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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  October 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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you're hauling something, make sure that it is securely put away. kevin: we are back live. just within the last 30 minutes a trash company by the name of republic services pulled up in three several vehicles. a bunch of the employees jumped out and started to pick up the trash. one of them carrying a large wheeled trash can. there are a few more back here. i asked them if their company was responsible for all the trash ending up on the side of the road. two of the workers both told me no comment. we're calling the company to see if we can get a spokes perp to tell us and give us more details. we're live in bowie, kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. we are following another developing story. murder investigation in upper marlboro. a woman found dead today. maryland bureau chief brad bell is along andean goose way. this is not the first time an investigation like this has taken place there. not very reassuring.
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brad: yeah, no. this is a bizarre story. i will get to you in a second. a look here, this is the scene. neighborhood of large homes. neighbors who know each other. the roadway closed off by the police tape. on the other side of that evidence van is the actual crime scene. that is the house where the murder took place. we can tell you a little bit about the victim. we can show you her facebook page. this is that facebook page. you ought to see a picture of amanda jones. a woman in her late 50's. that is who was found dead, murdered in her own home. this morning at 10:30 when police came for a welfare check. they went inside and they found her suffering from obvious trauma. this has been declared a murder in this neighborhood. this is just absolutely terrifying news. this woman was well-known, well-liked. >> i'm truly devastated this would happen to her.
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she is a sweet woman. just a wonderful woman. a wonderful friend. brad: she is a woman who has suffered as well. what we were going to tell you about is that her own son was shot and killed in an encounter with police here in 2011. at that point police came to this very half and report of the man shooting a shotgun through the home. police went inside. he had a history of mental illness. they were trying to get him under control so he could get psychiatric treatment. he ran and got in a fight with officers. one of the officers opened fire and killed this man. the woman found dead in the home, amanda jones was already a widow. and then this happened to her son four years ago. now she is found dead in her own home. police say at this point it is very early on in the investigation. their investigation wide open. we will be back at 6:00 with much more on this story. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news.
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alison: the prince george's county council is holding a town hall on do mest vike lens tonight -- domestic violence tonight. several homicides this year stemmed stemmed from domestic incidence. it beginnings at 7:00 on suitland high school on silver hill road in district heights. jonathan: there is a new guideline now when it comes to testing and diagnosing breast cancer. alison: joce sterman has the newest guidelines. this is yet another change for lots of women. joce: absolutely. another change. you thought you were confused about mammograms before. here we go again. the american cancer society revised its guidelines again now saying women can wait even longer to get the exams. starting now at age 45. >> hold your breast for me. don't breathe or move. joce: a mammogram is something women know they should get. when you should get them is less clear. today a major change for the top cancer organization, the american cancer society. now saying women with an
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average breast cancer risk should start getting mammograms at age 45. >> that committee considers all the evidence over a period of months. did the very difficult job of balancing the benefits and the harms. that is what led to the change in the guidelines. joce: previously they urged women to start at age 40. another big change. the society no longer recommending clinical breast exams. that is pulled back from the past advice that the screening should begin in 20's and 30's. new guidelines issued in a report in the journal of the medical association. changes are a result of the lack of scientific evidence that the past guidelines led to improved breast cancer detection. not everybody agrees. at least one major breast cancer group is still urging women to stick with the previous recommendations. >> we know that the debate will continue about the age to start mammography. this guidelines make it clear by age 45 all women should
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begin screening. that is where the benefits substantially outweigh the harm. joce: concerning difference of opinion but one that might be best confronted at the next trip to the doctor. one of the keys of the new guidelines is that it's really up to women to make a decision about what is best for them. you have to have a conversation with your doctor on what you think is best. joce sterman, abc7 news. alison: okay. so if you are confused about when you should start getting tested for breast cancer, that is certainly understandable. here is a rundown for you. the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists says to start at age 40. now the cancer society says 45. and u.s. prevent tiff services task force recommends getting regular mammograms starting when you turn 50. however as joce sterman said, the bottom line is have a conversation with your doctor. jonathan: over in spotsylvania county, virginia, two people were killed overnight in a house fire. this is the 11000 block of
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post oak road. firefighters found two people in the house. one was dead. the woman, another victim, was rushed to the hospital where she later died. one firefighter was burned but he is expected to be okay. firefighters escaped a dangerous fire in prince george's county last night in what capped off a busy 24 hours for crews. start with this. a two-story house on third in riverdale. it went up in flames last night. so bad, firefighters ordered all the crews out for fear of collapse. fortunately nobody was hurt. now that fire was just one of seven fires that crews had to fight across the county yesterday. 16 families in all were displaced in the campus way fire and two dogs were killed down the road in the fire on green meadow way. alison: a little more mild today. days like these are becoming less frequent. meteorologist brian van de graaff has the forecast today. looking nice out there. brian: it looks great. at the belfort furniture weather center we are seeing blue.
