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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  October 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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last hour by state police that the blimp had finally come down. after traveling quite a ways. it traveled 150 miles almost directly north from aberdeen proving ground, northeast of baltimore up into pennsylvania in the muncy area there. this has been posted all over social media this afternoon. we will show you some of the posts that people have been making. this is one of the best ones right here. this was taken by somebody who saw the blimp fly directly overhead. they turn and you will see the traffic lights, they flash for one moment and then they are out. the glitch was knocking out power to tens of thousands of people this afternoon. especially in northern pennsylvania there. here are power crews working on the situation. the blimp is called an aerostat. it had a tether that was supposed to keep it attached to the ground. but instead it broke free. but the tether was still there. you can see in this photo the line that the tether left in grass up there in pennsylvania as it moved along. well, that tether wreaked havoc with power lines in
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pennsylvania. another great shot of it in the air before it came down. it wreaked havoc. tens of thousands without power at last check in pennsylvania. reporting live, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. alison: thank you for that. leon: is that craze or what? alison: something else. we don't know if weather played any part in the blimp breaking free. leon: true. but we do know that it did, we do know where the blimp went. meteorologist doug hill in the weather center looking at that. and also the chance for the storms moving in tonight. >> it could be isolated thunderstorm. at the moment just outside the belfort furniture weather center. first, there were no strong wind gusts anywhere around. certainly from what i heard earlier and read also is that this would have been in a tethered position could withstand hurricane forced winds. i doubt seriously the winds had anything to do with the situation. as far as what is happening, we got downpours. no lightning detected yet.
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but we are keeping a close eye on it. downpours across western fairfax county. pretty good downpours. so this will continue to move across and affect the rush hour the rest of the afternoon. downstream, more showers building. from one of these, maybe isolated thunderstorm or later tonight around 11:00 when the cold front moves through. isolated thunderstorm. rainfall couple of places like culpeper over an inch. .83 in germantown. cool. only in the 60's with the heavy cloud cover. what we find tonight is more rain at times. isolated thunderstorms. but improving weather tomorrow. look ahead to the weekend in a few minutes. leon? leon: you got it. right now we want to get to the story of the blimp that landed finally in pennsylvania. we are now joined on the phone by the fire chief rob bower. he is from the neighboring town of millville. he actually saw the balloon flying overhead. chief, tell us what did you see? what is going on there?
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chief: originally, a friend of mine who is a deputy sheriff here in columbia county called me to see if we had power up in this area. he told me what was going on, that the blimp was loose. and told me where it was last sighted, at that point, i thought i should be able to see it. i went out on my front porch and was able to see the blimp about a mile south of the burrow here in millville. it was moving west and south at that point. then started, it changed and almost north, directly north. i followed it for a short period of time. i have a teenage daughter in high school. the state police requested they not allow the students to leave at the normal time. so i had to come back and pick her up from school. several other people followed the balloons for another 15 minutes.
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that was around 10 after 3:00. the tether that was dragging actually snagged in some trees. it pulled it down. the bottom of the blimp hit some trees and hit the trees and that ripped a hole in the blimp. so it deflated and came down. leon: how long was the tether hanging off of it? it was taking down power lines, too. chief: about 5,000 feet. that is the report i was given. initially. and from the report from the people on scene it was rather lengthy. alison: rob, this is alison starling joining you as well. did you lose power? chief: yes. we just got power back five minutes ago. leon: how widespread was the outage? >> all of columbia county was out. not sure if the northern part of the county has power back or not. alison: okay. well, thank you very much. we're glad to see that this is
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finally coming to an end after hours and hours of everybody watching it. you saw it firsthand. we appreciate your time. chief: okay. thank you. alison: thanks. leon: good luck, chief. chief: bye. leon: let's move on to breaking news in northeast washington. roz plater is live at capitol street where two juveniles were shot. tell us what you heard and what you have learned. do the police know where the shots came from? roz: they don't. that is the big question. you can see the investigators from the metro transit police and the d.c. police now. here is what a father was standing by waiting for his daughter tells me. this happened at 3:15. a large group of kids got off the subway and headed near here. the shrimp boat restaurant. all of a sudden he heard seven shots break out. the kids scattered. the d.c. police tell us two young boys, two juvenile males were shot. metro tells us that the boys apparently ran to the metro bus looking for help. looking for shelter.
