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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  October 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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toilet. >> that is creepy. really scary. stephen: a woman and her daughter were in the stall in poe toe mall mills -- potomac mills. she heard a flash and saw a mirror. a man exited the neighboring stall. they struggled and he ran off. >> i hope someone catches him. he is disgusting. stephen: in may, a 53-year-old woman told police a man dressed in a woman stood outside her stall and used a mir are to observe her -- mirror to observe her. these are surveillance shot of the suspect. hispanic male dressed as a woman. tonight regular shoppers a in the store hope he is caught soon. >> they have to make sure that they have to go through security. like in the restroom. we may never know nowadays. stephen: sunday after the struggle in women's room, the suspect was last seen running through the parking lot. reporting live, stephen
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tschida, abc7 news. leon: thank you. staying in northern virginia now. two armed robberies in a matter of minutes in alexandria. police are trying to determine if they are connected in any way. the first one happen around 11:00 at a phone store in alexandria. the second was a gas station on patrick street. in both instances two men, one armed with a handgun held up a store clerk. no one was hurt. the police have not released surveillance video. alison: jurors got a dark look in the mind and the history of accused serial killer charles severance. today the mother of severance's son testified about the moment that she feared for her life. new at 5:00, abc7 northern virginia chief jeff goldberg revealed the new details that came out in court. jeff: the prosecution shifting to focus in the investigation of the murder of ron kirby. in the last 30 minutes or so
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we heard from the medical examiner who performed the autopsy saying that she discovered three bullets and that ron kirby died of two gunshot wounds to the chest. also saying that the shooter fired from a distance of more than two to three feet. although she could not give an exact distance. this morning we heard from the woman who had a child with charles severance. during her testimony, severance looked straight ahead. not at her the entire time. pamela nichols leaves court after testifying about meeting charles severance while dancing in july of 1998. in march of 1999 the couple not married had a son living at this home in alexandria. but a year later amid problems, she took the child and left. leading to a custody dispute in 2000 in which severance was denied all visitation rights. the nitial motivating factor prosecutors say that caused severance to kill nancy dunning, ron kirby and ruthanne lodato. in court, she testified for
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the following nine years severance sent many angry letters to her, their son and her parents. they were frightened. they were threatened. court papers from the custody case show in 2000 nichols once returned to the home with her mother and a police escort to get clothing from herself and the child. but severance changed the locks so she entered the window. severance came after her and police heard screams. she is testified of mr. severance. inside the home they found a handgun on the pillow, rifle on the kitchen table, ammo around the house, gas mask on a rocking chair. a moment today that caused problems with the trial. a juror revealing he didn't realize until today he had met charles severance's son at the gym. they said hello to each other
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today in the cafeteria. the lawyers asked questions about the juror and everyone is satisfied he can remain on the case. we also heard testimony from joseph kirby about the grim discovery the day his father was murdered. we will tell you what happened at 6:00. until then live in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: okay. see you then. thank you. warning tonight near r.f.c. stadium after a woman was sexually assaulted in the middle of the afternoon. d.c. police say at 2:00 yesterday a man found his way to unlocked apartment on a street. if you say anything, call the police. leon: baltimore mayor calling for police sergeant to re-sign after there was video of him spitting on a handcuffed suspect went viral. leon: we showed you this video
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at "abc7 news at 5:00" yesterday. the mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has weighed in on this saying that the sargent's actions are contributing to the poor relationship between the police and the community they serve. the interim commissioner says that he is suspended and the investigation is ongoing. also in baltimore three of the police officers there accused in the arrest and the death of freddie gray dropped an effort to have the statements thrown out in court. they claim that the statements were given before they were read the rights but they have dropped the court motions after the judge rejected similar claims yesterday. alison: there is a change in the air tonight. we see more evidence that we are headed for fall's peak. we have a look at the forecast. doug: we're in arlington. live up the potomac river and the national harbor. clouds but that is it. tell you about the weather conditions. in the mid-to-the upper 60's area wide.
