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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  October 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> i will not be silent. i will speak out to influence as much as i can, where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation. leon: with that, vice president joe biden ended speculation to whether he was going to make a run at the presidency this time next year. his powerful and emotional announcement came at the rose garden his wife and president obama by his side. we have a look at the decisions impact on 2015. the guessing game is over but it was fun. scott: you said it. this may have been surprise for people closest to joe biden. he made earlier runs at the white house.
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i'm sure it was mixed emotions by biden. but he did not endorse anyone but he said he will campaign whoever the democrats choose. >> we intend to spend the next 15 months fighting for what we always cared about. what my family always cared about with every ounce of our being. working alongside the president and members of congress and our future nominee. i am certain we're capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. scott: hillary clinton tweeting out that joe biden, "is a good friend and a great man. today and always i'm inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better." republicans, a different take.
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r.n.c. chairman reince priebus sending out an e-mail saying this is a major blow for the dems because now they're saddled with a scandal-plagued clinton as the eventual nominee. coming up at 6:00 tonight, you will hear from the front-runner on the g.o.p. side. donald trump. what does le have to say and how will it affect the race? much more in an hour. live on capitol hill, scott thuman. abc7 news. leon: all right. onto the next round. thanks, scott. you can watch the vice president's entire emotional statement on alison: all right. up on the hill today, john boehner announced the colleagues will choose the successor on october 28. that is one day after congressman paul ryan said he is willing to run for the third highest job in the land. but he has a few demands. we have have a closer look at that at 5:00. but the weather today is perfect. gorgeous for mid-october. tomorrow could be even better.
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leon: don't jinx it. meteorologist steve rudin standing by in the storm watch 7 weather center. steve: it's beautiful tomorrow. the weekend we have will cooler air moving in, part of one if not two cold front on the way. if you are looking at the warm temperatures barbecue, go for it. watch the kid's practice soccer or football. winds out of the south at 3 to 6 miles per hour. downtown d.c. is around 50 degrees. waking up early tomorrow morning northern and the western areas outside the beltway. temperatures in the 40's. with have a look at the forecast for the marine corps
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marathon next. leon: police now in the last hour announcing a suspect is in custody. maryland bureau chief brad bell spoke with the victim's daughter today. and brad is live with the late-breaking developments in this case. brad? braked the suspect is in custody -- brad: the suspect is in custody soon to be charged. the police sources tell us this case came together quickly. not long after the body of amanda jones was found. this man's name emerged. he was brought into custody yesterday. he was in a relationship with amanda jones, visiting with her yesterday and we are told the motive was likely jealousy because he found out about another man. amanda jones had been through a lot. at 56 she was a widow. she saw her only son killed. she lives alone making ends meet as a daycare provider. her daughter says she was a rock. >> she is a really strong person, a really strong woman. i always turn to her for
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advice. she always was there for me whenever i need it. brad: she found her mother's lifeless body yesterday. when the horror subsided she immediately thought of the man the police now named as a suspect. he had done yard work at the house turned crime scene and romantically involved with amanda. but it had gone bad. there was a restraining order last week. she expresses only a little relief to know the man is under arrest. >> really, really hard to think like that he knew her as a person. how beautiful of a person she was and how much she meant to her family to do this to her. he came to my mind instantly. brad: many here knew jones and feel grief but they also felt fear. >> that makes me feel really good to show they got
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somebody. brad: through the doors are the homicide offices and that is where the suspect continues to beld. at this point he has not been moved to the detention center. we're told there will be a vigil for amanda jones held in her community. on friday. a community is still rattled, still terribly upset by what happened. prince george's county, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: thanks, brad. lawyers for a police officer facing trial in death of freddie gray are asking that the jury be sequestered. they found it after porter's trial who is charged with manslaughter and other offenses as well. the trial set for october 30. they will face charges in connection with gray's death. alison: today the defense started to make a case at the charles severance trial.
