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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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what the school is saying tonight. a car found partially submerged, a grisly discovery inside. >> we don't know what would have happened if he had gotten loose. leon: their reactors to recover a handgun. and 7 on your side has what you need to know, next. from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. leon: breaking details from laurel, where the police have identified a man who was found dead inside of a submerged car on the bw parkway. marcus freeman had been missing more than a week. investigators believe he may have been dead in the car for several days. tom roussey is live with the investigation. watts of questions here, tom. tom: there definitely are, leon. laurel is a short distance
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that way, bw parkway on that side. it was beyond the trees where this discovery was made a little after 2:00 today. this is the man who was found by authorities after they found the car, marcus freeman, 26 years old of laurel. he had been reported missing 11 days ago. this is video from the scene. it was a contractor for the parks service that discovered the car overturned in the water. police and fire rescuers were called and they discover there was a body inside. that body has been identified as freeman. we were told earlier today by rescuers they believe the car in the body had been there since at least thursday, but freeman was reported missing 11 days ago, according to a post by a family member on facebook, who was asking folks to help look for him. that family member, a cousin,
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saying 11 days ago he was going to the gas station and texted he was on his way home, but was not heard from again until this grisly discovery earlier today of his body in the pond. lot of mystery -- was he there the entire time, to the car flip over that night or later? we don't have those answers yet. tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, tom. a disturbing video shared millions of times on facebook and just hours, a school resource officer grabbing a student's neck, throwing them to the ground, flipping the desk in the process in south carolina. jay korff is live in the satellite center with with the incident. the disturbing confrontation between the student and a school resource officer was caught on camera. the student was arrested, the school resource officer has been pulled from his job at the school, and an investigation launched. what a student captured on
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camera in high school in columbia, south carolina, and posted on facebook is hard to watch. the authorities confirm that the richland county deputy benfield came to the classroom to remove a female student who was ordered but refused to leave the room for undisclosed reasons. that is when deputy feels ripped her from her seat, dragged her into a corner of the room, and placed her in handcuffs. school system issued a statement that said -- "our district is deeply concerned about the incident at spring valley high school today. video of the incident is circulating on social media. pending the outcome of the investigation, the district has directed the school resource officer not return to any school in the district." group in that area is calling what happened another example of intolerance and are demanding answers. the authorities say the student
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has been charged with a misdemeanor, the deputy placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation. jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, jay. autopsy results after two teens were found dead in a van. davis died as a result of suicide. the manner of the other teenagers death is still under investigation. both suffered stab wounds. investigators say the couple had recently broken up. results, side gets d.c. changing its dispatch protocol after a person said his call was ignored. three weeks ago a man said he was robbed at gunpoint in ortheast d.c. he went home to hyattsville and followed the instructions for calling outside of the city. he was told the police could not
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do anything because he was calling from outside their jurisdiction. >> i got a bureaucratic prowls bureaucratica policy instead of somebody who was interested in stopping crime. leon: d.c. police announced a new protocol. if anybody reports and armed robbery under any circumstances, the operator will take the information and send it to the police for follow-up. chillier temperatures and rain on the way. steve rudin is standing by with the outlook. steve: it will be cool tonight. in the suburbs, falling into the upper 30's, downtown middle 40's. the belfort furniture weather center, temperatures generally of the 40's. chevy chase,'s -- 40 one springfield. cooler to the west, 39 centreville. nokesville already 35 degrees. radar, a fewnd peaks of sunshine, but don't be full. the clouds will rapidly increase
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, part of what is the remnants of what was once hurricane patricia. this moves overhead during the evening tomorrow. the heavier rain for the day wednesday. the temperature trend overnight, falling into the middle 40's inside the beltway. by 9:00, 50 degrees. week, daylight savings time, and the trick or treat forecast in a few minutes. leon: this is definitely no rent reportedly going up $600 at a time, a call against rising prices in the district. there was a candlelight vigil tonight on behalf of tenants of not version -- mount vernon plaza, facing a $600 per month rent increase. >> everybody is paying money and they have a say in the system. activist say that mayor muriel bowser is more interested
