: a man breaks in a high school not once but twice. parents are wondering why they didn't find out about it immediately. kevin lewis has the story. kevin: christian perez santiago snuck in the high school twice in one week. he shouted at a group of girls but the problem they never notified the parents and have no plan to. they broke the news of the arrest. parents on facebook typed their surprise.
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amy said -- >> they have been accused in past of keeping crimes quiet told us by e-mail while the intruder caused disruption to some classes he did not do any harm or individually threaten anyone. we did take this opportunity to review our security procedures so something like this should it occur again. the police say that he scared a teacher so adly she used the call butt to to get help -- button to get help. in germantown, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: you think you are the only one's whose bag gets lost when they fly? think again.
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bradley fillman says the airline lost his bag on a night to d.c. last week. the number of lost bags are going down. he said the airline misplaced another bag 25 years ago. if he gets one lost two times in 25 years, he's doing well. alison: good for him to admit it and let people know it happened. >> weather wise we are enjoying a beautiful fall day. >> it's gorgeous. >> we have several days like this. warmer temperatures to dry things out. another system is cold front friday and showers. doug: we have a right-hand side of the screen with hurricane joaquin. still a hurricane. 85-mile-per-hour winds. closer to the coast is the big upper level storm that was a key player in the historic flooding across south carolina.
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now just rain left. there is joaquin. heading out to sea. this could affect europe. it's not uncommon for the east coast cyclones to make it across the bond. as far as what is happening locally. beautiful time lapse to share. we started day for the first time in a long time with sunshine and blue skies. chillier this morning. it's 42 in winchester. we are back in the mid-40's tomorrow morning. at this hour, look at this. a real feel of fall in the air. it's low to mid-60's across the area. what is coming next? we will see the end of the coastal flood advisories for
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portion of the western shore of the chesapeake bay over the one more high tide cycle. then it should improve there. as the wind direction settles down. satellite and the radar shows the clearing skies moving in. high pressure builds many in the area. the best news we can offer folks is the high pressure will come down the coast as well and we are expecting four or five days of the clear skies. temperatures around 80 degrees in south carolina. slowly dry up the conditions there. for us it's looking good. the future cast shows high pressure continuing to win the battle in the atmosphere with plenty of sunshine. this the is 10:00 in the morning. skies will clear in the afternoon. fair weather clouds. wednesday with passing clouds as well. that is it. the next weather feature isn't until friday. tonight average out to 50 degrees. 77 on wednesday. heading through the end of
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week and in the weekend this is what it looks like. 77 on wednesday. 74 on thursday. 750° high on friday. the weekend looks great. it's classic autumn weather here for the upcoming weekend. leon: we haven't seen the sun. doug: it's been like four days but feeling like forever. alison: if you see weather or news for that matter as it happens, we want you to send it to us. see it and send it to leon: we got lucky. hurricane joaquin didn't get close to the region. alison: but that didn't keep us from getting close to it. leon: 160 miles per hour winds. does it sounds like your idea of fun? josh: i'm meteorologist josh knight. i will take you through joaquin with the hurricane hunters coming up. >> we continue to monitor
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developments on the squaber street northwest where a police car collided with a fire truck after 4:00 this afternoon. the officer was taken to the hospital. but was conscious and breathing. i am told he will be okay. we are still trying to learn details on what led up to it. we have more coming up. back to you. alison: here is a look at what is coming up tonight on abc. we'll be back a
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leon: a big wheeler exploded to flames. it was carrying lumber when it crashed and it caught fire and sparked fires on the ground below the ramp. it's not clear if the victim was in the truck or the vehicle below the ramp. do you know to forecast hurricanes, they have to fly correctly in the storm in they invited meteorologist josh knight to see what it's about. josh: we prepared for the hurricane hunting mission. nine-hour flight from the savannah to havana and back. that is what surprises people the most. we fly at just 10,000 feet. >> we actually fly through the
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intense whether. >> there is lightning and downdraft and updraft. >> it doesn't look like the typical plane. it is round, bare and full of weather. it's not too bumpy. we are bouncing around a little bit. when we get closer to the eye wall the winds are stronger and it gets more turbulent. when that happens we have to buckle back up. normally the pilots are taught to stay away. >> the raar is not to fly in the weather. it's to avoid the weather. it's weather avoidance radar. we use it differently. josh: the view from the cockpit is something else. >> that's the eye. josh: on the third pass through, you could clearly see the eye. blue ocean on the bottom and blue skies above. lieutenant colonel john talbot is the on-board meteorologist and explains how even though it's a hurricane they stay safe. >> we have many years of
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experience. you can see the gray hair. i'd much better be in the plane than on the ground. on ground you're fixed to the ground. the plane moves with the air. j. the crew told me -- josh: the crew told me the turbulence was moderate. i would hate to be along for a ride that was extreme. meteorologist josh knight, abc7 news. alison: tonight at 11:00, we will take you on board with josh as the storm intensified to a strong category four hurricane. the crew will explain how the missions help save lives. leon: all right. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the power of the human touch. find out how it can make a huge difference in your health and the health of those you love. alison: then a little later, surveying the damage along the eastern shore after the wind storm and hurricane joaquin. >> jury selection begins in the murder industrial of charles severance. it was a fairly routine day until questions started being raised in the courtroom about facebook. i'm jeff goldberg.
