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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  October 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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about what happened in benghazi libya the lifted -- that led to the death of four americans. leon: scott thuman was there at the hearing as more now on this 10th day of testimony. -- tense they of testimony. reporter: they are in their third question of -- session of question and answer. one staffer telling me republican committee members were hoping that 15 to 18 hours of questions. that is clearly unlikely to happen but the point is there is no shortage of questions for hillary clinton. >> there are people in both parties who have suggested this sick -- investigation is about you. let me assure you it is not. reporter: her testimony, the most anticipated and perhaps years specifically over white ambassador chris stephens request for added security was ignored. >> i did not see them. i did not approve them. i did not deny them. reporter: her e-mails under
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scrutiny. in this case the lack of e-mails them i provide answers say some republicans. >> if you are in my office and the state department, i did not have a computer. most of my work was not done on e-mails. reporter: democrats the crisis is nothing as a way to ruin her campaign for president. >> everyone on this panel knows these accusations are baseless. reporter: they put up a rolling tab for the committee spending, just under $5 million. this committee to investigate benghazi has been active for almost a year and a half now, longer than the watergate committee. >> just wait. reporter: the members often fighting with each other more than clinton, although there were those moments as well. like this exchange over what prompted the deadly attack and the politics and prioritizing the truth. >> we know the attack in libya had nothing to do with the film. why did you not speak points the
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american people? >> i did. i'm sorry it is not figured air to congressman. -- does not fit your narrative, congressman. reporter: the chairman of this committee, the special committee says they were not serious, thorough, or aggressive enough and they plan to move on past today and beyond any testimony from hillary clinton. scott thuman, abc 7 news. leon: we will let you get back to it. the house speaker elections are listening week away. it appears that paul ryan is pushing ahead with avidity come the next speaker. he received more than 70% support for the house freedom caucus in a closed door session. that is sure to be 80% needed for official endorsement. we are waiting to here from two other key house gop caucuses. there is a new front runner for the gop on the national ticket in iowa.
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the quinnipiac university opinion poll released today shows ben carson pushed past donald trump. they talk to nearly 600 iowa republican caucus members. 28% say their support carson compared to 20% who say they back trunk. -- trump. will bey clinton gearing up for her next campaign event in alexandria. . that's happening tomorrow fromnoon until 2:00 at market square because of the gathering, streets will be closed in the area starting at 7:00 a.m. they will not reopen until 3:00 p.m. access will be limited in the area. 3000 are respected to come out. maureen: the alexandria murder trial continues today with the defense calling friends of defense -- defendant charles severance. they testified about his kind demeanor and his love of history. they were shown the surveillance
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video from inside the alexandria target store the morning nancy dunning was murdered. all said the man in the video was not charles severance. the defense could finish next week. closing arguments could begin by next wednesday. you can check the entire trial by following abc 7's jeff goldberg on twitter. adc police officer has agreed to plead -- a d.c. police officer has agreed to plead guilty to sexual assault and two teenage girls at his church. he was pastor of second chance ministry in southwest d.c. he pleaded guilty to child for -- pornography charges/ the plea agreement means he will spent 18 years behind bars/ concerns over safety for employees dominated and meeting involving metro today. brianne carter is covering that for us. we hear the union says it's staff need more training. reporter: absolutely.
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the union came before the safety committee at metro board earlier today saying there is a number of issues they wanted to address. in order to have a healthy safety culture within metro, training has to come first. >> the head of metro's employees union says they need more training to do their jobs. >> i think that they need to be more proactive when it comes out a customer service parts of the training. in order to give operators the best possible tools. reporter: the demand for training on how to better handle this comes after statistics show assault on metro bus operators is up 37% over the past two years. jackie jeter says 50% of operators -- the salt one operators begins with their dispute. -- it haso on, that become so, that many employees do not reported happening.
