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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 7, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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and treating concussions. but is that enough? >> doctors have to be more vigilant. the equipment companies continue to look to see if they can make safer helmets. the padding issues. the way kids tackle. everything should be examined. >> reporter: and officials now tell us that bui died of a head injury. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. in pennsylvania a woman trapped inside her bathroom by an intruder used her head and her lipstick. she wrote "call police" on the bathroom window and waved her arms and toilet paper until someone noticed. after two hours a neighbor did see the message and did call police. who found not a burglar but a drunk. >> the individual in question was intoxicated, was actually highly intoxicated, was given a ride back by a friend, was unaware of the neighborhood he was in and it seems as if he just stumbled into the wrong house and fell asleep. >> you can't make this up. but the woman didn't know that. just that someone was in her house and she didn't want to make any noise. besides, she didn't have her phone with her.
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the man has been charged with criminal trespassing. >> that's a rough hangover. okay. so california now has one of the toughest equal pay protections in the country. governor jerry brown signing the bill into law yesterday at the rosie the riveter park near san francisco. it requires employers to prove that any pay gap between workers is due to factors like skillet level or srntd aeniority and no gender. >> this is really a big deal, important. inequities that have plagued our state and have burdened women forever are slowly being resolved. >> many critics say the new law will drive even more businesses out of that state. fiat chrysler has less than 24 hours to make a better offer or face a strike. otherwise auto workers may walk off the job at midnight. they rejected the company's first offer last week by better than 2 to 1. the union could call for a walkout at all fiat chrysler
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plants or just keep that facility's. the company said it is continuing to work toward an agreement. >> okay. so new developments in the volkswagen emissions test cheating scandal. a recall of those 11 million diesel-powered cars will begin in january in europe. in the u.s. the fix must first be approved by the epa. we're expected to learn more when vw's head of american operations appears before congress tomorrow. and we know several things now about the woman who bought last week's winning $310 million powerball ticket. one of those things is that she works. and actually not at work. >> she's not at work. >> right now. >> we're talking about 50-year-old julie leetch, who used to work an overnight shift at a fiberglass factory. but she quit immediately after learning she had won. she says she'll be using some of her money to buy some land and build houses for her family. >> leetch took a lump sum payment of $197.4 million.
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that's about 140 million after taxes. >> we'll take it. >> good for her. and for many people who are up like yourself right now, the overnight hours, she is our hero. she's what we strive for. >> you mean don't work hard at your job, just play the lotto? >> yes. and just have a dollar and a dream and somehow win 140-plus million dollars. well, coming up, the student thrown out of school because of the color of her hair. and also ahead, it's harvest time at the white house. the first lady's bounty as she invites young guests to bring in the vegetables. and later, tom hanks and steven spielberg talk about what they have in common away from the movies as they preview their thriller "bridge of spies." that's after our look at the forecast map. you're watching "world news now." >> i'm alex trebek.
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a little too much school spirit led to what you might call a bad hair day for this 10-year-old girl. she put blue streaks in her hair because that's her school's color. her mother thought it was okay. her classmates and even teachers thought it was cool. but school rules say dyed hair is distracting. so she was sent home with a note. >> really. >> i thought her hair was on fleak. >> this is a term we were talking about at the commercial break that -- >> kids were all -- it was on fleak. it was awesome. potentially showing its true colors is the world of fantasy sports. >> it is a multibillion-dollar industry. unregulated. in which sports fans try to predict the most successful players. but now after a recent incident it's raising questions about the risk of insider trading. here now is abc's david wright. >> combines
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one-day fantasy sports with winning life-changing amounts of cash. >> reporter: if you watch football, you've definitely seen the ads. >> pick your team and get your cash winnings after monday night. >> reporter: promising big bucks for being a monday morning quarterback. >> we're making a millionaire every week this season. >> reporter: the websites draft kings and fan duel taking fantasy football to new limits. the two sites took in $60 million in just the first week of the nfl season. but the outrage after claims that an employee of draft kings won big money on the fan duel site. >> touchdown! >> reporter: draft kings denies all allegations of wrongdoing by the employee. both sites issued a joint statement noting that "nothing is more important than the integrity of the games we offer." critics say these sites, which are not currently regulated, are tantamount to straight up gam sxblg ought to be treated the same way as other forms of sports betting. one congressman now calling for hearings on capitol hill. >> how is it any different from
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sports betting? i don't see it. what, because you call it fantasy? >> reporter: david wright, abc news, new york. >> we should also note that the fantasy sports trade association says for now draft kings and fan duel have decided to prohibit employees from participating in online fantasy sports contests for money. what the heck is this sports thing? i don't get it. >> it's a weird thing. i know since you watched the baseball playoffs last night and watch football you've seen these commercials all the time. you can't get away from it it. but these fantasy leagues, 10% of americans take part in the fantasy leagues. not necessarily the betting but the fantasy leagues. >> do you do this? >> i don't do any of the fantasy leagues or any of the betting. >> okay. >> i do my betting in vegas. well, coming up, the dream team. steven spielberg and tom hanks together again. >> yeah, we're going to tell you what critics are saying about their cold war-era thriller. just days away from its national theatrical debut. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ okay. so it's not even in wide release yet, but "bridge of spies" is connecting critics, already getting some rave reviews. >> cold war thriller the brainchild of dream team tom sxhankz steven spielberg, already predicted to strike oscar gold. abc's juju chang sat down with
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the dynamic duo. >> they've got a spy pilot with a head full of classified information. we want you to negotiate the swap. >> brooklyn, usa. >> reporter: it began as a media frenzy. inspired by actual events. >> today a federal grand jury indicted rudolph abel on charges of conspiracy to commit espionage. >> reporter: "bridge of spies" tells the story of james donovan, a most unlikely candidate for an unsavory job. defend a soviet job charged with espionage against america. >> everyone deserves a defense. >> reporter: then he was tasked with negotiating a spy swap. his client for a captured american u-2 pilot during the height of the cold war. >> people in my country consider this an act of war. >> this movie is part spy thriller, part courtroom drama. what appealed to you about this story? >> what appealed to me was a man who really believed in, you know, the letters of the law.