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check out the numbers. 68 at reagan national airport and woodbridge. 660 in manassas. 67 in annapolis. 65 in reston. we have had heavy cloud cover in the day but that has started to improve. this is the physical image. what you see are the clouds. they are scattered throughout the region. tomorrow morning, many areas are in the mid-to-upper 40's. tomorrow is going to be delightful across the area here with more sunshine and you know a less, not quite as a breezy as we saw today. so that is one good thing. as we head through the day on friday, it will turn cooler. the showers come through with a cold front. after that, a much chillier weekend. highlights coming up in a couple of minutes. back to you. leon: all right. i'll take it. thanks, doug. that 16-inch water main that burst and sent a wave of water
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down rockville pike has been repaired tonight. the rourke isn't done yet. is the -- work isn't done yet. is the end in sight? >> if you look behind me you can see the traffic bilding in bethesda. they shifted the traffic to one lane they paved. take a look further down. you can see the traffic making its way through rockville pike.
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the crews have been working along here trying to repair the road. the water is now back on to all their customers. if you were impacted by the water outage the officials say it's normal that you might experience discolored water. run the tap for a few minutes to allow that water to flush out. talk about the timing of this. when should we expect the road to be back open? take a listen to what the officials told us about an hour or so go. >> avoid this area. no question it will be a one to two lane through-fare. sometime around midnight or so, they'll have it all wrapped up. it goes highway, we are still looking for a clean morning commute. >> that is the key.
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the rush tomorrow. to have it back open along the stretch of rockville pike. they have a lot of work to do in the goal of the morning rush tomorrow. brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: thank you. turned out to be a historic night in las vegas. we learn the first democratic presidential debate drew a record audience. but it also may have played a major role in who will and will not run for president. karen travers explains. karen: record ratings for the democratic debate. 15.3 million americans tuned in to see the contenders duke it out for the first time. today all eyes on vice president joe biden waiting to see if he will join the field. >> i was proud of them. they all did well. karen: last night, hillary clinton was aggressive, not waiting to respond to attack us but going at the main rival
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bernie sanders. >> i'm a progressive, but i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. karen: much of the talk about the biden campaign is in the context of clinton struggling. the ongoing controversy about the personal e-mail server, the falling poll numbers and the questions about her trustworthiness. but now even biden supporters say the window is closing for him to announce a run. after last night's debate is there a place for the v.. in the race? last night it was the clinton and the sanders show. former secretary of state getting a surprise boost of support from the rival. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. karen: the republican field no surprise slammed the potential opponents. jeb bush on fox news said he will make sure americans keep hearing about clinton's e-mails. >> if she wins the nomination and i win the nomination, trust me. it's not going to end. karen: for the other three candidates a missed opportunity to make a splash.
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where does joe biden fit in? even his supporters say the window is closing for him to announce a run. reporting from northwest, karen travers, abc7 news. leon: our senior political reporter is still there in las vegas. alison: he is breaking down the odds of vice president biden entering the race. what he found out coming up tonight on "abc7 news at 6:00". leon: still ahead on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a woman and her great grandson killed in a fire. the panicked call to 911 and the community outpouring of support. alison: plus an elected official takes matters in her own hands. what she had to say after watching the video of that sprint for justice. leon: family members from cargo ship vanishing in the bermuda triangle. >> runners attacked on a popular trail. the suspect took flight in a literal way. it will make sense when you see the story after the
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alison: "7 on your side" with a health matters warning. anne arundel county public school canceled the free flu mist vaccination program because of a delay in shipment from the manufacturer. it will likely be december before the county gets the
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shipment, which is too late in the season for a countywide program. abc7 talked to several area pediatricians who report delays in their shipments as well. injectable vaccines are available. leon: let's talk about the concerns that are arising from a popular running trail in bethesda. there have been a series of attacks from the sky. alison: so this time we know just who is responsible. somebody has to go there. leon: had to go there. alison: kevin lewis has more on the attack from above. what a story out there. kevin: yes, we are coming to you from the danger zone. half-mile stretch of the capitol crescent trail southwest of downtown bethesda. the perp is an angry owl that has attacked at least three people so far. >> oh, my gosh. frightening.
