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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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leon: gunfire near an elementary school. a teenager wounded. the police searching for suspects. plus, told to pump breast milk at a pet area. in news in the pepco-exelon merger and what it means for your wallet. 7 on your side next.
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first, gunfire on a neighborhood path in broad daylight. teenager,e victim, a had to flag down a school bus for help. he is recovering from his injuries as the police search for suspects. tom roussey has the latest on the investigation. tom: the authority searching for at this hour. in the distance, that is the sheffield neighborhood. there is a cut through path, right there, which goes to the banister neighborhood to my right. it was about 3:00 this afternoon, right near the exit of the cut through, where the 17-year-old victim was shot. here is video from the chopper after arrived on the scene. two suspect came up to the 17-year-old, demanding his green and silver bmx bike. they stole it, but in the
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process shot him in the upper leg. he ran in flag down the driver of an empty school bus for help. a lot of folks are very concerned about this, including one grandmother who says her grandson catches the school bus right near where the shooting happened. >> i've been living here eight years. i have never heard things like this before. kids walk back to roll the time. never had anything happened like that in this neighborhood, never. it's really frightening. : the sheriff's office says the 17-year-old victim was flown to the hospital. his injuries, fortunately, our non-life-threatening. he was not able to give a good description of the two suspects. the charles county serve office -- sheriff's office stresses that crime stoppers is offering a 1000 other reward for even an anonymous tip that leads to the arrest of the suspects.
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reporting from waldorf, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: a new mom looking for a place to pump breastmilk at dulles airport said that he united airline worker told her that she could use the pet relief area. she is speaking out. richard reeve has her side of the story and how the airline and airport are responding. this is a hot topic right now. cooper: for sure, liz none too happy about this. she arrived at dulles, hoping for some privacy so she could use her breast pump. they referred her to a bathroom and a pet relief area, like this. we are told changes are on the way. this is all that massachusetts mother liz cooper wanted, a private place to use her breast pump. >> i said the bathroom is not sanitary. united employee
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recommended that she use a pet relief area. we also have a pet relief center. i just looked at her. i think that's unfortunate. i would be really upset. cooper had a layover at dulles international airport. we caught up with this woman flying into the airport with her five-month-old son. she was astounded at the suggestion. >> that's like saying why don't you eat your food in the bathroom. the nursing room at reagan national is clean and well lit. but at dulles airport, there is no such facility. the airport spokesperson said, "all we could do is be apologetic for the lack of facilities." >> not having somewhere to feed your kid when they need to eat, i mean, that is just -- i don't
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know it puts you in a tough spot. airlines hased apologized to cooper. they say that their airport of facilities are available for women who need them. the airport authority is planning on building at least four of these facilities at dulles by this september. -- by this december. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: indecent exposure at a jcpenney's in springfield. on women's to try underwear. use accused of exposing himself in the changing room. investigators believe that jones is behind a similar incident at a different lingerie store in the same all. d.c. police are looking for whoever is turning a man in columbia heights. the man who does not when his name revealed has lived in this home nearly a decade. a slur on august left
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time there another was anti-gay messages on his car. now somebody has left threatening letters. >> somebody mentioned i was in their crosshairs. taken stepsman has to protect himself, including installing security cameras. leon: a high-profile trial about to begin. charles severance is accused in three murders that put alexandria on edge. is expected to wrap up tomorrow. stay with us on abc seven for continuing coverage. alison: now way traffic alert -- a live look at i-66 and 123. the backups will continue overnight as road crews are installing sign holders over the interstate. that is from an night until 5 a.m., or eastbound lanes will be closed. backups are expected to continue into the morning commute.
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"good morning washington" will have traffic update starting early, 4:24. clear comfortable weather, sunny skies. how long will the beautiful trend last? steve rudin has the outlook. what a day. steve: it was beautiful, and we will keep the trend going tomorrow in most of the upcoming work and school week. outside the belfort furniture weather center, 57 winchester and leesburg, 61 degrees at reagan national. the satellite and radar, not a just a fewn, scattered clouds. a cool start to the wednesday morning. middle 50's, grab the sunglasses. you will need them all day. uppere highs, mid to 70's. coming up, a look at the upcoming weekend forecast. we have a cold front on the way along with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. we will give you the time he coming up. alison: thank you, steve.