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facebook. i'm jeff goldberg. we'll explain coming up.
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right now, get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month, guaranteed for two years. plus get $300 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. back on quarter street northwest still shout down between connecticut and rock creek park. the fire track after 4:00 crashed into this police suv and sent it to that parked car. as far as the police officers inside you see the air bag deploy. we are told he was taken to the hospital. i'm told he is expected to be
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okay. we are still waiting to learn details about what led up to this accident. quarter street northwest 2700 block is shut down and that affecting commuters. alison: tom, thank you very much. jury selection began today in the charles severance trial. he is accused of killing three people in alexandria over a span of ten years. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live outside the courthouse in fairfax. and jeff, so i understand that the big talk today was about what some of the potential jurors were doing. jeff: that is right. jury selection wrapped up an hour ago and it will continue tomorrow morning. as you mentioned questions this an about what potential jurors were doing on break outside the courtroom. day one was filled with the potential jurors explaining who they could not seven including an engineer from metro sill veer line who said he couldn't miss work because no one can do what i can do.
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things got complicated when a staffer for alabama senator jeff sessions disclosed in a break she read a news story disclosing she was a potential juror. after being excused she told the judge, "i'm not the only one this is happening to" saying other possible jurors were posting the status from facebook from the courthouse, violation of the judge's orders. four potential jurors admitted to discussing the trial with a loved one but none were deemed problematic. prosecutors have no direct evidence or d.n.a. linking to charles severance to the killing and will likely focus on the circumstantial evidence including his writing railing against the system and ballistics that possibly connect him with the murder weapon. defense attorneys say the writings are not specific and don't mention the victim. they plan to argue that nancy
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dunning may have been murdered by her late husband former sheriff jim dunning who was never charged with the crime. still a lot of questioning to go for potential jurors including what pretrial publicity and the media coverage they are familiar with going into the trial. jury selection is expected to go into wednesday with the trial set to last four to six weeks. live in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: jeff, thank you. the u.s. supreme court declined to hear an appeal for the former u. versusa. lacrosse player convicted of murder. germ shubley sentenced to 23 years in prison for the 2010 murder of his ex-girlfriend yeardley love. his attorney argued because one of the argues became six, his sixth amendment right to a lawyer was violated. leon: developing out of south carolina tonight. a massive amount of damage
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from the historic flooding that have stricken the state. brad bell landed there an hour ago and made his way to gills creek. brad, where are you? what are you seeing now? give us a description of where you are. brad: we are close to downtown columbia, not far from the campus of the university of south carolina. garner ferry road. gills creek is the body of water. take a look behind me. the businesses, the river and the creek came up and blasted through the cinder block wall. the water was up and in the building. we look right. the waters receded some. look across the way to the white car. just now visible in the water. all across this area. roads are closed, bridges
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compromised. neighborhoods evacuated. tens of thousands of people don't have electricity. many are under boil water alert. look at this. that is asphalt from the parking lot. there is a subway restaurant that has been wiped out. the water clearly was above where i'm standing. above my head. that is how deep it was. an area of restaurants. this was tax preparation service here. all of this is wiped out. an earsy feeling in town as we drove out. the governor asked people to stay home and take the day off. we saw businesses were closed. ten inches of rain in 48 hours. we will be here in the next
5:34 pm
several days and scouting around. we will bring you the latest. in columbia, south carolina, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: what a scene. thank you. now a "7 on your side" consumer alert. general mills is recalling 2 million boxes of regular and honey nut cheerios. the company says wheat flour entered the production system at a california plant. both variety are labeled gluten free. head to to find out if the cereal in your cub board is recall -- cupboard is recalled. leon: "7 on your side," health matters. a study that says human touch for older americans. team of researchers across the country found face to face contact and hug lined to fewer sign of depression in the elderly. picking up the phone to call the older family members was appreciated it failed to have an effect on curbing depression. alison: winning the web tonight. a nurse's effort to help a woman in labor get through the con straction pains. take -- contraction pains.