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high clouds but all in all looking good. downtown is 67 degrees. the south wind at 7 helping to elevate temperatures through the afternoon. 36 right now. that was the low this morning. 44 downtown. we have nicely warmed up. in the 70's. leesburg, 72. manassas, 70. culpeper, 70. fredericksburg, 71. 73 in winchester. most of us warming up nicely. unless you're by the water the temperatures are in the 60's. the temperatures are back in the 50's and the 40's tonight on average. one of the cool spots could touch the upper 30's. more warmth to linger through the week. how long? i will let you know the forecast coming up. alison: it's that time of year. marine corps marathon is almost here. crews are getting ready near arlington national cemetery and along the route in d.c. area. ahead of the run this weekend. metro is preparing for what is expected to be a big ridership weekend. reminder, metro will open at 5:00 sunday morning. that is earlier than usual.
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so the racers and the families could get to the start line and save their spots along the course. jonathan: there were changes in the landscape for the race for the democratic nomination for president. a democrat has dropped out. we still yet wait for another to make up his mind. senior political reporter scott thuman is live from the capitol hill bureau. jim webb is out as democrat. out for good or will he come back in another form? scott: there is the window of opportunity. he left that open making an announcement in the national press club. jim webb was struggling. under 1% in most polls and collected less than $1 million in the recent quarter for fundraising. on top of it, that performance in the debate got him lampooned on "saturday night live." uphill battle for him. on top of it he was having difficulties for what many people consider the democratic mantra. he wasn't following suit on what a lot of people thought he should be saying. but he explained that away saying it doesn't coincide with a lot of his political values. today he tried to justify his
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decision. here is what he had to say. >> i'm going to hear this so let me be the first to say it. i fully accept that my views on many issues are not come patible with the power structure and the nominating base of the democratic party. that party is filled with millions of dedicated, hard-working americans. but the hierarchy is not comfortable with many of the policies that i have laid forth and i'm not comfortable with many of theirs. scott: does that mean he may run as an independent? the question was asked today and he said he will wait and see what kind of responsibility he gets in the next couple of weeks. that is where he should lend his voice where he would do it. but he was careful not to committee one way or another. jonathan: where do we stand on joe biden? is he in or out? what are the deadlines looming to get in the race? scott: the most often asked
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question in all of washington these days. the white house briefing today was 90% about joe biden. he has deadlines he is facing. early fightings in some states by the end of of the month. it could prompt him but otherwise it's tough to wrangle the delegates he would need in his corner. we are hearing more chatter in the past 24 hours than we have in the past seven days. he says he has spent time with president obama and he has had hours of meetings. implying that he is close to this point. we don't know which way he will lean. one member of congress that did tweet out something. his source tells him that vice president biden will run. his source is reliable. rumors run rampant on the
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hill. jonathan: former maryland governor martin o'malley was on "the view" and he brought his guitar. watch. >> ♪ baby, we got bad love ♪ it used to be mad love ♪ take a look at what you've done ♪ jonathan: yeah, that is presidential candidate covering 201520152015 -- covering taylor swift with "bad love." i'll bring a banjo and we can jam. the latest cnn/orc poll. two candidates leading the pack. donald trump with a five-point lead over ben carson. but still, they are the only two candidates with support above 20%. marco rubio and jeb bush tied at 8%. mike huckabee and ran paul at 5%. carly fiorina's support
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dropped since the last poll. she was at 15% following a great debate down to 4%. she is now tied with ted cruz and chris christie. alison: haven't heard much about her lately. jonathan: no, we haven't. coming up for us at 4:00 on abc7 news -- new information in the murder of a prince george's county teenager. the selfless act he was trying to do moments before he was stabbed to death. alison: heartbreak in arizona. family members speaking out after a father drives an survivor with his family aboard into a lake. the search for a motive is next. jonathan: someone is preying on commuters in our area. wheels taken off of cars from a local parking lot. this is not the first time it's happened. how you can protect your ride home. coming up today at 4:30.
