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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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kellye: loved ones gather to remember a transgender woman murdered near a shopping center. could things be getting back on track with the troubled streetcar program in the district? and crawlp the heat under the comfort her. some of us could see below freezing temperatures overnight. the news starts now. 11:00, onc 7 news at
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your side. thise: you needed a coat weekend, and some of us could see temps dipping into the 20's. devon lucie is here with the numbers. devon: we will have multiple freezes across the region. already some of us freezing this morning. the freeze warning in effect, the talked and mountains, the blue ridge, the entire washington metro and the eastern shore. the forecast low temperatures, 31 baltimore, manassas 29, culpeper could be 26. washington could be in the frosty range. 44 downtown washington. tomorrow morning, it will be a wonderful day. even better tuesday and wednesday. the rest of the day not as breezy, nicer in the afternoon.
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you will think about hats, gloves, coats for the kids tomorrow. it will be cold. it will be a great afternoon with sunshine. . i know 58 does not look great, but compared with saturday, it will feel nice. the warming temperatures and the warming temperatures and complete outlook a few minutes away. kellye: the cold weather leading to dangerous conditions in parts of the northeast. icy roadways and bridges caused a number of problems in new york, forcing officials to close a stretch of highway. also accidents on i-95 north. stay connected with abc 7 and wjla, with updates on our stormwatch app. an outpouring of support during a time of grief. dozens gather tonight to remember a transgender woman
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who was shot and killed last week in montgomery village. we are learning more about the events leading up to the murder. roz plater is in rockville with the details. of new information coming from recently released court documents, including the how and why investigators believe this crime went down. dozens came out to this germantown park, formed a circle, lit a candle, and tried to console the family torn apart by grief. >> so much heartache, tragedy, loss. but we still stand. mourning the murder of zella ziona, a transgender woman known as deandre smith. ninge thank you for loa him to us for 21 euros. -- 21 years.
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roz: one of his friends was actedassed after ziona flamboyant in front of him at the mall. the evening of the 15th, there was a fight. somebody struck her with a stick , lord her into the alley, then -- lured her into the alley, and then shot her. friends and relatives are wearing memorial t-shirts that say #stopthehate. mother,aves behind her three brothers, and extended family, who find themselves thrust into a new role, advocating for trans-genders. like of this i would newfound respect for what they go through because it's hard. it's hard battling with whoever they want to be. z: the suspect has his first court appearance at district
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court tomorrow afternoon. roz plater, abc 7 news. kellye: in prince george's county, and arrested a deadly standing in temple hills. gt thomas is charged with the murder of avery. it appears an argument broke out between them, leading to the stabbing. thomas is being held without bond. the parents of a tv news reporter shot and killed on air spent the weekend pushing for tighter gun laws in woodbridge this afternoon, showing support for a democratic candidate for the virginia senate. pike says gun control is his top priority. a survivor ofng, the virginia tech shooting. ofit's the definition insanity to change nothing and expect a result. we ask what can be done if we don't change anything. last week virginia
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governor terry mcauliffe created a task force to target a legal gun sales. the district's streetcar project is on track to open by the end of the year. "the washington post" reports the top transportation official avoided giving an exact date because more delays are possible. have missed previous deadlines. the prince george's county police department responds after a 22nd video prompted some viewers to question and officers of use of force. the police identified the suspect in the video as a 21-year-old. the officer punches him in the face. l saturdayed in laure afternoon during a traffic stop. what you do not see in the video is young trying to kick and spit on the officer before biting him at least once. >> at that point he is using force to get him under control.
