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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 20, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," the nation's top spy a victim of a cyberattack. >>en at suspect is a teenager. how did the teen break into cia director john brennan's personal e-mail account and what private information may have been exposed? the developments overnight. more political hints about joe biden running pore president. why saturday may be an important day to declare. and how a newspaper's website mistakenly posting something that made quite a stir. early release. convicted murderer. oscar pistorius let out of prison.overnight sooner than expected. the olympic blade runner. and new orders from the judge. >> later working up a sweat while rowing in sync. these these gyms specializing in rowing classes are bringing back a once popular sport while
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giving you a workout challenge. it's tuesday, october 20th. from rabzby abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everybody. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. wow, we begin with the hunt for a teenaged hacker who claims to have accessed the personal e-mail of the nation's top spy. this is pretty incredible. you know what i found remarkable? he uses aol. >> he's the one guy that uses an aol account. a few people are using aol. apparently this is what's taken place. one document taken from john brennan's file contains the name of senior interrogation officials along with their social security numbers. pierre thomas reports from d.c. >> reporter: an allegedly young hacker is posting what he claims is personal information about some of the nation's top intelligence officials. the hacker, who describes himself as a high school teenager, angry about the plight of the palestinians, says he infiltrated a private e-mail account associated with cia
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director john brennan that had details of brennan's application for a security clearance. on twitter, the hackers if also releasing the names and social security numbers of other key intelligence officials on the cia director's contact list. the fbi and secret service are actively pursuing the hacker. and they are investigating another claim in which the hackers says he got into a private account of the homeland security secretary. so far there is no evidence that classified information was compromised, but these top officials now face the real prospect of additional hacking and data theft. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. not the last we've heard of that. to politics now and the top two gop presidential hopefuls asking the government for secret service protection. the request from donald trump and ben carson being reviewed by the homeland security chief. taxpayers would foot the bill for that. such requests are not unusual at this point in the race for front runners. both candidates have made controversial comments about ethnic and religious groups and
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both are attracting large crowds. as for the democrats, jim webb may be ready to jump ship. he is now considering running as an independent. the former virginia senator is holding a news conference later on today to discuss his candidacy. the campaign as well as his views on the political parties. webb repeatedly complained about not getting enough time to talk during last week's democratic debate. he has 1% in the latest national polls. it's still anybody's guess whether joe biden will shake up the race. "the washington post" last night accidentally publishing a story headlined biden to launch a presidential campaign. the story quickly taken down. the paper blamed it op a technical glitch. it's your voice, your vote. abc's kenneth moton has the latest. >> i'm the late joe biden. >>. >> reporter: in joe bide within a not so subtle joke before his remarks on climate change. a little help from the white
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house monday. >> this is an intensely personal decision for anybody to make. he understands the time and pressure he's under. he'll make a decision when he's prepared to make it. >> reporter: recent polling think clinton is a stronger leader but the vp is more likable. they believe the vice president is more honest and trustworthy than the former secretary of state. but clinton is leading the national horse race. a new monmouth university poll shows her at 48%, biden 17. clinton spent the day off the trail. bernie sanders was on it discussing campaign finance reform and jobs. >> it's not my style to go around attacking people. on the other hand, we have to lay things on the table. >> reporter: donald trump was on the campaign trail at a large rally in south carolina. fresh off a round of interviews suggesting george w. bush was to blame for the 9/11 attacks, trump was at 2 again hitting his rivals and the media. >> this is a movement. this is really a movement, and it's a big movement and a strong
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movement and we're going to take our country back. it's going to happen. >> reporter: more important deadlines for the vice president. saturday is the jefferson jackson dinner iowa, a key stop for democrats in the 2016 race. kendis and reena. >> kenneth, thank you so much. planned parenthood says it is going to fight a funding cut to its clinics in texas. state health officials yesterday dropped planned parenthood from the state's med cake program following an investigation into the undercover of videos in which the sale of tissue was discussed. the state ordered the tate to the provide the funding for 14 more days. doan operatorses will soon have to register their devices. government has set up a task force to decide which drones should be registered. there are reports drones have interfered with fire fighting. the guidelines should be in place in mid-december. some 700,000 drones are expected to be purchased this holiday season. the fbi investigating after
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a fight broke out between two passengers on board a southwest airlines plane. 13 minutes into the flight, to san francisco, the pilot requested an emergency landing back in l.a. eyewitnesss say the trouble started when had a woman reclined her seat. the man behind her not happy about it is accused of choking her. >> the lady who got you know hit was talking about. she said he hit in my my head and choked me. she was really emotional. >> police were waiting when the plane touched down. the man walked off the plane and was questioned but not arrested. flight took off again for san francisco. oscar pistorius is out of prison in south africa. he was released a day earlier than scheduled and has started what could end up being a years long stay under house arrest. all for the death of his girlfriend. abc's lauren lyster has the details. >> reporter: oscar pistorius is no longer behind bars but he's still not a free man.
