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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  October 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the call or whether or not the sirens were on. we are hearing conflicting reports from witnesses on the scene about the sirens. at this point, two people hospitalized. the investigation continues here. if we come back live we can show you connecticut avenue, part of l street both closed down at this hour. that is the latest. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you for that. stay with abc7 for breaking news update on the story. don't be left out when you're away from your tv on any breaking news story. subscribe to the text alerts at you will get the message directly from our newsroom to your phone. well, this is lubin phipps. he has been missing now for weeks. we have been doing stories how he walked away and was not seen. yesterday a grim discovery. a body found not far from where he was last seen. alison: phipps was taken to a park from his care-giver. he had dementia. kevin lewis has more. this could become a criminal case, right? kevin: certainly.
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phipps' ex-wife and two daughters hired an attorney. today she called for a criminal and a civil investigation. not only the outdoor picnic at the park here but also in the way that police handled the search, which went on for a few weeks. according to the family here, last month the whitmore house assisted living center took phipps and a group of other elderly residents to a picnic at watkins regional park. the 80-year-old disappeared while walking to an outdoor bathroom. police found his body yesterday. according to families, phipps made a living as an executive chef. he played the tambourine at church, loves betting on horses. but dementia forced him to move closer to his family in maryland. >> we trusted whitmore house assisted living with our father. we hoped that they would keep him safe and provide his care. and it's obvious that didn't happen.
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>> the family had no knowledge that mr. phipps was going to be leaving what they had assumed was a very controlled environment where his whereabouts were well taken care of, and where something like this couldn't happen. kevin: and mr. phipps' family clearly upset and also frustrated. while their attorney is all but saying a lawsuit of some form will be filed. we'll have much more at 5:00. but for now we're live in upper marlboro, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: okay, kevin. we'll see you soon. police are searching for vandals who targeted a statute that honored a supreme court justice. the bust was found covered in red paint sunday morning in front of city hall. the justice wrote the 1857 dred scott decision. they will relocate the statue.
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jonathan: repair work continues on water main break. it broke near belmont elementary school this morning. the school had to cancel classes because of this. they also said the break left 51 customers without service. there is no word when repairs will be made. how about this? last year there were more drug overdoses in virginia than highway deaths. 728 people died from heroin or similar drug use in the commonwealth just last year. on the roads, 700 people lost their lives. now there has been an increase in drug-related deaths despite effort to combat heroin use in virginia. coming up for at at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a recovering addict opens up about heroin's grip. alison: a massive search for a suspect in a violent sexual assault in the district. and a warning for anyone who uses a ride-sharing service. this comes after a woman was attacked over the weekend after getting into what she thought was her uber car.
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jeanette reyes is in northwest with the latest on the search for the driver. jeanette: this search is on this afternoon for the person who attacked this woman. a simple mistake resulted in her being sexual assaulted by a knife-wielding man. take a look behind me. we have seen the d.c. police driving up and down the street here looking for this attacker. it happened along the 3500 block of macombe street northwest off of wisconsin avenue saturday between 3:30 and 4:00 in the morning. police say a woman got in a silver sedan she mistook for an uber. after getting inside, the driver pulled out a knife and sexual assaulted her. the woman was able to get away. the attacker took off with her belongings. other than the description of the vehicle, all we know is the man is described as middle eastern, in his early 30's with back, curly hair. >> i'm surprised, but not shocked. i make sure that the plate matches the one on my app. >> uber tells you the type of
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car and the license number. you are supposed to watch out for that so you don't get into the wrong car. jeanette: this isn't the first time this has happened. buteber -- but uber and police say make sure you get in the car that you requested. there is a vehicle description and license plate in the app. that helps you get matched up with the right person and it also lets you know the uber driver has been verified by the company. jeanette reyes, abc7 news. jonathan: by all accounts this is a hunting trip that went horribly wrong. a guide shot and killed in queen anne county by a teenager. marvin coppage's death was ruled an accident. brad bell is in queen anne. this is hitting that quantity very hard. this is a guy who was well liked. brad: that is right. mr. coppage was well-known to everybody. there were four people who paid for a guided hunt with mr. coppage. it was a man and three
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teenagers. a setting like this. they should have been hunters all lined up in a row with mr. coppage somewhere to the side looking for birds. each hunter would have had an opportunity to shoot in a range. something went wrong. we can show you video of the scene where it happened. you will see really this is just a big open farm field. what happens is the businesses, like the folks were using put birds out in those fields to go hunting. as we said, they should have been following some sort of a safety practice like we described, in a zone, safe fire. but somehow or another when mr. coppage found a bird and was trying to make it fly for the hunters, two of the hunters opened fire. somehow or another mr. coppage was shot and killed. the investigation is still underway to determine which of the two who fired actually hit mr. coppage, if not both of them. terrible, terrible thing. we talked to a guide who was