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>> we agree to the rules. and that's what makes us americans. >> he didn't have to take this case, but he did. he took this case at a time when it was very dangerous. >> we want you to defend him. here's the indictment. >> here's a guy, a family man, plucked from obscurity into these extraordinary -- >> is this was the thing i thought was extraordinary in order to get to play. it really comes down to six days. this guy, he lied to his wife, he said he was -- >> he wouldn't be the first. >> said he was actually fishing in scotland. was actually working under the orders of the president of the united states. >> you never asked me if the charges were true, if i am indeed a spy. >> so you've done world war ii, cold war. >> what else do we have? >> what's coming up? >> well, you know, the thing i haven't done with tom yet, one of the films that i just think is one of the best things tom's ever done is "sleepless in seattle." >> it's you. >> it's me. >> a rom com? >> i've never made a movie like
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that before. i would love to do a movie like that with this guy. >> is it true you're entering this incredibly productive time now that you're empty nesters? >> yeah. i think we both are. >> man, oh man. i put my head down for like the last four years. i'm looking forward to having some time off. i got grandkids stacking up now. >> do you really? >> oh, yeah. the best time you could spend as a granddad is with a $3 wading pool and a garden hose. you can stand back there -- >> that's 7 1/2 hours of baby-sitting time. >> that's awesome. >> the next mistake our countries mistake could be the last one. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. >> i had no idea he's a grandpa. >> yeah. colin has a kid. it's fascinating to see steven spielberg, who has done so much, say i would really like to do a rom com. >> you're totally right. i look forward to that. that would be really good. >> movie, by the way, opens october 16th in wide release. >> 86% approval -- rotten
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tomatoes rating. >> that's a good thing. >> coming up, harvest time at the white house.
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try a meta health bar. ♪ it started off as a first for the white house since the 1940s. >> and now it's grown into a family tradition for the obamas. abc's serena marshall takes us to mrs. obama's harvest. >> reporter: it's a tough sell. >> quesadillas. >> i like macaroni and cheese. >> reporter: convincing any kid to go for those healthy greens. but first lady michelle obama is at it again. >> are you guys ready to dig up some stuff with me? >> reporter: wielding a pitchfork and gloves. >> i just got a manicure. >> reporter: to encourage kids to eat healthy. the first lady digging up sweet
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potatoes while her staff and national park service rangers, all responsible for maintaining the guarden, helped out alongside the local fourth-graders. the garden started in 2009 to encourage her kids to be healthy and eat better. this is the first garden on white house grounds since world war ii. and seeds from the vegetables even given as a gift to the pope in 2014. the 1100-square-foot guard zen planted every spring and harvested twice a year, all with the help of local kids. after the hard work it's time to prep the food and of course eat. >> i think my favorite part of today was eating the food. it was really good. really liked the salad. oh, and the muffins. awesome. >> reporter: and while the first lady may have convinced 9-year-old evelyn to eat healthy -- >> so you have a good happy life. you exercise. you'll probably live a longer life. >> reporter: the battle remains for others. >> i'm not so into vegetables. so one of the vegetables i
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like -- i like corn. >> reporter: one thing that makes this year's harvest different from years past, the google expedition cameras. these 16 gopros krathd 3-d virtual reality of the first lady's guarden and taking it into class arms round the world. serena marshall, abc news, washington. >> a lot of people don't give first ladies credit for what they're able to do. and i think this initiative by michelle obama has helped a lot of schools and children learn about eating health. >> i agree. and a lot of people don't give you credit for your green thumb. >> my -- oh, yes. would you like fried green tomatoes or -- is that squash? >> i think it's a zucchini. it's a big zum ni. >> i can't get over my beautiful hat. i'm very stylish when i garden. >> it's like a farmers only commercial, isn't it? that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now" volatile conditions in south carolina. >> dams are breaking and rivers are rising. what's keeping everyone in the flood zone on edge tonight as a major city is under curfew. trucks of terror. isis radicals and their fleet of toyotas. tough questions for the automaker in an abc news investigation. political bombshell. ben carson telling everyone that kindergarten teachers should be armed. the candidate's comments setting off a firestorm. and later the instant multimillionaire. the overnight factory worker who just won the $310 million powerball jackpot. what's next for her, her family, and her love life. it's wednesday october 7. >> announcer: from abc news this is


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