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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  October 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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audrey lane. a 14-year-old boy pronounced dead and a second teen suffering non-life threatening injuries. >> that is ridiculous. that is wild. >> this man said he lived here for five years and says it's not uncommon to see police at the apartment complex. >> police haven't released the suspect's name. they haven't said how the victim knew him. in prince george's county, diane cho, abc7 news. >> the other big story is the cold start to the workweek that caught folks off-guard. the temperatures dipped to the lowest since march.
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the residents couldn't even warm up inside. the heat isn't supposed to turn on until tomorrow. it is cold. if you compare us to other part of the country look at this. this looks like a winter wonderland in virginia virginia. some areas got up to nine inches of snow up to the weekend. it wreaked havoc on drivers. they were blamed for 50 wrecks in upstate new york alone. meteorologist brian van de graaff is tracking the weather for us. which fall should we expect around here tomorrow? brian: the warm autumn day. live from the belfort furniture weather center.
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the temperatureses only got to the 50 today. 55 degrees right now. 55 downtown. south 9-mile-per-hour. humidity is low. crisp for some. 55 in waldorf. there are 60's to the west. the temperatures won't be as cold. it's closer to town and the upper 30's at college park. we have more in a few minutes.
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>> a dozen families are without a home after a fast-moving apartment fire. it happened at the staple chase apartments not far from 95. live with how families are coping. >> no one got hurt. check out the damage to the upper floor of the apartment complex. they do not believe it's related to the cold snap. the fire consumed the upper flow apartments. >> on the bushes and the back of the buildings. >> firefighters responded quickly to knock down flames. but not before several units were damaged. >> we arrived and 16 family, 26 adults and two children. >> they are trying to see what
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they can salvage. >> this is a sprinkler building able it likely start on on a balcony and drove through to the attic where there are no sprinklers. >> fenger is trying to stay positive. >> everyone made it out. my fiance and neighbor's apartment, that is all that matters to me. >> we have seen them going in to clean up the mess. we have a restoration crew in place. the equipment and the woods. they are finding a temporary shelter. reporting live. >> incredible sight. a prince george's county firefighter snapped a picture of this. two family dogs were killed
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and a cat is missing. no one else was home. >> shows how dangerous the job is. >> it wasn't a hate crime -- was it a hate crime? lico le blonde taken into custody for the death of zella. we have more now on what the prosecutors are saying. >> family members are certain the motive was hate. but maryland law makes proving that tough. they say the 20-year-old murdered her niece. this happened thursday in a montgomery village alley. have have you met rico? >> no. >> heard his name before? >> no, never heard his name before. >> believes he shot and killed
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zella because she was a transgendered woman. >> my opinion is it's a hate crime. >> the victim in this case have been friends is middle school. >> montgomery county prosecutor deciding whether or not hate played a role in the crime. >> he faces the largest sentence that you could receive for participating in the crime. >> they placed him in a segregated portion of the jail for his protection. he has no bond. >> he compiled a rap sheet. he was supposed to begin trial
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in car theft case. he has been charged in witness intimidation and first degree murder. >> a delay in the trial of the accused alexandria serial killer charles severance. the judge granted a delay because the defense attorney had to attend a funeral. king is one of three attorneys and sits next to asefi day. the trial will resume tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. you can follow along throughout the trial. following jeff goldberg on twitter. they expect to vote on whether separate commissioner davis will get the job. this followed the death of freddie gray six months ago. a sub committee voted to make him the permanent commissioner.
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>> somebody covered up bill cosby with pictures of kim jong un. kellye lynn has a live look and what is the reaction out there. >> when the mural went up after the sexual abuse allegation surfaced against bill cosby, many wondered should this remain. when we arrived here it looked different. go to the video earlier. someone was claiming responsibility. he is known to put this on all sort of places in the city.