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the latest information we know about their conditions is they were conscious and breathing and taken to the hospital. but that is what we know so far. again, in a very busy four-way intersection, police and investigators trying to figure out where the shots came from and talk to as many people as they can and collect as much evidence as they can. look for the surveillance video. if we get more details we will bring it to you. but for now two young boys shot, taken to the hospital, conscious and breathing. we will bring you more if we get it. live in northeast d.c., roz plater, abc7 news. alison: we are keeping a close eye on a developing story out of rockville where a montgomery county employee was assaulted when two men tried to steal a traffic enforcement speed camera van. it happened on aspen hill road. that is where stephen tschida is live with the details tonight. stephen: yeah, went down at 6:30 this morning. two suspects, armed suspects tried to carjack this automated traffic enforcement
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van. right here on this street. in the suburban neighborhood. we have video of a similar traffic enforcement van that looks like this one. the one that they tried to carjack this morning. the 41-year-old civil employee who was operating the van works for the police department. but he is not an officer. he had just got out of the van to set it up when the two suspects approached. one pulled a gun and demanded his keys. >> he told the individual that the key was in the vehicle and van was running. he assaulted the employee and he ended up pleaing from the area without taking the vehicle or any property. >> he was hit in the head, he got knocked around, he got kicked. he had a contusion. a couple of them. that type of thing. no lacerations but pummeled pretty good. stephen: the employee was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. we was treated but later released. he is at home resting now we
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understand. as far as the search for the suspects, that continues tonight. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: thank you. tonight we know the name now of the driver who smashed into a house in alexandria last night. 28-year-old antonia beattie and a passenger died in the crash. but amazingly no one inside the house was injured when the car crashed. neighbors say this is not the first time that the house has been hit. brianne carter live along smithway drive with more on the push to get drivers to hit the brakes in that area. brianne? brianne: leon, people want to see the stop happening. they say this is happening again and again. neighbors tell us that something like what happened here has happen three times. just to this property. and other times along this street. we want to get a closer look at just how fast are people going? we got out the radar to see just how much people are speeding down this road. and what can be done to stop
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another crash. the two-story home on smith way drive is boarded up after a car slammed in the dining room of the home tuesday night. >> first we think it was a gas explosion or something like that. we never imagined it was a car accident. brianne: police say 28-year-old beattie and a 27-year-old passenger were heading eastbound in the westbound lanes of beacon hill when beattie reportedly veered away from oncoming traffic, lost control, ending up inside the house on smith way drive. the crash killing both people. >> friends with both of the guys. great guys. i know one of the young men had kids. sad that it happened and they're gone. brianne: last year a fire truck responded to a car that overturned and hit utility pole and ended up in the house down the street. residents say people often speed down the busy road. >> you see how they drive super fast. brianne: we wanted to know how fast. in the midday we found most
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people going the 35 miles per hour speed limit. but others -- 42 miles per hour. including a school bus caught on the radar going too fast. school bus, 39 miles per hour. >> residents say something needs to change. >> they just spent all the money repaving. i don't see why they can't come out here and take a look and figure out why it might be happening. brianne: so we reached out to the department of transportation to find out what residents can do to get people to slow down. they said they need to reach out to the county board of supervisors and ask for a traffic calming study to be done here. and then they can look into any options that could happen on the road, including the possibility of speed bumps or other signage to get people to slow down. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. now to a "7 on your side" health matters story. a case of whopping cough at d.c. school. officials sent home 700 letters with students from the d.c. health department.
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informing parents that there was a case of whopping cough at that school. the principal says the letter went out monday and there was only one case and no one else at the school has been sick from whooping cough. new information in effort to deal with growing enrollment in montgomery county public schools. interim superintendent larry bowers recommended a six-year school construction plan that includes ten new classroom and a new elementary school in the clarksburg area. 12,000 seats would be added by the 2021 and 2022 school year. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- forget taking candy from a baby. find out how an easy target for thieves ended up hurting the veterans and puppies. alison: plus, a call to quit. why a prominent florida newspaper is calling for congressman marco rubio to step down in his quest for the white house. leon: plus --
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>> it happen again in this house in north laurel. another woman killed. an apparent case of domestic violence. i'm brad bell. when we come back, why there are so many cases like this and what is being done about it.
