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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> new allegations on the secret service. >> plus, a scary spike. >> i mean, it's a recipe for disaster. >> three pedestrians killed in a span of one day. and 11 hours in the hot seat. >> the whole night? >> well, yes the whole night. [laughter] >> i don't know why that's funny. >> the marathon hearing and what it means for hillary clinton.
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next. >> now abc7 news at 1 1:00 on you side. >> three people hit and killed on a road in just 24 hours. the victims ranging in age from teens to a 95-year-old woman. >> these accidents happened during new hours of darkness during the fall season. they're bringing up questions about crosswalk safety and driving dangers. richard reid is live. he's got the story for us tonight. richard? >> we're in klum by pike where an 18-year-old woman was killed. you talk about the darkness. darkness falls early this time of year. police call it a danger season, difficult and dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. emergency flare marks the area of the most recent fatality in our area. >> it's very sad. first it happened right here.
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foya wasr-old michelle walking here around 6:30 when she was struck. she died later at the hot. -- hospital. >> i guess she was trying to crash the street and sadly she died. >> three fatalities in just 24 hours in. bethesda marge was killed around 7:00 wednesday night. sylvia araso was killed at 6:25 wednesday morning. >> when they're walking in a -- pa pain is is not going to stop them. >> with low visibility at the end or start of rush hour. >> when you throw many the combination of lower visibility and people being distracted in what they're doing it's a recipe for disaster. >> police are pleading with officers and pedestrians to bonn
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alert. but some jurisdictions need better street life especially as winter approaches. >> i feel anywhere where they have this crossways, maybe it should be more lit. richard: and that scene like that scene at night in bethesda many of the street lights are not on now. now 10 pedestrians killed so far this year. 10 in montgomery county. it's an average of one person every week in the d.c. area. police are begging people, begging people to be careful out there. in silver spring richard reeve, abc news 7. >> right now two people are dead in takoma park. it happened in carroll average. the driver died at the scene and to thessengers were sent
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trauma center. >> two officers caught snoozing on duty. this time the inspector general is getting involved. ross with what's happening now. oss? roz: overworked officers pose an immediate danger. the startling discovery came on federal watchdogs conducting an audit. two jeet service officers sleeping on the job. according to abc news it was the israeli embassy. one officer told investigators he had taken cold medicine that med him drowsy. the inspector general found the other officer had worked 60 hours of overtime in the pay period leading up to the incident.
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> literally this should be a wake-up call. you cannot have the agents working as long as they are. roz: some of that overtime, some say it was from another overtime. scheduling were not a contributing factor for to the misconduct for these officers nor do they serve as an excuse for their behavior. in both situations they both had sufficient days off. from the release of unflattering info of the congressman to the white house who made it past deep into the white house to the prostitution scandal. >> i think it should be dealt with appropriately. >> as for the warning they that they need to hire more officers.
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they hired 150 officers this year and expect to hire more later this year. >> a former d.c. police officer pled guilty to child porn. he also served as a pastor. he was charged with sexually abusing two children at his church. if he's found guilty he will have to register as a sex offender. leon: the fire killed michael brekelman and nina next june. there were multiple tenants and the fire dedeck tors were not properly installed. the family is seeking $20 million in damages. alison: a search for the man who shot a teenager near a school earlier this month.
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the detectives released this sketch. a 17-year-old was shot in waldorf when two suspects demanded his b.m.x. bike. the victim was able to flag down a school bus for help. if this schedule looks familiar you're asked to call police. l leon: perfect fall weather this week. folks get ready for some cooler temperatures moving in. our meteorologist is here now with a look at how chilly it's going to get. steve? steve: it's going to last all week long. enjoy what we have right now. 59 degrees false church. head up to montgomery county 59. prince georges county, college park now at 61 degrees. clouds have increased just a little bit and with the clouds a cold front will move over ahead in the overnight hours thsm cold front will bring the cooler air in the region tomorrow.
