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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  October 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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horace: now, they were able to take some x-ray equipment and take a look on the inside of the box. they couldn't determine exactly what it was but there were markings on the outside of the box. they called the company showing its name outside the box. they were able to determine after talking to the company the contents of the box. hvac equipment. at this point they have taken it off the span of the bridge and we have got the all-clear. but it has caused a lot of traffic problems. let's get to robert altman to tell you more about that. robert: where the incident happened is at the convergence of two interstates. beltway and 95. we are jammed up through 214 on the outer loop. this will be a long drive with the lanes closed. this will hopefully wrap up shortly and we will get more lanes open. but the damage is done. southbound i-295 now, the
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delays begin near route 50 on b.c.-295. everybody trying to take the westbound freeway. that is not a good look either in across the river moving in the 14th street bridge. southbound 395 is slow. from the pentagon to the beltway. everywhere you go is jammed up. best case scenario southbound route 1 through old town if you are living the district. if you can get on the freeway, if you are in the district quickly as you can to further to the potomac. that is to maine avenue and in toward the area of 14th street. exiting there. jumping on the southbound side of route one. once you get on the beltway in route one in alexandria, you are beyond the ips dep and clean and green -- incident and you are clean and green to the beltway. another thing we are seeing is everybody making the turn from southbound i-295 which has been shut down because it takes you into the local lane and filing in the inner loop. everybody getting to 214 and
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working their way back. that's the latest from the abc7 traffic center. back to you. alison: thank you. it will be the first cold weekend for a while. our bodies are not used to this. you might have fell a chill this morning. some of us could see frost soon. most of us, temperatures falling in the 30's. meteorologist steve rudin is here with the forecast. steve, here we go. steve: wouldn't you know it? just in time for the upcoming reason. it will feel great for the football games, the sick game. outdoor activity to grab a sweater or a jacket. right now it's not so bad. looking at 67, reagan national airport. leesburg at 64. winchester at 63. elkens, west virginia, 58. the radar is quiet. it's sunny and just a few clouds off to the north of us. not going to amount to a lot. wind speeds between 10 to 18 miles per hour. that is adding an extra chill to the air. you will definitely feel it. outside tonight, if you have plans outdoors, grab a jacket. temperatures 10:00 in the
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middle 50's. we will fall in the 40's inside the beltway. cooler off to the north and west. and the latest on the frost watch. that is for parts of the area coming up in a few minutes. alison: okay. get the storm watch 7 weather app if you don't have it yet. it will be the kind of weekend you will want the forecast with you at all times. you can get updates on the chilly forecast. potential frost warnings that steve mentioned. simultaneously from the storm watch 7 weather team. jonathan: other news, a double murder investigation and a love triangle. alison: this all happened in lothian, maryland, where a husband and a girlfriend, who live with the couple are dead. suzanne kennedy at the annapolis courthouse. the suspects make this even more remarkable of a case. suzanne: the suspects are the victim's wife, their 13-year-old daughter, and her 18-year-old boyfriend. authorities tell us that ann marie anastasi planned,
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concealed and even tried to create a new crime scene at the murder of the man she was murrayed to -- married to for 18 years and a woman who had become their live-in lover. anne arundel county state attorney says this man, 18-year-old gabriel ezekiel struss admitted to stabbing 25-year-old jacqueline irene riggs, the live-in love and shooting anthony anastasi. struss is the anastasi's 13-year-old daughter boyfriend. the homicides took place october 4. with ann anastasi making critical errors covering up the double homicide. >> miss anastasi provided the initial false report to the police indicating it was a murder-suicide. it was unraveled when we found the .380-caliber casing. she was instrumental based on the investigation in setting the .45 near the defendant's head.