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kevin: hunting season of another sort. in the capitol, crescent trail in bethesda. >> here signs warning trail users of a young owl on the attack. >> it's terrifying. that is something you see in a movie or something. i don't know. >> for sure. >> crazy. >> few know better. >> the maryland runner. >> she then flew at my neck again. >> i sprinted away. >> because the owls are knock ternal, parks department is telling people to stay off the trail at night. avoid reflective gear and high ponytails which owls confuse for prey. >> it doesn't happen. like in bethesda. >> but they aren't taking
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chances. >> this is a rare thing. >> it's part of an elite club. follow moco_owl on twitter. it's a parody account. they said as long as stay out of my forest, we're good. plenty more where that came from. i'm kevin lewis. leon: all we need is an indignant owl. alison: let's talk about the weather and the fall chill that is coming our way. doug: the feel of fall is in the air. leon: little bit! doug: it is going to intensify over the weekend. the area outside the city by sunday and monday morning. maybe the first touch of frost for the season. get updated look at the cloud cover across the area. showers across pennsylvania.
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low broken deck of clouds around our region. a live look down the river. there are be skies above the clouds. we have a lot less in cloudiness. the temperatures are chilly north and worse. it's 57 in pittsburgh. 59 in detroit. the 70's are hanging tough along southside virginia, carolina and the outer banks. tomorrow is not particularly chilly. it will be in the 60s. 69 and maybe close to 70 in spots. even friday is in the 60's. but on the weekend the really chilly temperatures will dive in here. we have a couple of showers that are moving across pennsylvania. the cold front is north and west. keep an eye on that. the future cast this evening
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has a few patches of showers continuing across pennsylvania. the high pressure will move in tonight. tomorrow should be bright and sunny around the area. if the high continues to expand east, we will be in good shape all day long. friday as well. then as we get into later friday afternoon and friday night the next cold front will approach. you can see it here to show up for rain across the northern section of ohio. probably around noon or the early afternoon through the region here on friday. so what will happen is we will get the showers that will come into late afternoon and the evening. thunderstorms expected. a chilly change and the winds pick up by friday night. the weekend is going to be mighty chilly. we said a moment ago there could be patchy frost in spot early sunday and monday morning. give you the forecast through
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tonight. mainly clear. chilly. lows at 49 degrees. we head through the morning hours tomorrow through the day to the mid-to-upper 60's. across west in the metro area. 68 in charles-up to and hancock. 69 in urbana. metro a lot of 60's as well. the winds don't be strong. southern maryland on the breezy side. but slightly cloudy in the upper 60's. the temperatures through the culpeper, rappahannock county. most of the foothills once more. it's pleasant moving forward. put it together. few showers on friday with a cold front. after that it will change in a big way for the weekend to become breezy. highs upper 50's saturday and sunday. remind you that there is a possibility of sunday and monday morning to suburban area and touch of frost.
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alison: thank you. leon: sprint for justice from elected leader. coming up what allowed the thief to escape her grasp. alison: first, family members demand justice after a ship vanished
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leon: family and friends held a vigil to honor victims of el faro, the ship that sank during hurricane joaquin. some are saying that the company should be held accountable for safety concerns aboard the ship and the travel path it took during the hurricane this month. >> it's not just the negligence of the people. putting a ship on the water that was not seaworthy. no doubt. shouldn't have been there. too old. leon: the owners of el faro insisted there was a plan to avoid the hurricane. a plan that unraveled when the propulsion stopped working. alison: rage caught on video tonight. police hope this video will help you fight back.
