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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 28, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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and good morning to you. it now appears that the northeast is going to be dealing with not only some gusty winds but also some very heavy rain all throughout the day. first off, let's talk about the winds. low pressure off the great lakes, high pressure into northern new england. it's the combination of the two that will cause some fierce winds and also some very high surf conditions, and then soaking downpours, which could cause some major travel delays as well. kendis and reena, back to you. >> it's going to be a wet day ahead for many people. we move on now. police in philadelphia releasing video of a disturbing crime in hopes of catching the suspects. realizing he'd been robbed, the victim chases two suspects off of a subway train. there's a struggle, as you can see there. the victim is then struck three times with a taser and shoved onto the tracks. no train was coming. and the man was not electrocuted by the third rail. >> oh, my god. >> he is understandably shaken up. and to southern california. a high school football player is
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struggling to recover after being injured during a game. josh nava suffered a blow to the head friday night. coaches say he was wearing one of the high-tech helmets that is supposed to alert them about severe impacts but for some reason the sensors in his helmet were not working. american women's soccer legend abby wambach is retiring exactly the way she said she wanted to, as a champion. wambach was at the white house yesterday, celebrating the summer's world cup victory with her teammates and president obama. soon after the 35-year-old wambach announced her retirement from soccer. oh, say it ain't so. i was hoping she'd stick around for a little bit longer. but she leaves as international soccer's career leading scorer, both among men and women. wambach has scored 184 goals. her final match will be on december 16th in new orleans against china. i should say her instagram account was fascinating today. she was holding an adorable baby, and she said "next career," question mark. she's talked about having a child next.
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>> she's going to be a nanny. >> kendis. >> oh. >> she's going to be a mama. and she'll be a fantastic mother. >> i'm so bad at these clues. going to be a mama. congrats. oh, boy. well, starbucks is brewing something special just in time for halloween. the drink is called the frappula. it's a white hot chocolate with mocha frap. it's dressed up to honor count dracula. it goes on sale today and it's available through halloween. starbucks says it's fang-tastic. >> fang-tastic. so today really is the day the lord has made. it is national chocolate day. and we love chocolate. eating it, talking about it. eating more of it. >> and you love to wear it apparently, right? that's also what these models were doing yesterday in paris at the annual chocolate fashion show. the outfits were created by up-and-coming designers who teamed up with some of france's best chocolate makers. >> yeah. they asked the question who are you wearing? they'd say godiva.
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definitely some quirky-looking get-ups on the runway. but hey, if you can eat them afterward, why not? right? >> you can really eat them? >> there could be so many jokes. >> oh. never mind. we're going to move on before you get in trouble. >> cover up later. a look at the weird things we've been wearing. >> but first, the former pro cheerleader fighting for her fair share. why she's now taking on her old team. and could it help to settle the score in the gender pay gap? and the tv stunt considered spooky, stupid, or both. getting buried alive. so how much money would it take for you to go six feet under while you still have a pulse? but first, check out the forecast map. want to point out boulder. 63 degrees today outdoors. but inside the debate hall, 110. what do you think? >> 110? >> yeah. >> announcer: "world news now" weather. brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. >> i'm alex trebek.
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the new nba season got off to a start last night with the defending champions the golden state warriors unveiling their championship banner and receiving their rings. lots of bling there. when it came to the game, steph curry showed he's ready to go. curry scored 40 points as warriors opened their title defense, beating the new orleans pelicans 111-95. and president obama was also in attendance at courtside last night in chicago as his beloved bulls opened their season against lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers. late in the game james drove and was blocked by chicago's pau gasol. the bulls hold on for the win. they take this one 97-95. >> good game. >> derrick rose still out? >> what's that? >> rose. chicago player. there's no doubt that for
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the owners of professional sports teams it's a game almost exclusively for millionaires and billionaires. >> but a former nba cheerleader is taking her rich bosses to court. suing the milwaukee bucks, alleging that the team essentially paid her less than minimum wage. abc's mara schiavocampo with her story p. >> reporter: professional basketball is big business, with team salary caps at $70 million. players and coaches often scoring multimillion-dollar sala salary. but one nba entertainer is calling a foul on low pay. former milwaukee bucks cheerleader lauren harrington filing a lawsuit against the team for allegedly being paid less than minimum wage. >> they hold you to such a high standard, but yet that's what they pay you. it is kind of disheartening. and they expect to you put in so much time and so much effort for it. >> reporter: in the suit, the first of its kind in the nba, hh
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herington says it was more like a full-time job with part-time pay. and she spent hours practicing, prepping, and performing but was paid only $65 per home game, $30 for practices, and $50 for special appearances. which she claims was an average of $3 to $5 an hour for the time she worked. well below wisconsin's $7.25 minimum wage. also claiming she was paid nothing for the required maintenance. >> they didn't pay for the haircuts, the nalds, tils, the tanning. we're dealing with women who are 19, 20, 21 years old, really don't have the resources to pay for those things. >> reporter: the nfl faced similar claims last year, when a former cheerleader sued the oakland raiders. suits against the buffalo bills, the jets, the tampa bay buccaneers, and the cincinnati bengals followed. the bills and the jets suits are still pending while the others have settled. >> you hear the allegation that's some of these women are not even getting minimum wage. i don't think that there's any fan in the country who would say that that's fair.