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suzanne: authorities also show us in these court documents that the teenagers also made some incredibly dumb mistakes. specifically, that in texts they talked about the handgun, the crime scene and the murder of the two individuals. coming up in one hour, we will hear from the grandfather and the brother of the teenage murder suspect. reporting live in anne arundel county, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you very much. the american airlines-u.s. airways merger finalizing today with the last u.s. airways flight today. this is the end of an era. national airport was a regional hub for u.s. brianne carter is at national airport -- gosh, it's friday. so hard to talk today. that is the last flight from d.c.a. that will taking off. the changes the travelers will start seeing tomorrow. explain it better than i did. brianne: there are changes that you will notice at reagan
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national airport. this is an historic day across the country. the last u.s. airways flight set to take off in a few hours. you will start to see all the flights under the american airlines name, as you mentioned, part of the merger announced in 2013. we will take a look at reagan national airport. all the signs you see her behind us. american, american, american. those were all u.s. airways signs just a few days ago. the last u.s. airways flights at reagan national will be a shuttle flight from d.c.a. to boston at 10:00 tonight. however, the final flight for the air carrier is a red eye from san francisco, landing in philly early tomorrow morning. that is when the flight left from today. they were 30 minutes late getting off the ground. the toughest part of merging airlines is merging the reservation system. at midnight, american airlines will put through single reservation system. they have been preparing for switch for the past 18 months with hours and hours of training and 30 successful
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regional flights leading up to this moment. also, for the past 90 days if you have been making a reservation, you have already been on that in the system. spokesman for american tells abc7 they will have all hands on deck throughout the weekend and they hope the switch will be seamless for customers. however, some customers flying today are skeptical. >> hopefully if there are problems, it is backed up over the day and we'll be okay. >> or we could be the first to experience it. it will be a coin toss no matter what. >> i don't want to be part of it. brianne: one employee told us they are concerned about the bags over the weekend. american airlines say they are prepared for the switch. coming up here tonight at 5:00, the next time you fly here out of reagan national airport, the changes you will need to know about. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: all right. thank you. you know, 76 years, that is how long u.s. airways has been around. but it wasn't always called that. in 1939, american aviation
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took its mail service across western pennsylvania. starting out in pittsburgh before adapting and adopting the name "allegany airlines." in 1979 it would change its name to u.s. air to reflect expanding the network across the country. february 2014, the merger with american airlines was announced. alison: around the state now, the group campaign for justice is speaking out in baltimore today. the organization held a rally outside city hall to lay out a six-point plan for police reform in the city. they voted to keep kevin davis. davis was promoted after the fred ses somewhere was fired -- predecessor was fired. jonathan: we first brought you live coverage at 11:00. witnesses describing the shooting near a trip mall. mike carter-conneen joining us live.
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police are searching for a motive in the case and this whole thing sounds weird. mike: yeah. unfortunately, a tragic location for the death. alleyway littered with dumpsters. a lot of foot traffic in the area and potential witnesses. you can see the memorial set up by close friends of the victim. in the last hour i spoke with captain paul starks about the victim. previously identified as 21-year-old deandre smith. he confirmed today what i heard from several friends that this was a transgender woman. stark said in their investigation today, detectives spoke with the family and friends of the victim. we have noted in the reporting there are multiple surveillance cameras in the alley. a lot of foot and vehicular traffic at the nearby lake forest mall. when the shooting happened last night at 6:00, the witnesses tell us they heard four or five gunshots and surrounded by four or five
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teenagers or young men. a constant flow of customers in the nearby laundromat that had surveillance on the back door, where a lot of people go in and out. i spoke to a staff member about that today. we don't have the sound bite from the staff member but he said a lot of people come to the alley because it's more convenient to carry laundry. police are urging anyone who know anything to contact the police. there are potential witnesses in the case. coming up tonight at 6:00, only on 7, hear from close friends of the victim zella who they say lived with them for the last six months. coming up what they say, and what they suspect who may have been responsible for this. was this a hate crime? we will hear from police. reporting live in gaithersburg, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. leaders in frederick, maryland, are moving forward to plans to remove a controversial statue. board of aldermen approve
