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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 13, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," showdown in las vegas. >> the first democratic presidential debate of the campaign just hours away. will hillary clinton emerge as the clear front-runner? or will her challengers steal the show? and what about joe bide? air scares. two more airline emergencies including a smoke-filled cabin. how could a common device used by thehe crew cause a fire? >> and major league tension. chase utley of the dodgers booed last night by new york mets fans. the baseball drama over a controversial play. and special sisterho. two women orphaned decades ago discover the truth at work. how a simple test and perhaps fate brought them together. it's tuesday, october 13th. from abc news, this is
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"world news now." >> good morning on this tuesday. i'm ryan smith. >> so many stories and welcome back. >> i know. great to be here. great to be back. you know, big story with those orphan sisters. >> my gosh. how could you not know your sister was working in the same hospital. >> it's like fate brought them together. >> we're going to kick off the big night tonight. big, big night for democrats. who wants to be president? just hours away from squaring off for the first time those democrats. >> that's right. hillary clinton arrived on the eve of the democratic debate and promptly took a job at donald trump. she showed up unannounced at a labor rally outside his hotel to support his workers trying to unionize. but tonight clinton will be up against bernie sanders and the three lesser known candidates hoping for a breakout moment. and it's your voice, your vote. karen traverse. >> las vegas has been the side of legendary prize fights. it's rounds one for the democratic presidential contenders. front and center for the first debate, front-runner hillary clinton.
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to her right vermont senator bernie sander who keeps inching up in the polls. it's a high stakes showdown and an opportunity for her rivals to go after her head to head on the issues hurting her in the polls. president obama weighed in on the on going controversy over her personal e-mail server on 60 minutes." >> she made a mistake. she's acknowledged it. >> reporter: looming large over the democratic field is vice president joe biden. debate organizers still hoping joe biden surprises everyone and shows up. they even have a podium ready for him just in case. sources tell abc news the vp will announce his plans this week. biden spent the weekend in delaware with family but gave no hints of his plans to reporters. >> get out of my way, will you? >> reporter: the president had big praise for his number two. >> i think joe will go down as one of the finest vice presidents in history. he has done great work.
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>> reporter: the first two republican debates had record television ratings. the democrats are getting a much later start. that first republican debate was two months ago. but with only five candidates on stage, ryan and reena, there could be much more opportunity to break through. >> karen, thank you. in addition to hillary clinton on stage atlanta, there will be bernie sanders, marilyn's former governor martin o'malley, former senator jim web and rhode island's former governor lincoln chafee. >> the democratic face-off is not expected to be a ratings bonanza. donald trump is predicting people will tune in for a couple minutes and probably fall asleep. clinton and sanders plan to avoid personal attacks and the focus is on the issues. by contrast the republicans ripped into one another. attracting more than 20 million viewers for each debate. incredible. be sure to tune in tomorrow morning for post debate analysis. our deputy political director
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joins us on "world news now" with all the highlights. there have been two more emergencies aboard airliners and the latest a dealt at that time jet on its way to atlanta aborted takeoff in jamaica. sensors reported a fire in the cargo hold and peak and crew evacuated. no fire was found. there was a fire on board an alaska air flight from newark to seattle forcing an emergency landing in buffalo. the fire was in a credit card reader in the galley. alaska will replace those new devices which have a small lithium battery in them with an older version. both incidents followed by less than 24 hours and aborted takeoff in las vegas. and southwest airline operations appear back to normal now. a software problem delayed more than 00 flights sunday. about a fourth of southwest's flights. the airline says there's no indication of hacking but didn't provide meother details about the computer glitch. southwesterly was still rebo
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rebookireboo rebooking passengers and delivering bags yesterday. >> the texas man hob crashed this plane didn't have a pilot's license and didn't have permission. he stole the plane to impress his date and ran out of fuel and crashed near the louisiana border. neither of them were hurt. and a much more serious accident in new york city when a coca-cola truck ran off the road and hit a group of people. a woman was killed and six others injured. the victims had been waiting for a bus. eyewitnesss say the truck driver lost control when he was cut off by another vehicle. the state department is calling on iran to release an american reporter convicted of espionage espionage over the weekend. jason rezaian has been held for more than a year in iran. there's no word on his sentence. he faces up to 20 years in prison. the california native works for the "washington post." its executive editor is blasting the trial in tehran. >> this is an outrage. the whole process has been
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contemptable. >> the trial unfolded in secret with no evidence of wrongdoing. rezaian's family and lawyers are pushing for his release on bail. the american dentist who admitted killing cecil the lion is no longer way a wanted man in africa. a cabinet minister says the hunt hunt was legal. james walter palmer may return to the country as a tourist but not hunting. he was ostracized after the death and briefly went into hiding. things are getting back to normal in south carolina noing the deadly floods. a section of i-95 swamped by the historic flood awards reopened for the first time in eight days. the northbound lanes remain closed. many students returned to school. the governor is promising to rebuild but refused to speculate how much it will cost. and animal shelter volunteers are in north carolina are busy trying to find homes for 40 dogs rescued from south carolina's flood zone after
