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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 20, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," flight fight. one airline passenger accused of choking another. just moments after takeoff, the chaos in the cabin and the dispute over a reclined seat. new this half hour, parents demanding answers after a school bus scare. >> anti-freeze spraying the students during their ride to school. the incident caught on camera, and serious questions about the way the kids were treated. "star wars" frenzy. the two-minute preview shown for the first time just hours ago. new hints about the movie as tickets go on sale two months before the show. and in "the skinny" tabloid target. country music star blake sheldon heads from the stage to the courtroom. the tabloid cover story that outraged him so much, he's filed a lawsuit. it's tuesday, october 20th. from abc news, this is "world news now."
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hey, good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. just checking out "star wars" still trending because of the big trailer premiering during monday night football last night. a lot of people excited about it. >> it was a really good commercial i thought. >> it was a good commercial trailer and we love the synergy here at disney because it was premiered during espn's monday night football. we'll have more on that, of course, coming up. >> you might turn into c 3 po halfway through the broadcast. >> one of those. absolutely. or e wok. i'm already there. >> we could have used ewok in this case. air rage i guess is what you could call it. alleged. it forced an emergency landing. > it happened shortly after takeoff. the pilot called the tower asking to return to the airport because of an altercation on board the plane. a fleet of police cars was waiting when they arrived. abc's david kerley with the details. >> reporter: the southwest jet was only 13 minutes into its flight when the pilot calls the l.a. tower.
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>> hey, flight attendant just called. evidently we got two passengers that are in a physical altercation, so we need to get turned around and back to l.a.x. >> flight 2010, declaring an emergency. >> reporter: inside the jet, an escalating situation according to southwest. a fight between two passengers. those on board say it was all about a reclining seat. a woman reported she was choked by the man behind her, apparently after putting her seat back. >> the lady who got hit was talking about it. she said, he hit me in my head, he choked me. and she was really emotional. >> reporter: police and the fbi were there. and the man, who was never restrained, walked off the plane taken into custody with officers talking to the alleged victim. >> you have to press charges. >> yeah. >> you're going to regret that. >> exactly. but what do i do? i'm going to stay here all night? because he's -- >> i'm going to need you. it's a misdemeanor, so i can't do anything. >> reporter: we've seen passengers acting badly on planes in the past. some have been duct taped or hog tied until the jet could land.
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and those small reclining seats have been a problem. remember the passenger who used those so-called knee defenders to keep the seat in front from being reclined? he got a soda in the face. in that southwest case, the man was questioned and then released but the fbi is still investigating to determine if charges should be filed. >> david kerley, abc, washington airport. >> the fbi is looking for a teenage hacker who claims to have accessed the personal e-mail of cia director john brennan. the hacker has posted documents online including a list of e-mail addresses reportedly from brennan's contact file. he claims to have hacked the file of homeland security secretary, as well. >> in south africa, olympic athlete oscar pistorius is out of prison paroled a day earlier than expected after spending nearly a year behind bars for the death of his girlfriend reva steenkamp.
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he's now under house arrest and will remain there likely for as long as four years possibly, prosecutors are appealing his manslaughter conviction hoping to have it changed to murder. if that happens, pistorious would return to prison for 15 years. lamar odom has been moved from a hospital in las vegas to a facility in los angeles. he espn reports that the former nba and reality tv tar was brought to l.a. last night by medical helicopter. odom's family says he is alert and that his condition is improving. odom was found unconscious at a brothel in nevada. that was a week ago. a philadelphia demolition contractor has been found guilty of manslaughter for the death of six people in a building collapse. the jury rejected a third degree murder charges south by the prosecutors to said the contractor avoided warnings of an imminent collapse. his mother speaking after the verdict. >> we are so sorry about all the families, the victims and the ones that managed to get out alive. my heart hurts every day that this happened for them. >> the contractor is now facing a long prison term.
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when he is sentenced next year, the victims' families have also filed civil lawsuits as a result of the collapse. >> a scary scene on a school bus in washington state was caught on camera. dozens of kids were on board whether he a heater hose ruptured in the back of the bus and started leaking anti-freeze. the panic among the children plain to see. >> look! what is that? something out of the bus! >> wow. >> incredible to see just how much panic there was. the parents say they are concerned about the way the incident was handled including the way they were told about it. they say some of the kids had stomach and headaches as well as burning eyes. the parents also claim their children weren't checked at the scene. the school district says none of the kids were sprayed. >> the buses that we purchased to begin with are the best buses available to us. and i think they all consider safety in that we're not going to buy something that's unsafe.