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a man is in custody after a scary incident at the kay jewelers and pentagon city mall. own wasice say that brio frustrated that a refund did not appear in his bank account within a half hour. he strangled a clerk and broke a display case. with 7 on your side consumer news, a merger revived, but how will the pepco-exelon merger impact you. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says it could be money back in your pocket along with reliable job -- reliable power service in job creation. it is not quite don a done deal, jay korff? jay: the merger is back on track. for a majorred announcement. a deal was struck that resurrects pepco's merger with utility giant that
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distributes powerful stop the public service commission rejected the deal in august, saying it was not in the public's interest. city officials spent weeks negotiating with a believe is a better deal for consumers. mayor bowser: regardless of the merger, pepco would seek to increase rates for consumers. jay: exelon has agreed to invest $78 million in the district to make sure there is no rate increase until 2019 while they improve reliability and promote environmental sustainability. >> i believe we have a good deal that looks after the ratepayers on day one with immediate credits for the ratepayers, and forbearance for rate increases for at least three years. jay: a merger opponent hopes that the ratepayers are not full promises.s short-term >> they have put a dress on this
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deal. it is fancy and looks nice, but in a couple of years you will see the reality. it is not good. >> what is the reality? >> rate increases and frustration of our progressive policies on the environment. che concedesoman that exelon has the momentum and a half the day, but the public utility service commission is still has to sign off on the merger. jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: the d.c. council also looked at a plan to outsource ambulance service. under the plan the district would contract with private and lynn's companies for people who do not have -- would contract with private ambulance companies for people who do not have life-threatening injury transportation. missing work for family is an issue that everyone has dealt with. now d.c. wants to increase family leave time. under a new counsel plan,
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employers would provide up to 16 weeks of family leave for people who live and work in d.c. it can be for a new baby, new adoption, or caring for a sick relative. to pay for it, employers would see about a 1% tax increase to cover their workers. residents who work outside of the city could establish the run paid leave account with d.c. the plan needs to be approved, though, by the full council. leon: still ahead -- catastrophic flooding in south carolina. roads, bridges, dams broken. alison: and it is not over yet. brad bell is on the gr discover the world
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from a sunken cargo ship has been found. the coast guard release these images. crews are still searching for 33 crew members. the ship sank off the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. the owner says the captain
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thought he had a plan to pass the storm. a distress signal was sent out thursday. happening now, a long and wet road to recovery after a storm front ends in south carolina. roads and bridges buckling, infrastructure destroyed. alison: and the death toll stands at 15. brad bell says there are more warnings. the black river is normally only 10, 15 yards wide. tonight it is a raging torrent and the floodwaters are still rising. we know this because of the simple demonstration. about 90 minutes ago, i put this the water,rged below on dry land. water has risen that much. everybody is saying the same thing -- the black river floods from time to time. but -- >> never like this. the river reached
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a flood stage of 19 feet. that was the record. it is close to 23 feet now. >> a lot of people have damage to their homes, they don't have shelter. brad: many homes are flooded. too, are taking a hit. this is main street in king street, underwater. underbrown among the many evacuation orders, hoping her house survives. >> it's devastating. brad: and this farmer shows us a cotton field. are, not flooded, as many but the rain is making seeds sprout. he says this crop is lost. tonight, with the water still rising, the extent of the damage will only grow. the losses now are expected to
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be in the billions. brad bell, abc 7 news. leon: just breaks your heart. alison: awful situation. steve: we saw the maps last week that had forecast 25 inches of rain. it was almost like, these have to be all. as we have seen, it is actually happen. we are lucky here. we had the rain over the weekend, then monday it cleared. today was beautiful. alison: it really was perfect. steve: the most beautiful weather in washington comes the first, second week of october, and that is what we had. the temperature today, 70 seven degrees, five degrees above average. high asrds can be as the lower 90's, back in 1941. we will not see anything like that anytime soon. if your allergies are bothering you, blame the showers and rain.