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it was shot at a convenience store at georgia and decatur street in northwest. you can see a man trying to rob the clerk. no one was hurt. they have offering a reward for tips to lead to arrest. leon: a former city council member in houston, texas, took on the thieves that targeted her. you have to see this for yourself. the thieves pulled up and took her purse but she wasn't content to watch it. she ran after car to get away and jumping into the open window of the car, as you see there. the car turns and ran over her foot in fact. but that still didn't stop her. >> i jumped to my car. i followed them. i drive a kia and it has no get up and go and they got up and went. your life is worth more than a purse or computer but all i could say there was no thinking.
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did not think. i reacted. leon: probably not the smartest or the safest thing to do. she says she realizes it wasn't the best choice and grateful she has no broken bones. the police are still looking for the thieves. she is getting around on crutches now. alison: a gut reaction. wow! leon: foot reaction. alison: exactly. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- why capitals' captain alex ovechkin said he had to sit out last night's game because of an alarm. leon: the nationwide effort that led to almost 150 children rescued from prostitution rings, including some in our area. >> plus, a fire ripped through a home killing two people
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alison: a family is in mourning after a community in shock after a house fire this morning that killed a woman and her great grandson. diane cho shows us how neighbors are rallying around the family. >> they just found -- diane: friends gathered outside the home holding hands in prayer. leaning on each other for support as they grieve the loss of two family members in a tragic house fire. >> family members set up a go fund me page to help the family after losing everything. the victims are 68-year-old bernice washington and her
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6-year-old great grandson. >> she loved family. diane: firefighters say flamed ripped through the home at 12:30 this morning on poplar hill road. they knew immediately after receiving a frantic 911 call from a woman inside that someone was trapped. >> she was screaming that the house is on fire and someone is inside and the phone disconnected. we lost contact with her. diane: firefighters raced to the scene but it was too late. two other family members made it out safely. family members described washington as a loving woman who was always there, especially when we needed her the most. >> no matter what went on. the time of the night. evening. whatever. she was there. no matter what happened. diane: the cause is unknown. there was a working smoke detector in the home overnight. the red cross is assisting the family. diane cho, abc7 news. alison: thank you.
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a husband and a wife seriously hurt in a house fire yesterday in reston are still hospitalized tonight. right now fire investigators are trying to determine how it started. several pets were killed in that fire. a parrot survived, though. firefighters say it was in the room with the door closed that kept some of the smoke from entering. leon: president obama is hailing former d.c. police chief charles ramsey for his service to the nation. ramsey announced he is retiring from law enforcement after five decades of work in d.c., chicago, and most recently philadelphia. ramsey shared the president's task force on 21st century policing. the task force formed after a summer of protest against police followed the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. and the death of eric garner in a confrontation with police in new york city. prince william county police looking for a possible serial peeper. a man dressed at a woman tried to take pictures of another woman using a restroom at the
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potomac mills mall on sunday. a similar thing happened at the wal-marted a woodbridge in may. alison: the charles severance murder trial continued with testimony from the mother of severance's son. pamela nichols testified about a custody dispute involving a child. prosecutors say that dispute led severance to murder three people. leon: repairs have been completed on the broken 16-inch water main in bethesda. service has been restored. it ruptured last night. the crews are still working on the roadway and they expect to have the work done by tomorrow's rush hour. alison: jury selection is underway for the trial of a too too artist accused of sexually abusing his clients. abc7 broke the story of mark matthews. 19-year-old victim told us matthews inappropriately touched her while giving her a tattoo at the damascus tattoo company. her story prompted several other victims to then come forward.
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opening statements are expected in that trial tomorrow. leon: abc7 child sex trafficking sting rescued more than 1020 sexually exploited children and arrested 150 people. the sting named operation cross country was the largest to date. according to the f.b.i. in our area the alexandria f.b.i. teamed up with the police. go to for pictures and video from the operation cross country. alison: uber is partnering with the national center for missing and exploited children to help spread amber alerts. starting today, drivers will receive the amber alert specific the region. this started as a pilot report in colorado and has gone nationwide. the network covers 75% of the u.s. population. since it began in 1996, the amber alert program led to 800 children returned home safely.