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not there, did not know mr. coppage but does this same sort of thing. here is what he has to say about it. >> just like any gun, it's an action but sometimes it's from lack of experience or knowledge or whatever. that is going to be a tough one. brad: well, now this accident has been ruled an accident, but it is still under investigation by the department of natural resources. police want to get to the bottom of it and find out what happened. we'll be back at 5: 020 -- at 5:00 with the family of mr. coppage. their thoughts are mostly with the teenager who might be responsible for this death. in queen anne county, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: a sad situation, brad. thank you. turning to the weather now. the morning fog has broken. it's turning out to be a really nice afternoon. but another crisp start. could we see some rain
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tomorrow, though? meteorologist brian van de graaff has more on all of this. what a weekend. brian: crazy weather. the last couple of days we have had ups and downs. we have had showers, cooler weather, and sunnier weather. after a beautiful monday we are looking at a nice stretch of the everything. tomorrow, showers could be back in the mix. take a look outside, bethesda country club from bethesda, maryland. 73. beautiful out there for hitting the links. great day. east light easterly wind at three. other numbers, 77 in leesburg and fredericksburg. 75 in manassas. it's a little cooler down at the naval air station because it's close to the water. tonight the temperatures in the 60's downtown. 50's in the suburbs. when we come back to the belfort furniture weather center i will tell you about showers and rumble of thunder and colder air toward the end of the week. jonathan: brian, thanks. we'll see you then. "washington post" journalist
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has been convicted on espionage charges in iran. no details are given on what the charges stem from or what charges are issues. suzanne kennedy is in the satellite post. the "washington post" has been pushing for the journalist's release. suzanne: he has been the bureau chief since july of 2012. the 39-year-old is accused of collecting controversial information and handing it to hostile governments. jason rezaian was arrested in 2019. "washington post" says they have convicted an innocent journalist of a serious crime. >> this is not a surprise. this is not in the way they are handled the case to give us any hope that the outcome will be fair, just or reasonable. with that said, there are still questions. suzanne: we are told that the
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charges will be appealed. he has 20 days to file that appeal. in the satellite, center, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you for that. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> considered a suspension. >> you are not doing like you're supposed to. jonathan: a stun gun used against a city councilman in texas. what he is saying happened leading up to the incident. that's coming up next. >> it was considered a suspension. i'll see you tomorrow. alison: the tributes to the troops has a young student in trouble. the symbol on t-shirt that led to the suspension. jonathan: a football player in his prime that landed him in the hospital. what happened and the most likely places
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check your blood sugar. your insulin dose should not be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, sweating, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. today's the day to ask about levemir® flextouch. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. alison: students are back in class today for first time since a deadly college shooting in oregon. the umpqua community college in roseburg was reopened four days after the rampage, but classes were on hold until now. the school's schneider hall where the massacre occurred will remain closed. jonathan: a texas police department responding today a dramatic confrontation between officers and the city councilman. all of this, as you can
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imagine, caught on camera. watch. >> put your hands behind your back. >> put your hands up. okay, he is going to have to taser you. you're not doing like you are supposed to. jonathan: it showed 26-year-old city councilman jonathan miller asking the officers why three of his friends were questioned in his front yard. tensions escalate and miller ends up on his knees with his back to police when they used the stun gun on him. >> we want to make sure we do a thorough and a complete investigation to make sure everything is looked at. >> it went from me asking questions to being put on the ground. i'm curious to have a conversation with the officers. jonathan: the police insist this is a clear case of resisting arrest. the officers say you can hear them give commands and he is ignoring them. the officers involved are on active duty while this is under investigation. alison: middle school student in oregon is fighting his suggestion suspension over a t-shirt. eighth grader alan holmes wore
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this shirt to support his brother who is a veteran. it says, "standing for those who stood for us." it pictures a rifle and a helmet. his principal saw it and gave him a choice. switch shirts or face in-school suspension. >> i was upset. i was heart broken. my brother means everything to me. just being able to help and give back to the people who fought for us and died, it makes me feel good. alison: the school dress code bans students from wearing any clothes promoting alcohol, drug, tobacco or violence. the school district has declined to comment citing confidentiality saying an image of a gun is not appropriate in a school setting. jonathan: so it bans violence, drugs but it also bans free speech for freedom. alison: i know. being in oregon, too, they are probably sensitive at the moment. you can understand where he is coming from, too, with his brother. jonathan: i understand where the student is coming from.
