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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  October 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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subsequently, a fire, chemical of nature did occur. as indicated there were several injuries. suzanne: those injured three were taken by ambulance to nova fairfax hospital. the teacher who was doing the classroom demonstration. however, she did not need to be taken to the hospital. she remained on the scenes as they talked to her and the students in the classroom. they had to evacuate the student body, 2,400 students were taken across the parking lot to a football stadium where they were held for several hours and were let go at 12:55 this afternoon. coming up tonight at 5:00, we will introduce you to a young man who was in the classroom at the time the accident took place. he will describe what happened in dramatic fashion. reporting live this afternoon in fairfax county, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. alison: all right.
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thank you very much. so, we learned that six people were injured. five students rushed to hospitals in the area. three of them went to inova fairfax. horace holmes is there with an update on how the students are doing this afternoon. horace? horace: i just got off the phone seconds ago with the hospital officials here at i nova. all three of the students who were rushed here to the emergency room this afternoon have been treated. they have been released. they are now back with their families and fine at this moment. they were all rushed here to the hospital after the accident occurred, treated for mow of the afternoon. all of them have been released and back with their families. horace holmes, fairfax. jonathan: that is good news. thank you. three students accounted for. inova is reporting a student was taken to children's hospital and the other to the burn unit at medstar hospital in d.c.
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we have updates on the conditions as soon as we debt them -- get them. alison: stay with us throughout the evening but if you have to step away, sign up for the text alerts. go to you will get the alert straight to your phone from our newsroom. jonathan: we are following more breaking news out of caroline county. these pictures we just got in the newsroom. you can see it's an overturned school bus. this happened near caroline county high on route 207. we know that emergency crews are on the scene as you can imagine. students suffered minor injuries. that is what we are get something far. we are keeping an eye on the situation. as soon as we get updates we will pass them along to you. the other big story we're following. u.s. troops will be on the ground in another mid-east nation. syria. this announcement coming today. we break down who will be deployed and what the mission will be. reporter: the white house tried to emphasize the extremely limited scope, less than 50 american special operations forces deployed on
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the ground in syria. in the fight against isis. >> this is an intensification of the strategy that the president announced a year ago. reporter: white house spokesman on the defensive saying this is not a reversal of president obama's previous states he would not send u.s. troops to syria. >> our strategy hasn't changed. reporter: according to the administration the troops would not be involved in trying to oust syrian president bashar assad. they would focus instead on the fight against isis now by training and aiding local fighters inside syria. >> we are intensifying our counter-dash campaign and intensifying the diplomatic efforts to end the conflict. reporter: at the same time, u.s. secretary of state john kerry was in vienna when other nations including russia talked about peace in the civil war.
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>> i believe neither the u.s. nor russia want to go back to the so-called proxy war. reporter: president obama was notably absent from the announcement today. already civil republican -- already several republicans and a democrat criticized the move as insufficient. jonathan: join us from the abc7 live desk is senior political reporter scott thuman. this sounds like a major shift in strategy. but the white house, they are not putting it that way. they sounded like it was opposite of what is actually happening. scott: yeah, this could be a matter of semantics in many cases. you and i would look at this and say this is a change in strategy. the white housesying this is not a change -- the white house is saying this is not a change but intensifying the plan that the white house outlined this year. they say there is no military solution to bring this to a resolution. instead it's a political one. diplomatic one. they point to the fact that the less than 50 special operations forces will be
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there to rain advise, and -- train, advise and assist. make no mistake it's still a dangerous situation for the men and women. jonathan: it just doesn't, something doesn't bode well when you say you have 50 people, americans especially going to syria, special tops. don't they -- special ops. don't they become a high priority target for isil? they have air operations going on now. scott: they said they didn't want to diminish the risk they are under. the white house was press hard on this today. over the past year and a half we have heard president obama multiple times saying i'm not putting boots on the ground in syria. the clarifier to the white house these are not combat mission oops. they don't have a specific combat mission. that is why they say it's not going against what the president earlier said. it doesn't mean it won't be a lot of arguing about this. jonathan: the folks in the special operations department will say that is what they are trained for is combat.