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address lution to remove the bust of roger buck tawney. they will take it away from city hall. other commissions will be asked for the input. but tawney was the -- taney wrote the 1867 dred scott decision affirming slavery. the statue was and vandalized a few days ago. alison: new evidence in the alexandria murder trial. was charles severance directly connected to at least one of the victims? that is what prosecutors are trying to show. northern bureau chief jeff goldberg outside the courthouse with the new evidence today. jeff? jeff: we have seen so many dramatic moments in the trial. another one today. when surveillance video was shown to jurors from december 5, 2003. from inside the target store at potomac yard in alexandria. the same day that nancy dunning was murdered. this video was shown to jurors in regular speed and also in slow motion. you see a man walking inside the store wearing a dark
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jacket and jeans. you see him enter the store ten feet behind nancy dunning. then you see him leave the store right after she does. dunning with a shopping cart full of goods. the man was carrying nothing. prosecutors say the man was charles severance and they contend he tracked her in the store before following her on the five-minute drive to her home and then committing the murder. prosecutors showing jurors side-by-side picture of the man in the store and known photos of him in 2003. throughout the testimony today severance himself looked straight ahead and did not appear to watch the video or the still pictures on the tv screen. this is a key piece of evidence to connect charles severance to the murder of nancy dunning, tim kish and ruthanne -- nancy dunning, ron kirby and ruthanne lodato. the defense will probably say
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this is not charles severance. two other details released today in the courtroom that brought silence and focus. what the two details are coming up at 5:30. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: he is going back in the courtroom. you can follow him and get live update on the murder trial. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:00 -- cnbc kaiserring to donald trump -- cnbc caving to donald trump. alison: and the clean-up underway and why it could have been worse than it turned out to be. >> out of the car. you will be tased. jonathan: a connen frommation with police officer -- a confrontation with a police officer. alison: community fighting back after their favorite pizza shop was targeted.
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robbery after robbery and how the neighborhood is fighting back at 4:30.
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jonathan: bowing to pressure. cnbc changing the format of the debate after ben carson and donald trump demand the event be reduced from three hours to two hours. the two top polling candidates threatened to bow out. the last debate on cnn did last three hours. alison: female viagra goes on female tomorrow. it's the first prescription drug to boost female libido. you can't take it with alcohol or certain other drugs so the experts say it's likely to limit its use. but it's expected to spur more options for women down the road. they approved the drug in august, you will remember. it acts on the brain chemicals associated with mood and appetite. engineer and mother of two will become the third woman to join the army rangers. major lisa jasser. she is 37 years old.
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today, was graduation and they opened the school to women for the first time this past april. jonathan: you know they didn't change the program for men or women. it's the same program period. so these women are stuff as nails just like the guys. but the funny part is their moms. imagine the kids at home. they will do exactly what she says when she says it. alison: i was thinking a 7-year-old and 3-year-old you know they do exactly what mom tells them. good for her. fantastic. jonathan: drought-stricken california facing new problems. a powerful storm system causing flash flooding. those are mudslides and those are the folks trapped in the cars. one of the mudslides trapped dozens of vehicles on the road in southern california. i did shout down a 30-mile stretch of interstate 5 along the grapevine pass. it's one of the busiest highways in the state. look at the video. officials say it could take a few day foss clear the mud off the road. yikes. >> there is nowhere for the mountain to go. they are pulling the mud with
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it. it causes a catastrophe. jonathan: search and rescue teams on the ground and the air are looking for possible victims or somebody who still could be trapped at this point. in california you just -- they only had three inches of rain. a little rain and the mountainsides get wet. steve: we are only in the middle of october. el nino year. southern and northern california expected to get blasted with a lot of rain as they move in the winter months. so this could be the beginning of the end of the drought. look at the pictures. incredible. jonathan: they need the snow but not the mud. steve: exactly. not all at once. look outside for us. this is beautiful. it's the weekend. the bad news if you have anything growing in your garden, especially northern montgomery county. growing for the most part has finished you will run into problems come early sunday morning. 67 at the airport. winds are picking up at the north/northwest at 16 miles per hour. humidity is comfortable. 64 in frederick. 63 in winchester.
