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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> it's gross. it's somebody's blood. alison: medical waste on the drive home. who is responsible? plus, a murder mystery. police searching for who killed a day care worker. and medical marijuana in maryland. >> it's weird. alison: we look inside the
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business model, next. abc seven news at 11:00, on your side. e, diapers,ody gauz iv bags on the side of the road in bowie. jonathan: who is responsible for this? it's becoming a war of words and the seven i-team is on it. alison: tom roussey has the story. tom: this did not happen on a back road, it was a major road, route 197. that is where the medical waste started. and continued on the side of the road for about a fifth of the mile -- a fifth of a mile northbound. we have been investigating how it got there. >> good lord, where is this at? the upon seeing pictures of dried blood, i fees, and a
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tampon, the reaction was unanimous. >> that's gross. it somebody's blood. tom: 7 on your side has been investigating how the medical waste got on the side of the road. it came from the bowie health center. the contractor who picked it up was republic services, the same company was called to pick up the mess today. a worker did not what to t alk to kevin lewis, but a representative said they are still investigating. republic is not sure if they are responsible, but a spokesperson for bowie health center says it is definitely republic because they are the ones paid to pick it up. but shouldn't blood to be considered hazardous? to a federalinted guideline that said tried blood is not hazardous unless something is "caked with it."
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is notie health center far only other side of that building, so this medical waste the not travel far before it wound up on the side of the road. as best as we can tell, it is all cleaned up tonight. tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: tom, thanks. the search is on for a killer who targeted a woman in an upscale home. the victim was a day care owner and upper marlboro, in the police are trying to figure out why she was murdered. stephen tschida is joining us with what we have learned so far. jonathan, this is the house where the police got a call this morning. inside they found the body of the owner of the home. this is the second time they have responded to this residence. ended with thell police fatally shooting the owner's son. the police found a woman's
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lifeless body of the home. the victim, the 56-year-old homeowner, and amanda jones, seen here on her facebook page. the cause of death, apparently bodily trauma. neighbors say that jones was a friendly woman and well-liked. dayran a small unlicensed care out of her home. a failure to answer the door this morning raised concern. >> we've never seen anything like this happen. alonen: jones lived here and quietly, but in 2011 she called the police about her son, charles smith. police say he had a history of mental illness. confrontation ended it with the police fatally shooting smith. tonight, people are hoping for resolution to the murder of jones. >> so we can sleep at night, to know if it was random or somebody that she knew. stephen: this person is too frightened to be alone. ,> i'm going to spend the night
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maybe tonight, tomorrow night, lms down and they arrest somebody. stephen: at last report, the police are still looking for a suspect and moto. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. jonathan: the police have made an arrest in the shooting death of a woman in district heights. joseph is accused of killing wims earlier this month. her car crashed into an apartment couplets. he is charged with first and second degree murder. the motive remains under investigation. protesters upset with d.c. mayor muriel bowser's plan to put more officers on the streets took to the streets. members of black lives matter marched. protesters argue the better way to reduce violent crime is to raise wages and increase
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affordable housing. this just in from capitol hill, paul ryan says he will run for speaker if every republican caucus endorses him. he gave lawmakers until friday to rally around him. vice presidential nominee says he wants to be a unifying force in a fractured party. he says he would not sacrifice family time by campaigning for candidates. if elected, he would be the youngest speaker in 150 years. vicebody is watching president joe biden, expected to announce whether he is running for president at any time. a source says he is not made a decision. there are good new numbers for hillary clinton. pointsoll has her up 12 from a month ago. stay with abc 7 as we watch the vice president. jonathan: hopefully you had a
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chance to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. meteorologist to brian van de graaff. is away, youn doug get the promotion. then: hey, if i could get paycheck. from the belfort furniture weather center, 68 was the high today after the official morning low of 44. in the city, 45 manassas, 46 pax river. later tonight, it appears the temperatures will drop somewhat. it will be a bit of a brisk evening. the temperature slip into the 30's, the skies will be clear, making for upper 30's in the western suburbs, 40's and the metro, 47 the low in winchester. tomorrow, back in the low to mid 70's with sunny skies. how long can we stretch this out? the forecast coming up. alison: meanwhile, only on 7,
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pot as a profession, the medical marijuana industry is growing. with it, new proposed gross sites. richard reeve got an inside look at the places and people involved. varyrd: the sites tremendously, one in a cornfield several miles west of hagerstown, the other in the lostof hancock, which has hundreds of jobs. for some, the new cash crop has a weirdness factor. this cornfield west of hagerstown could soon be captivating a different kind of crop. she is talking about medical marijuana. >> its medicine, not drugs. richard: at least three companies are setting up for approval for the gross sites. >> the medical product is like bayer coming to town to make aspirin. richard: one wants to build a
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45,000 square foot indoor grow facility. they are promising a $12 million investment. >> within two years, probably 200 jobs. town of hancock, harvest incorporated, an arizona company, once to convert this warehouse into an indoor growth site. >> it will add jobs to the community. aboutd: hancock has lost 1000 jobs in 15 years because of three plant closings. any are trying to wrap their heads around the idea that a drug still illegal from the federal government can improve health and the local economy. marijuana,g fan of but the medical necessities of marijuana i think are relevant. richard: medical cannabis can cancer andnts frwith ptsd.
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these are all growing facilities, not dispensaries. ireland officials will issue 15 cultivation license probably in december or january. alison: 7 on your side with health the news and a major change in guidelines for women's health. the mayor can cancer society now recommending fewer screenings for breast cancer. women should start getting mammograms at 45 instead of 40. also, everyone can skip the root train -- the routine manual check by doctors. cane they save lives, they also lead to false positives. the best advice is to always talk to your doctor. jonathan: subway is the latest chain to be asked to stop using meat treated with antibiotics. for received a grade of "f" transparency of product.