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in development than affordable housing in the district. major budget-- a deal between congress and the white house would raise the debt ceiling and lift budget caps on defense in domestic programs. this could be voted on as early as wednesday, which could avoid a potential default next month and reduce the chances of a government shutdown. dramatic new surveillance video of a suspect with a loaded semi automatic gun taken down by metro workers. as happen on the green line train saturday. roz plater has the video in the details of how this played out. leon, these were two veteran metro workers who stepped up to save the day. tonight we are hearing from one of them, a grandmother with 10 years on the job. this is surveillance video from the anacostia metro station saturday at 4 p.m. the suspect, in the lower right-hand corner, robbed a man
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on the platform, then hopped on the northbound green line train. the metro station manager was on the train, headed to work. grabbed ad two men suspect. >> we were thinking they were about to rob him. so you are like, no, you cannot do that to him. men took off in the metro workers noticed the suspect cap his hand in his pocket. >> he said he had a cell phone a couple times, then admitted he had a gun. roz: there was a struggle and another manager pinned the suspect to the floor, grabbed the handgun, and tossed it out of reach. metro transit police intercepted the train at gallery place and took the suspect into custody. it was a very dangerous situation with an armed felon on the train. he is start with armed
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robbery. the is already on probation for a previous armed robbery. metro is honoring the workers with a certificate of valor. >> i feel special. i feel like superwoman. the other metro worker is taking a few well-deserved days off. roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, roz. 7 on your side with a health alert. this may have been on your dinner table tonight -- startling news about process to meet. things like sausage, ham, hot dogs could cause cancer. lunchmeat,dogs, categorized in the same categories as cigarettes and his best this -- they can cause cancer according to the world health organization. the who advisory committee finding that unprocessed red meat is probably carcinogenic.
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this was based on the analysis of 800 studies. simply eating 50 grams of processed meat every day and increase the risk of colon canc er by 18%. 34,000 of all cancer deaths could be attributed to a diet high in process to meet. that is according to a study from 2012. the meat industry is crying foul. they say that classifying red and processed meat as cancer to defies -- cancer hazards common sense, their words. prosecutors say that a 25-year-old woman deliberately went around a barricade and ran a red light before crashing into a crowd of spectators in oklahoma saturday. four people were killed and dozens were injured. murders is charged with
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and driving under the influence. she will undergo a psychological evaluation. coming up -- a happy reunion. >> she said she never gave up hope that we would find her dog. leon: how this dog made her way home after being lost for three months. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] leon: 7 on your side with consumer news and the next big retailers looking at using drones. walmart wants to start using drones in specific testing sites. the goal is to use them for home product deliveries, but for now the focus is on moving products between distribution centers. a happy ending for a family and their dog. this family was separated from
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their pup for three agonizing months. tom roussey explains. tom: the peace family of east laurel loves dog paris. they are a family of seven that consider themselves a family of eight. the dog has been with them for three years. but a few months ago, and mom and dad were on vacation, paris ran away from relatives in greenbelt. >> i said i think my mom needs to know now. >> she said, mom, paris is gone. tom: the family did everything to search for paris, but for three months there was no sign, until today. >> she may have been hiding in the woods. tom: in the morning she appeared and started following a woman near greenbelt middle school, who called the animal shelter. microchip,ter for a
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and they recognize the dog immediately. tom: that led to this reunion. >> hi! >> i was sad sometimes. tom: although paris is thinner and has some marks -- >> it's a good feeling to have her back. >> i just felt like because of i felt like i was going to get my dog back. tom: and now she has. tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: aw. steve: awesome story. leon: a couple of dog lovers here. we know that feeling. steve: we do. i think we will be right in the middle of a dry slot tomorrow evening. 50 degrees tomorrow at reagan national, a bit on the chilly side, 61, a little below average
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this time of year, 82 the record back in 1978. across the board, a widespread with 50 downtown, 37 manassas, lower 40's winchester, 45 degrees hagerstown. the cool a rare well to the north, the milder air trying to move in from the south and west. with the milder air we also have cloud cover and showers, which arrive tomorrow evening, lasting all night long into the day wednesday, finally out of here by the day thursday. these are part of what was once the powerful hurricane patricia. closer in, the skies partly cloudy stay that way overnight. as the temperatures fall to just about 44 degrees in the district , the suburbs waking up tomorrow morning, especially northern montgomery county and loudoun county, upper 30's. lower 40's woodbridge and upper marlboro. tomorrow morning, a little bit