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leon: former nba and the reality television star lamar odom is now on life support in aness hospital. the 35-year-old was found unconscious at the love ranch brothel in nevada. the brothel owner said that two women discovered odom passed out in the v.i.p. yesterday and believed he was taking too much her ball viagra. they tried to air lit him to the las vegas hospital but he is 6'10" and he didn't fit in the helicopter. they drove him by ambulance. his exstranged wife khloe kardashian is by his side and making medical decisions. alison: "7 on your side" ahead at 5:00. the thing we all deal with at work that is putting our health at risk. what is increasing your risk of stroke and how you can fight back. >> first, i want to play basketball. but if that doesn't happen -- leon: this week, harris' hero
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for college and beyond. it has a formula for success. alison: plus, a crusade against new bike lanes. why one d.c. church does not want to share the road on sundays. that is ahead on "abc7 news at 6:00".
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josh: good evening. i'm meteorologist josh knight. you made it to hump day but the only problem with the weekend it will feel like fall. this is the first cold blast of the season. keep in mind we are talking about the ten degrees below average. so nothing too wild. the temperatures will stay farther north. but not too far away. the fall foliage. this is the latest report. still the low colors around 95
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and the southeast. we work toward the west. especially along skyline drive. starting to look for the high colors. something to think about especially with the cooler temperatures. it will feel like you should be out there checking out the fall colors. 59 degrees on saturday. 55 for us on sunday. as we go throughout the day, 30's if start for a lot of us. the cool afternoon. you want something else fun to do, keep in mind you have montgomery county the heritage festival going on. 48 around 12:00 topping out close to 55 for the high. overall getting ready for the cooler weekend. we'll be right
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leon: navigating the college application process can be challenging for high school studen.ts but the low-income students, for those in the families the first to go to college it can be overwhelming. there is a d.c. non-profit to help them go through and graduate with the degree. that makes this organization and their mentors harris' hero. >> hill is a junior at the capitol city public charter school in northwest d.c. he wants to study business. duane is helping him reach the goal. duane rollins is a web designer and he volunteers his
5:40 pm
time with capital partners for education or c.p.e. >> the problem is income inequality. one thing that c.p.e. does well is we can bridge the economic divide. leon: mentors are paired with the low-income students. i met him and i was like i have the cool kid. >> he let me do my work. now i'm on the honor roll. leon: they meet weekly to focus on academics and hang out. they play basketball together. for rollins the relationship is an important part of his life. >> this is something i want to see him grow up and go's a far as he can. >> in the meantime, rollins will be by his side to help him get into college and earn his degree and playing basketball. >> who knows what will happen
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next. leon: now preparing students and the mentor nation also hold college and career workshops and provides financial assistance as well. the organization supported more than 500 d.c. students and nearly all of them enrolled in college. 70% of them graduated from the four-year -- getting their degree in four years. great work, guys. alison: that is fantastic, leon. thank you. coming up at 5:00 -- >> this is by far the hardest thing we have ever attempted to do. alison: a look at the gallery after the extensive renovations. plus, what is happening at your job that is increasing your risk of stroke? and how you can fight back against
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leon: an unusual late complication landed the u.k. first ebola patient back in the hospital. the nurse was treated for ebola last december and she is now treated at a hospital in glasgow for it. alison: "7 on your side" now with health matters. every four minutes someone dies of a stroke. this is according to the american heart association. and now new research just
5:45 pm
released finds that work stress can significantly increase your risk for a streak. the daily grind and stress at work can take a toll on people. >> i do a lot of running. it helps. afterwards. alison: but long-term health effects can be deadly. new research in "neurology" finds those in high-stress job have a 22% increased risk for having a stroke. >> that is not surprising to me. alison: the analysis of the six studies looks at 138,000 workers between the ages of 18 and 75. researchers found that the risk for stroke was highest for female employees. particularly those in jobs with high demands and little control. dr. amy shaw the medical director at the medstar washington hospital stroke center says employers should take notice. >> they can help contribute to increasing the health of the
