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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 8, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," the coast guard's difficult decision. >> the heart break for families of 33 crew members aboard a cargo ship that disappeared during hurricane joaquin. the big development overnight. explosive take-down moving in on armed smugglers ready to send nuclear weapons to isis. the frightening questions about terrorism after this dramatic fbi sting. hanging on for dear life. the construction worker dangling from a bridge waiting for help. his ordeal caught on camera. and later, football food suitable for a tailgate party only served at home from barbecue in a cup to game day beverages with a special kick. we've got some real winners. it's thursday, october 8th. from abc news, this is
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"world news now." and good morning on this thursday. i'm marci gonzales in for reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. we do thank you for joining us here on this thursday. we're going to start on a serious note and really what was a difficult decision by the coast guard calling off the search for the crew on board a cargo ship that sank off the bahamas in the middle of hurricane joaquin. >> the families of the 28 americans and five polish crew members are mou coming to terms with the loss. investigators are vowing to do everything they can to find out what went wrong. more now from abc's brandi hitt. >> after an exhaustive nearly week long search for survivors, the coast guard suspended efforts to find the missing el pharoah crew at sunset. >> it's the worst ending we could have ever imagined. >> reporter: ntsb investigates are say they're now looking at investigations between the captain and the american ship's owner tote maritime. while also searching for the voyage data recorder, it's black box. the ship's last known position
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was here near the bahamas crooked island right in the path of joaquin. >> there was a topside hatch that was open that allowed some water in. if they were listing 15 degrees and without propulsion. >> debris and this empty battered lifeboat have been recovered along with a body found inside a survival suit similar to this. >> our support for those families' loves ones will never stop. >> reporter: investigators want to know if the 418-year-old ship suffered any mechanical problems. it was scheduled to be retired and retrofitted. now likely at the bottom of the ocean. anguished family members are finding some peace envisioning the entire crew together. >> that's their final resting place. if they can't be with this family, then they're with their family. >> reporter: they are still holding out hope for a miracle. ntsb investigators expect they'll be on scene for at least a week trying to figure out not only what happened to the ship but why. kendis and marci?
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>> brandi, thank you. divers in south carolina have found the bodies of two people whose truck was swept away in those deadly floods bringing the death toll now to at least 19. at least 13 dams are failing with others threatening to burst. the beaver dam is now stabilized. a thousand residents who live below it have been evacuated earlier yesterday but a dike at the columbia canal has collapsed for a second time where rock dams are being built and one-ton sandbags dropped. rivers will remain at plornlg flood is taken through the weekend. president obama has personally apologized for the deadly u.s. air strike on a hospital in afghanistan. the president's phone call to the head of doctors without boarders came days after the strike killed 22 people at the group's facility in the city of kunduz. he also promised the u.s. will look into making changes to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> the united states when we make a mistake, we're honest about it. we own up to it.
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we apologize where necessary as the president did in this case. >> organization. >> despite the apology, doctors without borders is still calling for an independent investigation. there's no apology from russia in a major escalation in syria and apparent close call with a u.s. plane. in an extra necessary display of russian force, warships from the caspian sea fired at targets 900 miles away in syria. president putin says those targets were isis terrorists but the u.s. says not so fast. >> i've said before that we believe russia has the wrong strategy. they continue to hit targets that are not isil. >> put it inhas been targeting opposition forces some of them u.s.-backed who are fighting syrian dictator bashar al assad and it's creating a dangerous situation for u.s. aircraft which have had close encounters.