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alison: a new clue and crime alert in alexandria. police released a composite sketch of the man wanted in an attempted rape from last friday. a woman says she was walking through the laundry room at the canterbury square condos when the man grabbed her from behind. the woman managed to hit him with a nozzle of a vacuum cleaner. the man pulled out a knife, warned her not to move and ran off. if you have seen this man call police. leon: attorneys on both sides had a chance to make a final arguement to the jury in the charles severance trial today. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg was in the courtroom and joins us now live from fairfax. tell us what they had to say in courtroom today. jeff: this was an intense day, leon. the courtroom packed with family members and victims. the judge gave final instruction to the jury before they begin deliberations. they need to pick a foreperson
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and it will be up to them whether they stay and deliberate or go home. this was a day filled with intense and raw emotion. closing arguments began with the prosecutor david lord framing charles severance as a man driven to kill after losing custody of the son in alexandria. that is what the crimes were. political assassinations, lord saying, targeting utopian elite responsible for kidnapping his child. one-by-one, lifting the circumstantial evidence tying severance to the murders of nancy dunning, ron kirby and ruthanne lodato. 've happening at the front door at homes near one another at the same time of day. committedcommitted with a .22-cr revolver. they point to the stretch created with the help of the lodato family caretaker jeanette who was also shot and identified severance as the shooter in court. there are the extensive wrying
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advocates revenge. they responded focusing on the absence of physical evidence. there is not a hair or strand of d.n.a. linking him to the crime. a huge lack of evidence. they argued that the writings never mentioned the victim, including megan thomas stressing that the prosecutors did not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. everyone is suspicious of the middle age man with no place to call home. but suspicious of guilt is not enough. after thomas we heard the final rebut from the lead prosecutor and the alexandria commonwealth attorney brian porter who delivered an emotional strongly worded plea to the jurors to deliver the charges charles severance now. we expect the deliberations to begin in earnest in the morning. jeff goldberg, abc7 news.
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leon: thank you, jeff. you could be among the first to find out the verdict. follow jeff on twitter. @abc7jeffg. he has been live tweeting the entire case. alison: the days could be numbered for a mcdonald's near nationals park. you probably know the one we are talking about. a real estate firm submitted plans to replace the mcdonald's at south capital street and freeway ramp with a 558-unit apartment building. it would be the latest in the number of products. leon: knew it was a matter of time. >> that area is on fire. >> it is. great restaurants. leon: long time coming for the area. doug: weather wise we have lightning and thunder coming up. we have been watching for it all afternoon. this is the congressional country club in bethesda. cloudy during the day. watch what happened in the afternoon.
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heavy downpours came. look at the fairway, the riblets of water come off and then they are absorbed. some spots picked up half, three-quarters of an inch. it's what we expected weather wise. temperatures with the cloud cover, still approach 70 degrees in many areas. that's what it is in reagan national and leesburg. 70 in manassas. 67 in baltimore. here is doppler radar. this is the washington area with the patches of rain. a little breaks from the southeast downtown area. but more rain to come. heaviest downpours to the west and the north. that is the direction they will travel. feature a lightning strike that pick up on the radar. you can see them flashing on the screen. just to the west of manassas. later this everything, a cold front will come through and there will be a second opportunity for the isolated thunderstorms here. we are looking across southern west virginia.
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that area is south of beckly, west virginia and it will move east. later tonight, 10:00 or 11:00, isolated thunderstorm. overnight, the front will roll through and the skies will start to clear. the future cast has the areas of the showers in the area with the southerly winds continuing through 7:30 and 8:00 tonight. as we hit the early overnight hours, 10:00 to 1:00, the line of showers and the thunderstorms could come through with a front. if you're asleep and you hear the rumble, that is where it is. before the front arrives, we are looking for temperatures with 75 degrees. gusty winds and it could be a pleasant day tomorrow. then we will get back to the regular october chill by the time that friday rolls around. this is the way it will start. 61 degrees with the sunshine. 68 at midday. we could get as high as 75 in spots late afternoon. the wind direction will turn northwest and the winds will fall a bit.
