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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  October 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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police shot and killed amanda jones' son. today, sadly, amanda jones found here in her own home. we can show you her facebook page. her profile picture. amanda jones, 56 years old. widow. as we said. already lost a son. she operated we are told essentially an unlicensed daycare in this home. no more than two or three children at a time. someone came to drop off a child this morning and she did not answer the phone. she did not answer the door. police were called. when they arrived they did find amanda jones deceased. now this is a neighborhood of large homes. this is a neighborhood where people know each other. talking to the neighbors they tell us they are devastated by this crime. >> that was my friend. i don't understand what is going on. whoever it was, she didn't deserve this.
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brad: back live now. police just left here a few moments ago. the crime scene technicians and the homicide detectives pulling out. we are told that the case is wide open but that there are strong leads at this point. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, brad. new at 6:00, prince george's county police release a photo showing the arrest of murder suspect who they say shot marquita wimms on october 3. her body was found after a car crash in an apartment building. they are not releasing a motive. new details in the murder of a 14-year-old oxon hill teens. police say keyshaun mason was stabbed by his mother's boyfriend during a fight. investigators say mason and his older brother were trying to protect their mother. >> my kids responded. they did what they felt was
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needed to see if i was safe. maureen: the older brother was stabbed but survived. now the boyfriend sean crawford is charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder. prosecutorsprosecutors in the cs severance murder trial are wrapping up the final elements of the case. a ballistics expert testified the same type of ammunition was used in the murders of nancy dunning, ron kirby and ruthanne lodato. he and two other experts classified the ammunition as "unusual." the prosecutors say severance was obsessed with a mini revolvers that used that particular bullet. a commuter warning after thieves strike a prince george's county commuter lot once more. on the commuter lot off i-95 in woodbridge. brianne carter is live there with what is being targeted and what commuters can do to fight back. brianne? brianne: maureen, police say
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they are stepping up patrols and you can do something to help yourself as well. this is after people return to the commuter lot expecting to find something just like this. of course, their wheels right on the car. instead the wheel was gone. >> very concerned. >> very concerned. brianne: after word that the commuter line is the target for wheel thieves. take a look at the pictures sent to abc7 of the cars that were left sitting on two bricks. it's not the first time this has happened. police say they heard of similar incidents. >> i had a guy with a new escalade and came back and the tires and the rims, everything were gone.
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police will step up patrol and add temporary cameras to the lot. >> i think it would deter them. brianne: police say wheel locks on cars are also a good decenter rent. >> -- deterrent. >> if you can get it, go ahead and get it. they are pretty cheap. you should get them. brianne: if possible, police say if you see suspicious activity in any commuter lot to give them a call. brianne carter, abc7 news. maureen: thank you. information on story you will see only at 7. healthcare system says a contractor lost bag of medical waste on a busy commuter roadway in bowie. i had syringes and bloody gauze and biohazards that lined the side of route 197 north of the bowie town center. all afternoon, abc7 tracked the progress of the clean-up after a viewer alerted us to
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the problem. in the past two hours the waste was removed. dimensions healthcare insist the waste is not contaminated. there is no word yet on what sparked a deadly house fair >> -- house fire in spotsylvania. in the past hour, the authorities identified the victims. jerry and barbara. they rescued howell from the home but she died at a hospital from a heart attack. jerry was found inside the home on post oak road. neighbor said he lived there for decades. firefighter sustained minor injuries battling the blaze. at least two of yesterday's fires in prince george's county are blamed on the cold weather. fire investigators say this fire at a home was caused by a space heater. separate fire in clinton was blamed on a malfunctioning chimney. a together, the firefighters put out seven fires at homes across the country. they also handled 450 calls for service. that is about 60 more than on
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a typical day. a university of virginia student filed a lawsuit following his controversial arrest. you might remember martise johnson who is suing the virginia department of alcoholic beverage control and the three a.b.c. officers for $3 million. he alleges unlawful detention and use of force. all charges against johnson were eventually dropped. still ahead on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- the problem exposed after a teenager said he hacked in the c.i.a. director's e-mail. and he wasn't the only top government official affected. plus the message police have for two men caught on video beating another man during april riots in baltimore. brian: live from the belfort furniture weather center tonight. not quite as cold as we head to the everything. can we hang on to the warmth
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for tomorrow afternoon? an updated look at the seven-day forecast as abc7 news continues after this. maureen: "7 on your side" with help matters. get answers straight from doctors to your questions about a loved one. if you have questions about hiv and aids. call 703-236-9220. all caller information will be kept confidential.