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they say they will use turkey, chicken, and pork raised without antibiotics. this is slated to be completed by march of next year. 7 on your side with a warning for commuters in prince william county. these are striking a commuter lot off of i-95 in woodbridge. in some cases they take tires and wheels right off the cars, leaving them sitting on bricks. the police are stepping up patrols and adding cameras. wheel locks can also help protect you from becoming a victim. a set of cheap wheel locks is about 15 bucks. demand for "star wars" tickets caused a system to crash. a draft house is the only theater chain to apologize. despite months of preparation, it servers failed. "star wars: the force awakens" opens december 18. still to come --a degree decision?
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will bill cosby's fall from grace force them to give up a degree from gw? jonathan: plus, using chickpeas for peace. crafting a criminals new scheme to take your money.
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el chapo was injured after falling from a small cliff. he was running from mexican special forces at the time. his bodyguards carried him away. el chapo escaped from a maximum security prison in mexico in the summer. dozens have been arrested in connection with the case. george washington university will not take away an honorary degree that it gave to bill cosby. they say they are shocked and disturbed by the allegations of sexual abuse but it is not their practice to rescind the degree. cosby has not been charged with
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a crime. other universities have rescinded their degrees. alison: there is a peace mission over humus. israelurant in central offering half off humus to arabs andjew who sits -- to arabs and jews who sit and eat together. jonathan: do not fall for a new credit card crime. companies are rushing to issue new chip-based cards to protect your identity. the deadline was october 1, but many have not receive new cards as of yet, so criminals are now sending out fake e-mails pretend to be credit card companies. they tell people they need to update their accounts by providing personal information. the federal trade commission says there is no reason an issue where we'll ever contact you
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before sending a new card. soon, this could be a reality, but for now this is just a test drive -- virginia allowing driverless cars to be tested on the roads. the car can drive 65. researchers sit in the driver seat, testing how the cars to how the carsing react. five states including the district have approved driverless car testing on public roads. you may encounter it and not know what. jonathan: whatever happens if there is a glitch in the system? can you grab the wheel and start driving? alison: hopefully there is a fallback. jonathan: some people shave while they drive. aian: the weather is calm, little cool. back into the 70's tomorrow. jonathan: nice. brian: the highs today, officially 68 downtown, 70's and
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the western suburbs. 73 frederick and hagerstown. low 70's leesburg to fredericksburg. we had a comfortable afternoon, not bad for mid-october. at 11:00, upper 40's leesburg, , 56hester, 52 andrews annapolis. later tonight, northern and western suburbs low 40's winchester, martinsburg some of the cooler spots. upper 40's, near 50 inside the beltway. 48 pax river, 47 leonardtown. virginia, low 40's, some upper 30's in culpeper. skies were clear, we had some high clouds, but nothing major. the next system off to the north will sink to the south, bringing us a shift in the wind.
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we adjust the temperature slightly the back half of the week, but nothing like the arctic outbreak we had earlier. we slip into the 40's tonight. about 49 on average. 40's all around. tomorrow afternoon, warming up, the high 74. the next front comes through with little fanfare thursday. 74 downtown tomorrow. 80's in louisville. the range from downtown to the western suburbs. we have high clouds that will be with us tomorrow morning, should be pretty. low 50's downtown by 7:00. through the afternoon, warming nicely, a beautiful afternoon. mostly sunny skies again. the seven-day forecast, cooler weather friday and saturday. mid 60's.
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warming sunday. sunday, the marine corps marathon, upper 50's and 60's. showers should hold off until late. another cold snap next week. alison: are you enjoying your new title that jonathan gave you? jonathan: chief. brian: i am. erin: what did i miss? jonathan: i promoted him. erin: i like it. the maryland terrapins bask ball , you-- basketball team will never believe who this little guy got to meet. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> and now the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: college basketball season is less than a month away and there are high expectations for the maryland terrapins this year. they ranked third in the preseason poll.
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knowsoach mark turgeon there is a long way to go to bring home the first national championship since 2002, but he is not shying away from the hype. : this is a group that has all the pieces to be successful if we stay healthy. if we put the team first all year, when it really matters, we have a chance. 12, 15re probably 10, teams that are talented enough to win the ncaa tournament. we feel like we are one of them. had: the capitals tonight to overcome an early deficit to the calgary flames, but currently have a 5-2 lead in the third. tmz posted this video and reported there was a drag race between seahawks running backs fred jackson and marshawn lynch that caused jackson to wreck his car near the practice facility. was wrong that tmz
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and jackson was going to fast and misjudged a tight turn. hour ago thatd an he was not racing and his team it's just stopped by to see how he was. game three of the nlcs between the mets and cubs. trying to slow down the mets. top of the third, tied at 1-1, and the red-hot daniel murphy solo home run. his fifth straight game with a home run. top of the seventh, the mets up 3-2. cespedes it's a line drive to cannot hangchwerner onto it. -- kyle schwarber cannot hang onto it. the mets take a 3-0 lead in the nlcs. remember mini bautista?
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he caused a viral sensation. was a mini bautista special guest during blue jays batting practice. mini bautista got to meet big bautista. i hope oscar had fun. he seemed to be good luck for the jays earlier, but not this time around, losing to the royals. and the nationals interviewed the former twins general manager ron gardenhire. jonathan: interesting. thank you. one virginia home is starting christmas festivities early.
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alison: nice and warm. brian: a little cool tomorrow morning, but the afternoon will be nice, 69 midday, 73 in the afternoon. a little cool down friday and saturday. the marine corps marathon sunday, a few showers in the evening. cooler next week. the next few days will be nice. alison: nothing to complain about. thank you. jonathan: thank you for joining us. jimmy kimmel live is next. alison: have a great night.
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