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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  October 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon, on your side. learning more about the murder of a high school student in oxon hill. he was stabbed to death by his mother's live-in boyfriend, shawn crawford. is at the high school with how the team is being remembered. jeanette: a bond hearing for the suspect. meanwhile, students mourning the death of their classmate.
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neighbors heard chaos in the apartment. reveal shawnts crawford, the live-in boyfriend, was at the home, returning after he was kicked out. kitchen knife and barricaded himself in the master bedroom with the mother. the brothers broke into the room to save her. that is when crawford stabbed mason in the chest and his brother in the shoulder. mason died at the hospital. crawford is being held without bond. the older brother is expected to make a full recovery. are told by several students that balloons will be released in remembrance of mason. reporting in prince george's county, jeannette reyes. the search is on for thieves targeting commuters in virginia.
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someone is taking tires, leaving the cars on cement locks. john gonzalez is in woodbridge with the details. about half a dozen cars have been targeted in this lot in the past month. it is also telegraph road. arethieves know what they doing. they wait for the owners of the remove walk off and they all four wheels and tires. they leave the entire car on cement blocks. we want to show you pictures we have obtained here. these, from this past friday. two cars were targeted. one of the cars, brand-new. it was purchased a few months ago. cars have been broken into. this is a large, busy commuter lot. thousands of cars parked here
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each day. in 10, 15 years, they have never experienced a problem like this. vdot says it does not have -- it -- itave plans to add does not have plans to add video cameras here. thece will be patrolling lot more frequently. they feelters saying helpless. there's not much you can do to protect your tires. the wheels andng tires, but leaving behind the lug nuts. a busy 24 hours for firefighters in prince george's county. flames getting so bad on 3rd street that the firefighters had to evacuate the house.
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no one was hurt. the fire one of seven crews fought. two dogs died just down the road in a fire on green meadow way. below average start to the work week, we are looking out warmer than normal conditions. hown lucie has a look at warm we will get today. almost 70 in some cases. cirrus clouds. calm breeze at national harbor. started out in the mid-30's. culpeper was freezing. 44 downtown. temperatures, nearly 70. sunshine in the way.
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cirrus clouds the only thing to block it. very dry air in place. thursday evening, a cold front arrives and comes through. i will let you know what that does to the temperature. jummy: we want to keep an eye on the roadways. danielle has the traffic. danielle: a couple of things out there. reports from the information officer. not seeing too much of a bother here on the roadways. you may see some response from the area. a look at the cameras on 270 at 370, some major concrete patch repairs.
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you will cad tour in place and will be urged to continue on the highway. expect to see a slowdown as you approach the area. hesitant as they head towards the continuation of the roadway. reports of an accident on the span. see a delay on the beltway. some things working out on the inner loop. some lane closures removed off the inner loop. all lanes have been reopened. roadway has been cleared. any slowdowns through the area will thin out. looks like we, have a disabled vehicle cleared from the roadway. delays you see
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will clear out by the time you reach connecticut avenue. cleared off the northbound side of route 28 in centreville. that is the latest from the traffic center. 2016, just word that jim webb suspending his presidential campaign. a poll shows a huge surge for hillary clinton. sam sweeney explains it comes just as biden is expected to announce whether or not he plans to run. will vice president run for the white house? the clock is ticking. we have to make a decision soon. all indications point that he will run for the white house.
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a source tells him the vp will run. we are learning from cnn that several advisors have begun interviewing people for a presidential campaign. is on the minds of a lot of people. they spoke with a number of different people visiting the white house. i think he is thinking about the reason why he should run or why he should not run. it is a big job with a responsibility. >> i think it is too late. he should have done it earlier. sam: the deadline for those filings is less than nine days away.
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jummy: the latest poll shows donald trump with a five-point lead over ben carson. the only two candidates above 20% report -- 20% support. carly fiorina's support has dropped dramatically. from 15% to 4%. isroup calling itself cwa taking credit for hacking into the e-mail accounts of jeh johnson and john brennan. thegroup has tweeted out application for security clearance and security numbers -- and social security numbers. they tricked employees into resetting the password. congress returns from break today. there is a lot to get done. speculation up
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paul ryan and a possible run for white house, -- run for speaker of the white house, the benghazi committee is back in session. hillary clinton is set to testify on thursday. an ethics panel recommends a $15,000 salary increase for virginia lawmakers. also, a $15,000 increase for office allowance. news around the world, japan has confirmed the first cancer case fukushimataking the reactor off line a worker has been diagnosed with leukemia. it is four years after the power plant suffered catastrophic meltdown.