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the principal maybe needs a refresher course. time to look at the traffic situation. robert altman has an eye on the roads for us. you also have an update for us on the police officer-involved accident that took place downtown. that is a mess right now. robert: an absolute mess. it's shut down between road island and k. it happened near the l street northwest intersection along connecticut avenue. this video here was shot a while ago. the metropolitan police s.u.v. and a bicyclist both in the hospital. no word on their injuries. we have big problems on the beltway right now. in maryland, to go northbound on 95 in college park. a six-car accident. at least six vehicles involved. that ramp is closed right now. you have to go to new hampshire avenue and ride the ramp back over. not back toward 450 just yet but it will be. beltway is slow to silver springs. expect delays on new hampshire avenue. beltway at route 4, watch for
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delays because of a wreck involving a big rig to the right-hand lane. the stop-and-go continues there. also moving in toward the district, southbound d.c. 295 slow, just below route 50. keep in mind, the sun is slow on the horizon. in the next half hour or so it will be brutal if you are moving westbound. so keep that in mind. that is the latest from the abc7 traffic center. back to you. jonathan: thank you. robert: john? brian: can i call you that? jonathan: it's an upgrade from what others people call me. brian: i wondered this weekend about the weather in d.c. jonathan: it was spectacular. brian: i don't need to apologize for anything. jonathan: never. brian: toward the end of the week we have cool numbers. look at this, this morning. in culpeper, they got down to
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39. that was a cool start. i think tonight is not going to see that. there is milder air moving in and clouds. leesburg woke up to 43. so did frederick. downtown was 50. crisp start to the morning. outside right now it's beautiful. temperatures warming up nicely. winchester 77. it's pretty toasty out there. all things consider the average high is 70 degrees. so we're riding well above average. but there are changes on the pike. if you widen out the view, you can see the showers to the carolinas. clear here. notice north and west, you see the clouds moving in. around this area, we have a lot of sunshine. that is making for a pretty pleasant afternoon. heading through tonight and tomorrow, more clouds are moving in and as well some cooler air that could bring showers. sunshine this afternoon and evening. the front starts to work through tomorrow. a few showers pass throughout the day. much cooler air will be filling in here as we head through wednesday.