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it is a measured way to get him under control. at some point, the officer has to deploy his taser to stop the resistance. arrest,after young's they learned he is wanted in howard county including charges for robbery with a deadly weapon. officers found 68-year-old paul guida unconscious and not breathing last night. they say he suffered from extensive medical conditions and was housed in the infirmary unit. the medical examiner will determine the cause of death. thember of cities across country are dealing with strained relations between the police and communities, and d.c. police are trying to ease the tension through a special program. a spike in gun violence in the nation's capital has increased tensions between the police and public. law enforcement leaders in washington are trying to improve
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that relationship by reaching out to young people who live in some of the most troubled neighborhoods. abc news spent weeks following young women and men participating in the youth creating change program. some d.c. officers were there as well, breaking down barriers. only a handful of days later, this program participant helped carry his cousin's casket. his relative had been shot and killed. a key component is in cursing to make good choices and better understand the world around them. some people think they can do what they want, and that's not true all the time. >> people are like, i don't want to get with the police, but then they have fun with us and we are just like them. one exercise, they took the teenagers to the police training academy. >> how fearful were you? >> i was fearful when he got out of the car and came towards me. >> so you can relate now and
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say, there may be more to that story. of the program, hopeful signs of progress, connections made, trust earned. >> at first i did not like them. now i like them because they took me in like one of theirs. jay: the texas student who made headlines after he was arrested for bringing a clock to school will be visiting the white house tomorrow. he spent the weekend in the sea, the council in arlington gave him an award for american muslim of the year, the award shaped like a clock. earlier, the teenager and his family checked out museums in the district. coming up -- i did not realize the severity of the injuries until we pulled him out of the water. kellye: two shark attacks within hours of each other.
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what is being done to keep swimmers say. and in update on the health of former nba star lamar odom.
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kellye: a search is underway for a gunman in florida after a shooting. one person was killed, three others injured. a floridadentified football player is a person killed. video capture the chaos. >> we started running because we saw a hoard of people running. kellye: the shooter disappeared into the crowd. sacramento police released composite sketches of two men wanted in a stabbing of u.s. air man spencer stone outside of a bar. he was released from the hospital last week. he made headlines over the summer when he helped foil an attack on a train in france.
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a pair of shark attacks in hawaii. the first incident, a 44-year-old man was attacked saturday afternoon. he suffered extensive injuries to his feet. two people in a canoe helped. >> his injuries are pretty extreme. both legs, just above the ankle were just hanging on. still in shock. life is precious. a few hours later, a 32-year-old man was rushed to the hospital after a shark attack injured his left foot. lifeguards will patrol the waters and post warning signs if they see sharks. bassist saysdead he has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. he said he was diagnosed earlier this month and is undergoing treatment at the mayo clinic in arizona. he is expected to make a full recovery. he also battled prostate cancer in 2006.
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the government house in annapolis turned pink this weekend in recognition of breast cancer awareness month. maryland governor larry hogan has a personal connection to the his finalpleting round of chemo battling non-hodgkin's lymphoma. lamar odom is making progress after being found unconscious at a nevada brothel. the eu was moving to a chair with some assistance. doctors are running test to determine the extent of possible brain damage or long-term effects. officers are looking into reports that he used cocaine, alcohol, and herbal viagra in the days before he collapsed. theof the biggest names in republican field trading attacks on tv. plus, hillary clinton weighs in on vice president biden and when he should decide to join the campaign. devin dwyer has the latest.
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: donald trump jeb bush going at it over 9/11. safe with mye were brother. welcome the world trade center just fell down. i'm not blaming anybody, but the world trade center came down. world is not safe. devin: jeb bush fired back. >> it looks as though he is an actor playing the role of a candidate of president, not boning up on the issues. last week donald trump suggested that george w. bush might be to blame for the 9/11 attacks. >> say what you want, the world trade center came down during his time. >> you cannot blame george bush for that. >> he was president, ok. tougherrump said that a stance on immigration like his would have stopped the 9/11 hijackers. >> i'm extremely tough on people coming into the country.