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employees by really trying to look at the ways they can restructure the job. give workers more of a feeling of autonomy in the job. alison: when people are stressed they turn to unhealthy habits like smoking which can contribute to increased stroke risk. >> like exercise. that often gets dropped off. you eat less healthily. alison: instead, dr. shaw says when you are particularly stressed at work, take a break from the screens on your computer and your smart phone. instead, take a walk outside in nature. so, what is next here? well, the researchers suggest further study. to look into whether the stress reducing efforts within the offices make a difference and lower the employee's risk of stroke. leon: alison, flying the friendly skies could take longer. that is the new warning from the national air traffic controllers association. chronic shortage of the air
5:47 pm
traffic controllers now is at a near crisis level. that can lead to widespread flight delays in the future. the yol towers are at -- control towers are at the lowest staffing levels in 27 years. part of the problem is the government shutdown and budget cuts. but they added it's working hard to reach staffing targets. alison: check on the roadways. robert altman on traffic watch for us. robert: you can see westbound 66 sunshining in the face. that is causing problems. earlier accident to the left-hand side. going to n.i.h. the lanes are starting to open up. the paving is odd. water main is fixed but slow traffic. you are stop and go continuing. to the northbound side and 95.
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to route 50. just before the beltway the accident blocking the two left lanes. especially on the inner loop to make your way outbound to route 50. back to you. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00". mcdonald's last stand. the action he is taking to avoid the jail time. plus, the church won't give up the fight over bike lanes and why it doesn't want to share the roads. that's coming up at 6:00. alison: time to look at the weather forecast as things get chilly around here. leon: you can feel it in the air. doug? doug: we are doing fine. but it's cool. in the weekend it will get chilly. you are looking at bethesda. bellyful day. sunshine during the day. but during the afternoon hours a little sun coming out. we were in fine shape.
5:49 pm
beautiful day tomorrow but it will change over the weekend. the highs today are 70 degrees at the reagan national. even with the cloud cover. warmer to the south. lower 70's. cloud cover and cooler with the highs of 63 this afternoon in hagerstown. 64 in frederick. 66 degrees in winchester. there is a bit of a breeze northwest 16 miles per hour. but the air is dry. the dew point temperatures are lower 40's so a comfortable october day. we have clouds tonight. generally overnight, it will clear out. in the morning, mainly clear. 49 degrees. wake-up through the day tomorrow. as we head through thursday, plenty of sunshine. nice recovery from the mid-day. 69 with sunshine for the afternoon. next seven days it turns around with a cold front on friday. stray showers and mid-60's.
5:50 pm
turning cooler and breezy. look at the lows sunday to monday. upper 30 to low 40's. warming next week. sunday and monday morning. some of the suburban areas might get a taste of frost for the first time this season. we'll shiver. back to you. >> perfect segue. alison: exactly. speaking of the cold and the ice, what is going on? robert: no ovechkin last night. we felt it. wait until you're why he didn't show up to the morning skate. you can relate. caps lost 5-0 to the san jose sharks. could you tell there was no alex ovechkin? he was benched for not showing up for opening skate. he was back playing today. he explained his absence from yesterday's morning skate. >> i messed up with my alarm clock. i set it for 8:30 p.m. instead
5:51 pm
of a.m. i fell asleep. i made a mistake. robert: okay. the redskins tweeted out if desean jackson doesn't return this weekend gruden expects him to be back the following sunday against the buccaneers. he couldn't be back soon enough. the redskins back at work today. jackson's workload remains limited he is one step closer to taking the field on sunday. >> he wants to get on the field. work to get on the field. hamstrings take time. there is guys throughout the league that have the hamstring issues. it just takes time. >> having him back will make a difference. the key will be to give him a chance. let him make the plays. put the ball in his hands. from there it is on him to do special stuff. which he has proven le can do. robert: jackson would help the much-improved redskins team for the battle in atlanta.
