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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  October 21, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> now, abc 7 news at noon. on your side. brewing is a battle over a possible metro fare hike. chief financial officer is meeting to vote now. jeannette reyes is covering metro in northwest d.c.. cfo iste: wmata's briefing officials on the organization's finances as metro
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prepares for a battle between its own board members. representatives on the board salable veto any plan that includes -- on the board say they will veto any plan that includes a fare hike. >> they've been going up on the fares for the last three or four years. we need a break. jeannette: the defiant stance comes as ridership continues to fall. maryland and virginia officials are reluctant to up their financial contributions. safety issues continue to plague the organization, chipping away at the public's trust. have you had any issues with delays? >> every day. >> my experience with metro has actually been pretty positive. jeannette: jack evans and corvette price say they refuse to take money from customers. price and out to
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evans and haven't heard back yet. a maryland metro representative says the state's budget is already tight, meaning an increase is looking pretty unlikely. this could be further complicated and there could be a standoff between d.c. and maryland. in the district, jeannette reyes. jacqui: an investigation under way right now into a deadly industrial crash in fairfax county. the pedestrian was hit along really avenue near northshore drive in reston. take a look at the scene. it happened just after 7:00 this morning. the pedestrian was in a dark area of the road. the driver remained on the scene. the road was shut down for several hours as police investigated. the man accused of murdering a teenage boy in oxon hill appeared in a courtroom today. a bond hearing was held today for shawn crawford. police say he killed his
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girlfriend's son during a domestic incident in his home. he was a student at potomac high school. his 18-year-old brother was also stabbed, but survived. more thanright now, 100 law enforcement leaders are here in the nation's capital to launch a major national police initiative. police chiefs from across the country are holding a news conference right now to enhance a push to cut incarceration rates. they are trying to reevaluate sentences for nonviolent offenses. they are expected to meet with president obama tomorrow. officialsenforcement are in mourning today after one of their own was killed. it happened last night. officer randolph holder was responding to reports of a shooting in new york city. one of the suspects took off on
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a bicycle and exchanged fire with the officer. he was struck in the head and died at the hospital. the suspect is being treated. he will be released into police custody sometime today. federal investigators are searching for a serial arsonist they say is responsible for several church fires in st. louis, missouri. they believe one person may have set fire to six predominantly black churches in the past two weeks. all of the fires were within three miles of each other and all started at the front doors. each one in the dead of night. they could be considered hate crimes. the region is still recovering from racial tensions after the 2014 police murder of michael brown. taking a live look outside of the white house. a warm-up continues on this wednesday. brian van de graaff is here with
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the forecast. : this morning from frederick, they started at 39. they have bounced to 71. sunshine and clouds and warming nicely. 36 this morning in manassas. 45 culpeper. it was a cool start. most of us now in the mid and upper 60's. 68 winchester. 65 culpeper. temperatures should peak in the low to mid 70's. we have one more mild day tomorrow. cooler air moves in later in the week. you.: thank let's get a check of the roadways. daniel devereaux is here. : we are at 395
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northbound. a mobile drain cleaning crew up towards king street. the delays on seminary have eased a little bit. that crew will be there in the area and you may see some slowdowns. we've got some inner loop roadwork. outer loop also dealing with some right lane closures between kenilworth avenue and route one. not looking all that bad. -- traffic is moving around new hampshire avenue. in virginia, we have some right lane road construction from dale city to about 234. you will see more delays here at eigh station.
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to 70c is moving well on southbound between frederick and the capital beltway. jummy: wisconsin congressman paul ryan says he is now willing to run for speaker of the house, with a few conditions. by's presidential nominee said he will run if every republican caucus endorses him. he said he wanted to be a unifying force in a fractured party and that he would not sacrifice time with his family by campaigning for other candidates. ryan has received support from john boehner. >> paul ryan would make a great speaker. but this decision is up to the members. i thought last night went very well and hopefully by the end of the week we will have a nominee. jummy: ryan gave republicans until friday to rally around him.
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if elected, he would be the youngest speaker in 150 years. a year after former washington post editor ben bradley passed away, his family is still awaiting word for his final resting place. his mother liam does not fit with the aesthetics of the 19th century cemetery and just "sticks out." . d.c.'s department of consumer and regulatory affairs will decide if the mausoleum was illegally built. honoring a local hero. the dmv's own batman died tragically back in august but today he is being remembered in a big way. kevin lewis shows us how. >> good afternoon. this was a great event for an even better man. it's in memory of lenny robinson. the real-life batman. this is a picture of him doing what he did best. bringing joy to children with some of the worst diseases.