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general manager says the agency is continuing to install bus shields to protect drivers. they recently added new cameras on nearly two dozen buses as part of a pilot program where writers -- riders can see what is being recorded in real time. --ways of trying to minimize a number of different programs. reporter: they brought up a number of issues including scheduling they would like to see as they move forward. they say metro is working with them on a number of these issues. as a it is not happening quick enough. brianne carter, abc 7 news. leon: just ahead at 6:00, the hostage rescue comes at a cost in iraq. maureen: the largest recall in u.s. history is underway. the airbags at the center and how u.s. regulators plan on expanding the recall. a boy thrown off his bike.
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his father now searching for answers. on kevin lewis and i have that story coming up. not one, not to, but three cold fronts on the way over the next seven days. i will give you the timing coming up.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. the first time since
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2011 and american service or was killed in combat in iraq. the american was killed in a mission to rescue about 70 curtis hostages. the pentagon says they faced imminent mass execution. all 70 were free. the name of the american has not been released. ae person has been killed in school in southern sweden for the attacker use a sword. five people, including the suspect now in hospital. he has been shot in his condition is serious. police have not said what prompted the attack. maureen: a 7 on your side consumer alert. a huge recall could expand. u.s. regulators say eight people died after airbags exploded. .another 98 people have been hurt the national highway traffic safety administration says it's expanding the investigation. it will look into accidents involving general motors and both like and vehicles. en ball flight and -- volkwag
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vehicles. the largest clinical trial in the world. the study will determine whether taking a daily dose of aspirin can stop five common cancers. aspirin is already proven to help prevent heart attack and strokes in some people. leon: ahead at 6:00, uber getting cozy. starting shared rides in the district. maureen: a changes on the way in the weather. we will have that coming up. robert: coming up and sports, the latest on jordan reed. will he be ready for sunday against the bucs. he's only played four games. abc 7 news that's whenabc 7 news at 6:00 continues. -- that is when abc 7 news
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leon: a family of five out of the home after a huge fire in gaithersburg. the fire broke out along damascus road.
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because the house's roof to collapse. it took about 75 firefighters to put the blaze. it started in the garage. a father in germantown is taking matters into his own hands after his son was hurt by hit-and-run driver. maureen: kevin lewis is live with the father is doing about this. cap? -- kevin? reporter: the high school freshman was biking the class using this well marked crosswalk behind the when a minivan hit him and threw them into the street. the driver took off another boy's father has printed a number of flyers and spoken to us in hopes of catching the woman responsible. >> he had a bad sprain on his right ankle and agrees on his chin. reporter: he nearly lost his 14-year-old son. two weeks ago a minivan hit the freshman at the corner of great seneca highway and wisteria drive in germantown. it was 7:30 a.m.
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his son was biking and a well marked crosswalk on his way to class at seneca valley high school. the back wheel on his bike is that from the sudden impact. >> he had full gear, helmet. it but itre to use saved his life. reporter: alvarez has printed money 50 flyers, putting them on trees and in his son's high school. the person of interest is an african american woman in her 50's who were glasses and drove a minivan. >> there are people out there that probably drove to the intersection at that point who have some bit of information. they may not think it's much but it could really help. >> you made a mistake. you should pay for it. we are lucky that you do not kill our son. please come forward. police are asking
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local body shops to keep an eye out for anyone who brings in a minivan with front end damage. as for mr. oliver is, he -- alverez, he drives his son to school every morning now. maureen: thank you. 7 on your side with a consumer alert. gents like an -- volkswa estimated 11 million of its diesel cars have software designed to fool emission standards. a new investigation looking into older vehicles with a different ended -- engine. recalls have been issued across the world. leon: share your ride, save some money. that is the idea behind uber's new car service launched today. you can share a ride with other
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customers traveling the same route and split the fair. according to a company spokesperson, a pool right in d.c. will cost five dollars minimum. it will extend from the district to arlington, alexandria, reagan, national, and dulles airports. apple was giving iphone users a new way to its present selves. they released an update on wednesday that includes more than 150 new emoji characters. there is a burrito, new happy faces, religious buildings, of middle finger, and a giant hunk of cheese. [laughter] what are those? steve: who cares about the upside down smiley face? maureen: do they have rain clouds? steve: they do. you -- maureen: he seemed to be the expert.