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>> smugglers with links to russia have been caught in a dramatic sting with the help of the fbi accused of trying to sell nuclear materials to isis that could be used to make a dirty bomb. and the take-down was all caught on video. here's abc's brian ross. >> reporter: officials say the dramatic new video of this police raid represents the nightmare scenario for the united states. criminal gangs with access to nuclear material from russia, like the men arrested here, prepared to sell isis these packets of uranium and radioactive cesium to build a dirty bomb targeting america. >> it's very difficult to be confident that we're stopping every one of these types of smuggling operations. >> reporter: the two raids being made public took place with the help of the fbi. over the last ten months in the eastern european country of moldova. the amount of radioactive material sold was small, and of very low quality, and the actual buyers were not isis, but undercover agents. but the moldovan cases underscore the fact that
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russia's nuclear stockpiles are extremely vulnerable to theft and diversion. >> it's undeniable evidence of a failure in nuclear security, material that was supposed to be under authorized control was found outside of it. >> reporter: and adding to the concern is the fact that since the first of the year, russia has effectively stopped all cooperation with the u.s. to track down and stop the so-called loose nukes. u.s. officials say isis seems much more frommed this chemical weapons than a dirty bomb. but officials fear with all its cash and evil intentions it won't be lock before the nuclear smugglers come knocking on the isis door. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> now to presidential politics starting with hillary clinton who is breaking away from president obama on the issue of trade. clinton says she now opposed the so-called transpacific partnership a u.s. trade deal with pacific rim nations. she helped lay the groundwork for the deal as president obama's secretary of state.
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clinton says the agreement could lead to a loss of american jobs. on the republican side, dr. ben carson is getting some support for his controversial comments following the deadly attack at that the community college in oregon. carson suggested the victims should have attacked the gunman in order to stop him. that's what army veteran republican chris mintz did. he's recovering from being shot seven times. carson says minutes did "exactly what should be done." that support we mentioned comes from donald trump who says carson has been treated unfairly since making his initial comments. volkswagen's top american executive heads to capitol hill today to discuss his company's emission scandal with members of a house committee. michael horn is expected to tell lawmakers that while it straightens out its problems, volkswagen won't sell diesel vehicles in the u.s. for its upcoming model year. horn will also say he first heard about the emissions niche the spring of last year and he was an sured by engineers that
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it would be fixed. >> speaking of cars, here's a unique one that can be driven but you probably don't want to take it out in the rain. >> not a good idea. check this out. this is a replica of a lexious is made of cardboard. it was created for a design show over in england. 1700 pieces of cardboard were used to make it. they are held together with glue. >> wow. all of those pieces sit on a frame. it's powered by an electric motor. some of the finer details include cup holders, air vents, and they are the same size as a real lexus. >> yeah. but there isn't a cigarette lighter. i wouldn't assume you can -- >> let's hope not. >> that you can light up in there. >> 1700 pieces were all laser cut. they used a digital 3-d model of the real lexus to make this exact replica. >> it took three months to make it. let's hope the prices are .1 of what the lexus would still cost
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you. that would still cost you a good $20,000 to $50,000. coming up in the mix, enjoying new england fall foliage anywhere for a price. >> also ahead the verbal exchange in a courtroom going viral. tough questions for a judge who lashed out in a really sensitive case. and later -- >> i'm america's chief entertaining officer tim laird. take the spirit of a football tailgate party right into your living room during the season. we have barbecue and beverages served with an extra special kick. you're watching "world news now." >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one,
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a dramatic rescue caught on camera in houston after a worker was left dangling from a bridge for nearly an hour. the worker was repairing the bridge yesterday afternoon when he slipped from a catwalk. luckily though, he was wearing a harness and firefighters were able to pull him to safety through a manhole. he has already been released from the hospital. >> yeah, that would have been my last day on the job. >> absolutely. >> and firings in philadelphia are still on the scene of this intense three-alarm warehouse fire. it raged for an hour last night. completely engulfing the building as you can see. no word on how all of this started. we can tell you no one was injured as a result. turning to a courtroom in florida, a judge appearing to berate a victim of domestic violence. >> she initially failed to testify against her alleged abuser but when she tried to
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explain herself, that's when the judge really gave a tough response. here's abc's linsey davis. >> you disobeyed a court order. >> reporter: this florida judge is on the hot seat tonight, accused of revictimizing a victim of domestic abuse. >> i'm just -- my anxiety is like -- and this is every day for me. >> you think you're going to have anxiety now? you haven't even seen anxiety. >> reporter: tense exchanges during this contempt of court hearing in july from a woman who failed to show up to testify against her husband who had a prior domestic battery conviction. >> i'm, like, homeless now. i'm living at my parents' house. i'm not in a good place right now. >> reporter: her husband was accused of strangling her at knifepoint while she held their 1-year-old child. he pleaded no contest to simple battery and spent 16 days in jail. she says she told the state she wanted to drop the charges and move on with her life. >> i hereby find you in contempt of court. i sentence you to three days in the county jail. >> judge, i'll do anything.