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he passed away this summer. he was on the side of a maryland interstate fixing his batmobile when a passing vehicle hit and killed him. this event is in memory of lenny. this tv shows different pictures of him doing great work during his adult life. almost 100 people out here supporting lenny's legacy. there are also 15 superheroes. superman, spiderman, that girls batgirl are all here. they will be continuing the good work that lenny put forth for so many years. the organization hosting this event is hope for henry. i'm kevin lewis. new details inp, the controversial death of a florida musician. the investigation into a police officer's action today.
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and ready for discounts. a numeral coming to montgomery county and when construction will be finished. power up the delorean. it is time to go back in time. the local town changing its name to honor the back to the future movie. and we will get a check of the forecast with brian. we are also awaiting news from the white house rose garden involving vice president joe biden. stay with us for that breaking
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon. jummy: new details are emerging about the police shooting of a well-known musician on a florida highway.
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the victim was 31-year-old corey jones. his car had broken down early sunday morning and he was waiting for help before he was approached by a plainclothes officer driving an unmarked car. the officer claims jones pointed a gun. but we know the investigation is underway. alert helpingh you understand the new breast cancer screening recommendations. the american cancer association released the new guidelines yesterday which included a change in when women should get mammograms. go to our facebook page with your questions. 7 news ath abc seven 4:00. high school students are accused of hacking into a school's computer system to change schedules and grades. they face serious charges today. calling then
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mastermind a modern-day ferris bueller. the school district confirms the students had access to personal information. a transformation is beginning in montgomery county. groundbreaking got underway this morning on a new outlet mall. sam sweeney has details on when you can start shopping. >> good afternoon. this is an exciting moment for the entire dmv. i hope you have your shopping list prepared. this is going to be a massive site. feet of retail space. it is very much a wide-open construction site. over the next year or so, it's going to transform. you can see some of the renderings of what this will look like once the 92 retailers moving. we will see anything from burberry and j.crew to banana republic. it will be upscale shopping and
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transform this area. it's also going to create 500 construction jobs and 800 full-time and part-time jobs once the facility is open. we spoke with the developers about why they chose montgomery county. >> montgomery county is one of the wealthiest counties in this area. not only do we draw from the permanent population base, but also baltimore and washington, d.c. and the taurus population as well. so it will be a great tourist population as well as residential. goes according to plan, you could be shopping here by next october. i'm sam sweeney. we are standing by for an abc news special report from the rose garden, where we expect vice president joe biden to appear with president obama second now to make some sort of announcement. he?n: will he or won't jummy: we will get started with
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the forecast but when it happens we will break in. brian: you just tell me the word. 63 right now. it's 63 downtown, but the leaves are already falling. we continue to see those transitions. 60's by the water. it is cooler this time of year. it's 63, butiver chevy chase and falls church are in the low 70's. look at annapolis because of the breeze. 59, yet 72 in leesburg. here's a bigger picture of what's happening across the area. plenty of sunshine. milder weather. there is a frontal system to the north and west that will sink toward us tomorrow. cool weather in the morning. mild in the afternoon.
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mid-seventies. tomorrow, we will see a little bit of a shift. temperatures will slip back into the 60's. mid-seventies for the afternoon. jummy: you can see the vice president walking out your it at stake a listen. >> good morning. please sit down. mr. preston, thank you for inviting me to the rose garden for a minute. >> it's a pretty nice place. >> as my family and i have worked through the grieving process, i have said all along what i've said time and again to others. that it may very well be that that process, by the time we get through it, closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president. that it might close. i have concluded it has closed. experience previous that there is no timetable for
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this process. the process doesn't respect or much care about things like filing deadlines, or debates and primaries and caucuses. but i also know that i could do this -- i couldn't do this if the family wasn't ready. the good news is, the family has reached that point. but as i have said many times, my family has suffered loss. and i hope there would come a time, and i've said this to many other families, that sooner rather than later, when you think of your loved one, it brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes. that's where the bidens are today, thank god. beau was our inspiration. unfortunately, i believe we are out of time. the time necessary to mount a
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winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully, to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation. and this is what i believe. i believe that president obama has led this nation from crisis to recovery. and we are now on the cusp of for resurgence. i'm plowed to have played a part in that -- i'm proud to have played a part in that. this party, our nation will be making a tragic mistake if we walk away or attempt to undo the obama legacy. the american people have worked too hard and we have come too far for that. democrats should not only defend his record and protect this record, they should run on the record.