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owners could not be located. shelters here quickly became overcrowded after dozens of pets were rescues. some will be sent to agencies in the northeast for adoption. can't forget about those dogs. >> absolutely not. for the new york mets, scoring, that's the best revenge, right? the national league champs, national league east champs beat the los angeles dodgers 13-7. don't get mad at me l.a. game wasn't that close. the mets quickly ran out to a seven-run lead. new york lost a heartbreaker saturday night after chase utley slid into ruben tejada and broke his leg. new york fans were incensed. >> it was a tackle. it was illegal. it was sickening. >> i think you're taught from a young age to try to break up double plays. that's winning baseball. >> it's a big deal when the mayor is commenting on it. ously is a long time nemesis for the mets. during theent troductions before the game, the flushing faithful
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booed him more than any other player. he's appealing because of that slide. and he was eligible to play last night but did not. for more highlights, it's sports with reena. >> you are excited about this one. >> i'm so excited. >> i want a lot of confusing names. >> chicago cubs, they scored well hitting six homers against the st. louis cardinals. >> that's too easy. >> ace pitcher jake arrieta didn't have his best stuff last night. heech homer hit by different players. the 8-6 victory puts the cubs up two games to one in their national league series. there was a thrilling victory in monday night football. last second touch down give the steelers a win over the chargers in san diego. lee levan bell barely got the ball across the goal line. he had 21 carries for 111 yards. but this was the only one that
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mattered. >> you were so close. >> levan bell. that's a really tough one. >> are you sure? >> i'm sure. >> what did i say. >> lee van. i can't remember. you were so close. you get full credit. that was amazing. > what does his mama call him. >> what you did probably. >> could be. >> i don't think so. anyway, let me tell you about this. two seismic shakeups in college football all in the same day. in a coincidence, the schools share the same initials. usc. university of south carolina, steve spurrier has announced he's retiring effective immediately. a surprise for many. he won a national championship at florida and he won the heisman trophy in '6'6. he's leaving a team that struggled this season going 2-4 so far. an interim coach will be named today. at the university of southern california has fired steve sarkisian just halfway through
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his second season as head coach. sark was put on leave on sunday after showing up to practice while reportedly under the influence of alcohol. offensive coordinator will lead the team in its rivalry game this weekend against notre dame. >> so coincidental two copes at the same time. the bride wanted to keep things small. with a brief ceremony at sfe hall. the groom wanted a big lavish wedding. what did stephanie reinhard and mark do? they compromised and got hitched at the mile marker 8 of the chicago marathon. >> she got her short and sweet ceremony. he got 40,000 guests. the nuptials lasted less than four minutes. afterwards, they had 18 more miles to run. they toasted with gatorade and the reception was held at a steakhouse. >> as a guy how had to help pay for his wedding, 40,000 go guests for free is a great deal. >> do they bring gifts? >> that's probably a problem. yeah, i don't get the gifts.
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except i run the marathon. is that a gift. >> that is a gift. you'll be too wiped out to do anything. >> i'd also like a toaster. >> coming up, changing the entire vibe of "playboy" magazine. no more nudes. >> two close co-workers discover they're really sisters who separated decades ago. new details about a texas city councilman tasers outside his own home. what he has to say about the controversy. >> check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram. you're watching "world news now." i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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and this is how new orleans bid a final farewell to television cooking legend chef paul prudhomme. fellow clefs in their white uniforms acted as paul bearers for his funeral yesterday. he made his name of first executive american chef of commander's palace. he passed away last week after a brief illness. he was 735 years old. >> just a legend. that showing with aprons that's a sign of respect right there. a different sight captured on cell phone video in ventura county, california. video captured the dramatic rescue of six people near the pier in the port. an 11-year-old can girl is listed in critical condition. four others were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the controversy is deepening
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over that police confrontation caught outside of who houston, texas. >> we're now hearing for the first time from that local city councilman since he was tasers by police officers outside his own apartment building. elizabeth hur has the latest. >> put your hands up. he's going to have to tase you. you're not doing like you're supposed to. >> reporter: a taser take-down in texas raising questions. >> put your hands behind your back. put your hands lined your back. >> reporter: the incident caught on this is body cam began with city councilman jonathan miller asking officers why three of his friends were being questioned in his front yard. >> i'm not either. senator city council member. >> i know who he is. >> the vid vo showing tensions quickly escalating. > go over there before you go to jail. turn around. >> i'm not saying nothing. get your hands off me. >> reporter: before miller is tasered on his knees with his back to police. miller later spoke to houston
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station khou after he was charged and released from jail. >> it went from me asking questions to me basically being put face down on ground. i'm curious to have the conversation with the officers. >> police insisting this was a clear case of resisting arrest. >> we want to make sure we do a complete investigation to make sure that everything is looked at. >> reporter: the police chief also revealing the female officer seen in this video was at the scene during the traffic stop and controversial arrest of sandra bland over the summer. who authorities later found dead hanging in her jail cell. meanwhile, miller was charged with resisting arrest and interfering with public duties. the officers involved are still on the job and the case now under investigation. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> what surprises me about this, there is no statewide policy forcepsable use i've tun gun in texas. each police department sort of figures it out on their own.