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63 in cumberland. you get the point. the cold front moved through. the cooler air is numbering from the north. lower 50's in detroit. that's what it will feel like here this time tomorrow. the cold front is off the coast. the skies clearing out nicely. scattered showers across central pennsylvania. not going to amount to a lot for us. tonight if you are going to a football game. you will want to grab a jacket. gloves. hats. breezy and cool. the temperatures will fall in the upper 40's inside the beltway. we are talking upper 30's the forth north and west you go. 59 for a high tomorrow. partly to mostly cloudy. winds are out at the northwest at 10 to 20. the cold front moved to the south and the east. the chilly air will overspread the midatlantic for day tomorrow. winds will ease a little bit. we will look for the potential for frost. and a freeze across part of the area come early sunday morning. this is the latest from the national weather service. we have a freeze watch. northern montgomery county.
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it does not include the district or southern maryland. that will take a week or so. this is ahead of schedule. more than likely the watch or part of this watch will convert to a warning. once you get a warning you will no longer see watches or warnings for the areas. at least not for this year. cold start on monday morning as the kids walk to school bus or maybe you walk to work. the temperatures rebound nicely by the middle of next week. thank goodness. we're back in the lower 70's. the 70's are beginning to fade quickly. alison: short bursts from now on. jonathan: it happens. thanks. alison: all right. still ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- virginia making life better for death row inmates. what the state's attorney general is saying about it. >> get your hands behind your back. you are under arrest. jonathan: what happened after this?
4:22 pm
that is what the family of the young man who was killed in michigan trying to figure
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jonathan: the family of a michigan teenager suing after the son was killed by a police officer in a traffic stop caught on video. the officer was cleared from the shooting but the family filed a wrongful death suit. we are seeing the video of the deadly encounter for the first
4:25 pm
time. watch. watch the police body camera video. 17-year-old devin gillford on his way to his girlfriend's house in february. sergeant jonathan frost pulls him over, flashing his high beams. sergeant forecast asks several -- sergeant frost asks several times for his license and gilbert refuses questioning why he was stopped. they begin to record the interaction on gilbert's cell phone. >> if you don't comply with the traffic stop you will be taken for jail. jonathan: the officer calls for backup. >> you don't have driver's license on your person? >> yes, i do. jonathan: the officer sees gilbert try to make a phone call and orders him out of the car. >> out of the car or you will be tased. everything is being recorded, son. get out of the car. get down on the ground now. >> stop yelling at me. >> down on the ground.
4:26 pm
down on the ground now. >> what do you mean? >> get on your belly right now. >> this is what americans -- >> put your phone down and your arms out to your side now. jonathan: sergeant frost kicks gilbert's cell phone away. >> i don't have a weapon. >> hey. get your -- >> you can't do that. >> get your hands behind your back. you are under arrest. jonathan: 90 seconds before backup arrives, sergeant frost tases gillford but it's too close for it to work properly. roughly 14 seconds later you hear gunshots. sergeant frost says gilbert attacked him, hitting him repeatedly with his fists. this body camera has sergeant frost at the scene transported with the injuries to the hospital. the pivotal 14 seconds he comes up and attacks the officer. local prosecutors cleared sergeant frost of undoing.
4:27 pm
he shot the teenager 17 times. the family federal lawsuit now is asking for a jury trial. still ahead for us at 4:00, how life on death row in virginia is getting better. wait until you hear. >> remember the d.c. man banned from smoking in his own home? part of a lawsuit that made headlines across the country. i'm investigator joce sterman. coming up, i will tell you about big developments that means ed i don't t want to live wh
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. alison: a pizza place has been the target of several robberies just this year. it is called momma's pizza in southeast. it has a loyal following. so they are stepping up to try to save it. d.c. bureau chief sam ford shows us how this community is fighting back against crime. sam: residents tell us that momma's pizza has been robbed five times in the past year. most recently the day before yesterday. now they have decided to do something about it. >> people who live and work here like the pizza, like momma the owner. she hires people from the neighborhood to work here and doesn't hide behind plexi glass as many merchants do. after neighbors learned she had been robbed yet again this week they have launched a go fund me account to buy her a security system. >> there is not enough to put in a security. >> going to come put it up. >> you are very happy.
