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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  October 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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been shut down. now the traffic one lane moving smoothly there. the latest is that they have not yet isolated this break. they have to do that in order to shut it down. crews are trying to find that location. in order to do so, they have to turn some valves. they have turned a few already. they have not been successful. we talked to some of the people who work around here and live around here. one of whom is the communication director at the boy scouts of america. and they got a chance early. >> i came to look and my first thought was i wish i had a kayak. wince then it has been watch -- since then it's been watching as we are cleaning up the street to get the traffic moving again. >> we have to get a good shutdown to isolate the site of the break and excavate into the road and see what type of break it is.
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and what type of repair it's going to require. kellye: so the spokesperson says that fixing this could take four to six hours. however we did speak to one of the workers out here who said it could go into tomorrow morning. reporting live in bethesda, kellye lynn, abc7 news. alison: what a mess out there. leon: i'm telling you. alison: all right. well, a public outcry tonight over a video showing a metropolitan police officer forcefully handcuffing a teenager. leon: outing to the outrage here the teenager was never even charged with a crime. stephen tschida has been searching for answers for us tonight. what have you learned? stephen: this is where the video was shot yesterday. this is where demonstrators halted traffic today. they say they are denouncing racism and police brutality. but a representative of the officer says this is an example of good police work. the video on twitter shows a
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young man on the ground as police cuff him, he screams repeatedly. the shrieks sparkled a protest today. [chanting] stephen: several people marched down pennsylvania avenue when they reached sixth and penn, they halted traffic to denounce police brutality. the demonstrators say the young man in the video is a good kid but the one person we found who said she knows him refused to talk to us. meanwhile, the protesters say the video speaks loud and clear. >> it look lake he was taken down brutally. i don't know that that excessive force is needed. >> the end of the incident, the incident took place over a significant distance. stephen: police received a call about young men acting suspiciously. they went to check it out and they found a young man who fit the description but when they tried to talk to them he took off and led them on a foot chase, darting in and out of traffic.
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>> those officers did what they were supposed to do. i believe this protest is much ado about nothing. stephen: after police questioned the young man they said they let him go and say despite his screams when asked if he needed medical attention he declined and simply left. stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. a video going viral in baltimore grabbed that police department's attention. [[bleep] [bleep] alison: this video appeared on twitter last night ago it shows the officers arresting a man. just a few second after the video begins you see an officer bend and appear to spit. baltimore police say they are aware of the video and they have launched an internal investigation. this comes as the six officers accused in the arrest and the death of freddie gray returned to court. why what the officers told investigators is now a point
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of lethal dispute. that is coming up at 5:30. so after a gray start to the day, things quickly became sunny, warm and really beautiful outside. but the warm days may be going away. chief meteorologist doug hill with a first look. doug: it is warmer than average in the mid-to-upper 70's around the area. 75 in laurel. the same outside the belfort furniture weather center in arlington. it's beautiful skies as we look live in laurel, maland. this is a little westerly wind. a cold front is coming through. but there is not a lot of cold air with the front in particular. there are showers and heavy downpours in davidsonville to annapolis and the south end of the baltimore metro area moving across the bay. the isolated showers with the front. the front coming across the mountains now. east of the front, look at the warm air. 70's around the area. 76 inform the capital. and 77 at midshore easton. 79 in manassas. for the evening hours, still a
