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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  October 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the synagogue. in fact, added to the national register of the historic places 20 years ago. keep an eye on the situation now and seeing more smoke than flames coming out of the building. so far no word on injuries or whether anyone was inside when the fire broke. maureen? maureen: well, you know, it was a good week for secretary clinton. those words from former rhode island governor lincoln chafee as he ended his bid for the democratic presidential nomination. his decision came after vice president joe biden announced on wednesday he would not run for the white house. yesterday, secretary clinton came away unscatheed from a marathon congressional hearing on the benghazi attack. she followed that today with a campaign rally in alexandria, virginia. scott thuman was there to cover it for us. scott? scott: that is why people are saying they saw a reenergized hillary clinton today in light of the 11 hours of testimony before the benghazi special
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committee. she didn't reference that directly today. but she certainly alluded to it. >> you know a lot of things have been said about me. but quitter is not one of them. some are looking at hillary 2.0. a rejuvenated candidate after a challenging few weeks. from her first debate to thursday's drilling on capitol hill. and most say escaping without any catastrophe. >> i also know how to stand my grand. >> her ground feeling a bit more solid mostly because of joe biden and his announcement that he won't run. clinton touted the police's work and vowed -- the administration's work and vowed she is not carrying anyone's torch. >> i am not running for president obama's third term. i'm not running for bill clinton's third term. i'm running for my first term. scott: standing in the way the f.b.i. inquiry with the e-mail issues and bernie sanders polling well in early states. >> i don't care what you say about me. scott: while her benghazi
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testimony may be over the controversy is not behind her. critics poking holes in her account and saying she could have done more to prevent the deaths of four americans. republicans set up across the street from the rally. certain her confidence will take future hits. >> if you think you will coast through with the field of the candidates we've got, you are miscalculating. >> people are tired of the obama-clinton agenda. our candidate will be a great candidate. scott: not a mention of bernie sanders or martin o'malley, if the only other two candidates. clinton was focused on 2016 to align the supporters to get out and vote 13 months from now. live in alexandria, scott thuman, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, scott. jeb bush was in the commonwealth today also.
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it broke hours after the florida campaign is running into trouble. he is downsizing his campaign headquarters. some say it will allow bush to focus resources in early primary states. the former i.r.s. official at the center of a controversy over conservative group tax exempt status will not face criminal charges. an audit found conservative groups were singled out for extra scrutiny after applying for tax exempt status. the justice department said today it will not file charges against learner. leon: new details are emerging about the first american soldier killed in a ground fight against isil. master sergeant joshua wheeler was killed in an operation that freed 70 hostages from an isil prison in iraq. he is from fort bragg in north carolina and is the first
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u.s. casualty in iraq since 2011. the pentagon insist they were operating in a support role and they only entered the prison compound when the kurdish fighters became overwhelmed. maureen: "7 on your side" fighting back with video d.c. police hope will catch a brazen robber. this is a video from inside angelica pizza on northwest d.c. and shows an armed man bursting in wednesday night. he held the staff at gunpoint and cleaned out the cash register. no one was hurt. crime stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest. leon: tonight, a community is paying tribute to a teenager who died protecting his mother. mason died on monday protecting his mother. we have live on what is happening to honor him. >> this is a chance for the community to get together and
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mourn. they are beginning to gather at the court-yard outside the family home. this is an opportunity for the folks who knew the young man to celebrate his young life that was cut way too short. now, mason was just 14 years old. a popular freshman at potomac high school. according to the court documents early monday morning there was an escalating articlement between the mother and the -- argument between the mother and the live-in boriend. the boyfriend grabbed a kitchen knife and barricaded himself and the mother in a bedroom. mason and his older brother forced their way in and the boyfriend stabbed them both. the older brother was stabbed in the shoulder. mason was stabbed in the chest. he died from the injuries. died as he tried to protect his mother. it is a story that has touched many people in this community. even those who did not know him. >> a 14-year-old boy hadn't learned to live his life. he just started in the ninth grade. you didn't give him a chance.
