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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  October 11, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> i'm here to talk about it today. just grateful to be alive. alive, aearly buried man pulled from this collapse speaks with abc 7. a nailbiter that went into overtime, but the redskins could not get a win against the falcons. shakeup at the university of maryland, the school giving the head football coach the boot. 6:30, onbc 7 news at your side. the investigation into a crash that killed a motorcyclist in bethesda. roz plater is in bethesda with what we are learning. roz? roz: there are still a lot of questions about this crash.
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there is debris still on the ground. we are expecting more answers, but here is what we know so far. crash happened at about 1:00 this afternoon, on old georgetown road, involving a four-door honda sedan and a motorcycle. there was severe front end damage to the car. the police have not released any information as to how this may have happened, but off-camera witnesses told us the motorcycle ended up in the bushes, the driver severely injured, and paramedics were giving cpr. say that the motorcyclist has died, disturbing information wh to those who were near the crash. >> i don't know what happened, but when i saw a motorcycle on the ground and a car in the intersection, i knew it was pretty serious. roz: major crash reconstruction
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collected evidence and took measurements as part of its investigation. the police have not released the name of the victim, and they say it is too early to know whether charges will be filed. roz plater, abc 7 news. also following a developing story from northwest washington. the police major help finding a man wanted for sexual assault. a woman told officer that she opened her vehicle early saturday morning, thinking it was an uber car, but when she got inside the driver pulled a knife on her. she got away. the university of maryland has fired head football coach, randy edsall. stephen tschida is on campus today. surprise on a big campus it in light of the season the terps have had. it's official, randy edsall is out as head coach.
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so far this season they are 2-4. yesterday's game was really the icing on the cake, the last straw. that was a big loss yesterday, 49-28 at ohio state. losses the team has had the season have been by more than 20 points. the offensive coordinator is taking over as interim coach. we heard from him and we also heard from the athletic director, kevin anderson, a short while ago. >> the records show how we played. i had great concerns, so that's how i justify doing that. and i stand by it. >> ics coming in and -- do i see us making wholesale changes? i don't think that would be productive for the team, but i told the fellas there will be just based off of my philosophy as opposed to how
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we did it under coach. the interim coach talking about the changes he will make. he has two weeks. the team is off next weekend, then they play penn state. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc 7 news. newse: some disappointing for redskins fans, losing in overtime to the falcons, who remain undefeated. robert burton is in atlanta and will show us what went wrong. then i, we are hearing from the man who is cycled to be alive after he was buried chest deep in dirt. lastescue taking place night in columbia. kevin lewis spoke with the victim, who has the incredible story. kevin? then: hey there, kellye, man rented this yellow excavator to dig a trench 12 feet under, repelling water lines, when the ground gave way. tonight, two wooden planks
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covering the dangerous hole. >> i just heard a whoosh and i was up against the wall. kevin: he is grateful to be alive. >> it was like a snow avalanche on tv. it just came on may and i had no idea how many feet, cubic feet of dirt it was, but it was like i was in concrete. i could flex, but i cannot move. his 50 four-year-old son dug frantically while a neighbor called 911. he focused on breathing, but then a second collapse. >> i had an area in front of me, and i was thinking to myself, this is not going to end good. kevin: after 15 minutes of shoring up walls and providing encouragement and digging, rescuers plucked him to safety. >> when i got out there must have been a hundred people in my front yard, clapping. i was just amazed all those
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people were there for me. kevin: they took him to baltimore shock trauma, where doctors treated scrapes, bruises, and oxygen starvation to his muscles, but he was released only hours later. >> i got out and i'm here to talk about it today. just grateful to be alive, that's all. kevin: he described the sensation of being trapped underground is a terrifying bearhug. tomorrow, he is back tomorrow to remove the excavator, then trying to figure out a safer way to repair his water pipes. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. kellye: turning to the weather, after a chilly morning, a nice warm day, but what is in store tomorrow? devon lucie has the first look. devon: in the belfort furniture weather center, the continuation of more perfect weather. it will be a possibly cold
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start, but by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine like we had today. columbus day monday will be spectacular. at thes a look outside sunset going on. 37 in several spots where the coldest readings this morning. real-time temperatures, did not even break 60, 70 in washington. ay.lur chance ofhe forecast, showers or storms, but i talked about the chilly start in the morning, mild afternoon. tomorrow morning, make sure the kids have a coat. the seven-day forecast, a few more cold fronts. kellye: thank you, devon. two people including a
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firefighter were hurt in a house after 4beltsville just a.m. on old baltimore pike. a firefighter and a resident suffered minor injuries. in the race for the white house, donald trump and dr. ben carson each top 20% and the cbs news poll of likely republican primary voters. no other candidate is in the double digits. rubio,s ted cruz, marco and former florida governor jeb bush round out the top five. the first democratic presidential debate is this week in las vegas. hillary clinton will be in the center of the stage, with bernie sanders and martin o'malley. jim webb and lincoln chafee will be on her left. should he decide to enter the race before tuesday, a podium will be set aside for vice president joe biden. aerosmith's front man donald trump once donald -- the front
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man steven tyler once donald trump to stop using their song "dream on." they say it is not a political or personal issue, but one of permission and copyright. tyler is a registered republican and attended the first gop debate in august. coming up -- problems on the ground for southwest airlines. why is asking customers to arrive two hours early for flights. and stories behind some of the army 10-miler.