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two of the first witnesses on the stand were his father and his mother. jeff goldberg also in the courtroom and he joins us live with what they had to say about their son. jeff? jeff: extensive testimony from virginia severance in the past hour, charles severance's mother. he is talked about his deteriorating mental health that has been going on over the years and started in the late 1970's. virginia severance talked about how when charles severance lost custody of his son in alexandria in the late 1990's, things changed dramatically saying, "he was miserable. this is the one thing in his life he loved more than anything." charles severance's father stan seen here after his son's arrest in 2014. today testified about family concerns regarding his son's mental health through the years. especially after losing a custody dispute in 1999. he will run sentences together and shift subjects midsentence. stan severance was shown this
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surveillance video from the alexandria target in 2003 from right before the murder of nancy dunning saying this man was not his son. contradicting claims made by the prosecutor last week. also today dr. darren strange a psychologist and expert on memory. not specifically discussing the shooting at the lodato home in questioning, the defense cast serious doubt on the testimony of the family care-taker franco who ws also shot in the incident and who in court identified charles severance a the shooter. >> when we are in a traumatic experience later we say we know the face. but it doesn't seem to be the way it works at all. jeff: released this afternoon, sur ray lens video that prosecutors claim of charles severance's ford focus driving near the lodato home after the murder on february 6, 2014. with testimony from the family members, the defense really trying to shed light on charles severance's mental health issues saying that the
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situation may have fueled strange behavior and no no way proved guilty. we can expect to see a lot in the days ahead. they focused on severance's extensive writing which they argue made no mention of the victims and the families and are the product of somebody who is dealing with the mental health issues. live in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: okay, jeff. thank you very much. reminder you can get updates from the courtroom following jeff on twitter. @abc7 jeffg. leon: authorities are trying to figure out what led to a deadly pedestrian crash in fairfax county this morning. here is a look at the scene from news chopper 7. this is near north shore drive at reston. this happened after 7:00 in the morning. police say that the pedestrian who by the way has not been identified yet was in a dark area of the road. drivers did remain on the scene. alison: the debate is raging over police body cameras in the district. stephen tschida live outside the wilson building with a closer look at the pros and
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the cons of the plan. hi, stephen. stephen: this started at 10:00 this morning. i checked in 15 minutes ago. still underway. now much of the discussion today about body cameras. supporters saying that will be a great addition to policing the nation's capital. opponents worried about what will become of the video they record. >> video of an 18-year-old on the sidewalk. his screams sparked condemnation of police brutality last week. some say body cameras recording the entire incident would have muted the outrage. >> i'm certain it would have been a different outcome. it would have shown the incidents from the officer's point of view from beginning to end. >> 30 hours of grueling testimony and questioning, advocate of the body cameras and those with deep concerns spoke out. much of the discussion centered on what images will be withheld under the current proposal.
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>> which includes assaults by police officers. >> we would always protect the identity of the witness to the crime. always. >> representative of the muslim community raised concerns. they fear granting the public access to video will further victimize muslim women. >> this is going to have a chilling impact in terms of reporting to law enforcement. >> among the crowd, today a contingent from black lives matter who denounce the concept of police body cameras. >> i think it's a time and more importantly it's deflection on the rail issues we need to be -- real issues we need to be talking about. stefs concerns and question -- stephen: a lot of concerns and questions from the public and from the city council today. it could be tough going moving toward with mayor muriel bowser's proposal for body cameras for the d.c. police. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: coming up at 5:00 -- >> five times this year a local teacher with a big boost in security. i'm mike carter-conneen in
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southeast washington. coming up, find out how much customers and the total strangers do with the effort. leon: vet can speaks out about the reports claiming the -- the vatican speaks out about the
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leon: there are new efforts to make it easier for riders to call 911 on a metro train. this comes after several high-profile cases involving passengers who couldn't get a call through. brianne carter is covering metro for us tonight live from the abc7's satellite center. brianne: metro riders are closer to do this. ize their cell phone in tums to make the 911 calls or communicate if there is a problem on the track. today abc7 news learned metro is entering in what is called agreement in principle with the wireless carriers to install telephone cables inside the system. it would give the riders cell reception. deep underground tum start early 2015. this will happen at the same time the plans to upgrade the underground radio communication system for the first responders. comes as a result of the metro rail communication study done by the washington metropolitan counsel government. this was done after the tragic january smoke indoesn't on the red line where people couldn't
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get service. >> they have an agreement in principle. we have strongly urged to get this done as quickly as possible. brianne: we understand this comes on the same day the commissioner of the f.c.c., the federal communications commission sent a letter to the acting head of the federal transit asking the f.d.a. to get the work expedited to finish it before the reported time to continue until 2020. this would be piecemeals so some might see the service versus otherses.