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jonathan: news from around the world, former olympic runner oscar pistorius will serve out the remainder of his sentence on house arrest. he was released from prison last night. pistorius was sentenced for five years in prison for the death of his model girlfriend in 2013. he only served one year behind bars. he was found guilty on culpable homicide or
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manslaughter but acquitted of murder. prosecutors plan to appeal. alison: around the nation now, police believe an arizona man gathered his estranged wife and three children in the s.u.v. and drove it into a lake as a murder-suicide. it happened after midnight sunday. rescuered pulled the parents and -- rescuers pulled the parents and two of the kids out of the water but all four would be pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. the woman's family says unfortunately, they're not surprised. >> he had been threatening her that he would kill the whole family if she ever left him. >> he took part of me when he took them. he took, he really took all of me. alison: the body of another child later pulled from the vehicle, the oldest of the three kids was just 3 years old. >> ♪ hey, hey, hey, goodbye jonathan: protesters celebrating in tennessee after resolution to fly the confederate flag outside the
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courthouse failed. they voted against the proposal yesterday. the commission said the flag is not about race, it's about history. but while the measure overwhelmingly failed it did have some support in the community. including from one man who says it honors his great, great, great grandfather. >> he deserves that. >> suddenly, someone wants to embark and install the flag. that is an insult. and hurtful to a lot of people. it was mostly peaceful. alison: we are learning more about a murder investigation in prince george's county. 14-year-old keyshaun mason was stabbed. police say it was his mother's boyfriend who did it during an argument. now we are learning what led up to this. diane cho is in oxon hill with the selfless act described in the charging documents today. tell us about it. diane: good afternoon, alison.
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as you can imagine, the family and friends are still grieving the loss of 14-year-old keyshaun mason. they stood out here in front of potomac high school this afternoon where mason was a freshman on the j.v. football team to talk about how they wanted him to be remembered. they described him as a caring and protective person. court documents show mason and his older brother tried to help his mother after they say got in an argument with the live-in boyfriend. at some point monday morning, 48-year-old sean crawford armed himself with a kitchen knife and barricaded himself with the mother in room. they say they were trying to get him to leave when they say he stabbed the teen. >> yes, he was protecting her. it's sad that a child has got to lose his life by protecting his mother. now he is not here.
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he will be missed. diane: crawford was arrested yesterday and facing charges. grief counselors will remain at the school as long as they are needed. coming up at 5:00, we will hear from mason's mother herself. diane cho, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. check on the traffic situation this afternoon. joey has a look at the ride home in the abc7 traffic center. this is the nicest picture we have seen in a long time. everything is moving. joy: it must be. i'm joy so i'll try hard. it looks like a typical tuesday. we'll take it. things are not so bad out there. go live and look at the camera there on outbound 395. we descried a good shot there. but that will -- we did have a good shot there but it's low. we did have an accident. it was in the center lane. westbound southeast/southwest
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freeway. causing delays to virginia. nice out there. looking good. normal volume, telegraph road. outer loop is slow already now making your way to the 270 spur. accident in maryland at the inner loop at connecticut avenue. watch out for westbound 56, heavy and slow. i'll keep you updated. now back to you. jonathan: that was a joy. thank you, joy. the roads look good. hey, nevada roads not so good. look at this. they are reopening after intense flooding over the weekend. that's a mess. this is a look at some of the damage left on sunday. dry lake. imagine that. dry lake. turned highways to rivers. one driver said there was at least two to three feet of water on each side of the road. usually it only sees a few inches every year. they have a stupid motorist
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law. if you drive in water and get stuck you have to pay for your rescue. alison: that is why it's the stupid motorist law. it's nice today. brian: beautiful. cool this morning. the sun is out and warmed us up. jonathan: great! brian: awesome. that is a live picture of the torpedo factory but inland it's in the 60's. look at the numbers. 72 right now. it's 33. gaithersburg is 69. over in fairfax, it's 56 right now after a morning low of 36. a big-time improvement. not as cold this morning.