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pistorious was released from prison after serving nearly a year of his five-year sentence for manslaughter. he'll be under house arrest at his uncle's home. he is the double amputee olympian known as blade runner because he competes on these prosthetic legs. he was acquitted of murder last year for the valentine's day shooting death of his girlfriend, model reva steenkamp in 2013. at his sensational trial, pistorious claimed had he mistaken her for an indruider and opened fire through their bathroom door. and he score it was a horrible mistake. >> i did not fire at reena. >> prosecutors say he shot her intentionally after an argument. >> you armed yourself for the sole purpose of shooting and killing her. >> they have appealed the manslaughter conviction and pistorious could still be convicted of murder by a higher court. in that case, he faces a minimum sentence of 15 years. for now, pistorious must continue court ordered
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psychotherapy. he must meet with the family of reva steenkamp if they agree. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. lamar odom has been moved from a hospital in las vegas to a facility in los angeles. espn reporting the former nba and reality tv star was brought to l.a. last night by a medical helicopter. odom's family says is he alert and that his condition is improving. oh dop was found unconscious at a brothel in nevada a week ago. a surprise result in the canadian elections. justin trudeau to become the next prime minister. he beat steven hamper, a conservative who ran the country for almost ten years. pierre trudeau was prime minister during the '60s and '70s, then again during the '80s. >> that could have a lot of impact on our politics. we'll see how it plays out. while we're talking about canada, there was an important baseball game in toronto last night. to for details time for sports with the reena. >> this is what you're talking
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about about international relations. the blue jays needed this one badly against the royals. they were up 3-2 in the third when they broke the game open with six runs. kansas city scored four of their own in the ninth. but it was a little too late, kendis. toronto wins it, 11-. they trail two games to one. game four this afternoon. >> big showdown. >> boy, this one, it was a messy one for monday night football between the giants and eagles. the teams combined for seven turnovers five of them interessentials. oh, and they were called for 21 total penalties. >> 21 penalties. >> tsk, tsk. in the end, the eagles soared. they won, 27-7. philadelphia also soaring into first place in the nfl east. >> the eagles soared? >> that catch was not even close. >> that was the fumble? >> that was a touch down. >> oh, the story was the touch down. who won the game, tell me.
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>> the eagles won the game. it's not how you win. tony's not over there. it was ugly. >> the eagle soared. that's all anyone needs to know. they won. it's a bird, it's a plane, it's the philadelphia eagles an at number one. coming up, a birth day bash for a 4-year-old celebrated at a drugstore. >> okay. also ahead a consumer alert about product reviews posted on even amazon executives cannot trust them. now there's a crackdown. >> and we're rowing in sync to work up a sweat. it's a back to the bakes approach to exercise. this is too exhausting. will it help keep you fit. >> we'll ask kendis. >> check us out behind the scene scene pics on instagram abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." so their wings got clipped. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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of this was just a heartbreaking scene inside a houston supermarket after a driver smashed into the store. eyewitnesss say a young mother in the checkout lane died while trying to protect her 2-year-old girl. six were hurt. police say the elderly driver was attempting to drive out of a hand a capped parking spot when he she put the car in reverse racing backwards into the store. >> lawsuits from vehicle own ares stemming from volkswagen's emissions scandal are stacking up. more than 200 suits have been filed.
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many claiming volkswagen marked its diesel engine cars as clean alternatives for years knowing the vehicles were cheating tests. vw almost inevitably will have to compensate owners and the company could be forced to buy back the cars all togeth. amazon going to war with fake online reviewers suing thousands of people who write phony ads. >> many of those fake reviewers have made a business for themselves out of it here's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: they help you decide where to eat, what to buy, even which retailers to trust. >> amazon suing more than a thousand allegedly fake reviewers offering their services on the online marketplace for posting ads like this one promising an awesome five-star review for just five bucks. satisfaction guaranteed. >> if people start noticing
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there's a lot of very fake seeming reviews on the website, they're not going to trust amazon and amazon is going to lose the value add. >> i go on fiver, type in amazon reviews. and just like that, dozens of people offering to write a review for five bucks. amazon calls an the fake reviewers deceiving. they tarnished amazon's brand. fiver says we actively remove services that violate our terms of use and respond promptly to any reports of inaropriate content. >> i spoke to 17-year-old casey sailor two years ago who said she wrote hundreds of glowing reviews for four bucks a pop. >> next day, they were working on my bathroom. >> she is not tidesing on fiver and not part of the lawsuit. >> i feel like these people are
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going to pay somebody to bright a review. it might, as well be me. >> have you ever renovated a bathroom? >> no, i'm 17. >> amazon's efforts with this lawsuit will result in fewer fake reviews because it's clear they're getting serious about stopping the problem. >> rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> if i wanted a vanity for my bathroom, it could have and a review bryn by. >> by a 17-year-old. >> 10 to 20% of motel and restaurant reviews might be fake. >> review is the site you can cut and paste the reviews. they'll tell you whether it's fake or based on. >> so much work. >> it's a lot of work. you got 0 work for it. you better work. coming up. >> ru paul. >> i'm glad you caught that one. the latest trend in group workouts. rowing is one of america's oldest forms of exercise but you don't need a boat to get in shape. why they're now saying rowing is