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this is tragic for him to stab the child and take him away from us. another one of our children gone again. >> the live-in boyfriend is charged with first-degree murder in the death of keshawn and second-degree murder in the stabbing of his older brother. we expect a large turn-out. i spoke to the grandfather and ther who who arrived a little while ago. we expect people to come from the community who have been touched by this. and those from if potomac high school. we will keep you posted on this and see you at 11:00. i'm roz plater, abc7 news. leon: thank you, roz. coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- the big change coming to next year's marine corps marathon as the 30,000 runner press pair for this year's race -- prepare for this year's race two days away. maureen: resort community facing one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. leon: driver's nightmare.
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how a truck ended up teetering on the bay bridge guardrail. steve: i'm abc7 steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. the latest on patricia and how the storm may impact part of the midatlantic next week. details on that coming up. vo: does hal parrish share our values?
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as mayor, parrish cut school funding nearly three million dollars. reading and science scores fell. parrish said no to opening new women's health clinics, denying accesso cancer screenings and breast exams. so instead of dealing with the economy and jobs, parrish will join with the richmond extremists to slash education and threaten women's health care. hal parrish -- too extreme for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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maureen: traffic on bay bridge is back to normal after a scary morning. a box truck was left hanging over the jersey barrier at the edge of the bridge. the eastbound fan was closed -- span was closed for three hours. some chose just to pull over and wait. >> i'm just sitting here, chilling, reading my bible and stuff. so it's not bothering me none right now. maureen: good attitude. hazmat crews had to clean up spilled fuel at the site and the engineers had to certify the bridge was safe for traffic. leon? leon: the strongest hurricane in the hemisphere headed to mexico. authorities are warning people to clear out. leon: hurricane patricia category five with the winds up to 200 miles per hour. it's expected to make landfall in mexico in 24 to 36 hours. residents in the region have
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evacuated and tourists cut the vacation short. >> we have to leave tonight. leon: authorities in texas now are preparing for patricia's impact. the storm is expected toos the gulf of mexico and head toward texas for the weekend. maureen: the temperatures are falling. how cool it will get this weekend an when we might see rain. >> there is a big change coming for next year's marine corps marathon. we have a lot of information about the big race coming up. robert: i'm robert burton. the caps look good. look at the late game heroics against vancouver.
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more problems for desean jackson. this is off the field. details on a home invasion. "abc7 ne
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maureen: a manmade disaster made a mess in a new york city neighborhood. this morning a water main burst of instruction site sending a r -- construction site sending a flood of part in the elm hurst neighborhood in queens. several roads closed and it interrupted the subway service. leon: only one of the six metro lines here will be running on a regular schedule. orange, blue, silver line trains will see the worst delays with the trains running only once every 56 minutes. red and green lines have big gaps in between the trains. yellow lines are running as normal. the metro system as a whole will open up at 5:00 on sunday to accommodate 30,000 folks fols who are coming to run in the marines corps marathon. maureen: tonight a small army of workers racing to make sure that arlington and the district are ready for the racers. jeff goldberg has a look. jeff: there is still plenty of work going on to get ready for
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the big race on sunday. we're at arlington at the finish line by iwo jima. a lot of people are hard at work. for folks getting ready for the big race this is not just any other assignment. jeff: for the workers it's anything but hard work. deangelo s on the job from western new york. preparing the finish line is something special. >> it's next to the arlington cemetery. you have the greatest people in history of america here. every direction. this is the greatest spot. >> all over, signs of the big event welcoming 30,000 marathon runners from all 50 states and 59 countries to the 40th annual marine corps marathon. don't forget about the 10,000 running the 10k. >> this is a change that elevates the opportunities,
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expands possibilities. jeff: today big news from the race organizers about next year's event. the new race headquarters will be at the gaylord national hotel at national harbor. >> the m.c.m. is proud to welcome maryland as an active and inviting host. jeff: it's culmination of months of planning and training. >> i'm running to honor w.w. ii veterans. jeff: they have come to make a mark in d.c. >> i wanted to do the marine corps for a long time. i'm excited it's here. >> 2,000 marines are working to make sure it goes smoothly. the fourth largeest in the united states. they will start it in arlington and mayor bowser kicks off the 10k at the same
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time. >> we have a course map and list of road closings for the weekend. >> update now on breaking situation that we are watching in brandywine. we were just over the scene. the truck in the crash is carrying a racecar. that now has a small nigh truss oxide leak. students were on the bus at the time. a bus driver and an aide were sent to the hospital. >> the winds die down and then the rain. close to home, we are lucky.