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please. i have a 1-year-old that i'm trying to take care of by myself. i'm begging you, please. >> i've already issued my order. >> reporter: one local advocate for domestic abuse victims said that she approached the judge after the fact and told her it would have been better if she had sentenced her to community service rather than jail time. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> they're afraid of the message this sends. victims will be afraid to come forward not only because of the abuser but treatment like that in the courtroom. >> by the way, an the judge has not commented about any of this. so far, i should tell you there's more. she has never had a complaint filed against her with the state judicial qualifications commission. but that sort of behavior. >> that's a tough one to watch for sure. coming up in our next half hour, cold hard cash found buried in a backyard. the fbi visited an average california neighborhood and dug up more than half a million
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dollars in stolen cash. so how in the world did it get there in the first place. >> first, forget the parking lot. do some tailgating in the comfort of your own home. we've got some easy to make bites that are sure to be a fan favorite on game day. and don't forget the cocktails. >> not a chance. "world news now" continu
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during football season, you can take the spirit of a tailgate party right into your living room. author tim laird america's chief entertaining officer calls it home gating and it's all about barbecue, beverage, with a kick. good morning. >> good morning, how are you? absolutely. you know, if you can't get out to the game you want to watch it on tv, i call it home gating.
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you can have as much fun as being out on the field. >> amazing. >> i want to start with my tailgater cocktail. in a pitcher, 24 ounces of lemonade. to that i've premeasured 12 ounces of jack daniels tennessee whiskey goes in. >> only 12 ounces. >> it's been premeasured. there's 12 ounces of that. i put rosemary spears in there too just to give it a nice little flavor. that goes in. about two ounces of sweet vermouth. lastly, a couple shakes of bitters to give it a nice rounded cocktail taste. what you want to do is just stir that up. pour it over ice. garnish it with a rosemary spear and you're good to go. an alcohol free version, you've got a lot of work to do, instead of jack daniels substitute iced tea. keep the lemonade and rosemary spear and maybe put a teaspoon of honey to give it a little sweet taste. >> it's okay if they poured a lot more jack daniels. >> absolutely. be a resnsible tailgater. have plenty of alcohol free
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options like yourself. cheers. here's to our game. boom. >> oh, yeah. >> not bad. >> even when the alcohol. >> that is good. that's perfect. >> probably would be betser with jack daniels. >> everything's betser with jack. it is. this is an idea. i call this barbecue in a cup. basically it's self-serve. i start on the lower level. i have baked beans. on top of that, eitr pulled barbecue or barbecue chicken or pulled pork. top it off with coleslaw so it gives it a nice crunch. everything in one cup. easy serving so your tailgate fans can grab and go. it's awesome. >> barbecue in a cup. >> it's a party in one cup. >> you absolutely. >> barbecue's friend is mac and cheese. i'm going to kick this up. i'm going to kick up the mac and cheese. buffalo mac and cheese. i put in a little bit of hot sauce. that goes in. some bleu cheese. you can put shredded chicken in
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here if you want. it's buffalo mac and cheese. that gets all mixed up. then i put it in individual cups again. easy service and on top a little bit of toasted panko crums. >> you guys came up with on your own? >> you got to have buffalo something in there. it's a tailgate party. on to devilled eggs. deviled eggs are back. >> i'm excited about this. i love devilled eggs. >> it's a healthier version. instead of mayonnaise, i put in fat free greek yogurt and a little crabmeat in there and tarragon, a little shallot, a little hot sauce. paprika on the top. >> more heavenly deviled eggs. >> yes, exactly and then finally for dessert, my end zone crunch. and this is super easy. i love this mix. basically in a bowl. you take your favorite cereal. >> this is my rice chex. i started with that. put in pretzels. mini pretzels go in.