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we're talking about daytime highs that will get in the middle to upper 60's. coming up marine corps marathon coming in just a few minutes. leon: paul ryan is running for speaker of the house. republicans will choose their nominee next thursday. ryan has been waiting for back from three g.o.p. groups. if elected the 45 yerd will become the youngest speaker in 150 years. alison: 11 hours of testimony over. hillary clinton exited that hotly contested congressional hearing. she answered questions about the terror attack in benghazi. some call it a quest for justice. others call it a witch hunt. tom joins us. this hearing was filled with fire works. -- fireworks. >> it started here but id dit
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not end until 9:00 tonight. how folks did hillary clinton did today depended in large part on what they thought of her before today. >> i can only happy to the statesmanship overcomes the par tanship. at some point we have to do this. partisan was on display. within common theme why were they first blamed on a video that they had nothing to do with. >> you take the video narrative -- you picked the one with no evidence and you did it because libya was supposed to be this great success story for the obama white house and the clinton state department. tom: she is grilled at times by martha robi. >> i was alone.
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>> the whole night? >> yes, the whole night. [laughter] >> i don't know why that's funny. did you have any in-person briefing. i don't find it funny at all. >> i'm sorry, a little note of levity at 7:15. >> it seems that they simply wish to wear you down. it is clear that they are trying to attack you personally. >> and republicans also grilled clinton over her private e-mail server. they weren't satisfied with her answers but the democrats contended they believe was a witch hunt. recording leave outside the white house, tom rousey. alison: a major veto from president obama. he rejected a $612 billion defense funding measure. the president says it holds up his effort to streamline pentagon sunday. republicans are vowing to try to override it.
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leon: in campaign news and a tweet is forcing an apology coming from donald strump of all people. a quinnipiac poll shows dr. ben carson beating donald trump. trump then retweeted a statement saying ben carson leading the monsanto when oo corn creates issues in the brain. monsanto produces herbicides. trump removed that post and said a young intern apologized for retweeting the comment. >> the national zoo giving an up date on our panda cup. look at bei bei gaining a lot of weight. monday it was 7.4 pounds and today he's 8.3. imagine that. experts at the zoo say he's moving around but not quite walking just quet. but we'll let you know when he does. bei bei is now exactly two
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months old. love it. love it. leon: still ahead on abs 7 news at 1 1:00 -- our hands are on the wheel. but do hands-free technology make them safer? alison: you might have reservations at one of the top restaurants in the country. reservations at one of the top restaurants in the country. which d.c. mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal?
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leon: hands-free technology is supposed to make us safer on the road. but is it doing for damage than safety? alison: triple-a says we are still distracted on the road. leon: tom rousey reported. tommy: contact joel cooper. this is video from a triple-a research product. >> oh, my god, that is a stop sign. >> the main finding -- triple-a says while hands-free technology is safer than holding a phone or especially texting, the distraction it causes can still
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linger over 27 seconds. you can lull yourself into thinking you're totally safe and you're putting yourself into harm's way. tom: not all hands-free is equally distracting. if you use google now is less siri.cting than apple's hey, siri why are you more distracting than google now? maybe that's the reason. drivers we talk to say they've experienced the down-side of hands-free. >> i sometimes look over at the dash and i do find that to be distracting. and i worry about my daughter, so we went hook her phone up to this car. >> debra woodson's teenage daughter is fine with that. >> i don't want to be the reason that somebody's dead because of taking my eyes off the road. your eyes should always be on the road.
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alison: how about getting pulled over for drinking coffee while driving? you might have been guilty of that this morning. a california woman said the woman was pulled over sipping her coffee. ultimately she was let off with a warning for the coffee and then ticketed for not wearing a seat belt. so keep that in mind. uh-huh. a popular toy made by build-a-wear is being recalled. it's the starbrights dragon. the seam of the toy can open exposing the stuffing. it can be returned to any build-a-bear workshop and replaced with another animal. leon: we all have favorite restaurants. alison: restaurant business who ranks the top 100. here we go.
