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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 24, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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so, the buckeyes will have to run one more play. mild disappointment. they didn't protect that late shutout, but a very, very successful return to the starting quarterback position for j.t. barrett. bosa had a sack tonight. and the buckeyes will enjoy that bye week before the gophers come calling. >> kirk: and i think for ohio state, the maturity will be tested. because the fans, the media, a lot of people are going to start to peek ahead, talk about the michigan state game and the michigan game at the end of the year, but i think their experience from a year ago will definitely help them keep their focus against teams that they should be expected to be able to take care of. >> chris: rutgers, you go to wisconsin and to michigan the next two games. you get nebraska. and they're going to be boarrin a major surprise, struggling to get back to 6-6 and try to get bowl eligible here. and the heat, perhaps, will be turned up on kyle flood after a
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lopsided loss against the number one team here tonight. final ticks, seconds tick away. one final cannon shot. and it's 49-7 for urban meyer's team in his first visit to this stadium. all the buckeye playmakers got involved, including thomas, who had a big night. elliott, another 100-yard game. braxton miller had a big catch. touchdown run for jalin marshall. mentioned the sack for bosa. 528 yards total offense for urban meyer's team and he's with heather. >> heather: chris, thank you so much. urban, all week, really all season, everybody's been talking about your offense. so, let's shine the spotlight on your defense a little bit. minor blip in the last minute, but 59 minutes of some pretty great football. >> i thought they played great. i thought -- it's been coming. because our defense has been playing well. you look at the last few games, other than a couple big plays
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and we eliminated the big plays against a very good throwing team. i think in the second or third-ranked offense in the big ten, so, very pleased. >> heather: how could you describe the additional sort of elements that j.t. brought to the field tonight? >> i don't want to be unfair to cardale and i think j.t. was great. j.t. is a great leader, he's a great player and he made those around him better today. it was a good team win. >> heather: waiting for a smile. there's a smile. so, how much fun is it as a coach to be able to spread the wealth offensivery li rly like e tonight? >> well, you always want to get guys touches and i try to watch that. i'm glad zeke got 100 yards and mike thomas got 100 yards. i try to reward the warriors. they deserve to touch the ball. >> heather: coach, on a night where two unbeatens went down, you may not know this, utah and florida state both lost and your winning streak continues at 21. how would you describe the chemistry of this team? >> i love these kids. they're good people. i just like going to work every day and chance to go 9-0 is all
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8-0 is. >> heather: i almost scripted that for you. coach, thank you. >> chris: meyer getting to 150 career wins against just 26 losses by far, the top active winning percentage and goes to 26-0 at ohio state in games october and november. back to heather with j.t. barrett. >> heather: j.t., describe what it is like, how much fun is it on a night when you have so much success to quarterback this team? >> it's really good. i mean, we kept it simple as an offense. i just try to do my best to get the ball to the play makers that we have on offense and we executed well on offense today, which was really good. >> heather: how could you describe how your perspective has changed this week moving from a red zone specialist to a starter? >> i mean, not really. i play -- starting quarterback last year. it wasn't really a big change or anything like that. now just making sure -- i was preparing well, but i mean, just a little bit more, watching film
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here and there, this and that before the game, so, i mean, nothing really changed. >> heather: kirk upstairs in the booth in the fourth quarter talked about how this felt like a turning point for this team. yes, you are undefeated, but it felt different. did it feel different to you? >> i think it was a turning point for us. we have to keep on pressing. got to keep on going. not get comfortable. but i think as an offense, as a team, we executed both sides of the ball, special teams, as well. i think it was good team win for us, but we know we can get better. that's the good thing about it. >> heather: congrats. enjoy it. >> appreciate it. >> chris: heather, thank you. indiana was a tough opponent for ohio state. maryland, they gave up 28, but we've seen a shift in gears against penn state and now rutgers in the last couple games. >> kirk: yep, and, you know, we talk so much about j.t. barrett and the offense. what's getting overlooked, i think, is the way this defense has been playing. and urbaneyer just made a great point to heather. this rutgers offense, you say whatever you want about
