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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 30, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," political doom and gloom. >> jeb bush doing everything he can from keeping the naysayers from taking down his presidential campaign and how his former protege marco rubio is adding to his frustration. >> plane on fire. more than 100 people rushed to the exit as a plane bursts into flames. passengers forced to evacuate down and emergency slide. the new video and details. >> the prep school student who was on his way to harvard on a scholarship now sent to prison. the sexual assault, the pressure on campus and why the judge called the young man a very good liar. and this halloween weekend, keeping kids safe. as trick-or-treaters gear up for the great candy grab, a major reminder to parents and the one thing everyone can do to make sure this is a happy and safe halloween. it's friday, october 30th.
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from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we do say good morning to you on this friday. the last friday in october. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. we've got costumes some point in morning. >> we've got some costumes. pretty scary not because they're gory or anything like that, but it will be pretty scary. >> something else that's scary, people wondering if jeb bush's campaign is over. >> scary for him and it's only october, but a lot of people are saying that he had a frighteningly bad performance at the third debate. >> and we're going to kick it off this half hour with a republican presidential hopeful that you were talking about jeb bush in damage control. a day after what many political insiders feel was a disastrous debate for him. jeb denies his campaign is "terminal." >> there's no question mark corubio got the best of him at that debate. it's your voice, your vote, with
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abc's kenneth moton. >> reporter: marco rubio taking a victory lap after a strong debate performance. >> for us it was just another chance to express ourselves before the american people. >> reporter: jeb bush defending his record in new hampshire. >> i will campaign the way that i will governor. i will campaign with my arms wide open. with a hopeful optimistic message, not one that is trying to prey on people's fears. >> reporter: bush tussled with rubio his one-time mentee over his missed senate votes. >> the senate, what is it like a french week? you get three days where you have to show up. >> that sparked a tweet from france's ambassador to the u.s. a frerk workweek to the but a paid pregnancy leave yes. >> someone convinced me attacking me is going to help you. >> donald trump rallied in nev post debate. >> who won the debate? >> you did. >> ben carson also took a swing at the cnbc debate moderator who
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are under fire for their questions. >> debates are supposed to be established to help the people get to know the candidates and what it's turned into is a gotcha. that's silly. >> ben carson and other candidates calling for a change in debate format. 14 million people watched wednesday night as the highest rated program for cnbc, but the third lowest out of the three republican debates. kendis and reena. >> thank you so much. wisconsin republican paul ryan won his election yesterday. he's now speaker of the house and he told colleagues the house is broken and he wants to fix it which restoring order and transparency. he's the youngest house speaker in 150 years. ryan had the votes of all but nine republicans. his predecessor wishes him well. because hope always springs eternal. and if you just do the right things for the right reasons, good things will happen. and this, too, can really happen to you. god bless you and god bless our
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great country. >> former speaker boehner said despite its many twists his career was perfect. nancy at the pel says the embodiment of the american dream. >> federal investigators are now looking into why an airline jet engine caught fire just before takeoff. an engine on a dynamic airways jet was leaking fuel. then the engine went up in flames. the plane was heading to venezuela from fort lauderdale. 110 people were forced to evacuate down emergency slides. 1 were injured one seriously. the flames were put out quickly as you can see there. airport was closed however for several hours. records indicate the plane was last inspected in june. crews recovering all the parts that have military surveillance blimp that broke free is expected to go on again today. workers removed the sensitive electronics. questions remain why it got loose in the first place. abc's linsey davis reports.
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>> reporter: an active investigation and recovery mission tonight of what remains of this $175 million balloon, now deflated and pierced with 100 bullet holes. >> you may have heard shotgun shots. that is how we are deflating it. >> reporter: this wild ride. senator somebody might ought to call 911. >> reporter: now, the herculean recovery effort begins, as they attempt to return this 10,000-plus pound balloon back to maryland. this 240-foot blimp detaching from a maryland military base, reaching altitudes as high as 16,000 feet. dragging a 6,600-foot metal cable behind it, knocking out power to nearly 30,000 customers. floati unmanned at about 50 miles per hour for a 160-mile journey to these pennsylvania woods. >> look at the size of that thing. >> reporter: this blimp, paid for with taxpayer dollars now tattered,ton and twisted. it's part of a nearly $3 billion test system now being used to defend the nation's capital against airborne attacks, with technology designed to find low-flying, fast-moving, small threats.
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but some argue it's too expensive and ineffective. >> something this expensive, this sophisticated, should never have been able to just drift away. but this is a program that the congress has kept alive even though the pentagon wants to get rid of it. >> reporter: the army says the most sensitive equipment has already been removed from the woods right behind me. the rest is expected to come out in a day or so likely by helicopter. investigators are still trying to figure out how this blimp became detached. linsey davis, muncy, pennsylvania. >> to oklahoma city where a police officer accused of punching a high school student is facing charges. the incident is from a few weeks ago but captured on surveillance video. the veteran officer claims he struck the 16-year-old in self-defense. a police spokesman says the officer's response was not appropriate. is he on paid administrative leave and faces misdemeanor assault as well as battery charges. >> a look at the deadly shoot-out in the waco, he texas.