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few showers. once the front comes through it will be partly cloudy, breezy and cooler. 56 overnight. for the day tomorrow, partly cloudy, breezy, upper 60's. much cooler weather for the weekend. we will highlight that in the full forecast in a couple of minutes. leon: all right. you got it, doug. a couple is recovering tonight after a townhouse fire in reston started in the living room of the town home on purple sage court after 6:30 in the morning. investigators say it spread to the bedroom where the couple was sleeping. a neighborhood capture video of this as the firefighters tried to rescue them. >> pulled them down off of the second floor, the second story window. then they brought a female out. and brought her, they both seemed to be limp. leon: the couple did suffer smoke inhalation and were flown to washington burn unit. the woman is awake and talking to investigators now we're told. they are in stable condition. the birds were rescued but the
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two dogs and cats did not make it. alison: we are hearing from the ex-girlfriend of accused serial killer charles severance. she took the stand today as the prosecutors make their case in the murder of three people in alexandria. northern bureau chief jeff goldberg stepped out of the courtroom and he has the latest. hi, jeff. jeff: in the past 20 minutes we heard from a detective from the alexandria police department. ten to 20 local federal officers went to the home of charles severance's ex-girlfriend in ashburton. they did not find charles severance but they found ammunition similar to what was used in the murder. they hope it's more circumstantial evidence that jurors will see as guilty. "road tolinda robra testified wn they lived together in 2011, severance would voice a hatred
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of those elite and in the system. she said people should be shot and murdered. in 2012, robra said severance encouraged her to buy revolves like this one, similar to those used in the murder of dunning, kirby and lodato. weeks after the lodato murder, detectives came to robra's home looking to talk to severance. the day after he went seeking asylum at the russian embassy in d.c. and told robra he wanted to leave town and go camping. soon after severance left, robra said she realized the revolvers and the ammo was gone testifying he was the only person who knew where they were stored. testify also from teresa mooney who met severance in ohio through couch-sharing website. she said talking about losing child custody dispute severance became another person and his eyes went wild he was so angry. police chief earl cook also took the stand. when the defense attorney megan thomas suggested cook
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had strong interest to connect the three murders cook responded firmly, "that is not fair to say." with each of the witnesses you really see the defense attorneys trying to poke holes not only in the accounts of what the witnesses are saying about the past but also to really try and raise doubts to whether or not what the witnesses are saying actually proves that charles severance is guilty. the trial resumes in the morning. live in fairfax, jeff goldberg, news snooze. alison: a manhunt is underway for the driver of a pickup truck who ran over a pedestrian and never stopped. police say the fatal hit-and-run happened 6:30 this morning on sergeant road and northeast washington. it was not far from the maryland border. mike carter-conneen live from scene with what he has learned today. mike? mike: neighbors say it was an elderly man who walked with a cane and left the neighborhood early. sadly the police tell us he
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was struck twice at the intersection by two different cars. d.c. north michigan park neighborhood in disbelief. a resident this morning was the victim of a hit-and-run here. >> i don't see how someone could hit someone and leave them in the street like that. didn't stop to help them out. >> very, very. >> police say it happened before dawn. the man was first struck by a pickup truck and the driver took off. left injured in the street, the man was struck again by a second car. that driver alerted police and stayed on scene. the driver was presumed dead. >> i looked up the guys were wrapped up. >> there are stop signs and speed humps at the end of the block but they want spotlight, speed camera, anything to make the crossing safer. >> this is a lot of cars. this is a fur fair. they are going downtown on daily basis.