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their record. they've been scoring points on people. almost on every team they have played. tonight, they were control. they had a nice opening drive. other than that, ohio state put the clamps down. it's because of the way the defensive line has played in the man coverage they play on the outside. the reason i feel this is a turning point isn't just the 49-7 win over rutgers. it's because their guy, their leader is back on the field e executing this offense and leading this team and he is providing abilities to make a lot of plays, running and throwing. >> chris: you can call it a turning point. that go from pretty good to really, really good. still undefeated, still on course for the showdowns in november against michigan state and michigan. wrap up the cannon crew. only a couple of shots tonight for rutgers. plenty from ohio state. next saturday, 8:00 eastern on abc, the fighting irish visit philly and undefeated temple. looking forward to that one. hope you'll join us. for kirk and heather and our entire team here on the banks of the raritan, chris fowler saying
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good night from piscataway, the ford wrapup show coming up now and robert flores. all right, chris, thank you. welcome inside our college football studios. last week in ann arbor, it was michigan state that had the improbable win. this weekend, it is georgia tech and both coming via special teams. here we go. number nine florida state. going for the game-winning field goal. instead, it is blocked. and that's when lance austin does his thing. >> austin is returning it down the left sideline. >> he's got blocks. >> inside the 20 -- >> you got to be kidding me! >> and he scores! he scores! lance austin picked up the blocked kick and returned it all the way to the house and the north end zone! >> georgia tech radio on the call. seminoles suffering their first loss in 28 straight acc games. utah, previously undeated. they go down, as well. cody kessler to juju smith.
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usc rolls, 42-24. their first win against a top three team since 2006. staying in the pac-12, right now on espn, it is stanford with just one loss, but rolling. taking on washington. kevin hogan to austin hooper. right now, it's 14-0, cardinal, second quarter. also on the watch espn app. in the big 12, baylor beat iowa state despite scoring a season-low 45 points. their quarterback, seth russell, suffered a broken bone in his neck. he'll be re-evaluated later. they win, 45-27. lsu takes on western kentucky. third quarter. brandon harris, tyrone johnson. 61 yards for the score. tigers win it 48-20. leonard fournette, 150 yards and a touchdown. tigers are 7-0. couple of s.e.c. schools. tennessee and alabama. peyton manning watching his vols on his bye week lose a late lead
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to alabama. derek henry, 14-yard go ahead touchdown. alabama wins it 19-14. number six clemson beat up miami. the hurricanes, bless their hearts, they're just bad. deshawn watson. a little bit of a trick play here. jordan leggett. waltzes in. clemson hands miami their worst loss in school history, 58-0. michigan state's connor cook, threw for 395 yards, three yards away from the school record. michigan state pulls away from indiana, 52-26. hey, and the university of houston cougars remain undefeated. they won 59-10. hey, gameday, next month, memphis and houston from h-town. you should be there! see you next week. (nature sounds)
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she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪ >> horror at a homecoming
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celebration. plowsected drunk driver into a grid for oklahoma state university. local students accused of planning an attack after school. will the weather cooperate for the marine corps marathon and the redskins game? the news starts next. 7 news at 11:00. >> thousands of people prepared to fill the streets of arlington for the marine corps marathon. you will want to take an umbrella if you are heading out. we are tracking that activity moving our way. for the spectators, and umbrella would be handy.
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a snapshot from the marine corps memorial, the finish line for the marathon tomorrow. to upperres in the mid 50's and not falling low tonight. most of the rain is west of here. once the front is through, we will put an end to the rain. throughout the day, like showers are likely. the last of the rain letting up by 10:00. by 1:00, some sunshine poking out. wind will be at 10 to 20. , butratures will be down we will track another system coming our way midweek. a complete for just a few minutes away. marathonrine corps will cap off a weekend filled with activities, including the k ids run.