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take a look. the pregnant woman nurse advised her to do squats to speed up the process so they did dancing in the hall together. that was in east point, georgia, and it has gone viral since the o.b. office posted it on youtube. leon: let me guess. they named the baby little nene. alison: i'm sure it took her mind off the pain for a little bit. leon: do you want someone videotaping you in labor? >> no. but she looks like she is having fun. good for her. leon: god bless her. alison: i know. leon: congratulations. alison: so funny. leon: whatever works. whatever works. alison: still to come at 5:00. >> as long as we can remember. alison: giving back. how a fairfax county native is inspiring the next generation the reach for the stars. leon: coming up at 6:00.
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hillary clinton unveils a plan to stop gun violence. what is in it and what the iteam found about the murder rate in maryland after the gun laws. that coming up new at 6:00.
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steve: i'm steve rudin. it's monday, never too early to talk about the upcoming weekend. a good example of what will happen. we will clear the rain out of here and look for a lot of sunshine. our temperatures will range from the upper 60's to the lower 70's. saturday and sunday with mostly sunny skies. comfortable humidity levels. don' forget to download the latest app f
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leon: easily one of the most controversial laws in year. the affordable care act, obamacare as it's known, constantly under threat from republicans. but now two of the top democrats running for president said they want to repeal part of it as well. senior political reporter scott thuman shows us how. scott? scott: well, leon, to set the stage, house voted more than 50 times and the senate more than 30 times to repeal part of the affordable care act.
5:40 pm
that might change, for at least one portion of the law. >> while president obama survived the supreme court challenges and the website foes it's finding a new foe. not just republicans but democrats what are taking aim that are associated with the lifestyle of luxury known as the cadillac tax? we need to strengthen it, not scrap it. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are largely supportive of the law but both are taking aim at the tax. will charge employers 40% of insurance plan costing more than $2,200 as a person. by some estimates it would bring in $87 billion in the next ten years. >> to me this is the first good faith effort to tweak affordable care act to make it better. scott: josh of the economic policy institute says a rare
5:41 pm
push of the bipartisanship is because it's not just the wealthy that would be affected. >> you could be stuck in an expensive plan if you work for a small company or workforce older than average or in an an expensive state. they only vote against it if they cut against other parts at the same time. so far, that is the biggest surprise. that a number of republicans seem okay to deal with a clean bill for the tax. where would the dollars 87 billion come from that they are counting on through the cadillac tax? leon: we'll see what happens. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00", the nats ended the season on a high note. but not enough to save the skipper's job. what is next for the team now that matt williams has been fired. alison: but first, after the
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storm. impact in ocean city after all that rain and wind. discover the world
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the investigation continues on porter street northwest where after 4 seven a fair truck and police s.u.v. collided. both the police officer and a fireman in truck responding to a call on kennedy street had been taken to the hospital. this is of coursing public transportation. porter street is shut down. apartments here and a lot of folks are having to walk to get to them. leon: thank you. keep us posted. the impact of all the weather could be felt for months to come. adam with the ocean city today to find out how. >> this knocked me down on the
5:46 pm
sidewalk. when is playing he gets hurt. >> birds over the beach need not flap wing but hit the cruise control. >> the dolphin jumped out of the water. we saw the lunar eclipse. all kind of stuff. >> jerry and valerie are glad to see the sun. >> the sun is out. see, we're leaving, her comes the sun. >> after a weekend of wind and wave and water log streets. they are cleaning up after a quiet storm. the city works to bring the city back to where it belongs. >> they are glad it's just the sand.
5:47 pm
leon: lucky after mother nature crashed the family vacation. >> dieing to get back home out of the wind where it's calm. >> the officials estimate it will take a week of clean-up before ocean city gets back to normal. leon: well, fortunately we have clear weather ahead us for now. alison: today is really nice. ill feels like fall. sunny. >> over the weekend it was pounding and pounding. look at this. it is calming down everywhere. the temperatures are comfortable. cooler than average here in the late afternoon in the mid-60's. 67 in washington. tomorrow morning a lot of areas in the lower 50's.
5:48 pm
tomorrow morning under clear skies in the mid-50's. through the day we will see the nice rides and south of town we will see 50. a nice warmup comes tomorrow. high pressure builds in and it will be high to mostly cloudy. warmer with the highs of 74. pleasant in the afternoon. the next few days will give us a chance to warm out with the warm temperatures in the 70's. getting through the day on friday we deal with the showers and the thunderstorms. cold front passing through. 75 degrees for a temperature. over the weekend it looks good as well. upper 50's to 70 and plenty of sunshine. what is next? jamie sullivan has more. jamie: this is nicer than last week with the rain coming down in the drive but we still have
5:49 pm
crashes. one leak blocked with an accident. slowing is starting near tyson. you will get heavier continuing to the inner loop to connecticut afternoon. the drive in d.c., there is nothing major to worry about. 395 i want to focus on heading northbound to get closer to the d.c. area. let's look now outside and show what we have. that is traffic that is if you travel in the area of
5:50 pm
cleveland park, this is not on connecticut avenue. connecticut avenue is open. but port street is blocked with the fire truck and accident at connecticut avenue. that is a look at the afternoon traffic. back to you. alison: thank you. one more note, get ready for delays making your way through northwest washington. there are lane closures along military road for the next month between oregon and 14th street. that is in effect through november 8. leon: huge news with the nats today. erin: what a weekend or past few days in the d.c. sports world. a year after leading the nationals to national title matt williams has been fired. the entire coaching staff is also fired.