4:31 pm
>> yes. yes. sam: sunday residents will gather at momma's haveto have a pizza buying party and the radio station is going to broadcast live from there and we will tell you all about that and more coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting in southeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: you have to love stories like that. for more "7 on your side" fighting back stories like this, you can check out and click on "7 on your side." or 7oys tab. sunny and turning colder. big chill on the way. perhaps the first frost for many. yikes! meteorologist steve rudin has the timing on the cooler air. when it is settling in, when it is getting here and what we can expect. steve: first frost, first freeze. 67 right now at reagan national airport. further west in the 60's. good deal of sunshine to enjoy. the sun is going down early at 6:30 this evening. look at the wind gusts around 30 miles per hour.
4:32 pm
just off to the west of us. in leesburg. the winds will gradually ease as they move through the overnight hours but we will still stay on the breezy side for most of us. a look at the day planner for tomorrow as you head outdoors tomorrow morning. the farmer's market, grab a jacket. maybe a light hat. the temperatures will only be in the upper 40'sment upper 30's in the the morning. we talk about the freeze and how to protect the plants. alison: d.c. court decision that sparked debate over the country after a judge banned a district man at smoking in his own home. the "7 on your side" iteam broke the story in march. investigator joce sterman is back with big news developments in this case.
4:33 pm
joce: the case was dismissed. the case first reported by the "7 on your side" iteam made the headlines across the country. it involved a civil lawsuit filed against edwin gray by the family that moved in next door to his family's row house in northeast d.c. family claimed that smoke from gray's house was sneaking into their home through a hole in their adjoining basements. the two sides duke it out in court a judge issued a ban saying gray, his sister and anybody who visited the house could not smoke anything. legal experts at the time told "7 on your side" it was a decision that could impact people across d.c. with the neighbor nuisance lawsuits potential hot topic. but on wednesday the lawsuit against gray was dismissed along with the smoking ban at the request of the family that was suing him. we tried to reach their attorney and we did not hear back. we talked to gray's sister by phone and she told me she is thrilled with the decision and
4:34 pm
said, "amen. we have all our rights back." joce sterman, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you for that. it's interesting to see what taxpayers think of the next story. life is getting better for death row inmates in virginia. there is seven of them that basically are slated for execution. seven. what changes will they be seeing? now they get an extra half hour of recreation every day. virginia is building new yard with a basketball court and exercise equipment at the prison where they are held. virginia attorney general mark herring says it's more progressive than the norm for other states. inmates will get direct contact with relatives who visit them. alison: four partners have organized a non-profit. they are calling d.c. public power. the group wants to buy pepco d.c. asset to form utility company that would work with the d.c. public service commission. the goal is to save the district electricity and save customers' money. they say it would let pepco and chicago based exelon get
4:35 pm
on with the merger minus d.c. as one of the partners put it, they will have no trouble getting the funds. >> d.c. is a beautiful environment for an investor and grid on -- grid operator. there are people that are ready to kill to get this. alison: mayor bowser supports the pepco-exelon merger but d.c. public power says big cities including seattle and cincinnati from v non-profit providing the electricity. jonathan: fairfax county parents rallying together to fight for school funding. railly will be held -- a rally will be held sunday at 1:00 at the mclean community center. there is a shortfall that makes it tough to keep up with the cost of growth. virginia lab fighting for atomic collideer. the nuclear science advisory committee in washington wants
4:36 pm
one and the virginia thomas jefferson national accelerated facility in newport will be putting in a competing bid for this. the competition, new york's brook haven lab on long island. there won't be a decision on the bid for one of these for a year, maybe two. alison: the white house believes 10 million americans will sign up for healthcare on it sounds like a lot but that is lower than it previously thought and half of what the congressional office expected. open enrollment begins november 1 and runs through the end of january. jonathan: we have talked about the jackers over the years. now we have a hacker arrested behind bars. a major arrest in the fight against isil. he was arrested in malaysia overnight and the police say he stole personal information of 1,300 federal employees and members of the u.s. military. and passed the information along to a terror group to inspire lone wolf attacks. he is the head of the group of albanian hackers from kosovo who had unauthorized access to a federal computer.