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tonight, we are hearing from some of the runners taking part about why it means so much to them. us to arter introduces runner not letting cancer keep them down. reporter: 11th hour preparations for the marine corps marathon, one of the biggest races in the nation. every athlete competes for a different reason. some for their health, some for the memory of a fallen friend. wright's case, he is running for his life. >> when i was diagnosed, i had three years. that was the typical diagnosis. that was 12 years ago. reporter: since finding out he has blood cell cancer, wright has finished 89 marathons. for a man who is 74, endurance and patience are his strengths. >> i am determined to make seven hours or less. reporter: while there is no cure, wright's life has been
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prolonged thanks to advanced treatment. for those that did not get drugs fast enough -- >> they all died. it is that simple. reporter: don wright runs for nonprofitising, a fighting for more affordable treatment. >> i lived to meet my grandchildren. they know their grandpa. that would not have been possible without the targeted therapies. that is one story out of hundreds of thousands of stories. reporter: the medicine that has helped prolong his life for so long has run its course. he is looking to a new clinical trial for his next treatment, and it has not stopped him from running in his 91st marathon in november. anchor: opening the marathon route to runners will create a
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number of road closures in arlington and d.c. you can find a list on our website, as quickly as hurricane patricia grew into a category 5 storm, it deteriorated over mexico. it flooded streets and ripped out power lines in parts of the country, but a large portion of years that escaped destruction. mexico president says there is no report of death from the storm. the remnants of hurricane patricia are expected to bring rain to texas. some parts of the state received 20 inches of rain friday into saturday. flooding washed away cars and even a train. teenagers have been arrested, accused of plotting a shooting at their school in fredericksburg. sheriff's deputies said they planned to call in a bomb threat to riverbend high school and shoot students and staff as they evacuated. deputies working with a students
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resource officer to arrest the team after he allegedly threatened a student via social media, which is when police learned about the plot. >> it was a credible threat. these kids in our estimation, intended to do what they said they were going to. because of the school resource officer program, we stopped them cold. anchor: the students are being held without bond. a body found in charles county friday afternoon maybe that of a home invasion suspect. 18-year-old steven coltman disappeared last week after he was charged with the crime. his home is close to where the body was found. searchers found a gun nearby. a positive identity and cause of death have not been determined. person,ng now, a fourth a two-year-old child, has died after a one crashed her car into the oklahoma state homecoming parade.
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is suspected of driving drunk when she crashed into a police motorcycle and then slammed into the crowd. >> oklahoma state homecoming is probably one of the most wholesome, happy events in the country. fouled like this is a terrible tragedy. anchor: the school decided to play the football game. victims were remembered with a moment of silence before kickoff. developing right now, the search for four people wanted in connection with a deadly stabbing in northeast. 19-year-old eric jones was killed at leila lounge. the business has been shut down for a huge -- a few days. reporter: community leaders are vowing to fight to keep the club shut down. it seems the fatal stabbing happened despite club security. one private security and
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d.c. police officer were on the scene at the time. d.c. police want you to look at the surveillance video to help them find four persons of men.est, two women and two the club has been shut down for 96 hours while police and the city alcohol beverage control board investigate. according to the police report, eric jones of clinton died after he was stabbed multiple times in his chest and abdomen in the club. a d.c. police officer working overtime at the club was notified by club security. >> mortified. absolutely mortified. this is unacceptable. we are glad the police have closed them down. we want to see them closed permanently. reporter: no one from the club returned our calls, but this is not the first time there has been trouble at the site. october 2014, the beverage
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control board held a hearing after a patron stopped several bystanders outside the club. cathy henderson says her community has had enough. loungeg forward, layla has lost the support of the community. we need managers that have a safety plan that make it clear that when your patrons enter the building, they do so to have a good time, not to be armed. reporter: city council has a hearing on monday about noise complaints. they will bring up the club as it relates to the agenda as well. up, a decades long dispute between the d.c. government and firefighters is over. why some workers are about to receive an extra paycheck in the six figures. parents are putting in work off
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narrator: for state senate, who shares our values? jeremy mcpike - supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education.