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kind of get a fresh breeze out of the northwest that is starting to build in the area. the next seven days shows warm temperatures tomorrow and plenty of sunshine on friday and cooler on halloween. sunny and 61 degrees. we turn the clocks back an hour saturday night. sunday is 30% chance of showers late in the day. the parents and the kids trick-or-treating saturday evening, partly cloudy skies. temperatures will drop in the 50's. that is the perfect temperature so you don't get overheated under the costume. exactly. it will work out well. alison: really nice. thank you. all right. well, the debate is raging over a plan to tax some feminine products. leon: plus, it's national chocolate day. find out why a woman turned to the sweet treat each and every morning. >> speaking of debate, we have one in boulder, colorado, about to take off. the third republican debate.
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you can see already putting on quite a show here. live report coming up next. alison: but first a look at what is coming up tonight on abc. we'll be right back.
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leon: a newspaper has a stern message for republican candidate marco rubio. show up or re-sign.
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in an editorial, the fort lauderdale sun sentinel say the taxpayers are paying the senator for a job he is not doing and the newspaper accuses rubio focusing more on campaigning for president than doing his day job. so far no response from rubio. alison: well, of course, senator rubio will be one of the ten republican candidates on the main stage at tonight's third g.o.p. debate. it starts in two and a half hours out in boulder, colorado. scott thuman is live in boulder with a preview tonight. hi, scott. scott: hi. you mentioned marco rubio who is looking for a break-through performance to make his way to the top two or three spots. in the meantime, there is no shortage of important serious material to talk about since it is focusing on the american economy and budgets. but the show underway behind us. republican critics who gathered here across from where the debate will be taking place with the
5:26 pm
oversized puppets of donald trump, marco rubio and jeb bush. there is risk and reward tonight. we talked with people who know a lot about that. colorado senator corey gardner and the former r.n.c. chair michael steele. >> i have been predicting this that we will see the policy put forward. solid and the concrete ideas. the past debates have been defined more by personalities and politics. >> semantics. i hope this is defined more by policy. that is the right direction. great formal. >> someone like carson who does not have an economic background. how does he show he have the economic chops to govern the economy? >> risks. >> there are huge risks. that is the other word that plays in the background. how much risk are you prepared to take?
5:27 pm
dr. carson walked in the spin room not long ago and was mobbed by the media and he said, "doctors know something about the economy, too." that is his onus to prove that. a lot at stake. we will be here to cover it for you. now a little shift in the polls with donald trump taking second place in the recent national polls. dr. carson, we will have to watch to see how he comes out if he is swinging tonight, too. back to you. leon: you got it. breaking news from capitol hill where the house just approved a budget and a debt deal to avert an unprecedented default. now the measure goes on to the senate. we have more on the vote coming up tonight at 6:00. alison: but first, coming up at 5:00 -- >> address more along the lines of the illegal activity done. to address the violence in general. not just with guns. alison: taking aim at gun violence with a controversial new law.
5:28 pm
>> who would steal from a non-profit for wounded veterans? i'm kevin lewis digging for answers
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alison: well, thieves used a chainsaw to steal an a.t.v. in chermantown over the weekend. then they stole the chainsaw, too. did they realize they were stealing from a program that trains dogs from wounded veterans?
5:31 pm
montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live piecing together the developing story. kevin? kevin: hi. this is a rural piece of property. no one was here when they broke in through the glass window. if you look below it you can see the marking from their shoes. >> we need help, not hind rences -- hindrance. kevin: he moved here a year ago. the concept is a rural sanctuary where the therapy dogs help heal veterans with illnesses like ptsd. >> you can see the scuff marks. kevin: last weekend, someone broke in the non-profit maintenance shed and stole the bright red caw saw i -- a.t.v. and the chainsaw. >> it's a lot of effort to do a mean-spirited act, isn't it? kevin: while the a.t.v. did
5:32 pm
not have the foundation's name on it, there are plenty of property signs that do. >> it's the polar opposite of the heart going in the project is the heartlessness of the person who comes up to take for their own well-being and self. kevin: the police are passing out this flyer as he continues to develop the land without a costly and useful tool. >> maybe we can get the a.t.v. back and love to talk with the person who did this. explain what we are doing and help them understand why the decision was a bad one. >> they may be familiar with the property. why? the combo they entered is the same come bee noded to -- combo needed to get in the gate to access the property. but the combos are different so they had to break through the glass window.