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kind of like the new spinning. ahead in our next half hour, the force awakens. "star wars" fans go crazy over the new trailer just released and whether you're using the force for good or the darkside getting a ticket to the movies, two months from now can be a problem. you're watching "world news now." "world news now"
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okay. so spinning, yoga and bar classes have all been the rage the last few years, but there's a new group workout for those looking to mix things up. >> you actually did this workout today. >> yeah. >> you really into it. all you need, you don't need good oars. but genevieve shaw brown explains. >> reporter: move over, soul cycle. there's a new decideio workout coming to town. group rowing studios are popping up all around the nation and
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enthusiasts say the trend is all about getting back to bakes. >> rowing used to be the most popular sport in the u.s. there's a resurgence coming back to that kind of things that really work, things that are authentic and true. we've tapped into that and we're riding that wave. >> reporter: no longer the dusty machine in the gym corner, rowing is having a major resurgence even among people like me who have never been on a machine before. >> we get new people all the time and consider that part of our job is to just really kind of get them familiar with the benefits of the rowing machine and get them acquainted with why it's the bestpiece of cardioequipment out there. >> the these new studios give seasoned rowers a place to practice the sport they love. >> all the camaraderie of rowing in an indoor setting. >. >> we've had gold medal winners. ocean rowers in here, people who are overweight. those people in the same class
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working as hard as they want to work at the same tempo. >> when you row, you work every single muscle in every stroke. we find a lot of people saying they're getting their hard to reach areas. for a lot of women, that seems to be the back of their body, the arm areas, their butt, hair abs. >> i started coming a year ago and couldn't finish the class. what i found here was thing that changed my body. i dropped ten pounds. i dropped three dress sizes. >> the beauty of rowing when it's done in sport is that the individual can exceed his team. you have to be in sync with each other. we find that synergy happens in this class. >> let's keep that going, guys. >> genevieve shaw brown, abc news, new york. two dress sizes. that's a lot. >> that is a lot. i've done it and it is a great workout but it's so boring. you need like motivation in that little glass in front of you like perhaps a nice cocktail or something. >> all it takes, huh. >> coming up, planet earth as
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now it's time for "the mix." nasa has a new operation. operation or mission. they're going to start posting on their website every day photos of the earth from about a million miles away from a spacecraft. they've already started doing this. isn't that incredible? look at the blue marble photos of earth. the daily sequence of how earth is seen as it rotates. it will show the whole globe over pretty much the course of the day. >> sort of a throwback to the one well-known blue marble photos from the '70s. >> they're not easy to capture. and nasa thinks that this -- they'ring it will give us new insights into the daily snaps of how the earth looks from this far away. >> so a daily photo of zen i guess from nasa. >> yes, it will be taken every 12 to 36 hours and posted.
3:26 am
>> i saw something from switzerland that was creative. this graphic designer in switzerland rigged his bike to have this image of an elephant strolling. take a look at an that. you can see how this was put together. he uses a speedometer, a projector and ipad mini to create the shadow. >> wow. that's impressive. >> and straps it to his back and rides his back and people think it's a big elephant coming down the road. >> children and adults entertained for hours on end. >> oh, my god. mostly adults. >> shadow puppet. >> there he goes. >> that is. >> things to do in switzerland. >> speaking of keeping children entertained, a 4-year-old wanted a birthday party. he will sa, frozen theme, dora. >> star wars. >> cvs as in the drugstore. she was very obsessed with cvs. she says it's like her heaven because it's full of toys and
3:27 am
chocolate milk and snacks. >> what about pills? >> she asked her mother if she could do a cvs theme party and that's what her mama did. >> they did a cvs theme party. this was down in arkansas. and the mother is also a blogger. she kind of posted these photos. and looks pretty impressive to me. >> cute or weird? >> a little weird and a little cute into okay. it's a youngster. so you'll let them do as they wish. >> absolutely. >> this is just really cute. this video on youtube. you have this entire tankful of hamsters but yet, there's got to be just that one guy who's got to be a showoff. >> is that real or a toy? >> it's the real one who is just like drop down and get your -- he's doing his dance moves back will. >> that's a little weird. >> there's a bk in every crowd. >> that's
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this morning on "world news now," flight fight. one airline passenger accused of choking another. just moments after takeoff, the chaos in the cabin and the dispute over a reclined seat. new this half hour, parents demanding answers after a school bus scare. >> anti-freeze spraying the students during their ride to school. the incident caught on camera, and serious questions about the way the kids were treated. "star wars" frenzy. the two-minute preview shown for the first time just hours ago. new hints about the movie as tickets go on sale two months before the show. and in "the skinny" tabloid target. country music star blake sheldon heads from the stage to the courtroom. the tabloid cover story that outraged him so much, he's filed a lawsuit. it's tuesday, october 20th. from abc news, this is


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