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>> in the afternoon a neighbor left a teddy bear near where the man died and hope the drivers see it and slow down. >> it's very important. >> that suspect vehicle the pickup truck with the d.c. tags was last seen going eastbound toward eastern avenue. it's described as black, mid-size with two doors, possibly a foreign model with the tinted windows and an open bed. reporting live, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a new clue in the search for chip. what it shows about a k-9 officer search for the partner that was taken away by his own department. alison: plus, two firefighters killed on the job. while their chief says they did not die in vain. leon: d.c. makes another dig can't change in how you pay for parking. we help you sort through the confusion. we show you how soon it could change and make circling the
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block looking for space unnecessary. scott: a high stake affair in las vegas. not talking about the casino. we are hours away fro
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alison: take a look at the picture from the national breast cancer coalition. people with stage four breast cancer staged a die-in on the west lawn of the capitol. it's organized by a group that says 1,400 people worldwide die each day from advanced breast cancer. the protesters want additional funding invested in research to help prolong lives of those living with breast cancer. leon: we are three hours and 15 minutes away from the much anticipated first primary debate for the democrats to be president. for the fringe candidates it could be the only shot to chip in to hillary clinton's and bernie sanders' dominance on the polls. scott thuman has a look ahead tonight. scott: you talk about the three other candidates that
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are often left off of the name recognition. they are showing a big marquee with photos of bernie sanders and hillary clinton and there is a mention of the name of lincoln chafee, martin o'malley and jim webb. they have ground to make up. they hope to do this. this is the first opportunity. there are people on the left who are complaining there aren't enough debates. they have been jockeying for position. this should be an interesting affair. leon: we know this is all about the democrats in las vegas. we are hearing rumblings from donald trump today as well. he is still finding a way to peek his nose under the tent? what is going on? scott: it's so interesting because you can never truly escape the spotlight that donald trump is standing within because it's a bright one. across the street from us we showed you at the trump international hotel is next to us. this is showing everyone he is
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still a presence. but they are referring to another trump announcement. he will be hosting "saturday night live" november 8, i believe. or the 7th. once again, even on a day when the democrats are supposed to have their headlines. he is taking it at least to some degree by announcing he will get out there again and grab great tv time. that is the challenge. someone like donald trump and the g.o.p. front-runners and the democratic side fighting for attention. leon: it will be interesting to see what the ratings look like. see what the democrats are able to pull off tonight. thanks, scott. it will be interesting -- >> go ahead. go ahead. scott: i was going to say when it comes to the ratings a lot of people want to see the clash. that is why they tune in. this debate in theory is more substance on the policy. more polite and civil. it will be interesting to see if that is the case if people
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will tune in and watch. leon: nobody wants boring. we will check back with you later on. we will check in again at 6:00 tonight. alison: so does it mean that "saturday night live" has to extend the invitation to all the candidates? leon: good question. alison: probably not. leon: i don't know. we'll see. alison: that would be cumbersome. leon: but they host the show on nbc. wouldn't they get him in someone some way. alison: all right. so weather wise, just a nice stretch. but sounds like the cool temperatures are moving in. doug: we are in the mid-to-the upper 70's. it will be cooler but not bad. over the weekend it is going to get chilly here. they could present opportunity for first frost. that time of year. this is a live image from the
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weather bug camera. you see the light, if they ask this on the final "jeopardy" when you see the shaft of light. they are crespucular ray of sunlight. that could be the difference. you could win it all. just remember that cuspucular ray of sunlight. that is beautiful light illuminated behind the clouds. with the rain we have that on the other side of the national harbor. heavy downpour in clinton and upper marlboro. the computer models predict it would happen. no lightning and thunder. ahead of the cold front, they will come and go. temporary. we have seen it cross from the mountains. 70 in hagerstown. that is how we have the showers and the isolated
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thunderstorms and winds will change to west and the northwest tonight. this air mass comes in. the highs are upper 60's to near 70. the same deal on thursday. a sizable cold front and really more dramatic cold front will come through the day on friday. not because we have tons of rain but it represents lean edge of a colder air mass to move in for the weekend. this area of heavier downpours southeast of the city. it will move through and clearing skies tonight. the overnight forecast for the area after 11:00. rain should be over. 56 degrees tomorrow. mid-60's.
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the western viewing area could be high of 67. southern maryland part of the area on the western side through fredericksburg. close to 70. pleasant i. high of 69 tomorrow. the same pattern on shore thursday. friday is the same. friday we will get showers and a cold front. systemly colder. not cold like january or february cold. highs in the mid-to-upper 50's over the weekend. wake-up temperatures sunday, monday morning. 30's. there is a chance we could see the scattered fost for the
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first time this season in areas well outside the metro area. it looks nice with no major storms forecast. isolated somehowers and sprinkles of showers with the cold front on friday. good stuff. alison: nice fall weather. >> love it. leon: thank you. alison: well, the officers accused in freddie gray death back in court today. leon: still ahead -- why they are challenging their own words. what a judge has to say. >> a new way to pay for parking in d.c. what key piece of information you need to have before you head to the
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leon: there is confusion brewing over the latest effort to simplify paying to park. >> the new technology aims to make things easier but for those dealing with technology is i not a simple. brianne carter live in northwest washington to explain. hi. leon: have you figured this out? brianne: abolutely. let me explain it for you. usually we would get out of the car and do what? look for one of these. a packing kiosk. in one section of the city make sure to look here first for the specific parking space number. a new way to pay. >> you walk up to the meter. make sure that you know the space nber. alison: to park your car in d.c.