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southwest airlines has apologized for a computer glitch that slowed ticketing for
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passengers around the country. it also impacted their website and check in application. it were long lines at airports and hundreds of flight delays. southwest is advising passengers to arrive early to avoid the delays. thousands of runners hit the pavement for the army 10-miler that started near the pentagon, and tonight we are learning what inspired some of the runners. richard reeve has their stories. richard: on a crisp, sunday october morning. >> it's like a reunion. richard: among one of the most patriotic of road races. >> the wounded warriors are so inspiring and incredible. richard: 35,000 runners, including wounded or injured personnel. >> it's a challenge. richard: among them, this 55-year-old army veteran, paralyzed from a spinal injury in 1980.
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>> i was riding a bicycle and got sideswiped by a truck. richard: now he uses this modified cycle to run the race. with the help of his wife, rosemarie. >> i was a little nervous. richard: many participants are in the military. some have lost friends. others limbs. >> really how incredibly are that they never give up. richard: there is no shortage of inspiration. >> it's all the thing surrounding the race, the camaraderie's and friendships. richard: for cooper, this is a way to pay it forward. i try to run for the warriors at walter reed. richard: and run the great 10 miles. >> they all succeed and have lots of fun. richard: richard reeve, abc 7 news. kellye: area muslim spent the day passing out food and
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supplies as part of the day of dignity campaign, sponsored by islamic relief usa. the campaign has been taking place for every decade. still ahead -- devon with the forecast.
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first couple weeks of november we could have 70 degree days. it is more likely that we have the temperatures fall, trending down. memorial,arine corps a beautiful evening. still holding on in 70, frederick. the morningicture, low temperatures, another cold start. lots of sunshine. all up and down the mid-atlantic and the nations cap, stretching back to the midwest. we have a cold start tomorrow morning. the afternoon. the next cold front arrives sometime tuesday. futurecast has been more consistent today with the morning arrival, could be as late as the afternoon by other forecast guidance. the wind picks up when xander's they behind the front, brees your conditions and cooler days.
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50 degrees downtown. the suburbs in the lower 40's. it will be a mild afternoon. mid to upper 70's tomorrow, 77 charles town, cumberland 77, frostburg 72. bladensburgn, 69 and annapolis. 74 charles county, la plata. 77 fredericksburg. rappahannock county 75. looking into the forecast, tracking the front coming tuesday morning. could have the arrival of showers, the front coming through later in the day. the high temperature still mild. we go mid 70's, low 70's, 50's earlier. one of the new features, the ycast tomorrow morning,
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crystal-clear in the morning. beautiful clear skies, may be a couple high-altitude clouds. another fine, sunny, mild columbus day. 79 the forecast. might be the nicest day all week. possible showers tuesday. parisien cooler on wednesday. -- breezy and cooler on wednesday. we could beat down into the 50's next weekend. it's coming. kellye: what a roller coaster for the redskins. erin: if you look at the positives, they really when i suppose to win that game and had a lot of key players out. if you look at the negatives, kirk cousins threw an interception to end the game.
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. ofn: the redskins faced one the toughest offenses in atlanta, but to win a big a month road, you have to capitalize on every opportunity. , forced overtime, but it was not enough. quarter,ard, fourth matt jones runs right, in for the score. touchdown redskins as they regained the lead 13-12. less than a minute to go, 16-12 redskins. freeman gets the handoff and runs it in. the falcons take a three point lead. five seconds to go, dustin hawkins, after missing a field goal earlier, calmly ties the game at 19-19.
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we go to overtime. on the first redskins possession, cousins throws to the sidelines. uh-oh, it is picked off. erd takes it to the house and the redskins lose a heartbreaker. robert burton is at the georgia dome with the reaction. robert: a lot of good to take away from this. know the saying, there are no moral victories in the nfl. the skins coming into atlanta to falcons.he 4-0 it seemed like they had this in the bag until overtime, kirk cousins throws a pick six, giving the falcons the victory. coach gruden: it's a tough one. we have the opportunity, had the ball at midfield. we throw a pass, our receiver slips and falls, and they get a pick six. watching the film, i cannot say much with conviction. you cannot help but take
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some good things away from the defensive side. >> they're always positives and negatives, but the goal is to win and we lost. robert: for the redskins, back-to-back road games. they are in new york against the jets next sunday. robert burton, abc 7 sports. erin: it does not come as a surprise after days of speculation. it's now official -- maryland head coach randy edsall has been fired. lost threead straight games by at least three touchdowns. maryland is 2-4 this season under ready at soul. $3.1 million buyout. i had not made a decision until this morning. it started back the second game of the season, i believe, when
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andooked at how we played did not show signs of progress in the way we were losing, which brought to my attention this might need to be addressed. erin: the ravens loss to the browns by a field goal in overtime. a bit of a rough day for sports. kellye: it was tough, my goodness. hopefully things will be looking up. devon: cold tomorrow morning.
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thes in layers and enjoy warm afternoon, 76 the high. kellye: thanks for joining us.
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