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>> the district says the bus involved in the incident is seven years old. and that it was -- it has been inspected every summer before school year starts. >> frightening scene there. the government is taking steps to bring order to the chaotic drone-filled skies. a new task force will set up guidelines that will require most drones to be registered . the move comes amid security concerns as well as a spike in sightings by pilots. abc's elizabeth hur with more. >> reporter: if you think you are seeing and hearing about drones a lot more lately, this is why. according to the faa drone sightings have doubled since last year including reports from pilots complaining about the remote control devices flying too close to planes and airports. >> we almost got hit by a drone just to let you know up here about 20 feet. >> we just saw a little drone. >> reporter: and others even
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interfered with firefighting efforts like this back in july, prompting authorities to now require private openers of drones to register them with the government. >> we intend to take it on to local streets or on to highways, you're expected to register it and operate it safely to protect the public. >> reporter: a newly formed task force will need to iron out the details of when, where and how the new rules also affect drone operators but calls for a speedy resolution are growing louder with an estimated 3/4 million drones expected to be sold as gifts this holiday season. >> the faa task force is certainly a step in the right direction. but we also need timely decisions. >> reporter: for now, these rules again remain a work in progress, but for example, we're told toys and small drones could be exempted from registering. but all this now up to that new task force to determine and the deadline for their recommendations is set for next month. kendis and reena, back to you. >> our thanks to elizabeth there. to central texas where crews are keeping an eye on a fire that burned about 60 acres.
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the fire has been contained but heavy smoke continues to drift through nearby neighborhoods. it may have been started by an unattended campfire. >> over to california, the last of some 200 vehicles have been removed from why 58 where they were trapped by a mudslide from last thursday. a 20-mile long traffic jam including three dozen tractor-trailers followed the slide. heavy equipment remains at the site clearing mud away. that stretch of the major east/west artery could be open again on thursday. major change in the leadership of canada. justin trudeau follows in his late father's footsteps to become the country's second youngest prime minister. his surprise election ends almost ten years of conservative rule. his father pierre led canada from 1968 to 1984 with only a short interruption. no term limits there. >> not quite. you know, stephen harper served for nine years before resigning last night.
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more speculation on this side of the border about vice president joe biden. said to be nearing a decision about a run for the white house. the vice president has held conversations with democrats about potential plans to enter the race. yesterday he appeared to take subtle jabs at hillary clinton as well as busy -- bernie sanders biden saying republicans are friends, not enemies this after clinton listed republicans among her enemies during the debate. he criticized those who go after the rich which is a sanders' rallying cry. "the washington post" is blaming a computer glitch for mistakenly reporting that biden had decided to launch his campaign. the story was published on the paper's website last night. it was taken down quickly. but the "post" says it was a so-called shell story prepped to be posted quickly in case of announcement. >> you've got to have some of those ready to go. >> you do. >> don't hit the send button yet. >> don't hit the easy button.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, halloween still more than a week away. thanksgiving five weeks from thursday. >> all of that can mean only one thing. that it's starting to look like christmas at a mall near you. in california, take a look. we say that because yesterday, they delivered what's being called the world's largest christmas tree on a truck. >> then they hoisted it into place with a big crane. the tree stands 115 feet tall. we're talking 40 feet taller than the tree that will be in the rockefeller center. that's impressive. >> we should remind you, 67 days till christmas, folks. get on amazon. >> go shopping. coming up in "the skinny," a "gilmore girls" reunion and reliving a moment from "dirty dancing" on "dancing with the stars." >> you love both moments equally. >> both were great. >> also ahead, the "star wars" frenzy that started with a two-minute preview and moved quickly to the box office. major developments overnight. >> and what a celebrity endorsement. oprah winfrey's $43 million investment in weight watchers. a game-changer for the weight loss business.
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ialmost everything. you know, ke 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. a popular southern california beach is closed understandably after that guy showed up. a hammerhead shark spotted offshore. lifeguards in newport beach made the decision yesterday morning. it's the second hammerhead sighting in the area this month. experts say el nino is drawing the shark's prey further north than usual. >> prince william is making an appeal to the chinese in an effort to save the elephants. william recorded a message on a
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popular tv show during his recent visit to china. he's calling on everyone to stop buying ivory from elephants and rhinos sold on the black market. if things don't change, william said wild elephants may be extinct before his daughter charlotte turns 25. >> okay. so oprah winfrey is known to have the midas touch. many of the products, books and movies she gets involved with turn to gold. >> and her latest deal with weight watchers has given the company a much needed boost. abc's mara schiavocampo has the details. >> reporter: one of the biggest names in weight loss. >> how does it feel to lose weight while on weight watchers? >> reporter: gaining a powerful new partner. weight watchers announcing oprah winfrey has bought 10% of the company for $43.2 million coming on as a "board member and adviser and celebrity face. the media mogul tweeting, "i believe in the weight watchers program so much i decided to invest." that investment sending the slumping stock soaring. oprah herself making approximately $70 million.
3:46 am
the partnership reflects weight watchers efforts to broaden the company's mission to prioritize overall health and wellness. winfrey, who has famously struggled with her weight over the years -- >> it is amazing to me that i can't lift it, but i used to carry it around every day. >> reporter: is a marketing force. the oprah effect seen with books, her favorite things and now on the stock market. winfrey will also join weight watchers as a member, sharing her own personal experiences with the program. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. i can't wait to hear her personal experiences. she is just very authentic what she does. i think it's fantastic she's choosing to invest in something she believes in. >> or she's making bank. >> she believes in. authenticity, kendis. >> payday on monday, not bad. >> authenticity. >> coming up, the premiere of the new "star wars" trailer crashing ticket sites overnight. >> first blake shelton suing a tabloid magazine for big bucks.