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we understand the first people to see it would be the deep tums under the red and the orange line. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: thank you for that. drivings should prepare for the lane closures on the harry kelly memorial bridge in ocean city. workers are preparing the bottom of span linking ocean city and west ocean city. the goal is to keep concrete falling off the 73-year-old bridge. work should be complete by the end of the week. steve: but don't go this weekend. it will be chilly. but good news for the runners. outside at this hour it's beautiful. the temperatures are in the 70's. 72 at reagan national airport. winds out of the south at miles per hour. clouds here and there. staying dry this evening.
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if you have plans outside go for it. wonderful. 75 in fredericksburg. 73 in hagerstown. 77 at cumberland. the temperatures will cool down tonight moving in the 40's. we can see where the cooler air is located. the areas of green. but to the west is the weather for tomorrow. we have another warm day. high pressure to the south of us. stick around tonight and tomorrow to early tomorrow everything. close one. it will signal changes in our forecast as we move toward the end of the week and into the upcoming weekend. clear skies. just a few passing clouds over virginia. the sun is set around 6:30. look for the sun glare to cause issues around the capital beltway. 50 degrees for the overnight lows and mainly clear skies. cool out there.
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40 degrees inside the capital beltway. in the suburban areas tomorrow morning will be in the 40's. 50 degrees in upper marlboro. the future cast moving through the next few days. mild day ahead. this is the approaching cold front arriving late tomorrow. behind it we will cooler air. it arrives friday and will stick around all weekend long. look at the 5:00 hours. look at the temperatures. mid-to-upper 70's.
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the next seven days are calling for the daytime highs on friday. 67. friday 65. the marine corps marathon on sunday. we look for the temperatures eventually going to make it in the upper 60's. we have the lower 60's monday and tuesday with the nighttime low in the 50's. for the runners it won't be too hot or too cool. maybe, maybe a passing shower or two. in d.c. mainly dry. alison: beautiful weather. we're lucky. hope we will continue it to november, december, january. alison: i know! thank you. leon: local school system putting on hold a new program to ticket drivers who pass school buses. alison: we'll explain why coming up. first -- >> turtle. octopus. we ended up catching one. >> find out what the young man did to get the camera back to
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the owner. leon: but first, a look at what is coming up tonight on abc. discover the world
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animals, seen those before but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids discover the world with their mouths detergent is harmful if swallowed, so keep laundry pacs up and away from children brought to you by tide
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leon: new information on pizza shot that has been targeted.
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but instead of packing up shop, mike carter-conneen tells us that she decided to stay in the same location where the community now rallying around her. mike: after five robberies, the pizza owner refused to leave. but she could not afford a security system. that changed today after thousands of dollars in donations via a go fund me page. >> we came together with the community. organized and all over. >> the bowser administration is working to protect small businesses. they have a camera rebate program. >> so the community can get the support they need to protect their businesses. mike: in this case, mama was overwhelmed by the community response. her neighbors and the customers say it's no surprise. >> she knows your voice, your name and your face and she
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remembers your children. part of our community. this is a family member. we call her mama and we need it. >> motion detectors, we have sensors on the doors. got you coming in and got you going out. >> i'm sure it will look into it. this is happening here. >> already mama feels more secure. more than anything, she has gratitude. in southeast washington, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: great story. we turn to "7 on your side." health matters now. a lot of questions tonight about the new guidelines for mammograms. so we called several doctors' offices and the insurance plans today to get answers after the american cancer society change the recommendations if for baseline mammogram from the age of 40 up to 45.