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another blast of cooler air could be moving in by the upcoming weekend. we have several chances for cooler weather moving through. future cast showing showers for tomorrow. after that, we will see the improving conditions. forecast tonight, 50's on average. near 60 downtown. the seven-day outlook calls for a breezy wednesday. still near 70 degrees. the secondary push of cool air thursday and friday with a few sprinkles. notice the weekend, on sunday we may not get out of the upper 50's. alison: that time of year. we're getting there. all right, thanks, brian. fresh off a winning season opener, alex ovechkin is taking time to help others. the washington capitals captain spent time on the ice. not with the teammates but rather with developmentally disabled children and adults from the washington area. his relationship with the special hockey association started last year with one of the skating sessions. this is the second one he has held with the group and he says this will be a long-term
4:20 pm
relationship. jonathan: well, picture of a detroit police officer comforting a child warming hearts. wait until you see this. the image showed an officer lying next to an injured 10-year-old boy after a cash car crash he had with his family. joe tucker said he was off-duty when he came up on the crash. the 22-year veteran said he followed his instincts and a father and a man. >> the neighbors were tending to the other children. the young man was still alone. he was crying and nervous, so i laid down next to him. >> he said, "are you okay? do you want to watch a motorcycle video?" i said yes. jonathan: e.m.s. took the family to the hospital. they are all recovering. the child's mother was so moved by the officer, what he did, that she found him later on facebook to personally thank him. alison: wow! jonathan: the problem with this, there are so many great officers out there doing so many good things. only because we get pictures
4:21 pm
and videos do we get to tell the stories. i wish we could tell more. alison: i'm glad we shared that one. it will be a life-long relationship. jonathan: yeah. alison: how about this story? he is in the prime of his career. but he is now stuck in intensive care of all places. the infection that has a giant football player facing a potential amputation, and the four hot spots where you could catch that infection coming up. jonathan: when disaster strikes, they are some of the first to head right into the problem. virginia task force one returning after helping during the historic floods in south carolina. we'll meet them when "abc7
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jonathan: in the past we have talked about mrsa infections. a lot of folks wonder what is this. now a scary piece of mrsa infection close to home. new york giants football player fighting to keep his foot after being hit with the infection. alison: gio benitez explains how he got it and what the team is doing. reporter: overnight, the giants facing off against the san francisco 49ers. plus one of their players fighting a bigger battle off the field. >> touchdown. daniel fells. reporter: giants tight end daniel fells hit hard by the mrsa infection. reporting he could potentially have his foot amputated. the 32-year-old now reportedly
4:25 pm
in intensive care since friday. first rushed to emergency october 2 after his temperature shot up to 104. doctors say the infection set in after a toe and ankle injury. mrsa is a dangerous staph bacteria resistant to most antibiotics, easily spread where people share equipment making locker rooms a prime breeding ground. fells has reportedly now had five surgeries and may need more to save his foot. doctors worry the mrsa will spread to his bones and possibly his blood. this morning the giants scrubbed the facility, including the locker and the training rooms. the giants saying, "this is a serious situation that has been taken seriously from the beginning. we are all pulling for and supporting daniel and his family." >> we dedicated the game to daniel fells and his family. thank god we were able to give him the game ball. reporter: fells telling abc news --" "i am very grateful from the incredible support i have received from family, friends,
4:26 pm
coaches, teammates and fans. this will not defeat me." alison: now according to a web m.d. article, the four hot spots for staph infections include athletic settings like locker room at the gym. military barracks. prisons. and schools. now surprisingly, day care centers historically have not been a breeding ground for potentially deadly inspection. jonathan: so scary. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we are getting ready for the first democratic presidential debate. how hillary clinton is trying to create momentum in the key early primary states. we'll have that for
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". jonathan: when you think about it, hillary clinton has been a household name for a quarter century. but her authenticity has been questioned in the campaign process. heading to the first democratic debate, clinton has been trying to december play a change -- display a change. national score spon doesn't shows us. reporter: the constant notion that hillary clinton is not presenting her true source to voters dogged her, her entire public career. political activists say she is undergoing another image change. >> i'm hillary clinton. great name. i'm val. >> sew is continuing to reveal different parts of her personality.
4:30 pm
frankly that keeps people intrigued and interested. >> then she was first laid -- since she was first lady, america has been fed a steady diet of strong, confident, hillary clinton, but she has had her share of adversity as well. >> what difference at this point does it make? reporter: then there is the e-mail scandal which experts believe hurt her trust factor. even the president of the united states laid in on the matter over the weekend. >> hi think it is -- i think it's a mistake she acknowledged. for the past three months all that is spoken about is an indication we're in a political season. reporter: the latest cbs poll shows clinton comfortably in the lead for the democratic domination. 19 points ahead of closest rival bernie sanders. >> i think hillary clinton has a chance to change her image. what i know more so is that she absolutely has to change her image. if she wants to get the nomination. >> i wish you could be president. >> me, too!