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brianne: the department of transportation launch new pay-by-space. along several streets you will see the numbered parking spaces. pay with a credit card or coin. and go on your way. >> previously if you will remember, people have to, have togo to a meter. they will walk back to the car and heard back from the customers. we transition to a new system. >> brian: habib was one of the first drivers to use the system this morning. >> i think it's easy. brianne: they hope it will improve the experience and the congestion in the neighborhoods as well. as part of a pilot program to make it less congested they
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say soon, they will be able to monitor the spaces to have an at-base system in real-time you can see where there are available parking spaces. speaking of the app if you use park mobile currently to park here in the city you can still usehat app as well. reporting live, brianne carter. alison: samuel chase elementary school will be closed tomorrow and thursday because of a small fire there today. students are told to report to crossland high school both days. there is no a.m. or p.m. prekindergarten. prince george's county say a fan caught fire at the schol overnight. leon: a prisoner in her own home. that is how she described her life. how "7 on your side" found a wow to give her back freedom alison: a k-9 officer search for his missing partner. the new piece of paprwork that may be a clue to what happened to chip.
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leon: first the officers accused in freddie gray's death fight their own statement. why they want them thrown out and what a judge has to say about
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>> announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: statements baltimore police officers made following the arrest and death of freddie gray will be admissible in court. attorneys for the officers fought all day to grit the statements thrown out.
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joy is live with the reason. joy: things have quieted down here at cohouse east. in the hours of arguments by the defense at times it did get heated. for why they were arguing, the defense to have the statements thrown out. they cited the miranda rights and the law enforcement bill of rights in maryland. at the end of the day what the judge decided was that fficer porter, as well as sergeant alicia white were well aware of the statements they were given and that the statements were being given voluntarily. porter and white arrived here along with the other four officers this morning. all six have been charged in the freddie gray case. this is the first time all six officers have been together for one of the pretrial hearings. while in court, the
5:31 pm
prosecutors did show part of the officers' reported statements in an effort to prove their point that the statements again are admissible in court. >> it got very emotional. ultimately judge williams yelled at all the attorneys to be quiet. the fact that the state wants them admitted to evidence would allow people to conclude certainly that the statements will be beneficial to use against sergeant white. joy: th is the case in sargent alicia white's statement. as far as officer porter, his statement is key to this case. he is the only officer who allegedly said that freddie gray did ask for medical help. so this is a big win for the state. there were proceedings scheduled tomorrow. the judge caceled those. he has put in effect a gag
5:32 pm
order. reporting live, back to you. leon: thank you. a top story, cell phone video shows officers forcibly handcuffed a teenager. while he was handcuffed, the teen was not arrested. they briefly detained the person shooting the video for police interference. alison: drivers are urged to avoid rockville pipe in bethesda because of a water main break. we have a picture to show northbound traffic is open. one more lane is open at cedar lane road. crews prepare the 16-inch pipe. leon: the search is on for the driver who hit an elderly man and keptal going around 6:30 this morning at sergeant road. the victim died at the hospital.
5:33 pm
they are now looking for a black pickup truck. alison: an investigation is underway in kansas city, missouri, as two firefighters were killed. four firefighters were inside and clearing a heavily damaged building when a wall came crashing down on top of them. it happened moments after they rescued two people trapped inside. the firefighters were rushed to the hospital where two of them were pronounced dead. >> two mayday calls were received in the area indicating the firefighters in urgent distress. 17-year veteran operator larry j. leggio of truck two. 13-year veteran firefighter john mesh. alison: the other two firefighters were treated for non-life threatening injuries. the cause of the fire remains under investigation.