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>> i don't think he should be up there. but kim jong un shouldn't there either. >> they paid money to have it done. i understand that. is this really important? since then kevin irvin has a nickname jazzy rock. he is the graffiti artist. he took it off and said he feels that it is disrespect to feel the friends painting the mural. nay said that they don't plan to change the mural or take bill's face down. whether or not it will change in light of what has happened here, we don't know.
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alison: thank you, kellye. still ahead on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the more we learn, the stranger it gets. the new revelation in the bizarre love-triangle murder case in maryland. jonathan: what neighbors say happened weeks ago that could be connected to the find. >> the new push to regulate drones and the government plan to require action there millions of americans.
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alison: this holiday seasons hundredsof thousands of americans are expected to receive drones as gifts. but the gift may come with something else. registration requirement. we look at the new rules developed. >> if you think you are hearing and seeing drones more, this is why. according to the f.a.a., it's doubled since last year. cruding pilots reporting it's flying too close to the airport. >> it's close, about 20 feet. >> others interfered with the firefighting efforts like this july. causing the authorities to require private owners of drones to register them with
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the government. >> a newly formed task force needs to iron out how and when and where it will affect the drone operators. three quarter of the drones expected to be sold as gifts. >> it's a step in the right direction. we also need timely decision. for now the rules will mean a work in progress. all this is up to the new task force. the deadline is set for next month. jonathan: they'll go buy those things now. the drones. alison: nel low! i just want a closeup.
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>> you need it. brian: i visited george mason for the business department. and someone said he has a picture of alison starling. and so i got one of you and i put it to her. our heads are dueling there. jonathan: i'm feeling left out. >> bunding up tonight. it's chilly. a pretty picture. >> we have a coworker along the driver. beautiful shot to remember. you can share. see it, send it.
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looking at the coldest numbers. 23 degrees. 26 this morning at the cardinal ridge elementary school in centreville. tonight won't be as cold. the wind is out of the south. you get the southwesterly wind. milder air. that is why tomorrow is a much better day taking shape. tonight looking at the sunshine. 40's downtown. tomorrow is nice because the milder air is off to the west.
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a cool start to warm up with 70 degrees. wednesday is mid-70's. we have another cool push later in the week. the good news is that it is not as cold. tonight is 42 downtown. 39 in kulbir. plenty of sunshine. probably near 70 by the afternoon. it's brisk at the bus stop. 71 in leesburg and frederick. upper 60's to low 70's.
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17 for washington and culpeper. back to the middle 70's. 64 on friday. for the weekend saturday and sunday. we are going to watch it carefully over the weekend. i think sunday, the clouds. 68 and the mid-50's. jonathan: you're doing the ten-miler, right? [laughter] thank you. a bizarre love triangle. alison: what the police released about the 18-year-old and what he did for hours before the attack.
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>> hunters made a grim discovery and the investigators have questions. i'm jeff goldberg. we'll tell you what they found in a live report. >> here is what is coming up tonight on abc.
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jonathan: a gruesome discovery amongst the neighborhood in the community. hunters discovered human remains in garrisonville. that is a wooded area. northern virginia bureau chief joining us there tonight. do they have any idea where they came from? >> this is the wooded area. half a mile from the shopping area. by the look of the debris and the items it looks like people are here recently. the big questions is how long the remains could have been here. that is one of the questions they are trying to answer at this time. hearing about the discovery of the kel tall remains would capture anyone's attention. especially living a few hundred feet away.