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most of them say right now they don't have a lot of answers. one thing we learned is if the major insurance companies decide not to cover mammograms for women between 40-45, doctors predict a backlash. >> breast cancer we have the whole month of october devoted to breast cancer awareness. women are vocal. there should be enormous outcry publicly if they scaled back on screening mammography. there could be young 40-year-old young breast cancer survivors on capitol hill talking to the legislators about why it needs to be in place and why it's important. alison: we did receive a statement from america's health insurance plans this afternoon saying that right now plans generally cover mammograms for women between 40-50 if they're medically necessary. leon: the vatican says pope francis is in good health. despite a newspaper who says he has a small brain tumor. the paper claims that the pope
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had been flying to a clinic to seek treatment from a brain cancer specialist. they called it unfounded. alison: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- how hills valley is landing right in our backyard. on that date made famous by the "back to the future" series. leon: later, what 11 women say kept them waiting for repairs inside the public house. >> people from all across the country are blaming a company saying it's keeping their country are blaming a company saying it's keeping their hard-earned money hostage.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: a system breakdown left thousands of people waiting for access to their own money for more than a week. "7 on your side" with kevin lewis getting answers about what is going on with their rushcard. >> well, it should have posted on the 13th. today is the 21st. kevin: she describes the rushcard, the company that gives customers a paycheck a day or two early. but she says the rushcard is eight days late on the payment. >> you still have my $300. kevin: the grandmother of eight called and e-mailed daily. getting recording and robo replies. >> we're in receipt of your e-mail.
5:31 pm
you'll be notified in 12 hours. that was last friday. kevin: today, "7 on your side" contacted rushcard and told us technology upgrade failed and in turn deactivate thousands of accounts. it set up command centers in new york city and cincinnati. many customers are back online but a number are without their money. they released a statement -- >> am i concerned? yes. i'm very concerned. because this is my money. you are holding it captive. kevin: in an attempt to keep the customer base, rushcard says it is now wiping awa all fees through the end of february. still customers like francine cox say they are done and going with a new company. in northwest, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: falls church is
5:32 pm
suspending the campaign about ticketing if you pass bus. it's at issue if the tickets can be mailed to the violator? it's not specified. meanwhile, special honor for the d.c. schools. d.c. mayor muriel bowser announced the community schools awarded grant money. community school is a partnership between the school and the community resources. the news is reveal today in an honored school. wilson elementary school in northeast. they receive a grant for $175,000. >> with your help we know that d.c. has become the fastest improving school system in the country. we also awarded $1 million across schools to promote programs that integrate academic, mental health and social services. leon: school leaders say the
5:33 pm
primary goal is to link academic achievement and ensure family well-being. alison: foundation formed to honor the monument to men treasure hunter is closing. they say 5 million works of art in world war ii and the story was made in the 2014 movie starring george clooney. now the foundation says financial trouble is forcing them to close. it comes one day before the 345 treasure hunters are to be honored by congressional gold medal. the grain black and white picture may show the most infamous iceberg in history. this picture is going up for auction. it was taken on the day the titanic sank, april 15, 1912 and thatted by the chief steward aboard the liner. it is expected to go between $15,000 and $23,000.
