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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  October 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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family, living in the montgomery village home for six months. like her high school friend, zella just turned 21. >> i'm hurt. that was my best friend. my sister. my everything. mike: gunned down in an alley where witnesses describe her being surrounded by four or five men and sounded by sound of gunshot. they are convinced this is a hate crime. >> whoever did this deserves crime. >> watch the company you keep. you are loyal to even, but everybody not loyal to you. mike: police say there are potential motives in the case but it's possible this is a hate crime. detectives are seeking and reviewing surveillance camera footage at the busy lawnry matt and the businesses along -- laundromat and the businesses along the alley. >> there are quite a few people that frequent the area. mike: no matter the outcome of the investigation, the family and friends are heart broken,
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in disbelief she is gone. >> i have memories but she was too young. she was too young. mike: detectives are working on the case around the clock and they are urging any witnesses to come forward on the case. crime stoppers is offering reward up to $10,000 if any information leads to an arrest. reporting live in gaithersburg, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, mike. two people are dead and three others under arrest in what maryland police describe as a bizarre love triangle. ann anastasi, her 13-year-old daughter and her daughter's 18-year-old boyfriend gabriel struss were arrested overnight. police say the three plotted to kill anastasi's husband anthony and the couple's live-in lover jacqueline riggs. police admit at first the crime inside the couple's lothian home appeared to be a murder-suicide but then they realized things didn't add up.
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>> mr. anastasi was killed with a .380-caliber handgun. a casing was located at the scene. what was next to his head was .45-caliber handgun and it could not have fired the .38 we believe killed mr. nasrallah. maureen: struss confessed to the crime and the suspects are being held without bond. new evidence appears to show accused killer charles severance stalking the first of three murder victims. alexandria police say a man caught on video following nancy dunning into a target store days before the 2003 murder is charles severance. today medical examiner testified that dunning was shot three times at point-blank range. dozens of people including children as young as 8 rallied for police reform in baltimore today. >> we are the future generation of the city. maureen: rally organizers say the baltimore department needs to be reformed following
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freddie gray's death in police custody last april. their demands include firing officers who use excessive force and accelerating a plan to equip all officers with body cameras. we have an update to the investigation that shut down part of the woodrow wilson bridge today. tonight, live pictures show traffic is back to normal on the westbound lanes. the through lanes were closed for three hours while police investigated a suspicious package that turned out to be a box of hvac parts that had fallen off a truck. now to a developing story from california. where mudslides brought traffic to a halt. take a look at this scene about 100 miles north of los angeles. crews work through the night to dig out vehicles trapped in the mud. triggered by heavy rain. interstate 5 was closed for several hours but has reopened. no injuries reported. but hundreds of people were stranded. this weekend, parts of our area will get the first taste of winter as the temperatures plunge.
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meteorologist steve rudin has a first look at the forecast. steve? steve: in belfort furniture weather center. the temperature outside is comfortable. a lot of people are enjoying the nice sunshine we have. at least another 25 minutes of it before it sets. 61 in leesburg. 64 in manassas. hour-by-hour moving through the evening, the temperatures will fall through the 50's. eventually the 40's. the upper 30's in our northern and the western suburbs. we talking about a freeze watch. early, early sunday morning. it includes northern montgomery, western loudoun, faquier. all the areas in the brighter blue. nothing for the metro. more on that and the warmup in the seven-day outlook in a minute. maureen? maureen: all right, steve. thank you very much. the maryland state board of elections rejected montgomery county plan to move early voting sites that left the county scrambling to come up with a new plan with days until a deadline. "7 on your side" government
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watchdog chris papst explains why the issue is so controversial. chris: early voting in montgomery county and the rest of the state is relatively new. it started in 2010. with the election of governor larry hogan for the first time since then the republicans now have control of county election boards. and the republicans here in montgomery county, their plan which includes moving some early election sites, like this one in chevy chase sparked intense debate. >> it's mainly an attempt to reduce the number of voters in the county. and especially the number of the democratic voters. i think that is probably the plain definition of voter suppression. >> it's a political move by them to discredit us. we have no intention of disenfranchise voters. chris: alex vincent is a republican on the board of voting election and the board plan to move two was to make early voting available in new
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communities. many democrats see the change as a political move. since the proposed sites are less populated. >> it's fine if they want to move things around but the net effect has to be making it easier for more people to vote regardless of party. chris: the plan went before the state board of election which failed to ratify it with a necessary 4-1 vote. it split 3-2 along party lines. so now the county has until october 28 to draft a new plan. vincent says the board will consider a new combination of locations. and the possibility of adding more. >> the democratic party is used to dictate what happens in the county and they are not tolerating any disagreement or defense. >> anybody who watches to vote will be able to vote. county board of elections will meet monday to discuss a new plan. the state board of elections will meet friday to consider it. in montgomery county, chris papst, abc7 news. maureen: coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- threats of a weekend strike by uber drivers. will it affect our area?