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we've got a lot of work to get done over the next 15 months. and there's a lot that the president will have to get done. but let me be clear. building on a really solid foundation. with givingtarts the middle class a fighting chance. i know you in the press love to call the middle class joe, and i know in washington that's not usually meant as a condiment. it means you are not that sophisticated. but it is about the little class. it is in a matter of fairness or economic growth. stabilityr of social for this nation. we cannot sustain the current levels of inequality that exists in this country. i believe the huge sums of unlimited and often secret money pouring into our politics is a
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fundamental threat to our democracy and i really mean. i think it's a fundamental threat. because the middle class will never have a fighting chance in this country as long as several hundred families, the wealthiest families, control the process. it's just that simple. and i believe we have to level the playing field for the american people and that's going to take access to education and opportunity to work. we need to commit. we are fighting for 14 years. we need to commit to 16 years of free public education for all her children. -- all our children. we all know that 12 years of public education is not enough. the sameon, let's make commitment to a college education today that we made to a high school education 100 years ago. care is the child one biggest barrier for working families. we need to triple the child care
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tax credit. that alone will lead to a dramatic increase in the number of women able to be in the workforce and will raise our economic standards. there are many ways to pay for this. how do you pay for this? there are many equitable ways to pay for this. we could pay for all of this with one simple step. by limiting the deductions in the tax code to 28% of income. wealthy folks will pay a little bit more. they will beuess happy to help build a stronger economy and a better educated america. i believe we need to leave more by the power of our example as the president has been by the example of our power. we have learned some very hard lessons for more than a decade of large-scale open-ended military invasions. fact that accept the we caps off all the worlds problems.
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we can't solve many of them alone. the argument that we just have to do something when bad people do bad things isn't good enough. it's not a good enough reason for american intervention and to put our sons and daughters lives on the line. put them at risk. i believe we have to and the politicspolitician that are ripping this country apart. i think we can. it's mean-spirited. it's petty. and it has gone on for much too long. i don't believe like some do that it is naive to talk to republicans. i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemies. they are opposition. they are not our enemies. and for the sake of the country, we have to work together. as the president has said many times, compromise is not a dirty word. but look at it this way.
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how does this country function without consensus? how can we move forward without being able to arrive at consensus? four more years of this kind of battle may be more than this country can take. we have to change it. and i believe we need a moonshot in this country to cure cancer. it's personal. but i know we can do this. the president and i have already been working hard on increasing funding for research and development because there are so many breakthroughs just on the horizon. in science and medicine. the things that are just about to happen. and we can make them real with an absolute national commitment to end cancer. as we know it today. and i'm going to spend the next 15 months in this office pushing as hard as i can to accomplish this.
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because i know there are democrats and republicans on the tol who share our passion silence this deadly disease. i wouldld be anything, have wanted to be the president that ended cancer. because it's possible. i also believe we need to keep moving forward in the ark of this nation toward justice. the rights of the lgbt community, immigration reform, equal pay for women and protecting their safety from violence, rooting out institutional racism, at their core every one of these things is about the same thing. it's about equality. it's about fairness. it's about respect. it's about affording every single person dignity. it's not complicated. every single one of these issues.
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dignity and the ugly forces of hate and division will not let up. but they do not represent the american people. they do not represent the heart of this country. the represent a small fraction of the political elite. and the next president is going to have to take it on. we are so much better positioned than any country in the world. i've been doing this for a long time. called the optimistic when i got elected as a 29-year-old kid. i am optimistic about the possibilities to leap forward and i have in any time in my career. and i believe to my core that there is no country on the face
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positionedh better to lead the world in the 21st century than the united states of america. washington. just has to begin to function again. instead of being a problem, it has to become part of the solution again. we have to be one america again. and at are core, i always believed that what sets america apart from every other nation is that we ordinary americans believe in possibilities. unlimited possibilities. the possibilities for a kid growing up in a poor inner-city neighborhood in a spanish-speaking home. ina kid from mayfield delaware or willow grove in pennsylvania like jill and i. to be able to be anything we wanted to be. anything that we want.
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that's what we were both taught. that's what the president was taught. it was real. that's what i grew up believing. true inas always been this country. if we ever lose that, we have lost something very special. we are losing the soul of this country. when i was growing up, my parents in tough times looked at me and would say to me and my brothers and sisters, it's going to be ok. and they meant it. it was going to be ok. back to your old neighborhoods and talk to your contemporaries. there are too many people in america today, too many parents who don't believe they can look their kid in the eye and say with certitude, it's going to be
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ok. that's what we need to change. that will be the true measure of our success. every parent can look their kid in the eye and say it's going to be ok and mean it. i believe it's totally within our power. the nation has done it before in difficult times. i've had the good fortune and privileged of being in public service most of my adult life since i've been 25 years old. and through personal triumphs and tragedies, my entire family, hunter, my, my son daughter ashley, jill, my whole family -- the sounds corny, but we found purpose in public life.
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family,tend, the whole we intend to spend the next 15 months fighting for what we have always cared about. what my family has always cared about. and working alongside the president and members of coverage and are -- and members of congress and our future nominee. i believe we are fully capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. we can do this. and when we do, america won't just win the future. we will own the finish line. thank you for all being so gracious to jill and me for the last six or eight months and for our whole career. i'm telling you, we can do so much more. i'm looking forward to continuing to work with this man to get it done. thank you very much. [applause] jummy:


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