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thanks very much. well, the republican national committee has suspended its partnership with nbc news, pulling out of the plan to co-host the presidential primary debate scheduled for february. the committee chairman says the cnbc debate this week did not focus on economic issues which was the promise. we'll take you inside this decision coming up later in the news hour. alison: all right. well, all lanes should be open again on east capitol street under kennelworth avenue. ddot has been inspecting bridges all week. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" we will take you along for the variety -- for safety checks. first, look outside. cool day coming to a close. all eyes are focused on the trick-or-treat forecast. and doug hill has a first look. doug: it looks good. we have clouds in arlington outside the belfort furniture weather center. but clouds now as we look, cool and a typical fall
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afternoon. we get through the everything hours we will see the temperatures take a bit of a plummet here in some spots. 55 degrees is the temperature in leesburg. it's 57 in the capitol. but early tomorrow clear skies and light winds. cold as 32. it's 30's about everywhere except for downtown washington. through the day tomorrow, clouds will increase and stay dry for trick-or-treaters. highs near 60 degrees. tomorrow evening between the trick-or-treat hours we expect a few clouds, light winds, temperatures in the 50's. we look ahead to sunday and a warming trend returning next week in a few minutes. jonathan: we'll see you then. developing news from reagan national airport. the metropolitan washington airport authority confirmed as much as 7,500 to 9,000 gallons of kerosene. jet fuel component. may have spilled. the local and the state authorities on the scene to figure this out. it's not affecting flights but
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you can imagine there could be significant environmental impact as a result. we're watching the story closely and we will update you with more information. alison: mystery in maryland. a family of five from frederick just vanishes. maryland bureau chief brad bell is in the satellite center with the circumstances surrounding this missing family. brad? bradad: a brad: a concerning story in this day and age when police can track license plates everywhere. this entire family of five have seemed to vanish. a week ago. their landlord reporting them missing to police. at this point we are told no indication of foul play. this is a photo of the husband, he is 33 and the father of the family. on the 23rd of october he checked his 5-year-old daughter laura out of school early. didn't return her to school. he did not return to work. well, the family lives on braveheart drive in frederick. police went there and found one of the family's cars missing but there was no sign of the family, including his wife and their other two children. 3-year-old jenna and
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1-year-old brandon. so, tonight, police are asking the public to be on the lookout for a 2005 mercury sedan with maryland tags. a-38696. as we said. right now police tell us there are no indication of foul play. but they also point out that the family's two cell phones seem to have been turned off. so there is a great deal of concern. in the satellite center, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you very much. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a complete look at your trick-or-treat forecast. alison: plus, turn on the friday night lights. oh, a big rivalry in montgomery county. a lot of kids will say this is what being in high school is all about. we'll take you there. jonathan: that isbig. we're also following breaking news from woodson high school in fairfax. teacher and five students injured in a science experiment. we are looking to find out what happened inside. we have the updates as we get
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them. alison: arlington police believe they have their man. david black now charged in the murder of his estranged wife and the decision he
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suzanne: i'm suzanne kennedy in fairfax county where a chemistry experiment went wrong today sending five students to the hospital. two were airlifted to downtown washington hospitals. one is in critical condition. the other in serious condition at this hour. three were taken to inova fairfax hospital. a teacher was also injured but she remained on the scene here. eyewitnesses said this happened when an experiment where the teacher was showing how different elements. a the color of fire went wrong. they say a fireball erupted and started a fire in the classroom. authorities are investigating at this hour. jonathan: thank you for that. for months folks in arlington wondered if police would find a killer. bonnie black was stabbed to death in her own home. as abc7 told you first thursday night, her estranged husband david black is now criminally charged. our john gonzalez has details
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on the first court appearance today. john: wearing a black, jail jump suit he walked in an arlington county courtroom before noon today facing a judge for the first time. he waved his arraignment and now a pretrial hearing date sent for november 5. this is a crime that shocked the arlington community, an area that rarely sees a homicide. 422-year-old mother bonnie black stabbed to death inside her own home with her children, a 3-year-old and 5-year-old feet away. while the estranged husband david black was arrested last night at his south arlington home. he faced the judge today and charged with first-degree murder and burglary. moments ago we spoke to the spokesperson of arlington county police. >> david black was the only person of interest in the investigation. however, we spent countless of