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that is goods. the 70's are back. we have a cooler push by later in the week. the average high is 67. 58 degrees. it's 70 in manassas culpeper. winds pumping up the milder air. we have two high clouds over the city. warm weather continues from the south. plenty of sunshine this an. milder weather for the next few days. not just tomorrow. temperatures in the 70's through the end of the week. it's a push by friday and saturday. that will be fun. >> a lot of people are in town. >> thank you. still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- bottom of the hour.
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new evidence in the charles severance case. alison: a car swerving in a motorcycle's path. the creepy crawler the driver of the car says is the cause of the wreck. that is ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00". ♪
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♪ ♪ "7 on your side" with a phone bank with h.i.v. prevention and awareness. the phone lines will open up
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in a few minutes at 4:30. we will be here for theneck two hours taking your call, your questions, your concerns about hiv and aids. call us at 703-236-9220. 703-236-9220. we have people here from the women walker health and women's association. you can give us a call. this is also in connection. whitman walker health has a 5k run walk this saturday called "walk to end hiv/aids." this is a superhero themed event. a fantastic organization. a fantastic event. the more information. go to their website. that is this saturday. 703-236-9220. the phone lines open in a couple of minutes. we'll be here for two hours. i'm chris papst. 7 is definitely on your side today.
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give us a call. alison: okay. see you soon. thank you. still ahead here on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the alexandria murders trial resumes today. what forensic experts say about the weapons used in each murder. that's next. >> imagine after a long day at work you return to the parking lot to no longer find wheels on your car but bricks
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jonathan: after a brief delay in the alexandria murder trial yesterday, new testimony against charles severance. we are learning for the first time new details about the murder weapon. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg outside the fairfax county courthouse with what makes the gun used a one of a kind in this case. jeff? jeff: jonathan, we will get to the, i of the firearms in -- issue of the firearms in a moment. one of the lead detectives from the alexandria police department is testifying about a protective order that was issued against charles severance in march of 2000 by the mother of their child. and signed by then alexandria sheriff jim dunning. now in the last hour the judge agreed to allow the protective order into evidence. it could potentially be big for the prosecution, because it would bolster their argument that charles severance had a desire to do specific harm against jim dunning who is the husband of one of the victims, nancy dunning. now back to the issue of the
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fire arms. we heard today, testimony, extensive testimony from julian mayson, the state ballistics expert who analyzed the ammunition used in the murder of dunning, ruthanne lodato. the same ammo was used in each of the three crimes. .22-caliber long rifle hallow points made by remington. he testified while the same gun was not used in the killings but a similar gun fired all the shots like possibly north american mini revolver like the prosecutors claim. in 40 years on the job he said this is the only time he has seen this type of ammunition used in the crime were in the alexandria murders. two other ballistics experts in their time on the on the job, the only time they have seen this ammunition in the crime was for the alexandria murders. the prosecution set to wrap up the case and could be happening at any moment now. building the circumstantial evidence case against charles severance. we will get an update on the
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current testimony happening in the lead detective in the case from the alexandria police department. bring you an update at 5 centre. until then, live in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. stay with abc7 and jeff throughout the entire trial because he is heading back in the courtroom. every day he live tweets the testimony out. you can follow him. atkins -- follow him and us. alison: some changes to the forecast you will like and some you won't like them. temperatures will be falling again soon. our meteorologist brian van de graaff is back and he has the timing on this. hey. brian: the people who only had a.c. in the apartment and had to switch to heat. there is no switching back. let's talk about what is happening. this is beautiful from this morning at the bell haven country club in alexandria. high clouds and the temperatures outside warming. most of us across the area in the 70's.