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video leaked shows the moment of chaos and terror. here's ryan owens. >> reporter: as the cases against more than 100 bikers involved in a motorcycle gang shootout at this waco, texas, restaurant move forward, a stunning new look at the action in a series of videos apparently leaked from the case file. in one video, the gun fire erupts just offcamera, but watch the reaction of the bikers. some grab guns, others hit the floor and crawl to safety. one surveillance camera catch abiker firing a shot toward the parking lot as he runs inside. the videos obtained by cnn appear to be part of the evidence, after the shootout left nine dead and 18 injured. waco police say they did not release the surveillance videos and whoever did may be in legal trouble. the videos also show terrified twin peaks employees running for cover. minutes later, a parade of bikers surrendering with their hands up. these videos are being made public just as the grand jury
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down in waco hears all of the cases against all you have those bikers. and that's why police and the prosecutor are so upset. they're worried this leak could affect the outcome. >> to southern california where there was quite a shock for a man there. he discovered a five-foot python in a dutchster. the snake was near death after spending the night outside an apartment building. investigators say the person who abandoned the snake could be charged with animal cruelty. the reptile is now recuperating at an animal shelter in riverside county. it will be turned over to a rescue operation because exotic animals are not put up for adoption here. that's why i don't take out the trash into it's a good reason not to take out the trash. honey, i'm sorry. >> there could be a python there. >> during a different half hour of wnds yesterday morning, we told that you kittens would be taking over offices across the country into well, that did
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happen. they were brought to workplaces in 55 cities. someone in those offices made reservation tosses have the kit bes delivered through lat uber app. >> the money they paid to have the kittens visit goes to animal shelters. office worker who's couldn't get enough of the cats could adopt them if they wanted to. >> there were some 30 cats adopted on national cat day thanks to uber. we don't have the totals from today or yesterday as the case would be. >> i think next year we need to help them out and have cats in the overnight show. >> we do need to have cats in the overnight show. where are the cat sound effects right now? okay. right on cue. >> coming up "the mix," our animal theme continues with a dog competing with a baby. it's a howling contest on halloween. >> and also ahead, it's safety first for kids on halloween, and every day of the year for that matter. it starts with a question for parents. what is your child wearing? the answer could be vital for police. >> and the legal drama in a new
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scene there. she walks up to the minivan and pours lighter fluid on it. a few hours later the neighbor returns and tries again. felicia mcdaniel says she and the neighbor were once friends but police and fire departments are now investigating. >> jerry sandusky wants a new trial. he argues his lawyers were not effective during his trial and that his rights were violated. his court appearance yesterday follows reports of leaks of grand jury testimony in his case. the judge now investigating and wants a state attorney general to turn over any information. >> another high profile case of sexual assault on campus ended with a judge describing the defendant as neither an angel or a devil but still guilty. >> the formerr top student once headed to harf is now headed to prison. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: 20-year-old owen labrie saying a quiet prayer at his sentencing today, convicted in august for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old freshman girl in the dark
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science building of their elite prep school. the victim breaking down on the stand. we are distorting her voice. >> i was raped. i was violated in so many ways. >> reporter: prosecutors argued it was part of a so-called school tradition, the senior salute. graduating seniors spending time with younger students. sometimes intimately. they claimed labrie was trying to wrack up sexual conquests as part of a game. the jir acquitted him of the most serious charge felony rape but found him guilt of misdemeanor sexual assault and of using e-mail and facebook to lure the underage girl. his victim in a video statement, saying today, she has been harassed for coming forward. >> what he did to me made me feel like i didn't belong on this planet and that i would be better off dead. >> reporter: labrie says he never forced himself on the girl. his mother begging for mercy. the defense submitting pictures of him as a young boy and
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visiting harvard, where, they say, he planned to study divinity. the judge calling labrie a very good liar, saying his 15-year-old victim was not able to consent. >> that's the crime you were convicted of. engaging in sexual penetration with someone who is not old enough to know how to handle it. >> reporter: labrie faced 11 years behind bars, but was sentenced to one. afterwards, embracing his family with a smile. and owen labrie is actually out on bay as he pursues an appeal. but did he have to officially register as a sex offender. he could be on that list for the rest of his life. gio benitez, concord, new hampshire. >> prosecutors say they're considering other charges against him including for deleting 119 incriminating messages sent between him and friends. >> the victim's family had an impact statement. the father the victim's father saying my little girl stood up to the rape culture that allows boys to be boys.
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they were saying that was part of the culture at that school. sad case all around. >> absolutely. coming up, the one question many parents can't answer. >> that is what did your child wear today? why not knowing could cost you precious time in an emergency. >> and ahead in our next half hour, the actress who took on scientology. what she's saying in her new memoir and what she's revealing in an exclusive interview with our dan harris. you're watching
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mosh than half a million children are reported missing each year across america. it's the first few hours that can make a critical difference. >> a stunning number of parents we asked could not provide the most important stuff like about their kids. here's abc's t.j. holmes. >> reporter: these children are missing.