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hours investigating this. very thorough and extensive investigation. we can say that neighborhood is safer this morning. john: saying that david black was also the only suspect in this case but they have been collecting a lot of evidence. hundreds of pieces of evidence trying to make sure they really have a case against him here. again, black will be due back in court november 5. he is being held until then. in arlington, john gonzalez, abc7 news. alison: all right, john. thank you. well, coming up tonight at 5:00, this breast cancer survivor says it has been hard to look at herself in the mirror since having a double mastectomy. instead of seeing her body, she sees scars. >> every time i look in the mirror, it's not me. you want to put it past you and move on. sometimes it's hard to do that when you look at the scars. alison: now she is changing that getting nipple tattoos. we will show you the process
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from start to finish. this is life-changing tattoos coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00". jonathan: fire chiefs from around the d.c. region gathered this morning to raise awareness about fire safety in the cold months ahead. the chiefs urging residents everywhere to mark daylight saving time to go to your house and change battery in the smoke alarm and the carbon monoxide detectors. >> make sure they know the plan like you know the pick on the fantasy football team. make sure your family is ready and prepared like the smoke detector goes off. jonathan: they say with the fire plan have a gathering point outside to count head and make sure everybody is there. the fire chief said the reminder is kindly with the change of seasons and the homeowners using extension cords for holiday decorations outside. get a check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan keeping an eye on the roads for us.
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jamie: not a good ride if you work in arlington and have to head outbound closer to falls church. this is gleeb road. westbound 66. you can see the cars to the side. the issue is an accident. we had a fire truck that was here. that did leave the scene. now it will take a little while before they clean up everything. let's move to the maps and talk about the backup. we are seeing the traffic drop down to 10 miles per hour. this is arlington. so if you will need extra time in the city and outside the capital beltway we have that volume. it's heavy on the inner loop working from motional gomry county to prince george's county because of an earlier crash. i was at arena drive at the inner loop but that is now gone. 17 miles per hour if you approach college park. we are still on the brakes.
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we switch gears and move to 95 in virginia. solid delays. across the occoquan and continuing to woodbridge, that is typical, though. alison: major storms in texas. this is in florenceville, outside of san antonio, where at one point part of a tractor trailer was lifted off the road. tossed on top of the hotel. the abc news got search inches of rain bringing flooding concerns. you havemore specifics. doug: this was torrential downpours. this is hill country and it just drains off quickly. incredible drought, it rains too much to soak in the soil. so you get the instant floods. start with a weather bug graphic. these are the stations across portion of texas. this is since midnight. one town, manchaca.
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almost seven inches of rain since midnight. less than six inches. brownsville, hundreds of miles to the south, six and a half inches of rain. austin, the state capital, four and a half inches of rain. there will be chances for more rain tonight and more scattered thunderstorms. you can see the moisture pushing up through the hill country. san antonio is here. more out of mexico could push up this season. some of the moisture is pushed east sunday night and monday. to give you scattered showers. we do not anticipate heavy rain. low to mid-al 50's. it will stay cooler tonight. under the clear skies we expect the temperatures in the 40's inside the beltway. most areas outside the beltway in the 30's. through the weekend, cloudiness late in the day tomorrow. 60. cloudy and dry for
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trick-or-treaters. we could see late day showers or thundershowers. we will finish this up with a look at the forecast in the trick-or-treating hours. we should put it 6:00 to 9:00. if you come to my house at 10:00, you will hear the dogs park. no candy. alison: turn the lights off. doug: good weather for the kids. >> great. speaking of that, we have great halloween pictures from abc7 viewers. look at this. a cute one. one of the producer's favorite here. we want to see more so just send them to us at leave the location and your name and check back and we'll show you more. jonathan: great to see how creative some people get with this. alison: i love it. jonathan: how about these costumes? the hospitals dressed the children up for the first halloween. that is coming up later in the hour. erin: i'm erin hawksworth live
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at seneca valley high school for the biggest football game in montgomery county.