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[applause] >> as clinton prepares for the fist democratic debate -- first democratic debate the time for change may be running out. in washington, i'm christine reporting. >> we will have complete coverage of the democratic debate. donald trump still leads the republicanning presidential field. but dr. ben carson is close behind. the cbs news poll shows trump with 27% of the vote and carson six points behind with 21%. ted cruz took third place with 9% followed by florida start marco rubio at 8%. and jeb bush and carly fiorina tied in sixth place with 6%. alison: aerosmith front man steven tyler wants donald trump to stop using one of the band's hit song on the campaign trail.
4:32 pm
the g.o.p. front runner blasted aerosmith "dream on" at several campaign events in recent weeks and tyler's lawyers are threatening to sue donald trump. we put this on facebook and we have gotten good feedback -- jonathan: now you are like what is the next song? fleetwood mack, clinton. maybe the songs help. alison: this comes up all the time with the political candidates. from the political climate to our weather, really nice today. brian: but nothing severe. tonight a it will -- tomorrow, actually, a little different. it couldn't be much nicer
4:33 pm
outside. it's gorgeous at 72 degrees. a nice evening. temperatures in the upper 50's. 58 in downtown. as you make your way out tomorrow expect the clouds around. as you get started you could see the future cast. clouds start off early in the morning. through mid-day spotty showers that are possible here and there. it's nothing too widespread. but something we will watch for from time to time. widespread but a grayer day. low 70's tomorrow. alexandria is 77 tomorrow. heading to the southern maryland zone, mid-70's to indigo. not a bad day but not as sun filled as today.
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coming up in a bit we will talk about the long-term and the colder weather throughout the week. jonathan: the historic flooding event claimed 20 lives in both carolinas, most in south carolina. while the threat isn't over and the years of recovering remain ahead, virginia task force one task is complete. sam ford is in chantilly as the elite rescue squad will arrive there at any minute. sam in sam: actually, they are arriving now. the families are here. of course they are excited. there are the buses. they left here a week ago this morning. around 3:00 a.m. they are back here. the families are behind the tape waiting to get off. letting out the air before
4:35 pm
they open the doors. they have been through a number of places. the fair fax county fire and rescue squad been to haiti to help, a number of places. now they are coming back from south carolina. they are coming back from south carolina. i think we just lost our interviewees. the husbands drove up in the truck. they are excited as you can see. they are excited to be home. even though they are in the united states, there is no communication. hay have not talked to my phone or text or anything their loved ones for the past well, for the past week. they are happy to be back home. there is not as much tension
4:36 pm
in south carolina as kenya. we went over to kenya with the fair fax urban rescue squad. i understand from the wives before they leave they have to turn in the cell phones. so therefore there is no possibility of communication. so a lot of happy, happy times here. they were requested by fema to come down and help with the historic flood. it's one thing that the group is known for.
4:37 pm
they are out here to welcome folks at home. they made the county proud many times. made many of the families proud. so this is the situation. maybe we can go in and see if we can say hello to somebody. if i can scoot under this one. hello? firefighter, how are you? >> good. sam: how was south carolina? >> wet. but the conditions were rough for the people. we are sorry for what they have had to endure. the people have been wonderful and welcoming to us. sam: how does it feel to be home? >> home is where the heart is. we are cloud to be home and glad to be back with the family. sam: you had no communication since you left? >> correct. we do not allow communication. it prevents miscommunication. >> and thank you very much.
4:38 pm
a lot of folks are here. we'll be back with their stories at 6:00. that is it from here. back to you. alison: what a joyful scene. we have an update on the tragic accident on appalachian trail. police identified the fickett as 44-year-old alexei likhtman of the u.k. he was killed when he fell from annapolis rock. he was trying to take pictures jumping from rock to rock when he lost his balance and fell 35 feet. jonathan: still ahead for us at 4:00, stay classy. or find a will farrell themed bar. no kidding. alison: we'll tell you how a no kidding. alison: we'll tell you how a woman stopped a home invasion.