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mold is in the moderate category. right now at reagan national, 61 degrees, just a few clouds. the temperatures are cooling nicely. thehester and luray in 50's, lower 60's inside the beltway. 60 degrees annapolis, southern maryland in the middle 50's. if you are looking for the milder air, head south and west. 71 louisville, a bump in temperatures tomorrow, back into upper 70's, may have clouds, but still a nice day ahead. grab the sunglasses as you head out, you will need them most of the day. the satellite radar, the high pressure moves across the mid-atlantic. to the south, north carolina, south carolina, the best part of this forecast, the rain has finally ended, the skies have cleared. now the drying process and the cleanup process can begin.
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closer to home, middle 50's overnight, scattered clouds, the wind relatively light. a few clouds early tomorrow morning. through the midmorning, added clouds in d.c., montgomery county, prince george's county. more sunshine on the way in the afternoon and it will stay dry not only tomorrow but into thursday and most of the day friday. a cold front moves through, which will bring the next best chance of showers, maybe an isolated thunderstorm. don't count on a lot. the forecast, moving through the overnight, temperatures fall into the lower 60's, eventually 50's. more morning, beautiful sunrise, upper 50's, near 60 degrees. noontime temperature about 70, 72. outside dining tomorrow for lunch, go for it, it will be beautiful. the forecast highs, middle to upper 70's. the next seven days, showers, maybe a thunderstorm friday.
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saturday and sunday, cooler, daytime highs upper 60's, near 70 degrees. alison: what a nice looking seven-day forecast him especially what we have come through. thank you. leon: time for some basketball. erin: the wizards open up the preseason with a bang, and sometimes you just have to dance.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the wizards opened up the preseason tonight at home, and they dominated. john wall pushing the paint, he finds otto porter, and he drains the three. porter had a team-high 22. wall again, forces the turnover.
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steal, gets away, finishes with a slam. the wizards win easily, 129-95, a shellacking. tight end jordan reed start at the season hot, but he is hurt again. he has a concussion and is also dealing with a knee injury. he is always dealing with injuries, which is too bad because he is tied with pierre garcon for the most receptions on the team. he is in concussion protocol. if you thought the redskins had their work cut out against the falcons this week, how about maryland facing ohio state saturday? the terps have been outscored 73-6 their last two games. 33.5-points are favorites over the terps on
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saturday. coach: you just stay focused and in the moment. just one play at a time, focus on what you have to do. erin: we will see how that works out. leon: sounds simple. are fired upitals about their home opener saturday against the devils. alex ovechkin, and they have added two forwards. they have one of the strongest top six forwards in the entire nhl. center brooks laich is excited. we have had a hurdle trying to get past the second round, but this team is very deep, very solid, great goaltending, and deep up front. we should be a competitive team this year. erin: what do you do when your favorite song comes on? you dance. that is what these peewee players did.
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they do not even care the ball was snapped. they break out the whip and n ay-nay. geon is doing the stanky le right now, you just cannot see yet. that is a popular song, and the peewee players enjoyed it. right now, the astros lead the a.l. wild-0 in the card game. the winner will take on the royals thursday. that was adorable. leon: good stuff. still ahead -- taking first-class to a new level. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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by the way, jennifer aniston had previously said she is afraid of flying. alison: that is an expensive shower. wow. this place is spectacular.
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day like today. steve: we will get two, tomorrow and thursday. we have a cold front friday. we may have a shower, isolated thunderstorm, but cooler and drier for the upcoming weekend. saturday and sunday, upper 60's, low 70's. we warm up again next week. even though the daylight hours are dwindling, at least the temperatures will be very nice. alison: thank you, steve. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. alison: discover the world
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♪ >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- eric stonestreet. from "izombie," rose mciver. and music from jewel. with cleto and the cletones. and now, stop right there. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very


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