5:34 pm
leon: teen did something unusual. he found hidden treasure. he tracked down the owner. the treasure was a go pro camera but filled videos and special memory. he hooked it out fishing with his dad. the memory card inside was still dry and had pictures of a trip around the world. >> i went to see my brother. i was one of the first people on the boat. i got to see him for the first time in months really. >> hard time leaving my family members overseas. it gave me more of a drive to get the camera back. leon: he said his father was in the navy and many every years away from home. so he tracked down the camera's owner. regifted the experience. alison: they have a bond, those two. cool. leon: very cool. all right. coming up here at 5:00 --
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>> open it up. leon: this week's harris' hero not the typical gym class. how a local organization improving fitness and focus. alison: verge of the series. how a team that is facing elimination is bringing in help to keep the hopes alive. leon: new at 6:00 -- a shocking video that spread around thed two. why is the photographer suing? the answer at 6:00.
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steve: i'm steve rudin. here we are wednesday. never too early to talk about the upcoming weekend. cool on saturday. good deal of sunshine. by sunday we will rebound to just around 70 degrees. a lot going on, on sunday.
5:37 pm
marine corps marathon. temperatures will start in the lower 50's. i will eventually make it to 60 by 10:00. by noontime hour. it's in the middle to the upper 60's. with a chance, just a chance for passing showers. should not amount to a lot. fall color change in full force. especially west of us. looking great for w
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leon: from schoolwork to family life, today's youth face daily stresses. but a local non-profit helping give them ways to help. it's called yo kid. it's this week's harris' hero. >> exhale. feel the breath go out. good. leon: at mount view alternative high school students are learning an important lesson. >> tap into your breath three times. nice. nice and relaxed. leon: the weekly class run by yo kids. >> go to the sky. get on your toes. leon: which brings yoga to underserved youth. >> lift up the left leg. leon: michelle mitchell started the program after seeing firsthand the positive impact that yoga made in her life in branch -- graduate schools. >> we teach them tools to respond to life opposed to react to life. >> tools such as stressing and breathing.
5:40 pm
students look forward to the class and how they feel afterwards. >> they are hesitant at first. after doing it one time, they are into it. >> it makes me feel more energized. >> it's like everything that i was thinking about is gone. i just feel relaxed. >> i have a 4-month-old baby and it helps my stress out. >> the kids put their mind on everything else and just focus on the time by themselves. leon: ultimately, yo kids want students to leave with this message. >> you can learn to let go in yoga you can learn to let go other things in life. >> eyes gently open. you did a great job. thank you. i hope you have a wonderful week. leon: next monday yo kid is holding a national kids yoga conference with workshop and yoga found. they brought benefit of yoga to more than 3,000 young people greater d.c. area. alison: i love that. leon: i know you do. alison: they leave the phones behind, too.
5:41 pm
for kids amazing. leon: the best part of the whole thing. off their phone for an hour. alison: wonderful program. leon: way to go. alison: coming up here at 5:00 -- >> we don't need roads. alison: the future is now. find out what the second "back to the future" got right about life in 2015. leon: a reminder for you. if you see news we want to see it, too. see it and send it to we'll share some of the photos
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alison: well, we are back now with a live picture of hill valley, virginia. never heard of it? you may know it as reston. but today the town is renamed in honor of the "back to the future" fill that coincides with the fifth year of the washington west film festival which will show all three of the "back to the future" films tonight. this is the date that marty and doc travel in that second installment of the films. can you believe it? leon: it's been that long. so you could say "back to the future" is now. todd leopold look at what the
5:45 pm