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is that -- jonathan: it doesn't get better than this. erin hawksworth is in germantown. seneca valley hosting damascus and this is bringing everybody
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out. the stands will be packed tonight. erin: that's right. the student section will be black-out, jonathan. that means everyone will be dressed in black at seneca valley and damascus go head to head. ♪ ♪ ♪ seneca erin: everyone is fired up for friday night lights in germantown. >> way to go, eagles. >> yeah. everybody is realing going to be there. we have a black-out. everyone is excited. erin: showdown between two undefeated team as the 8-0 screaming eagles take on the 8-0 swarming hornets. >> tonight is a huge game. the two teams, seneca valley-damascus, this is a huge rival. it's nuts. it will be two teams that respect each other and at the same time dislike each other. it will be be a bloodbath. erin: since 2007 damascus won five of the last eight meetings including a 46-13
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humping on the home soil last year. so this time seneca seeks revenge. >> we were all really sad. we went home. but we knew we'd come back this year and stronger this year. erin: this is a big deal. gates open at 5:00. kickoff a 6:30. it should be fun tonight. jonathan: two 8-0 teams. thank you very much. after the game head to the sister station newschannel8. we have high school sports final at 11:30 tonight. we will have the highlights from this game. newschannel8, 11:30. still ahead for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a look outside. mobile track 7 through prince george's county. not a lot of traffic.
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we will have an update of trick-or-treat forecast. alison: but we are following the news of the day. from fairfax, a fire in a science experiment sends five students to the hospital. we'll have an update on them and what sparked it a
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: we continue to follow breaking news
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throughout the afternoon. fairfax, five students injured in an experiment. alison: a teacher was also hurt but did not go to the hospital. our mike carter-conneen outside w.t. woodson with how it happened. mike? mike: i'll get to the cause in a moment but first update on the condition of the students. the entire student body was evacuated from the school here behind me. we are on the back side of the school. we now know the three students taken to inova fairfax hospital have been released. they have been treated and released. we also were told earlier today the two students who are medivaced to the children national medical center and medstar, earlierer with were told they were in serious and non-life threatening injuries they suffered. the student at medstar washington is now said stable. the children at -- students at children national now in critical condition and said to be undergoing surgery according to the fire chief and "not out of the woods yet." the cause is believed to be accidental in nature.
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that the teacher in the chemistry classroom at the high school was demonstrating various colors that result when fire is combined with chemicals. also damaged estimated to be $7,500 to the classroom with 50% of the classroom damaged. coming up at 5:00 on abc7, but colleague suzanne kennedy has an interview with an eyewitness to the fireball that erupted in that classroom. reporting live in fairfax, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. joining us via skype is dr. ken roy with the national teachers association and the director of the environmental health and safety for glassenbury public schools in connecticut. i appreciate you taking the time for us today. when we have something like this in the classroom the parents are the ones that ask what is going on inside the classes? chemistry, kids, beakers and the smoke coming out. what happened here, can you imagine? doctor: this is something that has been high frequency in the last ten years or so. which is the use of methanol
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to illustrate the various colors that are unique to particular metals that are found in salt. potassium chloride would be bright red. sodium chloride is bright yellow. it can be dangerous, however, if it's not done under a fume hood. i suspect this was not. jonathan: if you have something so high risk is what it sounds like why would you conduct the experiment with the kids even close? dr. roy: good question. it's very interesting. teachers are required under a number of legal safety standards and better professional practices to do hazard analysis first. and then a risk assessment on any experiment. or any type of demonstration that they are going to do in their classroom or their laboratory. also equally important osha requires the employer, the board of education, to train teachers as employees. this is part of what is known
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as the osha laboratory standards. a lot of districts do not follow up with the mandate, unfortunately. but the point is the teachers need to do their homework first. not how do you make it safe but how can you make it safer? you can never make it safe. accidents will happen. but you can make it safer. jonathan: scary to hear it that way. let me ask, when you have this that happened. everybody has heard about this. do the mistakes happen more often than we hear about with no injuries reported? dr. roy: this is interesting. if there is a shooting let's say and someone goes to hospital. that is reported to a national database. that is not required when there is an accident that occurs in a school science lab. so, all of our information we have is anecdotal. i can say because of the work that the national science teachers association does that in fact over the last i'd say five years or so, the instances of this type of
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safety issue has increased. part goes to the mid-1990's when the science standards came out. the standards push for a hands-on process. doing science, not just reading about it. jonathan: that makes sense. we appreciate your time. thank you. dr. roy: no problem. thank you. alison: jonathan, thank you very much. we want to remind everyone to stay with abc7 news. if you have to step away go to you can get alerts from the phone to the newsroom. it's time to talk about halloween. you never know what you will get. doug: i remember 10, 11 years old we made halloween in the area whre it was like in the upper 40's and pouring down rain. kids don't care.