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jonathan: must-see video. did you happen to chasm george h.w. bush throwing out the first pitch yesterday? he had to be wheeled out to the mound. the president who is a use astros fan. as he continues to recover from a broken bone in his
4:42 pm
neck. emotional moment for everyone there. and the astros won so i imagine that he will be throwing out every pitch in the postseason from now on. alison: that is a sweet video. jonathan: it is. well, how about this story? alison: this is really something else. a home intruder in indianapolis picked the wrong house. he was stopped in his tracks by a woman trained in medieval combat. and armed with a samurai sword. what? well, karen woke up, found the intruder standing in the hallway and the 43-year-old did not hesitate. she jumped out of bed and immediately attacked. she punched the man in the face at least ten times. then she grabbed the large samurai sword and held the man there until the police arrived. police say the man was high on an unknown substance when he broke in. jonathan: he must have been thinking oh, my gosh, i broke in a ninja's home. alison: what are the chances, right? jonathan: not so good. how about this one? fans of will farrell should party at a bar paying homage
4:43 pm
to the actor. stay classy, new york. that is the manhattan bar. it's inspired by the tv and movie characters. i will host parties inspired by the filming including "anchorman" and "talladega nights" and says farrell has been a constant source of joy so why not? it's unclear if farrell knows about the bar but they have an open invitation. alison: he will show up there eventually. he has to. we know the search continues for the drug king penn "el chapo" guzman. but he may not be hard to find this halloween. there is a costume of the most wanted fugitives that is one of the hottest ones out there this halloween. it features the mustache owe mask, black and white prison uniform emblazoned with his name and prison i.d. number. mexico case company selling it
4:44 pm
between $18 and $35. it can be yours. jonathan: you knew it was coming. alison: boy. jonathan: get happendy with the tunnel making. alison: freaky looking. still ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a dramatic rescue caught on camera over the weekend. the unlikely fishing equipment used to pull the stranded swimmers to safety. that is coming up. kellye: i'm kellye lynn in manassas. i will tell you how the school system here is using technology to expand the free pay program. i have type 2 diabetes.
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jonathan: when it comes to education the earlier the learning begins the bet evidence. alison: absolutely. kellye lynn takes us to provide key kindergarteners to early learners who wouldn't overwise have it. kellye: i'm kellye lynn in manassas. i will tell you how the school system is using technology. that story is coming up. a pilot program underway to get kindergarten to the children who need it most.
4:48 pm
>> whether there is language challenges or teaching challenges. kellye: it utilizes parents, teachers and technology. >> they learn about comprehension and how to read, learning games. >> not only are we using the in-class face to face instructional time. we are utilizing a digital resource. kellye: a software program offering a curriculum in english and spanish to support the learners in the public school for whom english is a second language. >> i'm learning how to read. >> two days a week, this 4-year-old comes to school and on other days they rely on their parents to teach the rest of the lesson at home. >> they send a lot of work home as well for the kids to do coloring and writing. they have to be on top of it at home as well. >> what we did was try to think about different ways we could expand the program, utilize the space efficiently and also most importantly bring the parents in the fold. kellye: a three-way
4:49 pm
partnership to provide the first step to success in learning and the like. in manassas, kellye lynn, abc7 news. alison: well, now to incredible video from california. six people pulled from the waters under a pier in ventura county. a good sar mare tan jumped in -- samaritan jumped in. a rescue boat essentially arrived. two were rushed to the hospital. the conditions, though, are unknown as of right now. jonathan: that water is really cold. >> i bet. soccer star ally will have a sports complex named after her. alison: that's right. erin hawksworth is joining us with the story today. erin: a nice turn-out today. nearly 200 fans showed up to support her. she will have a sports complex built in her name. she is a hometown hero. graduate and was notably a member of the u.s. women's national soccer team that won the world cup this year in canada. the new sports complex will be
4:50 pm
built on a 30-acre property. it will include nine new fields which will be used for soccer, softball and little league. >> it's kind of emotional. everyone is supporting me. it's about me. i'm not normally like that. i sit in the background. this is an honor to be here. inspire the kids when i was their age to get to where i am. and to want to play at the highest level. to have someone to look up to as a role model. i want to be that for them. i want to be that person. >> it's hard not to love her. she deserves this honor. she is a great role model not just for the young girls but all athletes. >> no question. jonathan: fantastic. erin: well done for her. alison: thank you. all right. well, brian is here now. we should name something after you for the weather.