5:52 pm
coach gruden: we should be performing better as far as the results are concerned. we're making progress. robert: another shot to show that improvement when they face a 3-1 jets team. >> another week for us to step up and get those turnovers. got to go play the redskins football. >> never get too high and never get too low. ride the emotional roller coaster. so we'll keep going. stay consistent and learn from what didn't go well on sunday. try to not have it repeat itself. robert: p.m. instead of a.m. leon: do you buy that? robert: i have done it before. i can be in that boat. leon: let me think about what it says about you. robert: okay. alison: work the night shift and it's not a problem. coming into work at 2:00, you should be good. leon: coming up next at 5:00, the overhaul complete. alison: that is right. abc7 is getting an exclusive sneak peek inside the gallery
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and what you can
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alison: not too young to save a species. science experiment by fifth grade students in texas is helping save monarch butterflies. they have planted milk weed to see if they could attract butterflies. they learned 90% of the population of the monarch butterflies disappeared in recent years so the students are trying to bring them back. >> i feel like nobody else really cares about them. nobody will ever notice that the population is decreasing unless somebody that knows does something. to make other people do it. alison: they planted them last week and they have discovered 32 eggs. after two years of renovation, the smithsonian runway gallery is opening next month. we were given exclusive sneak peek and larry smith takes us inside.
5:57 pm
>> the 150-year-old structure may be under wraps but there is a flurry of activity inside. the first building in the united states specifically designed as an art museum gets a face lit. >> mechanical system. heat and temperature control. plumbing. all the basics. we can do a much better job by closing the building down and addressing all the issues at once. >> the balance to preserve a historic structure while updating it for 21st century art installation. >> every room had a different level and extent of damages and disrepair. through history, from the earthquakes. larry: the first exhibition called "wonder is" already being installed. nine contemporary artists were invited to fill the space. >> what we have never tried to do before was fill the galleries with the artworks that were as big as the room. >> maya lynn who designed the
5:58 pm
vietnam veterans memorial use marbles to recreate the chesapeake by a. >> -- chesapeakepay. >> she remembered playing playih the marbles when she was a girl and it reminds you how fragile it is. >> jennifer's worse may look like a wall covering but the design is composed of the naturally colored insects. when the seattle-based artist john wanted to fill his space with a tree, he made a cast of a live hemlock and recreated it with a half a million pieces of cedar. the artworks are meant to install all. when gallery reopens -- >> we want to draw attention to the building itself. at the end of the day the building is the most valuable object we have. >> larry smith, abc7 news. allison: the exhibition "wonder" will be on dismay for six months when it reopens november 13. that is all for "abc7 news at 5:00" tonight. right now on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- new testimony in the alexandria murder trials.
5:59 pm
the mother of charles severance's child takes the stand. plus prosecutors reveal what was found in his car during a search. plus a peeping tom at a local mall. this might not be the first time the suspect struck. how he was spying spying in the bathroom. and his disguise ahead. plus a d.c. church is on a crusade against bike lanes. why it doesn't want to share space. coming up. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: day four of the emotional testimony in the alexandria murder trial wrapping up. we are hearing from the distant relatives and detectives. maureen: we are also learning what police found in charles severance's car when they caught up with him. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg has been in the courtroom from the beginning and he explains what happened today. jeff? jeff: pamela nichols and charles severance had a son together in march of 1999 but after a series of problems
6:00 pm
nichols testified she took the child and left their house on gunston road in alexandria. what followed was a nasty custody dispute in which the court denied severance any visitation rights. a fact the prosecution argued fueled his anger and motivated him to kill nancy dunning, ron kirby and ruthanne lodato. in a questionnaire as part of the case nichols was asked what are you afraid the defendant might do? "find another gun and possibly kill me or my son" she answered. nichols testified from 2000-2009 she and her family received many letters from severance. they were frightening. threatening. also today local and the federal investigators testifying about what they found in severance's car after his arrest. a gun cleaning kit. a passport. plenty of clothing. maps. books. copy of a card game "mental disorder." we heard from daniel petrio, a plumber scheduled for the job of the home of ron kirby on


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