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ban ki-moon is visiting israel and palestinian territories today. military officials say a man stabbed an officer in the west bank overnight. the opposition leader proves that palestinians need their own state. oscar pistorius is under house arrest. he was released early from prison in secrecy. girlfriend -- he is accused of killing his model girlfriend. he was acquitted of murder. hisecutors plan to appeal conviction at a hearing set for next month.
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>> eu hit them. >> i do not care. >> a crash in texas. why the driver of the car says he did it. the force is strong. the problems many run into. devon will be back with how long the above average temperatures will stick around.
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the american cancer society announcing new recommendations for breast cancer screening. the move is angering survivors.
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the new recommendation, less screenings. the organization says everyone can skip the routine manual breast checks by doctors. in texas is blaming a spider bite for swerving his bike into a motorcycle. it is caught on camera. >> what were you doing when you hit them? william was confronted by the motorcyclist's friend. the motorcyclist is thrown from his bike. his girlfriend is seriously injured. i felt a sting in my left leg. i thought it was a wasp. spiderot know it was a bite. i did not try to hurt anybody.
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the biker is not buying the excuse and neither is the district attorney. ofliam is facing two counts assault with a deadly weapon. sign you have seen for years no longer hangs in the district. the washington post sign is gone. crews took it down around 5:00 this morning. to the sign will move new headquarters, inside a building on k street. wars" fever is everywhere. the new trailer was released last night and tickets went on sale. many had trouble buying them. how the buzz is building ahead of the opening. two minutes long, but this
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was the longest and final glimpse of the much anticipated "star wars: the force awakens." the movie set 30 years after "return of the jedi." will stand in our way. i will finish what you started. >> we get a preview of a light saber fight. ready to do one thing and i have nothing to fight for. actor reacting to his first look at the trailer. cheering fans say the wait was worth it. >> i am blown away. >> this is the seventh installment to the "star wars"
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series. some lucky fans have scored tickets. online vendors crashed under the demand. tickets are available for resale on ebay. what i have is an e-mail confirming a seat for the opening night. the lucky owner of this ticket is our editor. for movie does not open another two months, but a lot of theaters are sold out for the first couple of days. you think of the first from years ago, the quality, it looks so much better. devon: it is amazing to see the evolution of what they have done. weather in place.
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shots the best highlighting our nation's capital. plenty of sunshine. temperatures will hit 70's west appear. a lack of a breeze, sunshine's hill feels fantastic. -- sunshine still feels fantastic. there.of sunshine out a few high, thin wisps of serous clouds. the bigger picture of living next is co-days, mid-70's tomorrow. some areas will come close to 80 degrees into thursday. the cold front will start by thursday evening. that will bring temperatures down. pinpoint forecast, temperature and sky cast for where you are. frederick, cool, but not
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freezing. culpeper was the last one that did that. 51 downtown. heavy coats in the morning. light jacket weather. your forecast in the northwest, washington, 74. clinton, 73. 72 for frederick. 75, fredericksburg. mid-, culpeper and orange. here is a look at the thursday. a look at where high temperatures go. we started out chilly, cold. we're going to end up warm. 75 in for washington. a few high, thin cirrus clouds coming in. washington looking east. into the afternoon, the only sky we will test daily sky cover we will see. 74 is going to be nice. 70 forecast, i want to highlight
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the marine corps memorial. i might try to give you that were cast in a bit. lowered a mid-seventies coming in. saturday into sunday, a mix of a shower coming in. for the marine corps memorial, we are going to look at a chance of rain. holding off until after we get in towards the race. there is a look at your forecast. ideals a little bit above running temperatures. 55 by the time some of the best runners will be getting in. 62 by the time it is ending. rain holding off. should be a nice forecast. jummy: i did the 10k last year and i believe it was warmer last year. was pretty warm. good luck to the runners. a student found 48 hours after
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going missing. it is where he was found and how.
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jummy: a georgia college student recovering more than 48 hours after he went missing. a lot of questions about what happened to him. morning byd monday railroad tracks, unconscious, bloody, and bruised. he went missing after attending a sorority party. a friend phone in his pocket. he says he was being up and robbed, but does not remember how he ended up on the tracks. closer to home, sunny skies.
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jummy: the weather is going to be warning up. devon: the cooldown will not be like what we went through. brian van de graaff has the nice weather.
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