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>> carry it's so close to home. >> make sure the kids stay away. >> discovery happened at 6:30 last night two people practicing the bow hunting in a wooded area off mine road near high point boulevard. they found a human skull and additional bones. >> a determination those be made. this area is often used as a hopeless camp. >> you don't know what is going on. >> the news is unsettled and it delivers a sense of sadness. >> melanie eagan is left with
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the same feeling. >> hopefully they can figure out who it is. >> the remains are sent to the state medical examiner in richmond where an identity and a cause of death will be determined. they are trying to put the pieces together to solve the mystery. >> coming up at 5:00, putting the auto in automobile. look at the testing of the driverless cars in the area. >> a couple on a mission. where they found a wedding ring and how you can help find the owner. >> an alleged 18-year-old hitman has a day in court after a love triangle leads to
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brian: welcome back to "abc7 news at 5:00". this is the coldest morning set. at the sky valley lodge. look at the shot from today. beautiful foliage. in the 50's. this morning they were in the 20's. baltimore had a record of 29. we were at 37 in the city.
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the average first frost or freeze is not until november. so it's early. 50's now. later tonight we are in the 40s and the 30's. milder air building in. 70's on tap for later in the week. alison: with teenager accused in a double murder as part of a bizarre love triangle is held without bond. they heard how long the accused killer lied in wait for the victims. maryland bureau chief brad bell live in annapolis with details. brad: detectives believe he waited through the night and day. the judge wants to understand that the young man had an opportunity to change his
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mind. struss appeared in court. his long hair cut off. answering the judge's questions. ordered held without bond. charged with two murders carried out at the request of the 13-year-old girlfriend and her mother. the murder of him and his live-in girlfriend. in this home october 5. it was a hit requested by the wife. they waited for hours until the victim came home. >> he was waiting for the appropriate time to get in the
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house. >> an important point because it will prove premeditation. at the grandfather at the home declining comment. his work has just started. we will be preparing a vigorous defense. my client looks forward to the day in court. >> the crime was reported to police by the wife in this case. as a murder-suicide. the police say they broke the case when they discovered that the bullets used to kill the victim did not match the gun left by his side. in anonymous, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: two people in annapolis are facing charges after the police found them passed out in a car with the drug paraphernalia and two children in the backseat. police say the 31-year-old heather davidson and 25-year-old matthew levonte were arrested saturday.
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the children's mother is charged with two counts of child neglect. >> checking the top stories a 14-year-old buy is dead. another teen is recovering. it happened in audrey lane. police are calling this domestic homicide. the second boy is suffering non-life threatening injuries. jonathan: a dozen families looking for places to stay tonight. an apartment fire happened and the investigators say the fire started on the balcony and moved to the attic. alison: a popular mural at ben's chili bowl has been defaced. the mural featured bill cosby covered up by sicker of north korean president kim jong un. the owners said they have no plan to take down the mural
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despite the sexual allegations against the comedian. rare and a frightening moment for a u.s. air force pilot. after the f-16 was damaged by ground fire flying in afghanistan. stars and stripes is reporting that it was severe enough that the pilot had to jettison fuel tank before landing safetily. jonathan: we are getting new information on the u.s. airstrike against a hospital in afghanistan. they say now that the taliban ininsurgents were using the hospital as sa-ininsurgents were hospital as safehane. the u.s. faced international condemnation for the attack. the doctors without border option rating at the hospital ran the facility. they called it a war crime. ped obama called the mistakes an attack. >> call it a romantic mystery. who lost the wedding ring
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found by a school custodian. the clues that the ring holds inside. and why the girlfriend paid him $25. >> dents say she took a little money at her job and it landed her in the wall of justice next. >> a motel clerk that is thankful to be alive and the search that is on
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looking to saturday and sunday it could be cooler. for saturday this weekend, mostly sunday but cool.
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sunday is important because a lot of things are going on in town. marine corps marathon. at 7:55 in the morning. the low 50's. there may be a little sunshine. the bulk of the day features can cloudiness. it will be warmer. so mild for a couple of days and cooler in the weekend. i
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jennifer: i'm jennifer donelan. this is the "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. tonight we have news of an arrest. but first an alert from the d.c. police. we have a wall of justice alert in the search for 23-year-old john james. the d.c. homicide detective say he shot and killed a 21-year-old man in the 1100 block at the end of last month. he is 6'2", weighs 150 pounds. brown eyes. there is up to $25,000 reward. call the d.c. police. get to the arrest.