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of sunshine, lasting only a few hours. the clouds rapidly increased, just to the southwest. harrisonburg and charlottesville will see the showers before noon probably, than all the rain moves our way. however, it will not be that heavy at least at the start. tomorrow evening for the rush-hour commute home, dodging aindrops west of d.c. further east, annapolis, north of baltimore, it will hold off longer. 9:30 tomorrow night, a lot going on, dupont, maybe a chance of a shower, but the heaviest of the north and west. the rain over spreads wednesday. wednesday morning it will be a wet rush-hour commute with heavier rain, a least a band, moving through this time tomorrow night. once this is out of here, the skies clear and looks really nice thursday, friday, even the upcoming weekend. saturday, for the trick-or-treaters, it will be
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dry, upper 50's. how much range what expect in the next 36 hours? could have upwards of an age or so d.c. metro, higher amounts to the south and west, stanton, charlottesville. the day planner tomorrow, a peak of sunshine early on, noontime middle 50's. 50's, ae home, upper few showers west of d.c., heavier rain tomorrow night. raineven day outlook, wednesday, upper 60's. near 70 thursday with sunshine, breezy at times. take advantage of the warmth. it will cool down the end of the week. the trick or treat her's will be fine. and can you believe, daylight savings time this sunday morning, falling back one hour. that is a next her hour of sleep. erin: i was thinking about the rain. my dog does not like walking in the rain. i have to carry him out. steve: you are lucky, my dog, no rain, no heat, excessive wind, cold. leon: any kind of weather.
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erin: redskins fans are really excited about the big victory. jay gruden admits things could have a look different if the redskins had lost.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: washington is still buzzing after the redskins' impressive comeback victory, but, jay gruden, what would have happened if the redskins lost? to thinkden: i tried about that one. i probably would not be standing appear today. not bend he would laughing either. the redskins improving, the cowboys appeared to be imploding. dy was involved with an altercation with does
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bryant. no comment. next question. no comment. next question. you have a question? no comment. any other questions? no comment. any other questions? no comment. no comment. any other questions? no comment. any other questions? thank you guys for coming out. the we get the wizards are gearing up to open up the season wednesday, on the road to the orlando magic. before then, point guard john wall took a ride in style. he walked the red carpet, greeted by thousands of fans before they toured the city on a double-decker sightseeing bus. gordon,chkin, jeff
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mariano rivera, and ll cool j were also there. that seems kind of random. team waswomen's soccer at presidents park this afternoon to meet with the kids from the boys and girls club of d.c., celebrating their world cup championship at the white house tomorrow. there was no lack of excitement from the players about getting to meet the president tomorrow. >> i can't wait to meet president obama and michelle. hopefully they let the girls take off school to hang out, because we would love to meet the entire family. , at will be wonderful lifetime experience for us. all of us are really thrilled. erin: congratulations to them. have you thought about tackling an alligator? nhl player -- not really a bucket list, is it? -- leon: no. it a jeremy roenick gives
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shot, and the alligator looks annoyed. at what point is that a good idea? steve: what in the heck is he thinking? erin: and monday night football, the ravens trailed the cardinals 26-18 in the fourth quarter. leon: that was evidence of way too many pucks to the head. erin: were drinks on the golf course. leon: or accommodation. still ahead, why this cracker was auctioned off for more tha
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911 dispatch in the district is the top turning story on processed meat and links with cancer, and steve's forecast and more at a biscuit that survived the sinking of the titanic is being sold to a collector for $23,000. the auction was held this week. the snack was part of a survival kit inside one of the titanic's rescue boats. it has been preserved since the tragedy in 1912. erin: would you eat it?
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that better be delicious. leon: if you have 23 grand, you
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leon: we need the window for the race tomorrow night. steve: tomorrow morning, peaks of sunshine, highs upper 50's. the heaviest rain late tomorrow night into wednesday. thursday and friday, the week and looks great for halloween, falling back one hour daylight savings time early sunday morning. then a chance of showers early, early monday. overall, once we get through the next few days, nice weather ahead. leon: looks good. erin: especially for halloween. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. have a great at.
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kristen wig. eric stonestreet. from "wicked city," ed westwick and music from elle king with cleto and the cletones. and now, on my word, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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