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>>e have probably 1% of the truth. maureen: and families respond after police name two new suspects in the 1988 lockerbie bombing terror attack. and new violence in the west bank. the historical treasure damaged and what set off the latest
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maureen: video of some of the violence in bethlehem today as part of what palestinians are calling "a day of rage." the latest escalation of clashes between palestinians and veiledly forces. among the damage a fire set at joseph's tomb, a sacred jewish site. this began when palestinian activists launched a series of knife attacks and israel responded with military force. congressional committee looking into the benghazi attack heard testimony today from a long-time aide to hillary clinton. she is vice chair of clinton's presidential campaign. she was a stop state department aide when clinton was secretary of state. democrats protest that the aide had little knowledge about the incident. four americans were killed in the 2012 attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. it has been 25 years since the terrorist bombing over lockerbie, scotland. the now u.s. and scottish authorities are trying to
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interview two newly identified suspects. one of the suspects is in a libyan prison after being convicted for a role in killing protesters in 2011. the 1988 bombing of the pan am jetliner killed 270 people. family members welcomed the news about the new suspects. >> number one, the truth will help. then getting justice is on the other end of the spectrum but it's important that the information come out. maureen: it is not certain if libya will cooperate with the investigation given the instinct there. one suspect was released from prison because of poor health and is dead. next at 6:00 -- >> so maureen, there is a guy trying to organize a nationwide strike of drivers for the ride-sharing service uber. is it having any success in the local area? we'll tell you coming up. maureen: as the sun sets, the
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temperatures are beginning to drop. where we could see frost this weekend and when the 70's might return ahead in weather. robert: i'm robert burton. coming up in sports, big matchup on the high school level. who will be victorious? and a big piece will be missing sunday for the skins. really big piece. injury update when "abc7 news at 6:00" continues.
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maureen: these are the final hours of u.s. airways existence as its own company. airline at one time based in bristol city, officially becomes part of american airlines tomorrow. its final local flight leaves reagan national at 10:00 tonight. the airline's last flight departs san francisco around midnight tonight. and there is buzz online about a nationwide uber strike this weekend. in fact, some drivers are picketing outside uber san francisco headquarters. will we feel the effects here? we sent tom roussey out on the streets to find out for us. tom? tom: maureen, this was organized online.
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this is basically one guy calling for a nationwide strike. i got to tell you it doesn't look like he is having much success in the d.c. area. this is the app right now. you would expect a lot of people in georgetown to be using it. two-minute wait for a car. that is way better than normal. if the drivers are striking it's not showing in georgetown. this is video of the facebook page where the man tried to organize drivers. he had some support on there. he also had a petition that had over 1,700 signatures. no way to know if that many drivers are participating. he calls for a $7 minimum fare and he wants the app to have a tip option if you use uber to ride somewhere you could tip your driver. it doesn't currently have that. so, again, he called for this strike. but we have not been able to talk to anyone in the entire d.c. area so far that is actually going to participate as an uber driver. when we come back out here live, you can see the wait is still two minutes. better than average, not worse
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than average. so in georgetown drivers don't seem to be participating. i recently talked to two local drivers who say there is talk of a strike in the d.c. area but it's not this weekend. it's a possibility for the future. the other driver says i make a lot of money from uber and i'm on their side and said he was not striking. there are calls for a strike nationwide of the uber drivers. reporting live in georgetown, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. maureen: thanks, tom. metro says a light fixture was responsible for the morning's delays. smoke incident at the foggy bottom station forced single tracking on the orange, blue, silver lines. metro says debris from a light fixture caused that fixture to smolder. they had to shut off power to the track to clear the debris. it will be slow-going for metro riders this weekend. on every line but the green line trains will run only once every 24 minutes. that is to allow for track
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rebuilding. with some lines single tracking. the green ne runs on its normal weekend schedule. more traffic warnings for you as work begins on the next phase of the silver line. starting monday, crews begin excavating the future site of the herndon station in the median of the dulles access road near the herndon mon roe park and ride. drivers are expected -- are warned to expect more construction vehicles and trucks on and around the roadways. they seem to be everywhere catching up on all the work these days. steve: oh, my gosh. alison: all over -- maureen: all over the place. so the weather is nice. steve: calm down tomorrow and then you will feel it on sunday and monday morning what a potential for frost. it will freeze! that time of the year already. the high made it up to 62 at