filmmakers nailed about life in 20 is a when they made predictions in 1989. >> this is a time machine. >> this is the year 2015? >> october 21, 2015. reporter: yes, october 21, 2015, has arrived. where are all the flying cars? ♪ ♪ reporter: a lot of the stuff that hearty mcfly saw in up 20ture is reality. headsets worn at the dinner table. we have google glass. they look strikingly similar to samsung gear v.r. and the oculus rip. videoconferencing as marty has a fight with his boss is also reality. another prediction that "back to the future part 2" nailed. marty had self-lacing shoes. in 2011, nike auctioned off 1,500 replica but missed an important feature. hoping a future release will solve the shoe-tying problems for good. speaking of waiting. in the movie the cubs win the
5:46 pm
world series ending more than 100-year drought that still exists today. with the cubs in the playoffs, there is still a chance this one could come true. one invention everyone wants the hover board. several companies tried to make the childhood favorite. lexus concept must stay on track. company called hendo is developing one that borks on a particular type of surface. if you want to buy one now you are stuck with wheels. there are items that only exist because of "back to the future part 2." pepsi put out limited edition pepsi perfect bottle just like the one marty ordered in the movie. universal relegalsed a fake trailer for "jaws 19." >> the shark still looks fake. reporter: all in all, it has lived up to most of the promise in "back to the future part 2." but i'd still like a flying car. leon: now as we said the film
5:47 pm
had the cubs win the world series today. the team can keep the world series hopes alive beating the mets in game four of the national championship series. we will see if it happens later on. alison: one more thing. not a prediction but an odd coincidence and it drew the attention of the newsroom. the writer of the movie bob gale steles the daily beast biff cannon's character in the second film was based on donald trump. he says biff used the profit from the 27 story casino to shake up the republican party before taking power himself. the film came out a year or two after donald trump opened the 37 floor trump plaza hotel in atlantic city. leon: works for me. alison: wow! so funny. leon: plenty of fun to be had today with the "back to the future" date. alison: everybody is getting in on the action. in austria the transport ministry issued guidelines for
5:48 pm
the hover board. and there was a tweet this morning without hover boards you still need roads. hitting 88 will only getting you a ticket. very fun. leon: the white house also issued a statement today for michael j. fox. find out what he had to say about it at 6 of:00 tonight. plus, the final tribute to the man known as the route 29 batman. what is being done to honor the memory of lenny robinson? and the single transportation issue that leaders in montgomery ad fairfax counties say is more important than any other potomac river crossing. alison: let's check on the roadways. joy pons is on traffic watch. no hover boards. joy: i'm looking for them. it looks like you need one on the beltway. let's go live to look at the same shot we looked at all afternoon. beltway south of the 270 spur. because of a problem. springfield inner change. still recovering out of bethesda. ugly. also seeing more delays there if you look at the woodrow
5:49 pm
wilson ridge from the connector the woodrow wilson bridge. it's sun that is a factor. packed toward tyson 270. westbound 66 taking your way from the beltway toward manassas, heavy and slow there. we are seeing delays on southbound 95 through fredericksburg. looking live there. a heavy and a slow afternoon. back to you. alison: okay. thank you, joy. leon: thanks. alison: all right. check on the weather now. boy, it doesn't get better than this, steve. steve: no. it's nice. temperatures in the 70's. 75 in manassas. 75 in leesburg. 72 at reagan national airport. if you like the weather you will like what is on the way to move in day tomorrow. satellite and radar is quiet and dry. if you have plans for this evening to go for a walk, to the store, take the dog out. watch the kids practice. you'll be fine. winds out of the south at three to six miles per hour. the hour-by-hour forecast. shows the temperatures that fall in the lower 50's.
5:50 pm
cooler headed to the suburban areas. 46 degrees not out of the question. 46 in leesburg. middleton looking at -- middlesburg looking at the middle 40's. bus stop forecast. pickup, recess, lunchtime. drop off temperatures are around 75 degrees. cool start to the day. temperatures warm up nicely. cold front tomorrow night and tomorrow morning. middle 60 on sunday. marine corps marathon on sunday. daytime highs 6 to 70. school start to the day with the temperatures in the 50s. overall not a bad forecast on the way. leon: got that right. what is the word with the skins? robert: jay gruden called it a "code red."