4:51 pm
you deserve it. >> get a foot of snow. >> we have change tomorrow. if you talk about the weekend, looking ahead to the weekend. we are talking about low 60's. it's not awful but it's below average. then another shot at cooler air to move in here by the back half of the weekend. so we have been experiencing the temperatures of late that are well above where they should be. the time of year they should be around the 70 degree mark. by saturday, look at the numbers. we are talk about 62 on saturday. it will be a cooler feel. by the time we get to sunday, 57.
4:52 pm
it is fall so it will start to feel like it. that is a look at the weather. not too shabby. look at the roads? robert altman? robert: not bad. we had an earlier accident northbound and college park. this is a holiday so it's not too bad. you can see the brake lights warming up. i can tell you when you get beyond the metro the speeds are increasing. six vehicles on the ramp. on the beltway, heavy traffic out of new hampshire avenue. over toward georgia avenue. that is linked to roadwork on the ramp area. in the belt bay moving to the stretch on route 4. slowing as you go in from 202. look at the sun glare. heavy traffic southbound d.c. 295 leaving route 50.
4:53 pm
intersection connecticut avenue. the suv and also a cyclist that were both taken to the hospital. that is the latest from the centreville. back to you. jonathan: thanks. anxious for facebook? if you think some are out there,
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
here at humana, we value sticking with things. when something works,
4:56 pm
people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. jonathan: facebook members are being scammed where you can download a malware to your computer. alison: this is easy to fall for. we show what to watch out for. john: a warning to everyone in d.c. who uses facebook. as much as you may dislike a facebook page or posting, don't download the dislike button yet. the news that facebook is developing a dislike button is
4:57 pm
drawing users to the site who can't wait to try it. >> i like the idea. >> i would love it. i dislike a lot of stuff on facebook. >> amanda says there is a need for some sort of empathy button. >> a lot of times you see something sad happened or my cat or grandmother died. they don't want to say like but they want to give support. >> hold on. most of us would love the opportunity to dislike something that we find on facebook that is driving us crazy. con artists are posting survey on social media saying if you take the survey you will get early access to the dislike button but we are told by clicking on the download link, there is malware on the computer. it's enough to make some decide it's confusing right now. >> i don't think i would like a dislike button.
4:58 pm
sounds good to me. >> facebook is not reveal manage details about the dislike or the empathy button but it won't be a download and it won't ask you to take a survey. don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. leon: tonight, a fatal car accident versus the overdoses. >> more than you could believe. >> new statistics reveal an epidemic. when a car flies off to a building it's typically the driver's mistake. but not this time. this involves a manhunt. and a remarkable history preserved. how a child's teddy bear saved lives in the holocaust. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> from hope to heartbreak tonight as a maryland family starts to come to grips with the fact that their father is dead. >> disappeared more than three weeks ago during a picnic in watkins regional park.
4:59 pm
kevin lewis is there live. we understand there could be charges in the case. >> that is what the family is hoping for. it believes somebody did not do their job when they took 80-year-old lubin phipps who had dementia to the wooded regional park. >> the proof is in the pudding. >> whatever was done was done ineffectively. >> last month they took phipps and the other residents to a picnic at the watkins regional park. the 80-year-old disappeared walking to a bathroom. police found his body yesterday. >> my father was a fun-loving person. >> phipps made a living at executive chef in st. thomas. he played the stam boar ryan at church -- tambourine at church and love to have had
5:00 pm
bet on horse races but dementia forced him to move closer to family. >> we trusted them with our father and we hoped they would keep him case and provide good care. it's obvious it didn't happen. >> phipps' family calling for a civil and a criminal investigation into not only the outdoor picnic but the way police led their search. >> those who were responsible for mr. phipps in taking care of him failed in their duty. and in the accounting and a reckoning will and must happen. >> about ten minutes ago, i spoke with the state attorney's office in prince george's county. i told me it had not opened an investigation yet. for the assisted living center, it's not talking tonight. live in upper marlboro, kevin lewis, abc7 news. >> getting back to breaking news right now from "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a police officer


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