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old ebbitt grill. joe's seafood prime steak and snow crab, 15th. alisonnd sequoia, has an star plate. alison: they're very tourist driven spots. >> di low mat. busy, busy, alison: good night to eat out. >> it was a good night. temperatures are cooling down at reagan international. even though we had 76 today. we are not going to see that for the day tomorrow. 51, winchester. lorraine at 54. culpeper at 53. an appear police at 61. cold front just in the northwest area shaded in brighter blue. all this to the south overnight. wake-up tomorrow morning it will be a bit chilly although not
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super cold. more typical for this time of year. here's that cold front. clouds have started to increase. we will see partly cloudy sky first the rest of the overnight. but the clouds should be out of here. so as you head out the door a light sweater glasses, you'll need them. a little bit cooler western suburbs. columbia gaithersburg 49 degrees. here's that cold front as it moves on to the south. that cool air will spread in the mid atlantic. tomorrow the cooler temperatures will stick around into the day on saturday and then by sunday another cold front on the way. and that may trigger a few showers growing more confident for the marine corps marathon. we are going to look for temperatures that will quickly rebound. we'll see daytime highs in the middle to 60's. the sunshine will stick around.
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64 degrees for a high on saturday. by sunday you see a daytime high temperature of 68 degrees on sunday. that's going to be the afternoon hours. 70 farther south but the marine corps marathon starting early in the morning. that's when we'll see temperatures around 53. 10:00 61. it's my understanding these are pretty good running conditions with a gool of sun and maybe a shower. a nice way to shower as we go through the early morning hours but the marine corps marathon will go on as planned. no worries there. alison: that's good. a lot of people coming for that. good news. leon: the redskins playing on sunday. >> almost on life support. we have to end this quick. at ave reservations hamilton. the skins taking it on sunday.
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>> the buccaneers with the skins this sunday. losing to tampa bay is something you can't do right now. the layers don't know what that means exactly but they do know it's a must-win. the key guy injured. you want to go into the bye week feeling good. >> we're grown men. i don't think i've got to sit here and urge people to want to be better. i don't feel like i have to. i haven't had to. i haven't had to. so, no, i don't feel like i've got tell anybody anything. i mean, it's pretty evident. >> grown man there. meanwhile former red skin and hall of fame darryl green was in our studio tonight talking redskins. and by the way he's brought up something that was surprising.
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jay gruden putting kirk cousins instead of rg-3. here's what he had to say about that. >> this coach wanted his quarterback, his kind of quarterback and i totally agree with him. i know robin and love robin. this coach says i love a conventional quarterback. i'm the coach. i deserve what i want. i think the coach is doing what he needed to do. i don't think that the coach have everything that he needs. >> the caps were red-hot before tow tonight. three-game win streak. they continue their road trip. jay beagle goes to jason that mera. caps take a 1-0 lead after that. this one's still in progress. the second -- 1-1 in period. extreme mown thain -- mountain biker fell the edge of the
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cliff. you see here he gets back at it, back on top of the court riding it again even completely a huge canyon jump. crazy. speechless. a final note, the nationals' for a manager. don mattingly and dodgers have parted ways. so he's on the market. alison: i know what he's thinking. >> very short book. brothers who ride. > and a search and rescue
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leon: hillary clinton's marathon testimony is the top trending story on wjla. also a traffic alert for this week's marine corps marathon. and cooler temperatures ahead and you can read about that on alison: a 5 year-old from minnesota anxiously awaiting the arrival of his favorite teddy bear. well, it's been a long journey. that's because freddy lost his teddy bear along the highway when his family was visiting indiana. his mother call the sheriff's department there. they thought it was a long shot but low and behold the bear was
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sitting on the side of the road. the beloved bear is in the mail making that 500-mile trip home. leon: go ahead, mom, say it. alison: that's great. apparently she handed it down to her son.
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alison: last look at the weather. >> yeah, you know -- late at night. it will be cooler tomorrow. daytime highs around 50 degrees. great story from leon. 64 on saturday. sunday a 30% chance of showers. not going to amount for a whole lot. good running weather. .onday and tuesday, lower 60's ♪
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