3:21 am
put in mixed roasted nuts. then the white chocolate. this is white chocolate chips right there. white white chocolate chips. >> that's good. it's chocolate. go in. and then some raisins, that goes in. and what you do, that's perfect. then what you do at this point, mix this up. hold off on the m & m's. this all goes into a microwave two to three minutes. >> i was wondering how it got that. >> yes. it comes out. put your m & ms on. put it on a sheet in the refrigerator, let it cool down and you're good to go. it's a nice combination with that. >> try that end zone crunch. crunchy good sweetness. what do you think? good stuff. >> good. >> you can freeze it and then bring it out later for future games. cheers. >> thank you. thanks always tim laird. hard to talk with that. check out our facebook page, you're watching "world news now." that is really good stuff. it really needs a kick though. >> it does need a kick.
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to breathe happy. okay. we're going to get all educational up in here for "the mix" because the author, james patterson is doing something good for book sellers. like many big stores have come along. so he is donating and wants people to nominate your favorite book seller. he will give them anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 as a bonus. >> for individual who's work at bookstores, right? >> yes. patterson is giving out $240,000 total in award every year to people and organizations that promote reading. so he's asking people who do that weird thing like read to nominate your favorite book seller. >> that's awesome. >> the guy at walmart, your independent store book seller. >> very nice. you hear of this business idea
3:26 am
and you're like why didn't i think of that. this is one of them. there's a guy in new england who is selling dead leaves. started a website. people who live in areas where you don't get the nice fall foliage, you can order three leaves with beautiful fall colors for $19.99. three leaves. he puts them through a process to preserve them so you can hold on to them for years to come. within the first 24 hours he had 75 orders. so he's on to something. this is the same guy who the also started a business selling snow. >> oh, yes. and i about evident that comes in different colors including yellow. >> get a discount for that. >> get a discount for that. we provide that for free here in new york. all right. so this is the saddest football play you will have seen all year. and that's even considering the detroitlines four games in. take a look at this. this is a youth football team here. and they're trying a little sidekick but it goes backwards.
3:27 am
it boomerangs and the team doesn't know what are we going to do. but one guy is like i'm going to go. he runs and he goes. >> and no one is trying to chase him. >> he goes all the way. >> touch down. >> as reena would call it, it's a home run. >> home run. home run. >> well, i know absolutely nothing about sports but that does look pretty bad. >> it does look like a home run. >> it does look like a home run to me. but i will show you a sports story that i relate to. i have a new favorite team. this youth football team. they were supposed to play during halftime for a varsity game, this is in massachusetts. but they do what i do every time my favorite song comes on, stop everything, forget that you're playing. yeah, the nae
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this morning on "world news now," breaking away from the obama administration. hillary clinton's latest political maneuver to get attention and votes. her move as joe biden starts in -- stars in a new campaign ad. >> military might. dozens of russian cruise missiles attacking syria. are they hitting isis targets as promised? the international firestorm. and new this half hour, it sounds like something out of a movie drama. >> the discovery of $600,000 in a suburban backyard cash buried in a plastic bin. what led to this jaw-dropping discovery? >> and later in the "skinny," 007 daniel craig announcing a big career decision. if you're a fan of james bond movies, don't miss this. it is thursday, october 8th.


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