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if i was running things, i doubt those people would be of the country. >> mr. trump talks about things as though he is still on "the apprentice." the greatest honor a have ever received in my public life. devin: still no word if he will enter the race for president. >> i'm not in any way suggesting or recommending that the vice president accept any timetable other than the one that is clicking inside of him. he has to make this decision. devin: a decision that could come in the next few days. kellye: a lot of people are preparing for the big chill. devon: getting out the hats and gloves a little early. see if you can find them. i had to dig around to find my gloves today. temperatures will be freezing in many spots. will be thens
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urbanized areas of d.c., the densely populated areas. these are the low temperatures today. has a big gapning in it because we are ready for today in frederick, manassas, luray. low-wage reagan national. we only made it to about 50 degrees, low to mid 50's. you add in the breeze and it felt chillier. real-time temps, 36 frederick, one step away from culpeper freezing at 32. a few sprinkles today from smith's berg, where a snow squall came through. up today, 10d was to 20. eased, allowing skies to clear and temperatures to drop. it is clear, it is cold. the big picture the next few
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days, pass tomorrow, tons of sunshine. it will feel much nicer. temperatures start to rise back. resetting the forecast overnight, the forecast lows -- one step from frost in downtown washington, reagan national. can still have a frosty start. as cold as 28 culpeper, 29 manassas. as soon as we get into the day, the sunshine out, the lack of breeze, mid to upper 50's. you get outthis, if for a lunch, walk around, it will feel great in the bright sunshine. without the breeze it will feel like a very good day. some high-altitude clouds tuesday, mostly sunny. near 70, upper 60's. great weather. , waking up tomorrow
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morning, may have a couple clouds in the distance, but day,y sunny start to the 37 reagan national. completely sunny day, hardly a cloud of the sky, beautiful blue skies, 58 without a breeze. 70 degrees wednesday, thursday. thursday night, a cold front comes through, dropping temperatures. may have to track more rain back into the forecast next weekend. kellye: that 75 is missing is feel really good. wish we could say about the redskins. devon: i think we would all say that. erin: the third quarter is the big topic. the redskins struggle again in the third quarter. sports is coming up.
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♪ ♪ >> and now the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the redskins lost again, and now the calls for a possible quarterback change are getting louder. they came out flat in the third quarter, a disturbing trend. robert burton has more. robert: a laundry list of starters inactive against the jets today, and the final score reflective of that. , you keep telling guys could be sitting at home next week looking at the game. when you get your number called, we don't care if you are third string, free agent, whatever. robert: you guys were missing a lot today. how much of that do you attribute to the loss? i don't like to
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make an excuse like that. the jets were better coached, better prepared. that is not an excuse that we have some guys injured. we would love to have them out there, of course, a couple of pro bowlers, but we had an opportunity to win the game. robert: the jets will anticipated the redskins running game, meaning more passes than j ay for. coach gruden: i know that kirk could have played better, but we had no running game whatsoever. he is not at a stage in his career right now, nor is anybody on our roster, to carry the team. i start to doubt, i will never get to the level i want to go, so i have to keep going, learn from the mistakes. the key is to identify the issue and correct it. week, ther another redskins biggest opponent continued to be the third
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quarter. >> we did it again. we cannot hold onto it and we lost the game. >> we have to come out harder, with a bigger chip on our shoulder. about athave talked the last several weeks, going into halftime, third quarter has to be better. we have plays coming out that we feel good about. reiterating it to one another how we have to come out firing on all cylinders. lights out at metlife stadium. the redskins were in no way lights out today against the jets. they will have a chance to bounce back next week against the 2-3 tampa bay buccaneers, and then a much-needed high week --bye week. erin: a rough day for the redskins, also a rough weekend for the harbaughs. lost in a jim heartbreaking question, and
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today is brother john is answering questions about the ravens. joe flacco struggled early. sr. deep, steve smith, makes the catch, 34 yard touchdown. smith takes it old school. remember the stance? -- remember this pants? flacco airs it out for the end zone, and, as you can imagine, it is bad it down by the niners. it is the worst start in ravens franchise history. mls, d.c. united played its final home game of the regular clinchingited already a playoff spot, but still trying to crime up -- climb up the eastern conference. minute, united gets on the board. , past two defenders come in his third goal of the season. d.c. united would score three times more and win 4-0.
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they end the regular season sunday against columbus. and a rematch of the deflategate game, right now the patriots leading the colts. as robert mentioned, the redskins are at new england november 8. kellye: we have to take on tampa first. coming up -- a strange sight in the big apple. a kangaroo on the loose?
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kellye: this weekend, pastor the er the kangarooty unlocked his backyard fence and escaped. buster was caught about 10 minutes later.
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kellye: tell the kids not to wear shorts tomorrow. devon: you can tell them, but that does not mean they will do it. .t is frosty
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the coldest spot, culpeper about 28. morning itold will be beautiful, a string of 70's coming wednesday and thursday. eileen whelan is in bright and early to update us. kellye: we will be right back. i don't want to live with
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