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>> reporter: in a statement the milwaukee bucks tell abc news, "we treat all of our employees fairly, including our bucks dancers, and pay them fairly and in compliance with federal and state law." the nba also telling us, "we work with our teams to ensure that they comply with all applicable wage and working condition laws." mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> what a discrepancy. coming up, getting buried alive. >> trick or treat? well, probably neither. the tv stunt. next.
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well, just in time for halloween, a new reality tv show is taking fright to a whole new level. >> for many people their worst fear is being buried alive. now some brave thrill seekers are actually paying to live through the ordeal. here's abc's david wright. [ screaming ] >> reporter: facing your worst fears in real time. >> you're overcoming your fears, brandon. >> yeah, you can say that. >> reporter: "fear: buried alive" is reality tv. >> mama say mama sa mama kusa. >> reporter: billed as
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psychological experiment. all of it broadcast live on the a&e network, which is partly owned by abc. >> they understand that anything can happen, including the possibility of death. >> when you're in that dark and it's just you and your thoughts, you go completely crazy. >> reporter: to ratchet up the fright factor the show's producers turned to horror auteur eli roth. >> i think you're going to have people who are going to start clawing until their fingers bleed. >> reporter: of course this was all about science, right? that's why you had larry david in a lab coat there and all those bright screens to make this a little legit. >> his heartrate has increased. >> reporter: fear sociologist margie kerr who's monitoring the screens there insists conquering your demons isn't just entertaining, it's healthy. >> you've slain the dragon, you've conquered the horde, you know you can survive the zombie apocklist. >> reporter: what are the things we're most afraid snf a new survey found many of the things you'd expect. things like ghosts.
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clowns. zombies. but at the very top of the list there's bugs and heights. and public speaking. as it turns out, on the show being buried alive was just for starters. >> i'm sure something's coming. >> reporter: surprise, surprise, for the test subject, in came snakes. [ screaming ] and rats. >> ah! >> reporter: and creepy crawlers. >> spike in the beta waves. >> reporter: the test subjects' family and friends watching in horror. >> ow. don't nip at me. ow. don't try to bite me. ow. ow! >> we really are trying to overcome our fears right now. but let me tell you something, i'm going to give you -- >> you're doing, it though. >> i'm going to give you a big hug. we're going to exchange facebook information. >> reporter: it all got to be too much for one of the three. >> get me out. get me out! get me out now! >> can you blame him? i'm david wright for "nightline" in new york. >> get me out! >> i don't blame him.
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hey there. so whether you're handing out treats or prefer tricks, now is the time to get into the halloween spirit. >> absolutely. aren't we in the spirit with our snazzy outfits. here are some fun items we should say for kids of all ages. toy insider mochl laurie schecht is here. some of them look familiar. >> everyone can get into the halloween spirit and we can start by decorating and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. i went over to party city and i found the pumpkins and the claws and everything was $9.99 or less. so you can really have a lot of fun with it. and when it comes to candy, walmart has some exclusives that are meant just for the grown-ups. so we have been picking at the pecan pie m&ms and the chocolate that is pumpkin spice. it is delicious. >> it was a full bag. >> it was a full bag. it's good.
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for the kids they love to decorate their toys too. so build a year has some great choices for them that they can put out in their room so they can make their room nice and spooky. we have our bats. bat-tastic build a bear, our zombie bear and aur werewolf. i don't know if you remember crazy foam but when it's time to rub off the makeup and candy all over their faces this is a good way to do it. crazy foam is back. first out in 1965. and we have all these great monster and halloween theme ones. it's three in one in the can. body wash, shampoo and rins. >> does it work for studio makeup as well? >> it does. and i remember, it doesn't make you cry if it gets in your eyes. >> after the party you want to get them washed up and they never want to do that. >> children are so dirty after halloween. all right. it's hard to get -- it's soap. it's good. it's fun. when it's time to get your kids in bed and they don't want to go to sleep, johnny the skull, if the lights were out we would turn our skull on and there
2:57 am
would be ghosts being projected all over the wall. we take our blaster and we shoot our ghosts. also a great way to tell kids they can get rid of those ghosts. >> you're right. >> and finally, if the doorbell keeps ringing and those kids don't stop coming this is our wild pet spider. turn him on and we'll scare those trick or treaters. so he's got three different modes. the green mode, you can see his personality. he'll wander around. when we make him angry he'll go into red. that's the guard mode. he'll attack you. and if you put him in blue he'll stay kind of close. >> angry mode. >> ah! >> lots of family fun for everyone. >> so fantastic. laurie, you've got these great ideas from start to finish for halloween. i love it. even down to bathing. thanks to our toy mom insider laurie schacht. we love having you on. for more info head to our facebook page at and happy halloween.
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this morning on "world news now," student slammed. >> the confrontation in a high school classroom now under investigation by the fbi. the 16-year-old girl taken down and thrown across the floor. while police, classmates, and school administrators say about it now. strategy shift. the fight against isis taking an aggressive turn as the u.s. says more ground troops could be on the way to iraq and syria. how the video of a dramatic raid could be contributing to the change. political showdown just hours before another republican debate. there's a new leader of the pack. ben carson's surge and donald trump's response to being number two. and last night's epic start to the world series. game 1 heading deep into extra innings. the technical difficulties in the broadcast and how fans find humor in the major


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