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they say singh on the wall of justice for weeks wanted for forgingry, fraud and is now in custody. let's see who is on the wall this week. stafford county sheriff deputies are asking cochran. she joins buck robinson wanted for the u.s. marshals in a violent d.c. blurry. charles county deputies and the u.s. marshals looking for marcus johnson. now let's set the wall of justice in motion. this is on marcus johnson. the 33-year-old is wanted in charles county in the virk vicious attack where he stabbed another man in the eye.
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>> he was involved in a fight in february. the victim lost the guy. >> johnson is 6'2", weighs 170 pounds. they want to put him behind bars. if you know where he is, call crime stoppers. see you with if fighting back wall of justice. >> students at towsend university are in shock after a possible invasion of privacy. mug of the school swimming and diving team say they were reported while changing clothes. the university officials are offering support and counseling to the members of the swim team. jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- driverless cars are becoming more common. where they are being tested and why the area was chosen.
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alison: up next, he found the wedding ring in a parking lot. months later his romantic girlfriend wants to find the true owner. narrator: puerto rico's economy is in a death spiral. to make matters worse, washington has plans to cut another $3 billion from the island's healthcare budget. puerto ricans pay the same medicare taxes, but receive less than half the funding of mainland states, leaving the e system on life support. more cuts will push the economy to the edge of disaster and put every puerto rican's care in jeopardy. washington needs to act now to save healthcare for the three and a half million us citizens of puerto rico.
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alison: few people get this birthday surprise but usher did. they sang happy birthday to the grammy award winner. he turned 37 last week. jonathan: the mystery of the wedding ring and a couple that turned to "7 on your side" to get help. alison: they found the ring and they have no idea who it belongs to. so they called horace holmes to track down the owner.
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>> the owners will come forward. she will be so happy. >> it's fun she says to fantasize over this ring she has had for a month. >> it's a childish crush that she reunited with and began dating a few years ago found the ring. a custodian in arlington and one night last june after a big vent at the school. he was getting in his car to go home and he looked down and saw the ring. >> i got a magnifier. >> thompson convinced him to turn it over to the school to see if anyone would claim it. summer came and went and no one claim for the ring.
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>> she bought it for him. one morning they were watching a "7 on your side" special. i said this is perfect. >> they contacted us so we could put a picture of it on tv. a look on the inside reveals a lot of clues of the owner. there are the initials of the cupel. >> if i lost it or my husband lost, i would have loved to get it back. horace: another look at the ring. it's on the facebook page. go to our facebook page. look at ring and pass the
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story on. if you know anything of who owns it, contact me on twitter at horace holmes. let's find the ring. >> we just had a crash that cleared to the shoulder. it was blocking the two lanes eastbound. heading to route 23. this is going to let the traffic clear out. westbound 66, basically slow off the capital beltway. i-95 south of virginia, over the occoquan is still seeing plenty. take a look here, the sun as you move out of alexandria.
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the capital is a big mess. it is going to be slow for both directions despite no recent incident. that is all for now from the traffic center. >> coming up at 6:00, the first lady kicked off a new campaign to help the teenagers. what it loves and why she said it is much-needed. plus a travel alert for metro riders and why you will see delays each night this week. those stories and more at 6:00. >> get to brian van de graaff. it's just down right chilly. but it will warm up. >> in time. i promise. by 16 or 18 hours. by the mid-afternoon we will
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see it get back in. tonight won't be as cold. look at the highs and the lows. today's high only 56 degrees today. that is the best we could muster after a morning low of 37. that is the coldest downtown. the sun will be back up tomorrow morning at 7:21. we are 55 downtown. tonight is not as cold. 50's now. we slip in 40's downtown. 30's in the burbs with the clear skies. if we take the jackets to school, and it turns 7 0 in the afternoon they don't always make it back.