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this time around we don't have worries at all. it's good. weather is ideal. a few clouds. but for the kids, the parents following them closely. we have temperatures in the 50's. in good shape. cloudy, though. we will see the clouds develop through the everything hours. this is cloudy in spots. it's upper 50's in metro area. 58 in annapolis. 57 at the reagan national airport. by the morning we are very chilly. college park is down to 38 and clear skies. 36 in gaithersburg. 39 in woodbridge and columbia. so a chilly start. the skies will be clear and the winds are light. ideal combination to get the temperatures down as the high pressure builds in from the west. good weekend tomorrow to check out the local fall color. it's high right now.
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metro area in the south and the east toward the by a and the rivers. you get -- toward the bay and the rivers. this is the peak color. it's past peak in the mountains. the weekend is nice. 60 degrees. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. we told you about the good weather tomorrow night. sunday warming to the mid-to-upper 60's. there could be showers by the late afternoon or evening. we check out the seven-day in a few minutes. alison: very good. thank you. well, it's a traveling art exhibit that made its way to prince george's county. art-omatic. it's near the new carrollton metro station. they have turned it to gallery and performance stations. anybody can show off here. if you want to find out how to participate or observe check out we have posted links on how you can do so. jonathan: a man found guilty of shooting and killing an employee at a prince george's
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county two years ago learned his fate today. maryland bureau chief brad bell was in court when eric was sentenced. >> security cameras catch him in action, robbing the front desk clerk, pointing a gun at her unborn child. the cameras don't show what happened next. 27-year-old jesse chafers, the food and the beverage manager at the hotel running to stop the attack. turning and firing and murdering vivian chavez's son. >> the loss of my son has filled me with anger. i'm trembling not of fear but the anger. brad: the murder three years ago. today a judge sentenced the 22-year-old to prison for life.
4:37 pm
they calling him a cold-hearted killer. calling chafers a hero. the mother telling the judge how the day before the crime he had taken thor a redskins game. reading a poem he wrote for her on mother's day. >> i can't say i'm happy about the sentencing because you still lose a son. my son will all be with me. i love him dearly. brad: her sister spoke to me briefly and telling me that the man who committed the murder is not who her brother is. he will not be eligible for parole for at least 50 years. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: day two of jury deliberations in the alexandria murders trial. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg spent the day at the fairfax county courthouse. jeff, any closer to a resolution as far a u know? jeff: alison, the deliberations ended minutes
4:38 pm
ago. no verdict from the jury in the charles severance's case. they were here and will head home for the weekend and resume the deliberations next week. between yesterday and today, jurors deliberated for 12 hours in the case as they consider the charges against severance related to the murder of nancy dunning, ron kirby and ruthanne lodato. yesterday jurors had questions for the judge. butting if today. they spent the day in a room trying to work through the case. with the three murders on three dates. ten different charges and four weeks of testimony for 100 witnesses, they have a lot of information to review. families of the victims, attorneys and the members of the media have been on standby here all day today. waiting for news on the verdict. deliberations resume at 10:00 a.m. on monday. if there is no deliberation, they will return here wednesday because the court is closed on tuesday for election
4:39 pm
day. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. >> no way. jonathan: new interrogation video of the man convicted of killing yeardley love. alison: a major battle between nbc and the republican national committee over the recent debate. narrator: for state senate, who shares our values?