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maureen: slow return to normalcy is evident in baltimore. six months after they hit rite aid store in the riot the store was reopened. grand opening was held this morning on martin luther king boulevard. it was one of the pharmacies broken into and looted in the riots on april 28. impact of the violence is still being felt around baltimore as the police release new images of suspects accused of brutal crimes. look at the video. they are trying to find two men who punched a man, kicked him in face and left him bleeding. >> $5,000 reward is offered for information leading to arrest of each man in the video. new concern in the refugee crisis unfolding the europe.
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the temperatures are dropping leaving people exposed to the cold. this is the scene in croatia as thousands are waiting in often freezing conditions. next on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- what we are learning after a teenager hacked the e-mail of the heads of the c.i.a. and the department of the homeland security. the "7 on your side" help desk is open to answer your questions about hiv/aids. calls are kept confidential. call now. 703-236-9220. erin: football gets ready for the locks leave area. the redskins would just like to air it out to desean jackson. how much longer will he be sidelined? we'll talk about it when "a
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chris: our phone lines are only open for another 15 minutes until 6:30. give us a call.
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703-236-9220. taking your questions, calls, concerns on hiv/aids awareness and prevention. we have nine fantastic volunteers here from two great local organizations. the women's collective and whitman walker health. again, we are only going to be here for another 15 minutes. give us a call. 703-236-9220. we know that this is a difficult topic. very personal for many people. you can remain anonymous. you do not have to give your identity. we want to help. if you have any concerns, hiv/aids awareness and prevention. i'm chris papst. "7 on your side." for another 15 minutes tonight until 6:30. back to you. maureen: thank you, chris. new concerns tonight about the e-mail habits of top government officials after a teenage hacker claims to have broken in the personal account of the heads of the c.i.a. and department of homeland security. as the senior political reporter scott thuman tells us, this has sent off alarms.
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scott: another reported hack. this time targeting the personal e-mails of the c.i.a. director john brennan and possibly homeland security secretary jeh johnson. his twitter user claims to represent several teenagers posting what looks like proof of sensitive government information taken out of brennan's personal aol account. new concerns today from the white house. >> this does highlight the risk that all of us face. scott: to capitol hill. >> no aspect of public policy is going to be immune from cyber affronts. whether it's personal, facebook, linkedin on the work they are doing in the office behind the veil of security. scott: the self-proclaimed hackers say they easy accessed the personal account, scouring them for official business.
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scott: critics say after months of witnessing how hillary clinton's private e-mails have come out with her, why if true would government officials keep information on the personal accounts? >> we see repeatedly now that officials with sensitive information are going to have to make a decision whether they should be using the same e-mail platforms of the everyday americans. scott: neither the c.i.a., f.b.i. or homeland security would comment other than to say they are aware of the report. "wired" magazine which spoke to the suspected hackers says they claim they successfully prank called director brennan multiple times and plan to hack other top government officials soon. on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. maureen: now hillary clinton's e-mail habits while she was secretary of state will come under harsh scrutiny on thursday. that is when she will testify about the 2012 attack on benghazi that killed ambassador chris stephens and three other americans.
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today the department of state delivered more than one thousand of stevens' e-mails to the benghazi committee. a dramatic rescue north of phoenix today. rescuers saved a woman from the floodwater around her minivan. authorities say she tried to drive on a washed-out roadway but got stuck. she was not hurt. we don't want to see that kind of rain around here. brian: for sure. our big story is the chill. we got up to 70 degrees downtown today. mid-70's for the next couple of days. nothing to complain about. somebody will complain about something. human nature. today downtown 68 was the best to muster. sundown at 6:23. we are moments away from that. back up tomorrow at 7:22. liable at the beautiful shot.
