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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 17, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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>> keep evaluating. we just want to win one and try -- the best thing about 7-0 is a chance to get to 8-0. >> heather: coach, thank you. >> chris: good job dodging a question that many others will ask. want to know very soon what the quarterback plan is for next week. let's go back to heather. >> heather: chris, thank you. joined by j.t. barrett. and you have been incredibly patient. how did it feel to come in and lead this team, not just in the red zone, but throughout the second half? >> it was good. my mindset was just trying to do everything i can to help the team win. that's all i tried to do tonight and last week it was the red zone and this week, i got a chance to play in the second half and i took advantage of that. >> heather: how does your mindset and philosophy change once it goes from the red zone to what it turned into the second half? >> it woubt differeld be differ just ran the ball, but it was jus going into our regular offense and doing, i mean, normal things. it's not anything different from going red zone to the open field. >> heather: what is the key in your mind to making this
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multiple quarterback situation. coach said it wouldn't work would your personality. what is the key to you? >> for us, it's just knowing that at the end of the day, doing what's best for the team. me and cardale have that mind set. and really doesn't matter who gets the glory, who gets the stats, anything like that. well worry about winning and i think that's the team philosophy. that's what we try to do in the system we have. >> heather: certainly worked well tonight. j.t., congrats on a great performance. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> chris: that's what you hope your quarterback would say in that situation. no doubt he wants to get back and be the starter. the at&t strong performance looks at the two 100-yard rushers. barrett averaged more than nine yards per carry. two touchdown passes. elliott, again, with 153, has hit the 100-yard mark, 12 games in a row. >> kirk: just a really nice job by ohio state, having a balanced running game and there was a jolt. you could feel the plan was, when ohio state got into the red zone, maybe they would see more and more j.t. barrett like last
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week. you saw more of him in the open field and it just does. the quarterback threat opens up so many different aspects of this offense where you can run j.t. barrett. you can run zeke elliott and you can use play action off of it, makes it very, very tough to stop. that's who they were last year with barrett until the injury and when cardale jones stepped in. >> chris: they go to rutgers next week. bye, minnesota, here, at illinois. massive fave riflts in those three games. setting up the end of the season. michigan state and then at michigan. going to be interesting down the stretch. >> kirk: it's going to take all they have to stay focused week to week and not get excited about the last two games. >> chris: an ohio statement here in columbus. 38-10 is the final here. tonight's game p. for kirk herbstreit, heather cox, our entire team here in frosty columbus, chris fowler saying good night. time for the ford wrapup show and cassidy hubbarth. thanks, chris. so many wild plays on this
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showdown saturday. but none crazier than the blunder at the big house. michigan state had a .2% probability to beat michigan before the final play of the game. further proof you always play to the final whistle. ten seconds to go. michigan punting up two points. blake o'neill muffs the punt. recovered by jalen watts jackson for the game-winning touchdown. sparty with their first lead of the day, coming as the clock hits zero. unfortunately, the hero, jalen watts jackson hurt his hip during the celebration and had to be taken to the hospital after the game. stay tuned to for the latest on his status. but michigan state with the improbable win. little brother once again taking home the paul bunyan trophy. they've won seven of their last eight over the wolverines. here's mark dantonio on the twi wild, wild win. >> we just came in here, something that we felt like we had to prove. and, i don't know, you know, i guess we won on a crazy play,
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but we played hard and with conviction. >> what's this win mean for your program? >> we're 7-0, we advance. that's what it means. that's -- in the big picture, our dreams are still alive. >> thanks, coach. congratulations. >> thank you. another crazy play, florida/lsu. tigers lined up to kick a field goal. trick play. 16 yards. the mad hatter magic at it again. tigers hand the gators their first loss of the season. leonard fournette, 31 carries and two touchdowns. alabama and texas a&m. fourth quarter. fitzpatrick was huge in this game. a 55-yard interception return. his second pick six of the day. alabama wins. derek henry, 236 yards rushing and two tds in the 41-23 win. hugh freeze and number 13 ole miss visiting undefeated memphis. third quarter. paxton lynch. play action. throws deep and finds frazier for the 31-yard touchdown.
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memphis, 6-0 gr the first time since 1961. ole miss, 2-2 since beating bama. usc in their first game after firing steve sarkisian. close game. go ahead td. notre dame scored the final 17 points of the game. they win it 41-31. arizona state and utah over on espn right now. utah leading arizona state, 7-0, midway through the first, kicking off to the sun devils after scoring a touchdown and tim white, gone. 100 yards for the touchdown. arizona state would tie it up at seven. right now, utah up 14-10 in the second, again, this game on espn. number 20 northwestern taking on number 17 iowa. second quarter. wadley. this kid had a game. 35-yard touchdown run here. part of a 204-yard rushing day. four tds. iowa wins 40-10. they are 7-0 for the first time
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since 2009. elsewhere, baylor tying the fbs record for consecutive 60-point games with its fifth in a row. trevone boykin, he's having quite a season. 436 yards passing, four touchdowns and adding a rushing score for his sixth straight four-touchdown game. boykin, man, oh, man. dalvin cook paced florida state with 163 yards on the ground also they beat louisville by 20. desean watson, he had his second career 400-yard passing game in clemson's win over boston college. that's the ford wrapup. i'm cassidy hubbarth. have a great week. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us.