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the airport. we look outside. beautiful sunset. 12 minutes to go before the sunset. temperature at the airport is 64 degrees. winds out of the north/northwest at 12 miles per hour. the winds will ease a little bit later tonight but it will stay on the chilly side. leesburg at 61. 62 in annapolis. 63 in patch river. fredericksburg at 64. you can see where the cooler air is located well north of us. 50 in detroit. the cool air makes our way for the weekend but it won't last long. by the middle of next week we are back in the 70's. scattered showers across pennsylvania. showers early for garrett and algany counties but these are beginning to fizzle out with the cloud cover. mainly clear skies heading through the overnight hours. in town 47, 48 degrees. further north and west you go, you will look for the temperatures in the upper 30's. now tomorrow, even though you
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have sunshine, don't be fooled. daytime highs middle to upper 50's. breezy. on the cool side. wisconsin out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. the coolest day is sunday. there is a freeze watch in d.c. everything shaded in brighter blues. fab the district, prince george, fairfax, arlington and alexandria nothing to worry about. not right now. more than likely the area in bright blue will convert to freeze warning. then it is done for the season and you won't see another one for your county. the color change looks great. not much for the metro but a little can be found in the
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next couple of weeks. things will improve with that. 55 for a high on sunday. upper 50's on monday. we rebound to 60's on tuesday. lower 70's wednesday and thursday. perfect football weather. what do you think, robert? robert: i like it. wait until you hear who is not playing for the skins against the jets and a big showdown on the high school level. we'll prove it to you
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: injury update for the skins. players ruled out. jordan reed. corey lickentiger. in the secondary, chris culliver and deangelo hall. the biggest hit is the tackle trent williams. this news coming in today. trent williams starting to show concussion like symptoms this week. so right now he is going through the concussion protocol. a lot of missing pieces this sunday. but in this business, the show must go on. >> we know it will be a tough battle no matter who is out there. we feel good about the guys that will play. we'll have to get the guys dressed, no matter what. they will play hard and play their best. we will compete. that's all we can do. robert: huge night for high school football. battle of unbeatens.
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it's televised on world war ii. -- televised on e spn2. erin hawksworth caught up with the head coach. ize ja brooks before the game -- elijah brooks before the game. erin: do the kids get nervous that it's nationally televised game? >> we had a game on espn earlier in the season and i hope that it pays dividends tonight. erin: what is the message to the squad? >> have fun. not many people can say they played on national tv. we played on it twice in one year. enjoy the experience and do the best you can do. robert: can't wait. this might be the pass of the year in college football. kevin hogan fires it to the end zone. they make a catch from the defender's back. 41-yard touchdown. they beat ucla. the final 56-35. final note according to espn,
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sources say lamar odom is conscious and breathing on his own and spoken a few words. i grew up watching him. hoping for his best for the recovery. alison: tell us about the frost. steve: it is on the way. no worries tomorrow. it will feel cooler than it has in the past couple of days. waking up for temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's. mid-50's in the afternoon. traction for the daytime highs around 55 to 59 degrees. we have the freeze watch in effect tomorrow night and early sunday morning. north and west of d.c. but not yet for the district. so your plants on the porch will be safe if you live in d.c., arlington or alexandria. 55 for a high on monday. let's focus on the warmer weather. wednesday and thursday lower 70's. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir is up next. join us again at 11:00.
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we have breaking news tonight. trapped in the mudslides. the rescues and tonight, the massive traffic jam. after raging storms unleash crushing mud. a 45-mile stretch of highway shut down. drivers, families, crawling out of their cars. also tonight, the stunning collapse. the scaffolding crashing down in a major american city. firerefighters and the frantic search for victims under the metal. the deadly traffic stop. this unarmed teenager pulled over. >> officer, what are you doing? >> the teenager then shot seven times. tonight, his family now fighting. breaking news in the race for 2016. what donald trump is now saying about 9/11. about the world trade center and president george w. bush. jeb bush blasting trump tonight. and hillary clinton, with new words about joe biden. and, just in tonight. a major development. lamar odom's condition.


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