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steve: outside we go with this hour. we had 70 degrees. take advantage of this evening if you can because our days like this are numbered. 76 degrees is our high earlier. now i am in trouble. 66 is the average high in the record is 84 setback in 1979. 79 at leesburg. 67 over half river. a cold front is on the way. the cooler air just off to the north of us. that will settle across the region later on tonight. tomorrow you will feel the difference. upper 60's.dle to satellite and radar picking up a few showers across the mason-dixon line. this will remain well north of us as we head into the evening hours. the cold front will eventually move through later on tonight. that will open the doors for the cold air. 50 degrees inside the capital beltway. upper 40's in suburban areas
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under partly cloudy skies. whys -- winds will eventually change directions to the north and west. around 51 degrees in bethesda. 52 degrees in fairfax. 53 in woodbridge. a cold front will settle on through. this cold air will stick around tomorrow and into saturday. by sunday, a bump in temperatures but it will not last very long. another cold front moves through any chance for a few showers. middle 50's at 7:00 in the morning. lower 60's with highs around 55 to 68 degrees. and look at the next seven days. 54 on saturday. marine corps marathon on sunday and we will see highs in the upper 60's to around avenue degrees. start time for the race has temperatures in the lower 50's and maybe a stray shower. low 50's come monday and tuesday.
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a cancer showers come wednesday and thursday of next week. -- a chance for showers comes wednesday and thursday of next week. what exactly is a blackberry? use tooji do you describe the skins today? robert: keeping fingers crossed the jordan reed returns for sunday. also weather manager search for the n
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>> and now the toyota sports desk rocky by your local toyota dealers. robert: jackson was held out of practice today but a good sign for sunday. jordan reed practice for the second time this week. no word if it is a go for sunday. he has to go by the nfl concussion protocol. it would be a huge boost. 75% of his catches have been for first downs. he is second on the team for receiving yards by missing the last two games. they need him. >> he is a great player improvises with mismatches on the opposing defense. we feel like there is a safety or linebacker that matches up well with him. hopefully that will provide us with a little bit of spark. the other receivers can win.
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we have to get on the ball and the opportunities. robert: there is always next year. and one west asia that because for the cubs it seems like it was this year. they were swept out of the playoffs by the mets last night. 70 years and counting since the last world series appearance. for the cubs, there is always next year. >> you can only grieve so much. obviously this hurts and we wanted to recent next step and win the next. sometimes you have to tip your hat and realize the other team play a little bit better than you did. robert: in baseball news, the dodgers and don mattingly have decided to part ways. l.a. has reached the playoffs the last of the four seasons with him at the helm. the doctors higher up like him very much but it was apparent there was no support for the long-term. this could be good news for the nationals. they are looking for a manager. continued tonight on a
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three-game win streak. leon: mattingly? interesting. we have a cold front on the way. saturday. marine corps marathon and redskins football could see some showers on. sunday lower 50's come monday and tuesday and another round of showers for the middle of next week. emoji's arese rain coming out. " world news tonight" is coming up next. they will report on the fireworks on capitol hill today. how much has the american taxpayer spent on this investigation? we will have that to.
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tonight, hillary clinton and the fireworks. tough questions on her e-mails, on benghazi and the moment members of congress start fighting right in front of her. as we ask tonight, how much has the american taxpayer spent on the e 17-month investigation? also tonight, we're now learning about america speal forces in a daring and deadly raid on isis. the hostages isis was planning to kill, and the operation that led to that deadly firefight. the stunning new report. secret service officers found sleeping on the job. one right at the white house. major new developments in the case of the driver whose car reportedly broke down. he called for he. a short time later, shot dead by police. and the outrage tonight. look right there. the baby left at day care. workers apparently locked the door and left. using a


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