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67 by the water. across the region, upper 60's to 70's. 68 in fort washington. look at that. 70 in manassas. 71 in fredericksburg. 73 in frederick. clear skies a comfortable evening. the coolest suburbs in the low to mid-40's. we will average in the 40's. mainly clear. cool start tomorrow. warmer. shooting for highs in the mid-70's tomorrow. mid-70's as well for thursday. the next cooldown doesn't come until later in the week. at that point we have temperatures in the 60's. it's all relative. not too far. alison: thank you very much. more concern for commuters. after the cars were targeted in prince william county. you leave your car behind. you think it's safe. but some got called friday. your wheels have been stolen. brianne carter at the commuter lot in woodbridge with more on what is happening here. brianne: just imagine this. you have just got here to the lot and you get off the bus at
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bus stop like these folks are doing. you come back here toward your car. instead of seeing something like this. instead you see your wheel is gone. take a look at the images that were sent to abc7 news. you can see there instead of four wheels underneath the two vehicles, instead two bricks were left behind. police say this is not the first time this has happened here in this lot. commuters we talk to say it's not the first time they have seen it happen here either. vdot owns the lot. prince william county police patrol the lot. issuing tickets for those not parked in the right place. now they say they will step up patrols even adding mobile cameras. temporarily in the lot as well. more needs to be done to keep them safe. >> we have all the employees parking on the public transportation, why not have some security here?
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>> back here live, you can see this is the focus here. coming up tonight on "abc7 news at 6:00", what police say you can do to protect yourself next time you park in a commuter lot. reporting live in woodbridge, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. some people are having similar issues. as we heard from her. when we posted this, michelle wrote to us, "where are the cameras? if it keeps happening, why isn't someone watching to catch them?" you can join the conversation ongoing on the facebook page. look for wjla tv. alison: a virginia ethics panel is recommending state lawmakers get a $15,000 pay bump. the panel appointed by the governor, terry mcauliffe, recommends adding the money to the salaries and establishing a new $15,000 allowance that could only be used for office expenses. the panel recommended new limits on personal gifts to lawmakers. that is a key issue following the conviction, of course, of the former virginia governor
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bob mcdonald and his wife. two silver spring base businessmen are opening to open medical marijuana greeing center in baltimore. they run healthy choice alternative, which is applying for one of 15 growing licenses that maryland will, i this year. attorney for the group says the company would turn a vacant 118,000 square foot building into an in-door marijuana farm. estimating it would create 100 jobs. jonathan: in baltimore today the grand reopening of a rite aid destroyed in the riots in april. the pharmacy on martin luther king boulevard was looted following freddie gray's funeral. he died in police custody and six officers are now charged in his death. congressman elijah cummings who pleaded for calm in the rioting is scheduled to help with the reopening. alison: breaking news out of prince george's county where police tell us one person was arrested in connection with the death of marquita wimms. wimms was found dead inside a
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car this month. she was shot. police tell us that joseph is in custody charged with first and second-degree murder. we have more on this breaking news as soon as we have it. jonathan: very good news here. this may be a major milestone for people ripped off and lost all of their money in the bernie madoff scandal. get this. officials and bankruptcy lawyers tell abc news they recovered more than $11 billion of the $17 billion lost. so anyone who invested up to $1.1 million will get all the money back. alison: selected families in north ad south korea will reunite for the first time after decades separated by war. about 100 elderly south
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koreans are making the trip north to see the relatives. for many it could be the last time they see each other. jonathan: remember this crash? millions of you have seen this crash now. it went viral. his poor excuse for the accident and how someone a thousand miles away used the same execution for a different crash. wait until you hear what it is. alison: update for you on the high school football coach told to stop praying after games. the battle between him and his school district coming up. jonathan: the phone lines are open on the aids prevention and awareness phone bank. we're coming right back after this.
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jonathan: this story is hard to believe but if you have a fear of spiders maybe it makes sense. fear of spiders blamed for a serious accident in kansas. the teen driver took her hands off the steering wheel because she had a spider and caused a four-vehicle crash trying to just swat the spider off her lap. really? it happened sunday on a highway in great bend. 11 people were hurt as a result of the little spider.