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there are folks in town for the marine corps marathon. the temperatures are in the 50's at the start of the race. if skies will clear through the afternoon hours. hurricane patricia with sustained winds at 200 miles per hour. the movement is north/northeast at 14 miles per hour. expected to make landfall at this hour. the system bedy pin niche in terms of the wind. the remnants could move our way to next week but it's not there now. four degrees above average for
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this time of the year. the record was in 1978. temperatures across the board, middle 60's. if you head north it's in the 60's now but as the sun will go down we have the temperatures to fall quickly. already in the 50's. a nice bump in temperatures tomorrow but then another cold front on the way. the satellite and radar, the high pressure is going to settle in to keep us clear and dry for the overnight hours. it will allow the temperatures to fall. it's cooler in suburban areas with the temperatures around 40 degrees in gaithersburg. 42 at leesburg. middleton around 41. upper 30's in the mountains. tomorrow morning farmer's market. grab coffee, bundling up. it's chilly out there. the skies are mostly clear.
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showers develop across western maryland and the panhandle of west virginia. showers he out of here by 7:00 on sunday in time for the marine corps marathon. the skies will gradually clear moving through the afternoon hours. the day planner, call for daytime highs tomorrow in the middle 60's. the clouds will increase in the midday and the late an. a quick look at the seven-day outlook. 62 on sunday. the showers will be the remnants of hurricane patricia. leon: what is going on with desean jackson? robert: he is not playing sunday against the bucs because he has bigger fish to fry. he has been ruled out sunday but it could be the least of his worries. the reaction from the redskins on a home invasion at jackson's residence. it
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robert: it looks like desean jackson has more to worry about than a hamstring injury. his l.a. home was broken into wednesday. a group of four or five people armed with guns stormed in the house. wing person inside the home --
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one person inside the home was allegedly pistol whip and suffered minor injuries before the intruders fled the scene. jackson was in virginia at the time. it's unclear who was present at the home at the time of the incident. jackson didn't talk to reporters today but jay gruden addressed the issue. coach gruden: he is concerned. he is letting law enforcement take care of it. but things happened at his house and he is concerned as every homeowner would be. he'll get to the bottom of it, as will the police and go from there. robert: caps are in edmonton tonight to take on the oilers. washington is on fire. they won the fourth straight last night beating vancouver 3-2. late game heroics by none other the captain alex over -- alex ovechkin. he put it in. and hopefully this is a sign of things to come. can they do it in the playoffs? that is the question. more hockey, l.a. kings and the san jose sharks. kings center tyler tyfoli.
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kings go on to win this one. the final was 4-1. yeah! tennessee high school football. look at devonte matthews. makes the beckham jr. catch, with a one-handed grab. he was the man after the game. more soccer. women's soccer. quarterfinals. overtime. liz slatery finds a shot with the two seconds remaining and she scores. florida wins 2-1. you don't see a lot of last-second goals in soccer. wi salveds wrap up -- wizards wrap up the preseason tonight. they are taking on raptors. busy day in sports. hopefully they can pull rabbits out of the hoot. maureen: -- hat. maureen: a big weekend for runners. steve: temperatures will be in the 60's. few showers early sunday. leon: sounds good. maureen: "world news tonight"
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with david muir coming up next.
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vo: does hal parrish share our values? as mayor, parrish cut school funding nearly three million dollars. reading and science scores fell. parrish said no to opening new women's health clinics, denying access to cancer screenings and breast exams. so instead of dealing with the economy and jobs, parrish will join with the richmond extremists to slash education and threaten women's health care. hal parrish -- too extreme for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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tonight, the breaking news. the monster hurricane hitting right now. the category five storm. wind gusts more than 200 miles per hour. the most powerful storm ever recorded in the western hemisphere. americans trapped. airports closing. and parts of the u.s. bracing for a double punch. >> and the major shift tonight for donald trump. the key state where he's no longer leading. and the school scandal, the outrage over these mug shots. what families say these young men did to their son. and the


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