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jeremy mcpike - supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background
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checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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jonathan: breaking news from texas. outside of san antonio. earlier we told you about the flooding issues. they have had six and seven inches of rain, nowhere to go. the flooding has become such a problem, the school you are looking at here has become an island. so they need to evacuate the kids out of the school and the way they are doing it, you can see, they have a rescue vehicle. a high-profile military grade vehicle they are loading all the kids in the vehicles. taking them out and driving them through what is becoming deeper water. it's an island the school. a cause for concern. so they are now trying to evacuate all the kids. we are keeping an eye on the situation there. 10 to 15 inches of rain in texas. creating all kind of flooding issues. we'll keep you updated on this. alison: a lighter note on
4:43 pm
friday before halloween we have must-see pictures for you. take a look at the tiny superheroes. these are all patients at the neonatal intensive care unit at the children hospital in des moines, iowa. look at that. two nurses did this. they made these for the babies so the parents could celebrate the halloween with their new babies. jonathan: the kids are saying really? you're taking pictures? we are all about the best costume. this had to be done fast but this is creative and it looks good. check it out. the deflated blimp. wondering what happened? where am i? the glitch was $180 million. alison: still to come here at 4:00, we have new information
4:44 pm
into the fire at that, on the plane in florida. what investigators are revealing about a possible cost. >> no way, no way. jonathan: more than five years after her murder, new video of the interrogation. what the tapes reveal. we will p
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jonathan: give you another look at the bleaking news in texas. they are evacuating an elementary school outside of san antonio. what you see the school. what is around it is water. the rain down there, anywhere from six inches to 15 inches. maybe even more. there is really nowhere for all the water to go. so it's creating these flooding issues. the police have brought in high-profile vehicles to load up all the kids and doing it vehicle, one at time. they are driving them through the water to get them to higher ground. this is a scary situation when you think about what has happened to the school in a matter of hours. we will keep an eye on this and let you know what happens.
4:48 pm
alison: remarkable. switch gears back now to halloween, which is tomorrow. if you want to track your trick-or-treater or see who comes to your door if you are not there, there are some apps that can help you. jonathan: of course there are. "7 on your side" consumer reporter kimberly suiters puts them to the test. kimberly: there are a lot of different apps out there to help you on halloween night we thought these were the coolest and the most useful. this one is called presence. you need two smartphones for this one. one is your camera. the other is your remote control. we'll set the camera up right here. before you take the remote control with us. in this case we asked our intern jordan to be the intruder. you can see him clearly walking into the house. if that were a real intruder, yes, we would be calling the police. that is cool. another app to show you. this is a day you plan to be home and you want your preteen or your teenager to go out on their own. this is family locator and it
4:49 pm
shows real-time locations of your family members. you can see we are here at this dot. jordan is here. he is heading out to go trick-or-treating. you can watch your child on this map in real-time to see where the child is going. they can send s.o.s. if they are lost. this shows me farther down the road. you need a strong wi-fi connection to make sure your location is accurate. you may want to test it out before trusting it with your child. jonathan: federal investigators in south florida today looking into what caused a plane to burst into flames before take-off. the dynamic airways flight was heading from fort lauderdale
4:50 pm
to venezuela yesterday when another pilot spotted a fuel leak. i ignited and sent flames and smoke pouring from the aircraft. they will talk to the flight crews and there might be interviews with passengers later today. jonathan: scary situation. all 101 people on board did manage to escape. more than 20 people were hurt. >> police in virginia released interrogation video that helped put george huguely behind bars. the former u. v.a. lacrosse player serving a 23-year sentence for killing his girlfriend yeardley love in 2013. >> i may have grabbed her a little bit by the neck. alison: police said huguely had been drinking heavily before he went to love's apartment to talk to her about their relationship. coming up at 5:00, see more of the newly released
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interrogation video. jonathan: a lot of you are sending us great pictures of halloween costures -- costumes to lighten things up. alison: that is awesome picture of bob marley. jonathan: superb ewok costume. love when they wrap the dogs up. alison: cute. jonathan: lastly, check out the turkey. that is not a dog. cutie pie. alison: very cute. jonathan: thank you for the pictures. >> send us more of them. we will try to put them on tv. send them to we'll share them right here. if you see it, send it. jonathan: it's all about halloween this weekend. alison: we have to know what the weather is like. our meteorologist turned barista steve rudin in chevy chase. if you knew steve you would know how appropriate this is. jonathan: his home away from
4:52 pm
home. steve: let me tell you. i am getting the weirdest looks out here. they work hard every day at this location. we have a lot going on. upper northwest d.c., the chevy chase section of the district. trick-or-treaters galore. they are all enjoying themselves. having fun. let's take a look at the forecast moving through the weekend hours. we are looking for the temperatures tomorrow lower 60's. warm things up nicely as we head into the, back into sunday with temperatures in the upper 60's. look at the forecast for you for halloween. temperatures in the 50's. hello. we will look for clear and dry conditions tomorrow night. a few clouds i should say. there you have it. we have a lot of trick-or-treaters. have fun? >> yeah. steve: great. say hello. >> hi. steve: excellent.