4:42 pm
police say they were taken to the hospital for treatment. no word on their conditions. alison: wow! well, a texas man, meanwhile, facing charges for his role in a motorcycle crash that was caught on camera. millions have watched this video on facebook. the motorcyclist was passing the two cars. one of the cars swerved out causing the motorcyclist and his passenger to fly off the bike. well, the driver of the car told police again a spider bite caused him to swerve. but this time investigators didn't buy it. that man is now facing two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. jonathan: what a knucklehead. how about this? remember the high school football coach in washington state that was praying after the games, was told not to? now he is taking a stand on his knees. coach john kennedy was told stop praying on the field after the game. don't do it. he apparently agreed. later he changed his mind and had a moment on silence on friday night after the school's homecoming. kennedy says he doesn't understand why anyone would
4:43 pm
have an issue with his actions. the school district says kennedy is endorsing religion while on duty and the whole church and state separation thing is what they are concerned about. ahead on the "abc7 news at 4:00" program -- congress now back in session. what is on its agenda this week and the potential for fireworks? that's coming up on thursday. alison: did you see it yet? millions have. the new "star wars" trailer. the buzz building around the film and the new internet
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jonathan: congress is back to the grindstone today. alison: in addition to speculation, of course, about paul ryan and a possible run for the speaker of the house, the dealt ceiling deadline. that is creeping up. it is november 3. the house is still at odds about that one. the benghazi committee is also back in session. presidential candidate and former secretary of state hillary clinton is set to testify coming up on thursday. jonathan: so if you haven't heard by now there is a new "star wars" movie coming out in december. already a bit of internet controversy with the movie. there is an online movement called #boycottstarwars7.
4:47 pm
accuses the film of being racist and pushing a multicultural agenda. i thought they were aliens. more than 13 million people watched it since monday night football. and elizabeth hur is in new york with the buzz building for the december opening. elizabeth: just two minutes long but this was the longest and the final glimpse of the much anticipated "star wars: the force awakens." >> the movie set some 30 years after "return of the jedi." hans and leia. >> the trailer, preview of a lightsaber fight between the new encounters. >> i was ready to do one
4:48 pm
thing. >> the wait was worth it. >> it was awesome. >> blown away. elizabeth: this is the seventh installment of the series. some theaters are going to host marathon screenings for every film in the series leading up to the big night. tickets are available for resale on ebay, for hundreds. our editor is one of the lucky one with tickets. the movie doesn't open for another two months but we are told a lot of theaters are sold out for the first couple of days. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. jonathan: i'm excited. i will be great. >> it's good for movies.
4:49 pm
people don't go to movies that much anymore. they stay home and watch. jonathan: the crazy part is if you think about the technology of this, the original * by then was ahead -- "star wars" was ahead of its time for the special effects. now the special effects make it amazing. you have to see it on the big screen. alison: fun. jonathan: a maryland man who has been following "the simpsons" since the beginning built one of the largest collections. he has a lot of time on his hands. mack clark says a lot of the collection comes from thrift shop, his travels and gifts from family and friends. nothing has been opened. >> almost everything is my favorite. as i roll through it in my mind i go, that's wonderful. i remember that. that is great. i remember the anticipation of getting it. part of the longevity of the "simpsons" is it's a reflection on american society, on the american family. jonathan: it's a cartoon. "the simpsons" has been on the air for nearly 26 years. he says his favorite character
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is homer. a reflection on america. really? alison: on our families. that's even scarier. jonathan: really scary. alison: this is not scary. to me at least. hershey kisses are getting bigger. jonathan: yea. alison: hershey will start selling kisses deluxe in the u.s. on november 5. doubled the size of the regular kisses and they have a hazelnut center and crispy rice. they will be on sale through valentine's day and come in packages of three and four. as well as gift box sizes. jonathan: you know what is funny? they introduced the deluxe in china a few years ago and huge success. 14 billion people there. alison: neat. jonathan: moving on now. alison: all right. coming up at 5:00, you will see what happened when abc7 calls police about the medical waste we showed you at the beginning of our newscast. including needles. they were all over the side of the local road. jonathan: two women, one
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banned. find out the music that brought them together that saved a life. great story. chris: "7 on your side" with the phone lines right now. 703-236-9220. 703-236-9220. taking your calls, your questions, your concerns about h.i.v. prevention and awareness. we have nine wonderful volunteers here from two fantastic d.c. organization. whitman walker health and the women's collective. we will be here until 6:30 tonight. another hour and a half. answering your questions. h.i.v. prevention and awareness. i'm chris papst. "7 on your side." back to you. jonathan: thank you. turn the attention to weather. a chill in the air. although it warmed up nice. alison: sunny! brian: got to 70 draes this afternoon. after the weekend in the 50s, a welcome change. this is short-lived. we it until thursday. the next cold blast will only take us to 60. look ahead to weekend. by saturday, the cooler air that i mentioned.