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live camera of the national harbor. the sun getting ready to go down across the horizon. downtown we have checking in at 63. as the sun is lower, the temperatures are starting to respond. in 68. 63 now with a light southerly wind at 7 miles per hour. it's still gorgeous out there this evening. temperatures 66. manassas right now 64 at andrews. 70 at winchester. it's 73 in stanton this evening. the skies are fairly clear. we have a few high clouds. as you look across the region in the next day or so, warmer weather. we are starting off milder in the morning. we don't have a cold start. we are talking temperatures tomorrow. low to mid-70's. a nice-looking wednesday afternoon. thursday. warmth. a lot of sunshine. few scattered clouds. mid-70's once again. we will see a cold front drop across the area friday.
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there may be clouds with it. but honestly a nice stretch follows behind. even though the temperatures are dropping back, it will be relative. we have talking mid-60's. that is closer to average. 39 to 52 the coolest spot are the far western sebushes. 40 through most of the locals. low 50's downtown. sky view here. and look at the city later tonight. scattered high clouds for sure. as we head to dawn, the sun will start to come up across the horizon. probably 51 or so downtown. through the afternoon, blue skies, high clouds. all in all a nice day. check it out. 74 degrees for a high tomorrow. so mid-70's tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. continued mild. seven-day outlook does call for a cooler stretch toward the weekend. but long-term it warms it back up on sunday. mid-70's to mid-60's by friday, saturday. saturday, pleasant. sunday a little moisture.
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marine corps racer, it's mild temperature to start off in the 50's. the race at 7:55. look at sports with erin. erin: thank you. new maryland football coach michael locksly has a message for the players. hear it when we come back. will he or won't he? the latest on desean jackson much-anticipated return to action is next
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk brought to you by the local toyota dealers. erin: the redskins had meeting and film work today and will return to practice tomorrow. last week, gruden said desean jackson would return for this week's game against tampa bay by the latest but that was before jackson tweaked his hamstring in practice on thursday. they hope he will play on sunday, gruden says you don't want jackson out there unless he is 100%. coach gruden: that would be great but if we put him out there at 80% and he tries to go to 100%, he will be back to 30% just lick that. the hamstrings are delicate. a lot of guys out in the nfl going through the same thing. you have to get it back to 100% before you go. otherwise it will get worse. erin: meantime, the locksleylock era begins saturday against penn state. the locksley era begins
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saturday. this is his first game in charge. he doesn't feel as though he is auditioning for the permanent job. he is more focused on the players being successful in the second half of the season. having fun. that is why he tried to keep things light. the energy high in practice today. even blasted music. coach locksley: go out and have fun. we have an underdog mentality. there are not many people to give us a chance to have many success. but our guys are resilient. we have a good core of players that we see will come out and play with the fashion that the fans deserve. come out and play hard. erin: while it's a new era for maryland football team, it will soon be the start of a new basketball season. both the men and the women held media day today. head coach turgen know the terps have a way to go to live up to the number three national ranking. the women are expected to win the big ten this season. although they will have to do
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it without point guard lexi brown because she transferred to duke last season. the nationals were expected to interview former twins manager ron gardenhire today. so that is the latest on sports. maureen: all right. a lot of stuff. thanks. lots of stuff in the weather that is good. brian: yeah. milder weather for sure for the next couple of days. tomorrow morning we head out the door it won't be as cold. temperatures in the 40's. to low 50's downtown. by noontime 65. late tomorrow afternoon the temperatures are in the low 70's. looking beyond 70's for thursday. friday a bit of a cool bonobo still mid-60's. nothing dramatic. for the weekend, saturday and sunday are pretty warm for the marine corps racers. maureen: i hope that is good for them. world world with david muir is coming up next. join us again at 11:00. have a good night.
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tonight, the new controversy over the takedown of bin laden. did joe biden change his story? once saying he told the president not to pull the trigger on the operation. now he says, he quietly told the president to go for it. the confusion when it comes to mammograms. start mammograms later in life and no longer recommending doctors and nurses feel for lumps. dr. jen ashton is here. the diver whose car was broke done, called for help. and shot by police. bernie madoff victims, where


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