4:53 pm
we have it. i have a hot latte for jimmy? no, jamie. jamie sullivan with traffic. jamie: i knew you would get it right, steve. bring it back, too, for me. i need it. this afternoon, it's really been rough. look at the accident activity in place on gleeb road. this affects you if you work in arlington and have to get home if you live closer to centreville or fairfax. the slowest stretch is right here inside the beltway. move to the maps. once you get outside the beltway you are still going to have a slow traffic through fairfax. a big problem, half of the capital beltway is slow. we see it on the interloop to the 270 spur to 95 and back down. blue, orange, silver line delays. back to you. jonathan: thank you. coming up next, debate and fall-out major move from
4:54 pm
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jonathan: major developments about the debate about debates. they are serving ties with nbc in host of the recent televised forum. alison: our senior political reporter shows how angry republicans are changing the rules now. scott: it seems odd that the bickering during the debate -- >> you should be showing up to work. >> someone convinced you attacking me would help you. scott: would be ground out of squabbles about the debate. >> it turned into gotcha. that's silly. scott: testify head of the republican national committee called cnbc line of questioning and moderator performance -- >> it's nothing but a crap sandwich. every debate on the calendar will be re-evaluated, reset, look at the more matt, the not raters, everything. >> that is not just an empty threat. friday the r.n.c. announced it is boosting nbc from hosting the february debate in
4:58 pm
houston. is it fair? >> the job of the candidate is put the views out. the job of the journalists are to challenge the view. scott: gene from the museum institute says there is a meth behind the madness. >> what is the unique question i can get to pierce aer more plate of -- armor plate of the candidates who prepare for days to give the same answers they have given before. >> sources tell us that the g.o.p. campaigns will meet privately to discuss future debate. leaving out the rnc that some say is partly to blame. ted cruz sent out an e-mail declaring war on the liberal media with links before for donations. cnbc which is taking most of the heat, the spokesperson for the company defended them saying people who want to be president of the united states should be able to answer tough
4:59 pm
questions. leon: tonight -- >> the tragedy that the kids have had. it's awful. >> students air lifted and others loaded to ambulances. an entire school evacuated after a classroom accident. devastating move. inside the yeardley love investigation. safer place to play. >> what is underneath us now. >> a day after the item investigation, alternative to what many believe is toxic turf. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: a demonstration in chemistry class goes wrong and five students and a teacher are recovering after a fire in the lab. we have coverage from woodson high school. start off with suzanne kennedy in fairfax. what is the latest? suzanne: one of the injured students underwent surgery at
5:00 pm
the medical center. a second student airlifted from the school is being treated at the medstar hospital center burn unit. the fire investigators are trying to figure out how this accidental fire got started. five students and a teacher were among the injured in the chemical lab explosion at the fairfax woodson high school. i took place in second period science class. it blew out across the classroom. suzanne: daniel was observing the teacher to show how the elmants can change the color of fire when the explosion took place. >> she was adding the chemicals. the fire was dying down, she decided to add more alcohol. everything exploded. suzanne: the fire alarm went off and all the 2,400 students were evacuated and sent to a football stadium. >> we saw the he


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