4:52 pm
the temperatures on saturday are only in the lower 60's. we will have a good deal of sunshine. we have the sunshine going for us saturday but it will be cooler here as we look at the outlook. mostly sunny. slightly above where we should be this time of year. by sunday, clouds will be increasing. there could be showers. the rain will hold off until nighttime. sunday is a big day. the marine corps marathon that happens around the corner from the station. and the 10 miler on the national mall. low to mid-50's in the morning. cloudy for most of the race. the temperatures in the afternoon will push to 70 degrees. mild and hopefully mainly dry race day on sunday. that is the weekend outlook. now for a look at the roads say hi to joy. the commute looked good earlier. how is it looking now? joy: it's falling apart quickly. look at 395 and duke street. we had a problem southbound 395 past seminary. southbound 395 is stacked now. washington boulevard toward duke. don't get excited there. we had an earlier incident. did not help from the district to virginia.
4:53 pm
westbound, southeast, southwest freeway. prior to 14th street. take a different route. that is my suggestion. in maryland a vehicle fire reported blocking a couple of lanes. outbound route 50. looking live at 270 and diamond. northbound 270 on the brakes now. beltway to montrose. beltway delays we have as well. looking live at the beltway and woodrow bridge. the eisenhower avenue connector toward the wilson bridge. alison: thank you, joy. ahead at 4:00 -- an algebra teacher innovative ways to teach kids math. the program and the award he received just ahead.
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4:56 pm
jonathan: there is a hero inside falls church. he has ceinials to prove it. kellye lynn takes us where a math teacher became a math
4:57 pm
hero. >> so here is how it will work. >> a new program will soon be in place at the mary ellen henderson middle school in falls church. the man behind it is joel black, algebra teacher eager to excite students about math. >> he created a program called play. stand for puzzle, logic and you. >> it's logic games. fun games to get them interested in logical thinking and mathematical thinking. kellye: the company liked the idea so much it recognized him as one of 25 math heroes. the award gives him $2,500 and his school a matching grant of $2,500. money used to support "play" and other math and science programs at henderson. >> you are allowed to block them? >> you are allowed to block. you can't take their pieces. >> students like it at lunchtime, program up and running next month.
4:58 pm
for the new title? >> beyond hero. >> falls church, kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: courageous teen gives his life and saves his mother. it describes a 14-year-old confrontation with an attacker. who should women believe? new breast cancer screenings guidelines come out. love of music made them friends and life-threatening condition made them life savers. >> living proof. jonathan: their act of love brought a surprise at the door. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: tonight a shocking revelation in a court document for a man accused of killing his girlfriend's son. the 14-year-old boy died trying to protect the mother. the mother just spoke about what happened inside her home and diane cho has the latest from oxon hill. diane? diane: according to court
4:59 pm
documents, the 14-year-old and his brother were trying to help their mother in their apartment yesterday morning when police say they were stabbed by her live-in boyfriend. emotions were still raw as family members remembered a life cut far too short. >> he was known in every area of his life and his family. diane: friends and family members gathered outside the high school where keyshaun mason was a freshman. >> smart, intelligent, loved playing football. that was his dream. he wanted to make it to the nfl. he didn't even get a chance to try. all i can say is keyshaun mason was keyshaun mason. diane: at one point, while other family members were speaking, his mother fell to her knees and had to be carried away.
5:00 pm
>> i love midgrandson. diane: court documents show mason and his brother tried to help the mother after she got in an argument her live inform boyfriend in oxon hill on monday. 48-year-old sean crawford armed himself with a kitchen knife and barricaded himself in a room with mason's mother. police say the boys tried to tell crawford to leaf when the investigators say crawford stabbed the teens. >> my kids responded. they did what they felt was needed to, to see if i was safe. diane: crawford was arrested at the scene yesterday. he is now facing several charges including first-degree murder. we are told that mason's brother is now staying with his father. family members say that they are going to have a vigil for mason on friday night outside of their apartment. at 6:00. live in oxon hill, diane cho, abc7 news. alison: police in prince george's county are investigating death of aw


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