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and the single most important tool to save a child who's lost or missing is a photograph. even better, a photo of what that child is wearing today. otherwise a precise description is crucial. without it, experts say there could be delays or misidentification. how much time do you have? the first three hours are the most crucial when it comes to a missing child. >> callahan walsh is a child voerk at the national center for missing and exploited children. we asked him to help us with an experiment. >> you need to give law enforcement a detailed description of what he's wearing today. >> how many parents know exactly what their children are wearing. > definitely shorts. >> gray velcro sneakers. >> i don't know. >> elizabeth hadden elementary in haddenfield, new jersey, sets up us up with eight unsuspecting parents. we give each this hypothetical situation. you need to give law enforcement a detailed description of her including her clothing. >> the key for parents to recall it quickly and get it right. >> black and white striped dress
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and pink sneaks. >> then we bring out the child. >> hi there. >> she got it the absolutely right. black and white striped top. >> red and gray shorts, white t-shirt that says hurley across it. michael jordan sox. >> here he is. >> hey, buddy. >> i think the sox came into play. >> but that's where the parental accuracy ends. >> really, i don't remember. black shorts and i believe a black shirt. >> hey, claire senator how you doing? okay. >> shorts were correct but these are jean shorts and the slirt is a blue shirt. >> does that do police any good in it's halfway accurate. >> not really. they'll be looking for a child in a black shirt and she's wearing a blue shirt. >> long sleeve maroon shirt and a jean jacket vest. >> we changed the shirt. >> that's right. >> what surprised you in talking to these parents. >> we know some parents will be better with the description than others. some parents won't have a clue. >> some we meet have no idea what their child is wearing
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>> police are standing here asking you what is your child wearing. they need a description. how would you get it. >> i could ask my wife. >> where is your wife? >> call her. >> walsh says this is when things get tricky. >> leggings and a shirt? you don't remember. >> dan immediately knew he was busted. >> it's difficult in that situation. that's probably worst case where neither parent knows what the kid is wearing. law enforcement won't have much to go off of. >> it's their most frantic moment in their life when their child goes missing. it's going to be difficult for parents to give a 100% accurate description. that's why the picture is so great. >> t.j. holmes, new york. >> i never thought about that taking a photo of your child beforehand in case something happens, you have the picture to show them. >> it's not something you want to think about as a parent but it's an important piece of information. you also need to know the exact height and weight of your child. vital information is key. >> it can make a difference. coming up, halloween howling
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ditch the misery. let's end this. here's a great video. almost half a million viewers tuned into this youtube video of two dogs you see here. charlotte and kayla howing. > howling up a storm. >> and then little 5-month-old logan steps in. take a listen. >> is that not adorable. >> it is very cute. that's a loud house. >> he's only be 5 months old but he gets it. babies really understand more than we give them credit for and so do dogs. they all tuned in. >> all in tune. >> here's another really cool video. this has gotten 9 million views already. take a look at this overachie overachieving chicken. not only can doc, scurry and leap with the best of them, it can go through a chicken agility
3:26 am
course and even go through a hoop. >> what. >> and jump through. >> that's impressive. >> bread crumbs leading it along. the worst part about the video is when they lead him into a fryer. no. >> oh, kendis. >> not really. it's really cool into this is not kfc. >> a new hampshire concern that did that. >> scary polka up next. [ screaming ] >> haunted houses creeky doors blood and guts and oozing sores ♪ ♪ that's the halloween polka ♪ costumes that your mother made, witches goblins i'm afraid ♪ ♪ that's the halloween polka ♪ the jack oh lant temp's flickering the monster mash is on ♪ ♪ i guess there's no denying now that summer's finally gone ♪ ♪ spooky ghosts really cool every anchor guy and ghoul, do
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the halloween polka ♪ ♪ ♪ that's the halloween polka ♪ ♪ ♪ children ring your doorbell and their eyes are filled with greed ♪ ♪ kids hopped up on sugar yeah, that's just what we all need sfeets teak or treat everywhere, hey i got your candy right here ♪ ♪ it's the halloween polka ♪ it falls this year on saturday so lock your windows soon ♪ ♪ because the eggs are flying starting late in afternoon ♪ ♪ once a year what a lift we're all on the graveyard shift ♪ ♪ that's the halloween polka
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this morning on "world news now," fiery escape. the airline jet erupting into flames just before takeoff. the dash for the emergency slides and today's intense investigation. the new video and developments overnight. new video of the chaotic scene involving a huge group of bikers exchanging fire with police. our first inside look at what really happened in the deadly shoot-out. and new this half hour, a terrifying ordeal for a sky diver. >> how did this daredevil get stuck under a plane mid flight for a half hour? what he did to free himself and get to safety. and glamour magazine crowning this year's crop of women of the year. and leading the pack, caitlyn jenner. the olympic champion turned champion of transgender rights. her very public transition and the magazine's controversial decision on this friday, october 30th.


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