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>> and reaths in the murder of a transgender woman. the new details revealed in court documents. giving it another try. hundreds gather to honor young
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cancer victims, nearly a month after the secret service shut down a previous event. bundle up. colder weather is on the way. the news starts now. >> now, abc news at 11:00, on your side. >> first tonight, a chilly start to the weekend and bone-chilling weather is on the way with some areas possibly dropping into the 20's in the coming days. eteorologist kevin lewis has the forecast. if you have some basil or something bring them endorse. warrant metro is under frost advisories. 33-36-grem temps is what you can expect. your updated forecast, culpepper the cold spot at 29. manassas 30, ragan national, 39.
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high temperatures, 61 here in manassas. real-time temps. looking ahead into the forecast, this isn't the coldest morning we've got. that doesn't come until monday morning. once we get through that time period, we are going to be looking at temperatures going up from there. here in the weather center, we are talking about the cold for at least the next day and a half. the next week beyond that look incredible. we will tell you how mild in the forecast. >> sounds good. say defected with abc 7 and as we track the old weather. look for updates on our social media platforms. download our weather apps so you can receive updates on your cell phone. new developments on the search for a driver behind a hit-and-run. the victim has been identified.
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he was trying to cross the street when he was struck. the striking vehicle could be a late-model ford. if you know anything call police. in prince george's county county. usmeiro petit is accused of -- joseph poteat is accused. if you have seen poteat, police want to hear from you. montgomery county police make an the murder of a transgender woman. la blonde had some sort of friendship. she began her transition about a year ago. the family called her by her pre
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transition name of deandre smith. >> i am glad he is off the street and not able to harm anyone. but again, it doesn't bring back deandre. > lablonde is scheduled to appear in court. the parents of a wdbj reporter shot on the street continue their fight. they joined forces with the group every town for begun safety to support political candidates pushing for gun legislation. > we are advocating that legislators change the laws to prevent people that shouldn't have guns from getting them. universal background checks and closing loopholes. >> as parents you should not have to worry if your child is going to school, to work or to a movie -- you shouldn't have to wonder if they are going to come
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home alive. >> the parkers are scheduled to take part in a similar event on sunday in woodbridge. >> towson police are investigating after a smartphone was recovered from the women's swimming and diving team's locker room. a school spokesperson says the device may have recorded athletes in the changing room. the school was offering counseling to team members. the texas student who made headlines after he was arrested for bringing a clock to school is in the d.c. area this weekend. ahmad mohammed was honored by the largest muslim civil rights group in the country. >> i am going to introduce to you our young clock maker, ahmad muhammad. >> at just 14 years he would, he was awarded american muslim of the year. that is a pretty big deal for a
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teenager. he told the crowd at the dinner he wants to fight for justice. >> i just want to stop discrimination for everyone. not just for religious, but for all races as well. >> that award is in the shape of the clock and that is what most americans have come to know the teen for. back in september he was handcuffed, detained and suspended from a school in a dallas suburb after he brougha home made alarm clock to school and one of the teachers thought it looked like a bomb. he said he was singled bautista he was muslim. he gathered more than one million supporters online. when you get him one-on-one, the 14-year-old seems a little bit shy, but says he is looking forward to his trip to the white house on monday. >> i am really excited to be going to the white house. i will get to meet a lot of great people. >> excited because he is
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interested in all things science, especially space. >> everything realtied to space and time. >> president obama launched these astronomy nights in 2009. cysts gs together sign and students for a night of star gazing. woe asked him weigh wanted, and he would i would just like a whow pen. >> hundreds of people gathered to honor young cancer victims. it happened a month later than planned after the secret shut is down. tom roussey was there and spoke with the director of the secret service. >> in september, just like tonight, most of the event was held in this area right behind me, which as you can see is a decent distance from the white house. still, though, in september the group was asked to leave lafayette square. this time not only were they not asked to leave, but they received an apology. ♪ mazing grace
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this time the childhood cancer vigil, a night of golden lights went off as planned. a far cry from september is the. that night the secret service kicked the vigil out from lafayette square because the president was going to a speech. saturday night, secret service director joe chancey came out to make amends. >> our folks were doing what they are expected to do. we learn too. we learn from every since dent. this is another area we are going to learn from. >> it was disappointing that we couldn't do it the first time. >> there was a huge silver lining. >> we got publicity all over the world becausofe t. >> i am glad it happened last night. >> natasha, who was diagnosed with a type of brain cancer in may, came from canada last time
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and made the trip again. >> i am glad we are finally getting the attention this cause deserves. >> to all the kids that are here tonight, again i apologize to all of you. >> and in a sign that all was forgiven, not only was clancey invited to talk, he was even given an award. >> me and mr. clancey are like this. >> and a number of folks tonight said in the end we got a second chance to raise awareness, a second chance to help kids battling cancer, and that's a good thing. reporting outside the white house, i am tom roussey, abc 7 7 news. >> a firefighter traded his uniform for running clothes. hall and meyer are running 343 miles in a week to benefit the "i will" foundation. the foundation's goal is to help people after traumatic injury.