4:37 pm
prosecutors say that he used it to obtain addresses. dates of birth and other personal information. alison: pope francis visited the vatican new homeless shelter today. the gift of mercy dormitory near st. peter's square can house up to 34 men. those accepted can stay for up to 30 days. the shelter opened after pope francis appealed to religious community to house people in need. a similar shelter for women operated at the vatican for more than 25 years. well, she is the birthday girl. well past the century mark now. what is the secret to living so long? well, we will have her thoughts coming up. jonathan: is it too soon to look ahead to black friday? really? just a few weeks away when you think about it. big ticket items you can expect at deep discounts. we will have it for you still ahead at "abc7 news at
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fatal bleeding. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal blbleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto® is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. jonathan: she is adorable. flew her invisible plane in. because that's wonder woman. how else would you celebrate a birthday? mary cotter turned 103. sho she can wear the wonder woman outfid proudly. she lives at her home alone but makes it to the senior
4:41 pm
center five days a week no matter what. she taught swimming in 60's and rescued sea turtles in her 90's. she is adorable. alison: even making coffee for everybody and it was her birthday. jonathan: how does that work? alison: so cute. how about this one? 24 people, one wedding and a broken elevator. the wild ride has a happy ending. the entire wedding party including the bride and groom were on their way to the ceremony when the elevator stopped working trapping them all inside. so instead of freaking out, yeah, you guess it. they took selfies. they waited for help. the party was stuck there for a little while. 30 minutes. they were finally freed by the firefighters. you can see big smiles there. of course, it was just in time for the come to say "i do." jonathan: you know the wedding album is awesome when the firefighters are eating cake. hopefully they stick around and have cake. alison: what a story. jonathan: maybe this is the place they don't want to go for the honeymoon. unforgettable spooky trip.
4:42 pm
the home website aye b&b are offering two brave people chance to win a one night halloween stay in the skull lined tunnel of the paris catacombs. why would you want to do this? is the known as the largest grave. remains of 6 million parisians reinturred in the 16th and the 19th century. if you think you are up for the stay apply on the air b&b website no later than october 20. you know lore has it that if you spend the night there you will go mad. alison: i can see why. i'd take the trip to paris. still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we haven't had cold air coming in since spring was beginning. we will have the forecast for you. jonathan: plenty of activities to do. we highlight family fun in virginia for you. alison: with the first frost in the forecast how do you protect your outdoor plans?
4:43 pm
we have the help for you after this.