5:33 pm
kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: thank you, kevin. violent attack on a train platform outside of philadelphia caught on camera. take a look. we have it here. the police are searching for two suspects. a man and a woman stole a bag but then he used a stun gun on him and beat him and threw him down on the track. the victim was shot by the third rail down there. a few minutes later he was able to get back up on the platform. he was treated at the hospital. doing okay right now. alison: my gosh. awful. well, france's last gun store will close this week. the owner made the decision. rather than enforce ordinance requiring all gun and ammo sales be recorded. they approved the change yesterday but despite the vote the views in the city are split. >> the bad guys can get theirs. that makes it harder for the law abiding citizens come in. >> i believe the city will be
5:34 pm
safer because of it. better off for it. alison: san francisco is not the first city to pass such an ordinance. chicago has similar reporting requirements last year. leon: trending now, overseas. e.u. opponents and british women teaming up to fight europe's tampon tax. the tax on sanitary products. it's believed that the tampons should not be included among nonessential luxury items and are suspect to sales tax. essentials like food, children's clothing and boogs are exempt -- books are exempt. a book to overturn the e.u. sales tax was voted down in british parliament. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. hyatt hotels are in talks to buy starwood hotel and resort. sources tell cnbc the deal could be a week away. under the agreement hyatt would have control of the combined companies. alison: go ahead, treat yourself to chocolate on your pillow tonight. because it is national
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chocolate day. there is a british woman who says she eats chocolate every day for breakfast. breakfast of champions. leon: works for you. alison: you know it! in the 1990's she decided to forgo her legal career and devote her life to chocolate. she says she eats it every day. test your knowledge of all things chocolate with a quiz on the wjla facebook page. leon: special day for you on a number of reasons. alison: exactly! it is ironic that my birthday would be national chocolate day. i had nothing to do with it. leon: happy birthday and happy chocolate day. alison: thank you. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- making the grade. find out how a new study shows grades in district may be better than we thought. leon: but first -- >> i'm fine.
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>> you got it. leon: a d.c. area camp where the campers and the counselors share a special bond.
5:37 pm
steve: i'm steve rudin. the weekend getting closer even though here we are on tuesday? no, it's wednesday. 61 degrees. don't want to fall back there. 61 for hay on saturday. nice deal of sunshine. by sunday, a few added clouds and temperatures in the mid-60's. the trick-or-treat forecast saturday evening will be dry. we will see the temperatures in the 50's and then we will cool things down later in the overnight hours, maybe in the upper 40's in suburban areas. take you out with a look at the fall foliage report. high around the capital beltway. get out and enj
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alison: breaking news in the abc7 newsroom. get to jonathan elias. jonathan: we have crazy video that just came in the newsroom. this is prince george's county school bus on fire. roll the tape right now. this is in a parking lot outside of overlook elementary school in suitland this afternoon. the school bus, the back end
5:40 pm
of it is engulfed. the next minute is bus starts rolling. they are running after this after -- after the bus. but the bus rolled into a degree. it didn't do damage but the true did stop the bus. then they had to put the bus out. we have viewing working on what caused the fire and what happened. but crazy video. that is the latest from the news desk in the newsroom. i'm jonathan elias. back to you. leon: thanks, jonathan. more than 50,000 people in north america suffer burn injuries every year. 65% of the cases involve children. many of them suffer life-long challenges as a result, too. there is a unique camp in the d.c. area that is helping kids cope. the international burn camp bring together teen burn survivors with firefighter counselors to make the camp and the first responders there who staff it this week's
5:41 pm
harris' heroes. in southern anne arundel county, the rain isn't damperring these campers' spirits. the 45 teens from across the u.s. and canada share a common bond. >> some see them as burn victims but they're not. they are survivors. >> the one-week camp run by the international association of firefighters. all the counselors and the support staff are first responders. melissa demarty know was part of medstar hospital rapid response team. officially she is camp nurse but she also sees her role there as the camp mom. >> we face challenges that most of us can't begin to imagine. >> i got burned on my forearm right here. >> sanchez was 4 when she was burned from boiling water. >> i'm at the burn camp i feel more comfortable. i guess because everyone
5:42 pm
around me knows how it feels. leon: for savannah's counselor , trish, this changed her perspective. >> when we transport a victim we transport them to the hospital. this is personal. >> this give mess a new idea of what the kids go through every day of their life. i'm only doing it for 12 hours. leon: in the one-week camp they toured mount vernon and visited the washington monument and checked out a nats game while here. for many of the campers we found out it was their first visit to d.c. it was a big step to get on with their lives. we wish them the best. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- calling int a career. hear what one of the most influential athletes of the hear what one of the most influential athletes of the day said about her retirement
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narratorjeremy mcpike -ate, who supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpikfor virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad. alison: we have new information on test scores in the district. last night we told you about new standardized testing scores that showed only about a quarter of tenth graders in the city are ready for college
5:46 pm
when it comes to english. but today, a new round of testing giving more hope. data from the 2015 trial urban district assessment shows the district is the fastest improving urban school district in the country. fourth grade reading test scores are up eight points from the last assessment in 2013. that is the largest increase in the history of this test. scores in maryland and virginia were flat during the time period. leon: tonight a laurel man is facing charges of killing his wife with a dumbbell while three children were inside the home. this is the latest in a rash of do mestk violence incident -- domestic violence incidents in maryland. brad bell went to the county to see how police is trying to stop them. brad: police allege martin killed his wife carla before 11:00 last night in their home. the murder weapon dumbbell. three children home. none witnessed the incidents.