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they admit they were exhausted after a couple of hundred miles but refused to give up. >> the goal was to help others. that kept us running. meyer has fully recovered from injuries after being struck by a car this part winter. >> coming up, drawing attention to the smallest victims of the historic flooding in u.s.c. how you you can help find these animals find loving homes. how you you can help find these animals find loving homes. will he or won't he run
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>> in race for the white house, vice president joe biden is keeping marcum about whether he will run for president. the vimet was in new york city tonight where he received a humanitarian award. biden's inner circle sent out an e-mail describing the campaign he would run. biden supporters and even hellry clinton have urged the vice president to make a decision. >> donald trump catching some heat for remarks about former
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president george w. bush. in a tv interview on friday, trump suggested that bush is partly to blame for the neitzel attack -- for the 9/11 attacks. >> when you talk about george bush, say what you want, the world trade centerpiece came down during his team. >> jeb bush responded via twitter. he called trump pathetic to criticize the president when he kept the nation safe. him fired back calling pathetic. >> dogs are now in our area waiting to be adopted from south carolina. 10 of them are at the washed rescue league. the dogs were already in south carolina animal shelters before the catastrophic flooding there, backup they have been relocated since those shelters are overwhelmed with new dogs that were found abandoned. >> people should come out if they are interested in adopting.
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we have a great selection of dogs and cats right now for people to add to their family. >> the dogs will be available for adoption in the next three to five days. depending on where you live, you don't want to have your plants out or your animals for that matter. >> our sleeping with the windows cracked open tonight unless you have a blanket or a comforter. it is going to be cold. first freezes and frost the -- frost of the season coming. one degree off from freezing already. downtown washington, 12 degrees from culpepper to ragan national . the western zones, we show that we have the freeze warnings in effect. what is not shown under the frost advisory is the washington metro. northwest wins were up, but already the winds have gone away, but they are going to pick back up tomorrow. we have a clear night under way
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here through much of the area. that clear night is allowing for the very cold air to come on in. clear night and cold morning tomorrow. the bigger picture, winds will return again as well. next few days, sunday, and monday, there is the winds that have gone away the told tomorrow morning, breeze picks up during the day, chilly. monday morning, another round and the coldest morning to come. we get past that morning, and by afternoon and evening on monday, you are going toy say it is not feeling too bad. reset the forecast. overnight, your morning lows. culpepper, you are already four degrees off from that 29-degree mark tomorrow. maybe colder than that. 30 manassas and winchester. 9 degrees at ragan national. aybe a sprinkle past the mason-dixon line. tomorrow is going to feel colder than today. don't get my wrong.
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tomorrow it will feel cold. lower to mid 50's in the southwest zones. don't put too much into a sprinkle in wearnlt. we don't feel that is going to be a likely occurrence. monday, 38 at ragan national. by afternoon, it feels very nice. without a breeze, nearly 60 degrees and wonderful. speaking of sunny skies, our sky cast tomorrow, a few clouds coming in. it looks almost exactly like adam. sunrise, 39 degrees in washington, a cloud in the distance. a few decks of clouds come in but sunshine in between. mid to upper 50's but then the breeze goes away and sunshine out monday. then we get past the period of the arctic cold punch, back to the 70's, kind of where we enjoyed this past week.
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wonderful high temperatures. next cold front thursday doesn't bring any rain. not like this cold period we just had. >> bring on the 70's. >> we will take it any time in october or thursday. >> ai saw was wednesday and thursday. the rest. >> we are just blocking it out. >> you are here to tell us about maryland madness today? >> yes. you have heard of march madness. how about maryland madness as the men and women gear up for basketball season. nicklas backstrom was an absolute beast. fully recovered, it appears, from this performance. highlights next.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> after missing the start of the season due to hip surgery, strm backstrom made his season debut tonight against carolina. we pick it up in the f


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