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>> "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues "world news now" continues after this from our abc
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♪ skinny, so skinny okay. so leading us off this morning, country superstar blake shelton and a major lawsuit. >> going after a tabloid magazine following his divorce from miranda lambert. the suit cites a number of intouch" weekly articles.
3:49 am
but one cover story seemingly went too far saying shelton is going to rehab. >> the complaint filed in l.a. county superior denies he has plans for rehab. he's seeking at least $1 million in compensation. jimmy kimmel back home taking his show cross-country to where he grew up, brooklyn, new york. >> last night he started with ballet lessons from misty copeland. putting together an impressive routine with guillermo to open the week in new york city. his first guest, what, bill murray, one upping kimmel's tutu with his own renaissance garb and makeup. the conversation then turned to his beloved chicago cubs. >> how many of you were watching the game last night? [ applause ] >> go cubs. >> okay. that works fine here, son. >> tonight's guests include two new york icons, donald trump and brooklyn's own jay-z.
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>> kimmel is a fan of the new york mets throwing out the first pitch the other night. fans of the hit tv drama "gilmore girls," get ready. the beloved series is getting the netflix treatment. >> the show ended abruptly in 2007. now fans can get the closure they've been longing for. the show the will feature four episodes centering around the mother/daughter duo. you'll be able to stream the original six seasons. >> we love that. we can't forget about the ballroom. last night's "dancing with the stars" saw not one but two three actually perfect scores. andy grammer pulled off a flaw rez rendition of "singing in the rain." tamar braxton had a rhythm nation routine. >> the big moment bindi irwin "dirty dancing" theme rhumba pulling off that iconic lift. not faring so well was paula deen channeling madonna.
3:51 am
>> but this was the moment of the night. >> our producer is joking we wish paula deen did the dirty dancing routine. >> that dance landed her at the bottom of the scoreboard leading to her getting the boot from the show but she didn't mind. but the 62-year-old saying she was excited to get home and see her grandchildren. >> she worked hard. it's good. glad to see her there. >> finally, a little more dancing. >> check out drake capping off what was a really big night for canada. releasing the music video for his big "hotline bling." >> he sent twitter in a tailspin with his less than stellar moves. but that doesn't matter because the blue jays won and canada has a new prime minister. >> every since mc hammer, rappers have avoided dancings. they probably should stick to that when you see drake's move. >> i thought drake has good moves. maybe when you have good moves, you don't need to showcase them. >> since degrassi high, it's all been downhill. >> maybe he'll be in "dancing with the stars" next season.
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>> now, there goes your air warn for the day. "hot line bling."
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breathe right ♪ ♪ >> all right. "star wars" fever kicking into light speed with the release of a new trailer during monday night football. what a smart way to do this. >> it was brilliant. latest glimpse of episode 7, the force awakens, has certainly awoken the itt teams at many ticketing websites. crashing before jedis and storm troopers could book their seats for the december opening. abc's juju chang has more. >> reporter: a long time ago in a halftime show far, far away, came the longest look yet at the eagerly anticipated "star wars: the force awakens". just two precious minutes long. >> i was raised to do one thing. >> reporter: but the force is clearly strong in this one. storm troopers, lightsabers and yes, the millennium falcon all
3:56 am
here, teasing what looks to be an action-packed trip back to the darkside. this movie is set roughly 30 years after "return of the jedi" and brings back favorites carrie fisher and harrison ford as hans solo. >> it's true. all of it. >> reporter: and appearing in scenes with new characters portrayed by daisy ridley. oscar isaac, an ex-wing fighter pilot also getting plenty of facetime. and there's adam driver, speaking out here as this movie's bad guy. kilo wren. >> i'll finish what you started. >> >> reporter: still no glimpse of luke skywalker's face. the hero of the original trilogy absent from the movie's poster released sunday, leading some fans to worry. j.j. abrams directed "the force
3:57 am
awakens can, the seventh in the series and there's been a steady buildup for any new details about the movie. preorder tickets are available for sale with the sites of some online vendors crashing under the demand. some theaters will be hosting marathon screenings of every film in the series leading up to the movie's debut december 18th. juju chang, abc news, new york. >> it's exciting. >> it is very exciting. a lot of people are -- have been scouring the two minutes and 36 seconds. oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm channeling my own samuel l. jackson there. that might be my outfit because brian and the crew spent hours trying to get tickets and finally, we got tickets. we're going. >> it's a date for the two of you. >> we're going to get dressed up. what should i wear? >> i'm nervous for the theater. >> don't be scared. >> i'm scared. theater. >> i'm
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making news in america this morning, the wait for joe biden's decision for a possible presidential run. after setting and passing deadlines, new heights in the speculation. is he in or out? live in washington. oscar pistorius released from custody after spending one year behind bars for killing his girlfriend. could he go back to prison? developing now, a turnaround for lamar odom. breathing on his own and flown to another location overnight, the new details just in. and "star wars: the force awakens," chewy, the lightsabers and princess leia. websites crashing and the fans buying more than 100 tickets at a time.


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