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leon: dutch investigators have concluded a russian-made missile brought down malaysia airlines flight 17 over ukraine last year. the crash killed all 298 people on board. investigators say it appears that the buk missile detonated near the cockpit and the blast kill it would fire crew in large portions. the investigators cannot say if the russian mill their or the ukrainian separatist backed by moss coal were responsible for firing the missile. just ahead at 5:00 -- >> i don't know what else to say. leon: the road project that had the woman feeling like a prisoner in her own home. why she said she feared the rain and how "7 on your side" is able to help her. alison: new clue in a k-9 officer search for his missing partner. leon: still ahead on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- prince george's county to plan and who the county leaders are turning to fo
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doug: gearing up for big changes in the upcoming weekend. not one but two cold fronts on the way. the first comes in the day on friday. it will bring a blast of chilly air. and another cold front moving in the day on saturday. it will move through and wake up early sunday morning to see patchy frost. especially west of d.c. look at the overnight or the daytime highs only in the upper 50's. a good deal of sunshine. a cool afternoon. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" conti
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alison: a widow frustrate and defeated after a long battle with anne arundel county reached out to "7 on your side." for three and a half years, whenever it rained her property would flood because the storm drain and her backyard was clogged. the county would not fix it. that is until "7 on your side" chris papst got on her side. chris: marilyn mitchell moved in this maryland city house in 1964. for the next 48 years, it was a great home. starting in early 2012,
5:39 pm
something changed. >> i have to go away if it's raining. a prisoner in my house. chris: that year roadwork was done near her house. afterwards when it rained the storm drain in her backyard backed off. flooding the property. >> it's mainly there basement. chris: mitchell's son created a draining system and used a shop vac and dehumidifier to battle the moisture but he can't keep up. >> this is my mom. she is an elderly woman doing physical activity she shouldn't have to be doing. reporter: for four years, mitchell begged anne arundel county for help with no luck. >> it's frustrating. it's hard. i don't know what else to say. chris: why do you cry? >> it's upsetting and nobody wants to do anything. chris: property records from the early 1960's show the easement is for gas, electric
5:40 pm
and not for drainage so the county said the storm drain was never approved and not his problem. but the day after "7 on your side" requested an interview the county, the mitchells received an e-mail. the following monday the city began to find the problem. >> it has taken three years for them to get something done. chris: now they're here. >> now they're here. chris: it turns out in 2012, routine county drainage maintenance blocked the storm drainpipe. but the county said they had no record the pipe was there. >> the pace they are moving is amazing. chris: two weeks after "7 on your side" took up the mitchell's cause, work began on a new storm drain. ending 3-1/2 frustrating and difficult years. >> you don't have to cry anymore. >> no. i'm sorry happy. delighted that you answered.
5:41 pm
"7 on your side" has been wonderful. thank you. chris: the mitchells got a new driveway courtesy of anne arundel county. the old one had been damaged by years of flooding. as far as the storm drain is, the department of county works the county maintains it has no idea how it got there. the county also declined an interview for this story. alison: so good to see a positive ending for her. after all the years of trying. chris: after three and a half years of trying. i still keep in contact with the mitchellals and they are just relieved they no longer have the problem. alison: thank you. leon: way to go, chris. still ahead at 5:00, a woman forced to delay her husband's funeral because she was evicted. that despite the fact she did nothing wrong. >> professional videographer. you can see me on video. i almost [bleep] -- [yelling ] >> you're insulting. leon: plus, what prompted this profanity lace road rage
5:42 pm
incident in area caught on video.
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leon: people are urging the montgomery police department to say what they did with a police dog, chip. >> i am absolutely devastated with how it's gone. reporter: officer gill has continued his quest to locate his k-9 partner chip. this sumer the montgomery county police forced the dog into early retirement, citing a bite in training. the department will not say where it sent the police dog. >> i don't know where the county is getting off saying that i went behind their back. reporter: to date, 9,500 people liked the k-9 chip facebook page. additional 220,000 have signed an online petition. while others put their photoshopping prowess to use.