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looking for some fall fun this weekend? come to tyson. the tyson fall festival is happening here. check out the giant hay pyramid. you can do so much. lots of family-friendly fall fun. say that four times fast. >> alliteration for you. >> greg, tell us more about what people can expect from the festival. >> it's the harvest festival. this is a family friendly wane festival. you got something for mom and dad to hang out. you can sip wine why the kids are playing in the pumpkin patch or running on the hay pyramid. we have a hay maze here. you can get lost. petting zoo. pony rides. we have all kind of activities for the crafts. we have a hayride you can do. we have the corn cannons which shoot corn at different targets. of course, we have the pump
4:47 pm
kin smashers -- pamp kin smashers. >> a little smashing pumpkin. >> if the kids want to try it we can. we have little hammers up to the mallets. whatever the kids want to do. it's really all about the kids. they can decorate the pumpkins. they can pick out pumpkins and take it home. the beauty here this is right on the metro stop. the tyson corner metro stop. you walk off the train and you are right here. a little country in the middle of the city. >> awesomeness. how can people purchase tickets and find out more information? >> on the web at the tickets are at the door. it's $10 to get in for an adult. kids are all free. free, free, free, free, free, free, free. can't say it enough. >> free fun fall fun in tysons. i'm going to leave everyone
4:48 pm
with a little smashing pump kin. find out more and we'll see you here at the tyson fall harvest festival. yes! jonathan: that is a nerf mallet. alison: get out aggression. jonathan: the pumpkins are going that's all you have? wear masks. alison: don't break a nail. you have to have beautiful nails here for the wedding. jonathan: doesn't this feel like a month not a week? it's been a long week. steve: it has been a long week. it will feel like a long weekend. jonathan: good. steve: but it's cold out there on the fall. color change it has arrived for many of you. not so much inside the capital beltway. 59 degrees saturday. that is it for the high. by sunday we are looking at the middle 50's and the chance for frost, maybe a freeze. the plans this weekend, maybe
4:49 pm
take you out to the west. garrett and algany county looking for beautiful color change. that is where you will see it. not so much closer to d.c. southern maryland, hardly anything at all. at least right now change going through the next few weeks. driving in the station today you will notice the changes closer to town. oktoberfest, winchester on saturday. oh, this is going to be cool out there. the temperatures are only in the lower 50's. by 6:00, around 40 degrees or so. dropping into the 40's. keep in mind we have that freeze watch posted. this is tomorrow night into sunday. northern montgomery county at western loudoun, all the areas shaded in brighter blue. this does not include the district. this does not include southern maryland. our time will come. but not this weekend. it will still be cold out there. quick look at the seven-day outlook. warm things back to the lower 70's by wednesday and thursday by next week. alison? alison: thank you so much.
4:50 pm
as he mentioned it will get very cold this weekend. that means you need to protect your pets and you need to protect your plants. we have a guest joinings now. michael faye from maryfield garden center. hi, michael. nice to see you. michael: hi. thank you for having me on. alison: here we are. we have the potential for frost this weekend. what does everybody need to know? michael: you know, we do have potential for frost. a little bit more westward. we are surely going to get some frost. most important thing that people want to think about, a lot of people this type of year are still receiving vegetable crops. we are getting in the late fall harvest. if you have tomatoes or industrial peppers going you -- or you still have peppers going, cover them. if you have house plants you need to be thinking about bringing them in, this time of year. any tropicals you have planted in the garden. dig those up and get ready for
4:51 pm
that as well. alison: i'm not good at this. but i think those are mums behind you. i know mums and pansies are particularly something to look out for? michael: you know, mums and pansies will appreciate a little colder temperatures at night. pansies especially. you will get a little better burst of color out of them. mums will be fine as well. i wouldn't worry about them at all. alison: so they're hearty with this kind of weather? michael: absolutely. they are plenty cold tolerant enough and they should be fine. you should haven't do anything with those this weekend. alison: one last question about the plants to leave outside. is it really important to bring anything inside we can? michael: like i said, house plants, things that are tropical. look for the succulents. i have jays on my back porch. i'll be scrambling to get them
4:52 pm
inside. aloe, things like that. focus on the tropical house plants to bring them in. anything that belongs outside should be perfectly fine. perennials will go dormant at some point in the next few months. you shouldn't worry about anything other than tropical house plants. alison: very good. good refresher course. it has been a while since we have had the weather. michael fahey, thank you for your time. michael: you're welcome. thank you again. alison: have a good weekend. jonathan? jonathan: a reminder to stay on top of the conditions changing this weekend. take the storm watch 7 weather app wherever you go. available on the apple story and google play -- apple store and google play. if things change you will know about it. can you believe it? black friday is almost here. we will look at the prices you might be able to get if you brace the crowds.