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fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virgia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad. kellye: in the race for the white house, star power on the campaign trail.
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husband spoken's at the event. her opponent, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley are campaigning in iowa. on the republican side, ben carson responding to jabs buy donald trump. donald trump called him lower energy then jeb bush. carson says he does not take the comments personally and there are other important things to deal with. a 15 year long labor dispute between the easy government and city firefighters ended this weekend. chris papst explains why overtime will not be paid. reporter: with a few simple signatures, a very long and complex labor dispute has come to an end. by whereday goes members do not quiz me about, where is my check. this is important for all of us. reporter: the labor dispute goes
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back to the 1990's at the control board, established by congress to control the district's finances. easy firefighters have not been paid overtime since then. instead, they were getting paid straight time for all hours worked, not time and a half. with the settlement, about 3000 firefighters will get back pay. money is coming out of surplus revenue for fiscal year 2015. when you work, you should get paid what you are owed. reporter: the checks are scheduled for december and paid out in one lump sum. some of those checks are expected to be in the six figures. and southwest d.c., chris papst, abc 7 news. kellye: the first gun show in prince george's coun since the sandy hook massacre took place today. in a change from previous shows, live ammunition was banned.
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say a restriction is unnecessary and an inconvenience for buyers and sellers. >> the idea that you go to a gun show but you cannot actually buy one of the most important components you need to make a firearm usable is laughable. kellye: the maryland park and planning commission runs the arena. in the addition to the ammo ban, it requires the hiring of five police officers and a $12,000 rental fee before allowing the gun show to resume after a three-year hiatus. the parents of robert griffin helpre doing their part to the community, joining volunteers to clean up and marie park on saturday. they say it is all about giving back. wherever i have lived, people gave us stuff in my community, coming out of new orleans. kellye: they plan to clean up
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parts in various wards of d.c. over the next few weekends. nice day to be out. devon: a bit cloudy. typical fall temperatures, in the 60's. 62 was the high. we are going to talk about how the rain could affect you on sunday morning. the marine corps memorial, where the marathon will finish. one of the best looks of the nation's capital. cloud cover in the distance, real-time temperatures in the 50's. we start out at 54. we just saw, about downtown washington. a couple of sprinkles saturday evening. big drops out there. not just light rain. this is west of washington and will be here in the overnight hours. right in the, morning hours, when the runners are looking for the finish line after 26.2 miles. cooler air is in place with a cooler pattern that has been here.
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let's track the next few days. here is what is going on with the rain showers. the front behind it with a northwest wind. that brings us cooler temperatures sunday afternoon into monday. monday, a lot of sunshine and a lot cooler. looking at the precipitation, light rain coming into washington. this forecast has been very consistent. steady rain all the way until 9:00. 10:00, the rain is moving out. lower 50's, holding steady with the cloud cover. we get some sunshine tomorrow afternoon with a northwest breeze at 10-20. could push 70 in washington metro. 71 in fredericksburg. county's, shenandoah in the mid-60's. a little more cloud cover for
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this monday forecast. a little sunshine, but only 60 for a high. this is what it could like in the morning hours with the clouds around. we may see rain drops starting to fall as well. showers possible at 54 degrees. noon and thereafter, lots of sunshine. northwest wind kicks in. mid-70's. quite a bit of sunshine at sunrise. tens of thousands will be out there on our doorstep. forecast, here is a look at the 80% chance of rain tomorrow morning. wednesday is the next likely round of rain coming in. that will be a storm system once known as patricia. it will be all the leftovers giving us that rain shower activity. could come in as early as tuesday evening. kellye: we know you will stay on top of it. i thought it was a good sho


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