5:46 pm
#bringchiphome. >> it's mind boggling to have people responding. reporter: last night the conflict resolution center gave chief tom major the peace-maker of the year award and the k9 chip supporters protested thattal calling for answers -- protested that and called for answers. >> how he can go across the state to receive that award i don't know how he got on the stage. >> i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: montgomery county police dededededededededededededededede the officers with a five-page memo to explain why chip was taken out of service and not adoptable. the rescue organization that took chip in requested their name not be released and court will have to decide whether the public deserves to know chip's whereabouts. alison: well, an incident of road rage in sterling has gone viral online. >> what are you a professional
5:47 pm
videographer? >> you can see me on video. >> you're assaulting your kid. >> a camera captured the driver on a jeep go on a profanity laced tirade against a teenager. the driver says he had to swerve to avoid the teen. the motorcyclists stopped to try to calm things down. police did not make arrests. no charges were filed. but that helmet cam video has been viewed 150,000 times on youtube. leon: it's over the top. i listened to it a couple of times. crazy stuff. so is this. let's check on the road situation. robert altman? robert: this is a mess. start with the bethesda area north and southbound. southbound remains shut down. i will show you that closure point in a second. northbound is the far right lane getting by.
5:48 pm
to thin the traffic out. you can see the highway administration blocking off the roadway. northbound out of bethesda is one big mess. you can use western avenue or 410 or go to the area of bradley boulevard but it will be ultimately very, very slow. southbound 950 if other bad area. an earlier accident shut down 95 from fredericksburg but everything is reopened. that's the latest. back to you. leon: you got it. thanks, robert. alison: check in with doug to see if the weather will change dramatically coming up. doug: the temperature goes through a dramatic change at the end of the weekend but not before then. the skies will make a dramatic change. 73 in bethesda. through the day it's changing the skies through the area.
5:49 pm
clouds now and still showers in the area as well. we have been tracking the showers and the downpours and even thunderstorms moving across the portion of the prince george's county. now across the extreme northern county to anne arundel county. more scattered back south and west to the potomac river. this is developing ahead of a cold front. over fairfax county. we will keep an eye on this. the satellite and the radar shows this popping. later tonight the front will clear the area. after that skies will clear. and it will turn cooler. earlier, a half hour and 45 minutes ago when the thunderstorms moving across prince george's county, we picked up an area of hail. this to area to 1223, wood-yard road on the east side and route 4 on the top, we see indication that that hail may have fallen. it's in the mid-70's now but it will change through the
5:50 pm
evening. tonight we will get to 56. tomorrow and thursday, upper 60's with the sunshine. then a big cold front that is coming to town on friday. not so much in the way of the showers but a change in the air temperature saturday and sunday. only in 50's. by the time we get to sunday or monday morning upper 30's in the areas and maybe spots for the first frost of the season on sunday and monday morning. that is the latest. back to you. alison: thank you. leon: we'll be right back. erin will be here and do sports. we have to find out whether obi will play tonight. alison: is she ready? erin is standing by. hi, how is it going out there? erin: i am ready. you know the big news is that the ovechkin did this morning's skate due to personal reasons. i haven't seen him walking around the building. he is a game time decision. i doesn't mean that he is not
5:51 pm
necessarily here. they opened on saturday with a win to new jersey. they will host the san jose sharks tonight. this one is interesting because the fan favorite joel ward is with the sharks now. even loves him. i had a chance to speak with him earlier about the game. >> all right. so you opened up the season with a win at home. how important is it to have a strong start like that? >> right away you want to start the home ice dominance. in this league you have to win at home. points on the road are tough. you have to take care of it at home. another good team coming in tonight and we want to continue. erin: speaking of the team coming in tonight, joel ward, it's his homecoming. what kind of a reception will he get? >> i think he will get a warm one from the bench. joel is a good guy. great teammate and a great player. really good friend for all the guys. we miss the big guy around here. happy for him. with the contract he got.