4:53 pm
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severe low blood sugar can be serious and life-threatening. ask your doctor about alcohol use, operating machinery, or driving. other possible side effects include injection site reactions. tell your doctor about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions. check your blood sugar. your insulin dose should not be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, sweating, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. today's the day to ask about levemir® flextouch. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. alison: we have breaking news about lamar odom. he is opening his eyes. the former nba champion is off
4:56 pm
life support. we will continue to follow the story and bring you any new developments as we get them. jonathan: that is interesting. binge drinking can drain the economy. this is according to a new c.d.c. study. reporterredly cost the economy $249 billion in 2010. one-third of that came from lost productivity in the workplace by employees nursing hangovers. the study to find binge drinking consuming five drinks for men at least and four drinks for women over the course of two hours. alison: well, hundreds of movers and shakers came out for an event in the district. it was adorable. take a look. this is the annual let's move d.c. event at the recreation center in northeast washington. the goal is to inspire children to eat healthy foods and have at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. more than 700 toddlers and students in the district were out there to participate. of course, this initiative was launched by the first lady michelle obama. >> the one kid is hopping in
4:57 pm
the back. loving that. he will sleep good tonight. are you getting ready to start holiday shopping? you may be interested in the just released prediction of some of the hottest black friday deals. consumer reporter john matarese has a sneak preview so you don't waste your money. john: it's october. they are getting in the halloween mode. not halloween. i'm talking christmas. we are getting predictions what we'll seal for sale on black friday. the website ablized last thanksgiving sales and the current prices and came up for the prediction. they predict 40-inch hdtv to start at $110. 50 inch tv's, $175 dollars. apple new ipad air two marked down to $375. laptops as low as $94. with average prices of $299. generic android tablets as low as $5. yes, five bucks!
4:58 pm
but from the doesn't that stink file while getting the prices will be tough. $5 tablets and the $94 lab tops are door busters. meaning you have to spend thanksgiving dinner line to get them. doesn't that stink? yes. most stores open at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving once again. for traditionals who like the turkey dinner, that stinks, too. >> if you want the best deal a great time to start watching prices of what you want so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc7 news. jonathan: a plot to kill, love triangle ends in a double murder. how a 13-year-old was allegedly involved in the chilling crime. hours away from a huge airline merger. thetic pact on the weekend travel plans. >> i don't want to be part of it. jonathan: a local pizza place targeted after multiple robberies. d.c. community is fighting back and how they are keeping this shop safe. announcer: now, "abc7 news at
4:59 pm
5:00". on your side. alison: a bizarre love triangle turns deadly in maryland. tonight we are trying to piece together the relationship. this is between a man, his wife, their girlfriend, their daughter and her boyfriend. it all went wrong in lothian. suzanne kennedy in annapolis where a suspect appeared in court this afternoon. suzanne: that suspect is the wife, ann anastasi. she made a brief appearance by way of closed caption tv. the judge held her on no-bond status. authorities say she crafted a plan to kill her husband of 18 years and their live-in lover. also planned to recruit hir -- her daughter, 13 years old and the daughter's 18-year-old boyfriend to take part in the crime. and finally, she tried to make it look like a murder-suicide
5:00 pm
rather than a double homicide. the killings happened in anastasi's rural anne arundel home. this is where ann anastasi lived with her husband, their five children and the couple's live-in 25-year-old lover. it was october 4 that anthony anastasi and jacqueline riggs were killed. a crime that anastasi's daughter 18-year-old boyfriend has now confessed to committing. >> he admitted to being the person who actually stabbed the victim downstairs and shot mr. anastasi. suzanne: ann anastasi tried to make it look like a murder-suicide but authorities say in an effort to conceal the crime ze made a critical mistake not matching replacement gun to evidence on the scene. >> the firearm was the main piece of evidence considering that in a suicide, .45 caliber cannot shoot a .380 casing. 18-year-old gabriel


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