5:51 pm
what does that mean? leon: it's never good. robert: red is never good. no one knows what "code red" means but it can't be good. skins have the bucs on sunday. this is a must-win. jay gruden called this week "code red." >> code red means if we lose this the season is over. robert: code red urgency no matter what you call it, the next game is huge. even gruden was doing push-ups at practice. >> i don't think it will help us to hit the panic button or to help us to be relaxed. in the middle you have to have a balance. >> no player has more precious than kirk cousins coming off of his latest two interception game and with a pick in each loss. comes more noise. >> the way i don't listen to what they are saying is i don't listen to what they are saying. i turn on n.p.r. instead of 106.7 or 980 sometimes. i turn on hgtv instead of
5:52 pm
espn. robert: another bad outing by cousins and perhaps colt mccoy gets a shot? >> i prepare every week to be prepared to play. so does kirk. kirk is fine. he is going to be all right. hopefully our goal as a team, as a unit is to get back on track this week and find a way to win. robert: all right. hgtv, oxygen and -- in baseball, the opportunity to punch the tickets to the world series today. one of those is the kansas city royals. they lead the series with the blue jays 3-1. but right now they trail 1-0 to the blue jays in the sixth inning. for the cubs, we are talking "back to the future. " but the movie a different one. "rookie of the year" who was a 12-year-old cubs pitcher who had a ridiculously accurate arm after an accident. he will be at the game as they face elimination against the mets. they trail 3-0. the hope is he will bring good luck.
5:53 pm
be clear. he will not be pitching. and the arm stuff in the movie will not happen. just so we're clear. i was just a movie, people. leon: fine. he can show up to make sure bartman does it. stays away. robert: please! alison: thanks, robert. see you later. all right. nearly a dozen women say they were reliant on the baltimore housing authority for their homes. leon: but when we come back, find out what they were asked for in order to get basic home repair.
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alison: they have unsealed indictment against eight people in a heroin bust. it included possession of firearm by a felon. they are looking for three suspects while three others are out on bail. president obama was there to draw attention to growing epidemic of the heroin use. the state that leads the nation in overdose deaths.
5:57 pm
several women say a handyman refused to make repairs unless they performed sexual favors. >> this resident of gilmore homes didn't want to show her face called us after seeing the story about the update sex for repair lawsuit against the baltimore city housing authority. >> she isn't affiliated with the lawsuit but last year she received tex messages from the handyman in the suit that asked for nude photos. she sent him photos she found online hoping that it would fix her problem. she still had to deal with mold, rats, rodents and water problems. >> besides homeless people have better living conditions than we do.
5:58 pm
reporter: gilmore homes is wing of the public housing locations named in the lawsuit. claiming 11 victims denied repairs because they wouldn't have sex with the maintenance workers. the lawsuit states the union representing the employees in the lawsuit tried to get them removed but the housing authority officials told them to stop investigating. >> it's difficult. sun enable. reporter: we asked if she had plans to remove the commissioner that was named in the lawsuit that alleged that the officials turned their back on those complaining and the mayor said absolutely not. >> there is no excuse for the behavior. >> the behavior that has the attention of the attorney's office. in baltimore, adam yossen. alison: that is it for five -- "abc7 news at 5:00". right now at 6:00 -- >> while i will not be a candidate, i will not be
5:59 pm
silent. >> vice president joe biden speaks his mind saying he will not run for president. that is part of the major political shift today in washington. >> plus, she tripped a refugee as he ran for a chance at freedom. why is she now filing a lawsuit against a man she tripped? >> we don't need roads. alison: the future is now. what was once 30 years in the future prepared to become the past. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: he said the window has closed. with the words, vice president biden ended speculation he would seek the oval office in one part of the day of major developments on capitol hill. that is where senior political reporter scott thuman is live tonight. scott? scott: a busy one to say the
6:00 pm
least. all morning long, all the talk here what been about paul ryan. would those on the hill meet conditions to run for speaker? then we get word that vice president biden would make remarks from the rose garden. that announcement that he will not run for president. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. scott: the words joe biden probably didn't what out theer but did anyway. getting in the race this late with delegates and dollars lining up behind the competition would mean a bumpy road to white house. the bailing is a gift to hillary clinton who tweeted he is a great man and she is inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the benter. on the flip side, donald trump supported for a different reason. i would rather run against hillary because her record is so bad, he said. republicans a


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