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we will back at 70 after a break tonight. >> we are talking about this and the redskins are helping hundreds of kids getting them jackets. they partnered with the annual share the cold drive. they received a coat and hat to stay warm. >> i was thinking it must have felt cold after the game. cousins had another awful game. but after the game, gruden blamed the wind and everything else. >> despite the two-pick performance, jay gruden is standing by his man. >> have you given information to making a change at the position? >> no.
5:50 pm
no. >> when kirk cousins was named the starter gruden said cousins gave the team the best chance to win. the redskins have now lost four of six. gruden is a believer. i want him to play through this. it's the strong football player and how they react to the tough times and how they approve. >> there are bright spots. cousins rallied the team to a comeback victory against philly. but the q.b. is still plagued by the pick. hi has thrown eight interceptions. >> i have seen him throw every play in football. we have to do a better job of coaching him. >> next up the tampa bay bucs.
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>> we are in a corner right now. i hope we can come out swinging. >> on sunday the colts attempted the worst play in the history of football. so bad it almost broke the internet. let's show it to you. this was a well-played first half but they lost again. to the patriots in the much anticipated rematch of the january game that was the deflategate game. >> we maid this and it didn't work. >> these are men that move very fast. this is the patriots you are
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doing it against. erin: they should have tried it again. they are probably feeling better about the play call. >> yeah. >> thank you for the play. >> i'm off the hook as the dumbest coach in the nfl. >> for that moment. >> thank you. >> still ahead this is a game-changer. cars without drivers. the benefit we can see because of it.
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jonathan: a motorcycle crash in texas caught on camera. amazingly the two people survived. can you believe that? the driver of the motorcycle passed two cars and one of them veered in the bike and sent the driver and the passenger off to the road.
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the girlfriend on the bike was hospitalized for a broken wrist and cuts. alison: self-driving cars are touted to save lives. today, the high-tech vehicles made the first run on a road in our region. >> hitting the highway for the first time. >> automation. >> the virginia transportation institute put the automated and the connected car technology to the test today along the 95 express lane. the technology is game changing. >> in ten years we have the same effect on our lives in a positive way. >> the goal is to reduce
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accidents in general. that connected vehicles can save the lives informing the drivers when there is a problem ahead. >> a problem with a construction zone or worker on the side of the road. >> this is a construction worker who is wearing a vest equipped with the short range communication system. >> they believe this will reduce the traffic accidents and the fatalities and reduce congestion. >> we may going to get on the freeway. >> it could be sooner rather than later when we see the cars hit the roadways just like this. four manufacturers planned for an automated technology in their cars.
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>> we told you in june that google was with the virginia tech initiative to test the self-driving cars in northern virginia. specifically they plan to continue testing in the coming months. virginia is one of five states and the district used as a proving ground. for self-driving technology. >> jonathan: michelle obama launched better make room campaign at the white house. >> we want to have a space where young people engage in each other and inspire each other to complete the education beyond high school. we want to make room for their stories and dreams and achievements.
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>> this targets people between 14 and 18 years old. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". ahead at 6:00, questions about whether the murder of a transgender woman will be called a hate crime. what we are learning tonight. close call for a clerk attack and shot at by robbers and what he is saying about the frightening moments. what if f.a.a. announced to make it easier to identify the aircraft. it starts now. >> first at six, a family lease for justice in murder of a transgendered woman. there has been an arrest. and the family is hoping they will declare it a hate crime.
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>> the charging documents make it crystal clear they were intimate in some fashion and he is accused of shooting her in the head and the groin as well. >> withhim everywhere we go. >> desiree attended court and sported a white shirt with her cousin's name. this is after police say ricco shot and killed her 'cuz, zella a transgender woman. it happened at 6:00 p.m. thursday. >> he is a fun loving person. you can never stay mad at him. there was an ongoing relationship between them. >> prosecutors say


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