5:47 pm
neighbors say they had no clue anything could have been wrong with the family. >> all i knew of them, they were kind and caring people. i had no reason to think anything else. brad: our region is in the midst of a domestic violence epidemic. the last four murders in prince george's county carried out allegedly by men against women. last week,er 56-year-old woman killed. last weekend in largo domestic-murder suicide. lieutenant harvin runs the p.g.p.d. domestic violence unite and says they aim to prevent violence. stem one is for the victims to understand they are in danger from someone they may love. >> victims don't recognize they are in a situation. they go through a period of disbelief. brad: then there needs to be a call for help from within the home. john of the p.g. state attorney's office say neighbors who see and hear the warning signs also need to step up. >> if you see something and if you know of something, pick up the phone. that may be the only way that
5:48 pm
we ever find out there is something going on. brad: the bottom line there are resources. many prince george's county call 211 for help. the state's attorney office and clergy working with men to help them recognize violence is coming and prevent it before more lives are lost or ruined. brad bell, abc7 news. leon: time now for a check of the roads. jamie sullivan is on traffic watch for us tonight. no doubt the rain is probably complicated the commute and n a lot of places around here. jamie: of course! especially if you look at if camera, you get a good idea. we have a new problem popping up on 66. this is near the vienna metro. if you are getting out there you need extra time. this is not only on 66th we are seeing delays like this but a lot of red. just inching along. possibly a crash just happened. we are seeing the heavy volume as well on the inbound side of 66.
5:49 pm
let's move to take a look at the mapping system. to give you a better idea of where the red is popping up. we are seeing it on the northwest stretch of the beltway. and in d.c., in the teens on 295. still a really big issue on the freeway. a crash heading westbound before the navy yards. now letting one lane get by. but this has been an issue all afternoon. so get ready for bumper-to-bumper traffic. back to you. leon: all right. thanks. alison: okay. a little messy out there. we hope it's ending soon. leon: doug, what is the word? doug: we have rain and the thunderstorms we're keeping an eye on. south and west of the city coming in the area. farther south. and electrically active. a number of lightning strikes here in the past hour. area that is moving north and west of leesburg. rain in the metro area farther west. heavier downpours and the thunderstorms as well. take a look at the number on the screen.