5:52 pm
in his life, happy for him. but there will be no friends on the ice but say high to him afterwards. erin: what do you expect the atmosphere to be like here tonight at the verizon with everyone rocking the red? >> it should be the same as game one. i think we have a good team. we have always played in front of the loyal and the rapid fans. i think it should be sea of red again. very good team we don't see much coming from the west. may very well in front of the fans. continue home ice dominance. erin: the fans will start trickling in any moment. the players start warmups at 6:20. so coming up in sports we should know if the ovechkin will be playing tonight. leon: a big question. thanks. alison: thank you. coming up next on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- >> police officers are making sure that even who is supposed to be out of a closed building sure that even who is supposed to be out of a closed building today is out.
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maureen: people forced from their homes in southeast washington by no fault of their own. allison: abc7 brought you the story of people forced out because the land lord did not keep the building up to code. today the residents left but not willingly. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live with more. sam: there were 12 thatlies in the build -- families in the building. now they're gone. including a woman who knows she lost this home but does not know when she will find another. >> i'm low-income. that is what is a big problem. sam: for 61-year-old janice dunbar, times could hardly be worse. she is among families forced out of 3913 knox place by the city and tomorrow she is
5:57 pm
burying her husband of 43 years, otis dunbar. >> tomorrow. i had to postpone it. because i had to get this stuff done. sam: for 12 families left in the 30-unit building the conditions have been bad for a while. the city cites 287 code violations. but with rent around $600 a month, it's one of the few places these working poor people could afford. >> some of them said man, i'd just go ahead and stay here. why can't you just fix the building up? zach we ran into the -- sam: we ran into the owner and he said is we're trespassing. >> this is private property. sam: we want to ask about people put out here. >> ask them. sam: i understand you're the owner. nothing more. the movers are busy and the city is putting the stuff in storage to give them two weeks to free hotel. >> give them 14 days in a hotel. >> you don't have a place? >> noers.
5:58 pm
>> upset, angry. sam: so lots of question, unease as many look to the future without answers. janice dunbar looks at tomorrow. and her husband's funeral. d.c. housing issued a statement that worries some. it says it will interview the displaced and will help those qualified. does it mean tenants who have a criminal record? the concern is that some of the people who were forced to leave here today may get no help at all. reporting from southeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. alison: all right, keep us posted on the story. that is all for us at 5:00. right now, though, at "abc7 news at 6:00". we have been watching this for hours in bethesda. a major water main break affecting the ride home. we'll have an update on the repairs coming up next. we're just a couple of hours away from the start of the first democratic presidential debate. where hillary clinton stands in the latest polls. and who has the most to gain
5:59 pm
tonight? plus in maryland, all eyes on prince george's county. the action on sick leave that could have a ripple effect across the free state. plus, new parking technology in d.c. means more options. and ways to pay for that parking. is that making everything easier? or just more confusing? announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. leon: drivers are urged to avoid rockville pike in bethesda because of a major water main break. big traffic mess at one of the busiest corridors in the area. maureen: this is near n.i.h. and the walter reed facility. we have seen water pouring in the street for hours. kellye lynn is live in bethesda with an update. kellye? kellye: thank you, maureen. yes. the water continues to flow at this location. rockville pike and cedar lane. as you can see southbound rockville pike, one lane of it has reopened as well as north
6:00 pm
bound rockville pike. there is a guy on a bike going through the water. we saw another man, he had his baby behind him trying to navigate his way through the water. the call came in at 1:04. a 16-inch broken main. crews are determining the exact location of the water main break. they are turning valves to do that. it is unclear at this point how many people are affected or what caused this. however, the spokesperson said the old pipes could be to blame. boy scouts of america is also located here. the employees there were able to leave early because of what is happening. they said their water has not been affected. no word on how long it will take to have this broken main repaired. the w.s.s.e. spokesperson said it could take four to six hours. however a worker told us he expects for the work to continue into tomorrow morning. reporting li


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