5:51 pm
but none of this is a surprise given the expectation to win the world series and the extreme disappointment throughout the season. >> i don't think there was any one tipping point that said well, this is it. this is after the season looking at the full body of work. making a judgment, going forward, what gives us a chance to have ourselves the championship caliber franchise that the fan base deserves? >> from the nationals collapse to the redskins who seem to be on the right track. the skins are 2-2 and tied for the n.f.c. east lead. what about the drive in the comeback win over the eagles? kirk cousins was composed as he led the offense down the field in 90-yard 15-yard play. jay gruden said that performance could have a lasting effect on kirk and the team. coach gruden: it's important especially for the future games to give him confidence, give team confidence we can do
5:52 pm
this. we are not out of it. this is a let's go do it. great to have experience and back it up with the history that he has taken the team 90 yards in 15 layings -- 15 plays. erin: most of the players were off but they participated in an incredible event at redskins park in the eighth annual all-star breast cancer celebration. the women got wigs and makeovers and a blue pair of jeans. the players put on by owner tanya who is a breast cancer survivor herself. it's a special event. alison: it's so nice how they get involved there. leon: good stuff. love it. alison: well, the future is
5:53 pm
now. find out how when we come back. leon: plus, inspiring future generations. what a local astronaut had to say to his alma mater.
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alison: trending now, pepsi is going back to the future with a new bottle design. they are releasing pepsi perfect. the drink made famous in the 1980's movie trilogy. each pepsi perfect will sell for $20.50. while the collectibles go on sale october 21, pepsi will distribute the first 1,500 bottles to anyone dressed like marty mcfly. that is if you are at comican. one of the most costumes in history has a new owner. princess leah's be i canny
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from "return of the jedi" spoke. the winning bidder took home a collar chain link and letter of authenticity. there is the most expensive halloween costume in the world. leon: think you will see it at a party this halloween? maureen: fancy party. >> if you see it, let us know. if you see it, send it. maureen: there you go. how about this one? this is one time when it's okay to space out in class. a group of students in fairfax county took part in a live earth to space chat with an astronaut on the international space station. leon: how cool is that? maureen: very. leon: we have more with jeanette reyes. jeanette: the ultimate long distance phone call. lucky students got a chance to a real-life astronaut in outer space two graduated from their own school. not many can say they talk to someone in outer space. but about a dozen students at robinson secondary school did
5:58 pm
just that while hundreds of others looked on. astronauts lindhgreen chatted with the students and answered questions while floating and doing flips at the international space station, which is orbiting 260 miles above earth. >> want to go to mars. so this is like he went there and i can go there, too. >> i will ask him if the experience adaptation syndrome. how do you handle emergency like fire. >> he graduated from robinson in 1991 with the class valedictorian. he became a doctor and later an astronaut. his emotional parents proudly watched from the front row. >> he has had a dream as long as we can remember. jeannine before saying goodbye he gave advice to the 600 students in the room as they watched in awe. >> students, take advantage of the amazing opportunities you have there at robinson and the fairfax county public schools and reach for the stars. jeanette: reporting in fairfax, jeanette reyes, abc7
5:59 pm
news. maureen: wow! very cool. that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". right now at 6:00 -- catastrophic flooding sweep across south carolina. the warning tonight from the governor. plus a police officer saved an infant's life. what he said was going through his mind as the child lay in his arms. hillary clinton rolls out her plan to stop gun violence. what our iteam found after maryland made similar changes. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. >> pretty much everybody down has lost everything this morning. >> south carolina has gone through a storm of historic proportions. maureen: devastation in south carolina. at least 12 people are dead. roads are washed away and houses are underwater from south carolina low country to the coast. the state's governor warns it isn't over yet.
6:00 pm
we have team coverage tonight. elizabeth hur is live in charleston where thousands are without power. first, though, our brad bell just arrived near columbia. what are you finding there tonight, brad? brad: well, maureen, we are seeing terrible damage. we can go ahead and show you right away. look at the building, the cinder block, bricks, blown out by the force of the water flowing through here. we walk along here and you can see on the back of the commercial building. the blocks blown out and carried by the water. just over there past the building you can see gill creek. the water now back in its banks. what we are told is upstream from here there was a dam on the army base, there was a lake. the dam broke and all the water came running through. how much and how deep? look at this right here. you can see the debris up against it. the water was at least four feet deep. you can see the bas


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