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i wonder if that will change now with that video because you have to have rules and requirements around these things. you can't have situations loo i can ha happening if they're not proper on state laws into i'm surprised there isn't some sort of guidelines as to when you use a stun gun. >> perhaps they're still trying to figure it out. again that's why you have laws and ruse and guidelines for officers so you can take the guesswork out of their hands and make them adhere to what they should be doing. an at the same time, the video itself just shocking. >> fascinating. coming up, an almost unbelievable confluence of events. >> that's right. a reunion of these two sisters serated by 40 years. just wait till you hear what brought them together. ahead in our next half hour, kids racking up big charges 0 their parents' cell phone bills. how are they doing it? here's a hint. there's an app for that. you're watching "world news now." >> i have twins.
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"world news now"
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♪ that's our miracle music. it's being called a miracle reunion. two sister born in south korea orphaned and separated as children. they last saw each other in the 70s. >> fast forward to today. an amazing story brought them together. here now is abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: it was the most unlikely of reunions. >> and i asked holly what her last name was in korea. and she said chin. and i said, oh, my gosh, that is my last name too. >> reporter: earlier this year, holly o'brien and megan hughes started working at the same florida hospital and found they had a lot in common. >> when i found out more about her being orphanaged, i said, we need to do a dna test. >> reporter: both women had lived in orphanages in south korea.
3:21 am
and both were adopted by american families and then 40 years later -- >> i cannot believe i finally found my sister. i never gave up on her. i just cried and cried -- sorry. >> reporter: typically it's just the patients who come to doctors hospital in sarasota hoping to be healed. but in this case, it was the staff. >> you gave me that closure that i've been looking for that too for all those years. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> linsey davis, abc news, new york. and how wild is this, it ended up they were working the same job on the same shift on the same floor. >> crazy, crazy. you know, they're both adopted by american families back empty '70s and raised hundreds of miles apart. what's incredible here is they became friends like say and started discovering all these things that were similar. they got a dna test and that confirmed they were sisters. beautiful story. >> maybe my favorite story of the month. >> it is. it's great. >> more news coming up.
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to unleash max strength medicine. let's end this. ♪ oh, yeah. >> time for a sexy mix. this is really sexy music. this is all the network will allow us to use. big news breaking overnight. we're learning from "the new york times" apparently "playboy" magazine doing away with the nudies. >> oh. yes. >> can you just generations, right? there's marilyn monroe, this 1953 cover back in the day in december, she was on the cover of "playboy" magazine. apparently they're not going to have naked women anymore. they've been struggling to keep up with circulation and if you can believe it, back in their heyday, 1975, they were 5.6 million people who purchased playboys. now the circulation about 800,000. >> that's when people read. >> you make a good point.
3:26 am
playboy has been known for having great writers and interviews. miles davis to martin luther king, even steve jobs. >> so it's going to be articles and things? >> it's going to be. >> that sounds flippant of me. those articles are wonderful and informative. that's why i've always, when i've heard that people look at playboy, that's the kind of stuff they tend to look at. >> the hard hitting articles. >> yes. >> yeah. moving on, here's something about nasa. okay. take a look at this video actually. so we can get your mind off playboy for a second. this is scott kelly. he's putting food coloring into pieces of effervescent tablet. look at that. also into a floating ball of water. that's food coloring and pieces of that tablet into a floating ball of water. >> pretty cool. >> he touches it. that gives you a view of life in space. >> wow. >> and that's 4,000 k video. look at that. >> that's impressive. looks like a sphere.
3:27 am
have you seen "the martian"? >> i have not yet. >> i just saw it today. it's all that kind of cool stuff. that's what life would be like if we lived on mars which i heard is coming up in a couple weeks. >> you know what else is coming up, they're starting a new bar based on will ferrell right here in new york city as though they need a new bar. apparently this is supposed to be a really good bar. keep it classy. ta classy, new york. that's the name of the bar. there's special cocktail drinks and menu based on his movies. you're my blue boy. >> you're my boy, blue. >> i screwed that one up. >> and smelly pirate hooker. >> love these lines. oh, m gosh. did i ever tell you about the time i went to the gym and he was standing right next to me on a treadmill just looking at
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this morning on "world news now," airline anxiety. two separate emergencies giving passengers a scare. one of them a fire inside a jet with an unusual cause. las vegas showdown. hillary clinton's surprise labor rally stop just before tonight's debate targeting not her democratic challengers but donald trump. >> and new this half hour, proof that you can see just about anything on the internet. >> including a young woman driving drunk. the live web stream, the scary moments and how viewers helped police. and later, drama on stage. last night on dancing with the stars from one contestant's injury to paula deen showing off a little more than usual. it's in "the skinny" on had tuesday, october 13th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> okay. >> i think i just got traumatized by paula deen.


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