5:50 pm
haymarket and chantilly to fairfax county. we have a number of areas where there are heavy downpours locally and the lightning and the thunder. this is all ahead of what cold front that will move through -- ahead of a cold front that will move through later this evening. south of this, the rain breaks up. when the cold front in later tonight there is a possibility we could see isolated thunderstorm again. tomorrow is a different story. partly cloudy. warm, breezy. lower 70's. tomorrow night the cool air comes in. look at the next seven days. 75 tomorrow. cool, partly cloudy on saturday and sunday. warmer on sunday. late in the day sunday more showers and possibility of the sunday night and monday clearing out tuesday and wednesday. turn clocks back one hour on saturday. leon: time to keep score with the wins. erin: the nba tipped off last night. the wizards are tonight. we begin with john wall,
5:51 pm
bradley beal and the wizards who open up the season at orlando tonight. there are many questions surrounding this wizards team and the up-tempo offense. including how do they get past the second round of the playoffs? especially after losing players like paul pierce. so much pressure in washington right now. but head coach randy whitman says slow down, there is still a long way to go. coach: it's a process. you won't get there in november and december. it's a process of building, doing the things we said that is important for our team to get to that next level. do it on a consistent basis. erin: to the world series. if game two is anything like game one we are in for a treat. except for the whole part where the broadcast lost power. that wasn't good. royals left fielder alex gordon hit a game-tying solo home run to straightaway center to send game one of the
5:52 pm
world series into extra innings at kauffman stadium. mets went on to lose 5-4 in 14 innings, tied for the longest game in world series history. >> you have to bounce back. we have been here before. get after it tomorrow. tonight if it's 4-3 in the bottom of the ninth, we'll be standing on the mound. erin: meanwhile, abby wambach's career started where it ended, right here in d.c. she began her career in 2002 with the washington freedom playing alongside mia hamm and announced the retirement in the nation's capitol yesterday at the white house before president obama honored the national team for winning the world cup this year. today she paid tribute to the
5:53 pm
mentor. >> character is a funny thing. it's tested the most when things don't go your way. mia and the 99ers taught me that. so many women came before me. my hope and belief is there will be many more after me. leon: but there may not be another one like her. leon: a role model, too. she hit on another topic. she turned her attends to crumb rubber field. "7 on your side" just completed an investigation about the controversial field. they are made of rubber. they may cause health concerns. join us tomorrow. >> what is in the rubber pellets? i don't know. i don't want my kids to be the ones that suffer because they are the guinea pigs of some of the big turf companies. leon: we got a lot of information to share with you about that issue. join us tomorrow at 11:00. "7 on your side" investigation in the crumb rubber fields. alison: interesting to hear her weigh in on that. erin: she is very outspoken on
5:54 pm
this. leon: she knows what she is talking about. that is for sure. alison: forget mr. smith. a bit of royalty in washington today. find out why prince harry is in
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
maureen: royalty came to town today. prince harry joins the first lady for an important stop. diane cho was there with why this visit is so important to the prince. [applause] diane: it's not often you have the first lady, prince harry and dr. joe biden cheering on your team. but today, wounded service members had a chance to show off their skills on the court in wheelchairs. >> it's really good. it helps with recovery and rehabilitation. diane: it was an effort to promote prince harry's invictus game in the u.s. next year. he started it after a similar event in colorado two years ago but he wanted to make it an international competition. >> the invictus games seek to
5:58 pm
change perception of the injuries. diane: specialist moore was injured in 2013 in afghanistan. >> two rocket-propelled grenades came in back to back. diane: she says out of the five people she was with that day, she was the only one who survived. >> i had a hard time dealing with it. diane: she says being around others going through similar issues helped her in her road to recovery. she said it took a year before she gave the sports a chance. >> it was hard to cope with finding a new normal. being that i played with an injury, how do you do this? diane: ever since she gave it a shot, she hasn't looked back to build her life around building life-long relationships to the love of the game. the invictus games will be held in orlando, florida, next year at the espn wide world of sports complex. diane cho, abc7 news.
5:59 pm
alison: that will do it for "abc7 news at 5:00". we are following three big stories right now at 6:00. including that breaking news we have been telling you about today. military blimp breaking loose in aberdeen before crashing in pennsylvania. what we just learned from witnesses. plus, we are on storm watch with a threat of severe weather for hours to come. first on 7, a d.c. police officer indicted. why this detective was paid $85,000 a year to be a receptionist. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: we are learning more information about the breaking news we have been following this evening. a football field size military surveillance blimp that broke free of the moorings in aberdeen, maryland, floated away. maureen: f-16 fighter jets chased the air ship across the skies of maryland and into pennsylvania. that is where the blimp
6:00 pm
finally came down in a small town near muncy, pennsylvania, about 15 miles from aberdeen. tom roussey is following the story. he is live in the newsroom with the latest. tom: as you said, 150 miles. it's unbelievable how far the military blimp made it. for point of reference, this is d.c. this is baltimore. northeast of baltimore, aberdeen proving ground is where it broke free. it went all the way up here to the area of muncy, east of williamsport, pennsylvania. that is where finally it hit the ground. we have video from the ground. here it is. this came to the newsroom an hour ago. it wound up landing in trees finally. this military blimp has a tether that is supposed to keep it tethered to the ground at the aberdeen proving ground. we don't know why but it broke. i was in the air four hours going 150 miles before it finally did come down this afternoon. at one point we are told it was 16,000 fe


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