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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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expecting to learn something and have it go up in front of you. leon: six sent to the hospital. how they are doing tonight. the search for a family of five that just vanished. and a parking ticket for one minute over. >> i thought it was so outrageous. leon: 7 on your side steps in, next. >> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. breaking news from southwest washington, where a pedestrian was killed by a car. it happened near main avenue and the 14th street overpass. severarol s are shut down as the police investigated. tom roussey is on the scene. tom: this is right along the tidal basin. the park police on the scene investigating. much of the investigation focus owees on the car the distance.
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this is video shortly after this happened, at about 8:20 p.m. the park police say there was a pedestrian near the 14th street avenues and maine southwest two was struck, taken to george washington hospital, about 20 minutes later at the hospital the pedestrian was pronounced dead. park police have not released the victim's name or said who was in the car that hit them. even at this late hour, this is causing a traffic problem, a lot of the area around maine avenue is shut down right now. live in southwest washington, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, tom. new developments, two students improve to fair condition after a fire in chemistry class. alison: a teacher was also injured as investigators try to
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get to the bottom of how this happened. leon: richard reeve has tonight's developments. rich? richard:t athts shining extra bright wt wooon a difficult day. the gathering for thootball game at high -- >> no matter what happens, we are all there for each other. >>t's a horrible thing to be expecting to learn something and have it go up in front of you. richard: two students medaced, two by ambulance, burned by a chemical experiment that went wrong. a.m., his teacher was showing how different elements can change the color of the fire. >> as the fire was dying down, she added more alcohol, and everything exploded.
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richard: t blast triggered a fire alarm. >> i heard screaming and banging in the classroom next door. richard: friends warned others. >> some of the kids were running down the hallway. richard: the alarm prompted the evacuation of 2400 students to the football stadium. >> en shock. later, a quiet pregame moment on behalf of the injured. >> i guess our prayers go with those students who were hurt and their famies. >> we've been through a lot together, and we always come together when bad stuff happens. two most bradley byrne students remain at med star health but a, upgraded -- med star health hospital, upgraded to fair condition. the good news tonight, the football team won its game in
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overtime tonight. richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: be the first to know when there is breaking news by signing up for text alerts from abc 7. just go to leon it will be a cooler weekend, but how about the halloween forecast? we don't want any soggy costumes tomorrow. weathert looks like the will cooperate. outside right now, mainly clear skies, the temperatures falling quickly, already 40's leesburg and manassas, 49 at reagan national airport. cooler off to the north and west. the wind out of the north and west. tomorrow, a bright and sunny near 60. degrees, 5:00 we will look at the hour by hour forecast and the chances of rain sunday. also, the official end of daylight savings times.
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more of that coming up from the belfort furniture weather center. alisa family of five from frederick is missing. joo and his family last week, their car gone, their cellphones turned off. roz platerells us about the investigation happening now. at thevestigators frederick county sheriff's department do not suspect foul play in the disappearance of the family. we have learned tonight they have reached out to the korean consulate for help. joostigator say that myong and his wife and three children finished a week ago. camera with a woman off at this frederick steakhouse, who said she is hurt his coworker and recently his landlord. he went on a lunch break and never returned. a discovered that his wife never showed up at her job and they call the police. investigators learned the same day that joo had taken his
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five-year-old daughter out of school early. the sudden disappearance is shocking news to their former neighbor. >> i'm worried what's going on. it sounds like, why did he disappear with his wife and kids like that? that's not him. roz: the coworker says they had been staying in her urbana in the last couple months postop investigator say that both family cellphones have been turned off in one of their cars is missing. mercury sedan with a maryland license plate. >> i pray there was no foul play , that maybe they just went on vacation and did not tell nobody. do notvestigators believe the family has left the country. they are asking anybody who has spotted them to call the frederick county sure's department. roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: 7 on your side gets results after an unfair parking
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ticket in the district. james carson was fined $25 for being one minute over the meter time. it turns out that was the minute that the meters do not even alw people to pay for. tom roussey explains how this is being resoed. >> i had gotten up late for work and went down to grab some food. night, heparked on 6th street t at 9:00. gns indicate that you have to pay to park until 100. >> i paid for the maximum amount of time. tom: the machine said he was but he returned to find a city employee writing this ticket. check out the time. isn't parking free starting at 10:00? nope, he was told, starting at 10:01. >> he said he was writing the ticket exactly 4:10 p.m. tom: it gets worse. if it is nighttime and you are
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in that situation you want to pay to park until the space becomes free at 10:00 am you can hit the maximum button, but the machine does not you pay for past 9:59. >> i told that to the gentleman who gave me the ticket, and he said that's a problem with the machine. tom: if he knew that, why did he write the ticket? >>'s explanation was a came with the b. tom: so he reived a ticket for the one minute not pay for even if he wanted to. he contacted 7 on your side. >> thought it had to have happen to other people. tom: carson sa he thinks the ticket should be forgiven, and it looks like that is going to happen. we got an e-il from the department of public works that reads, "dpw will ask dmv to void the ticket because that is the right thing to do." reporting from chinatown, tom roussey, 7 on your side. is hard to, that
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believe. cleanup continues after a big jet fuel spill at reagan national airport. gallons of fuel may have spilledbut it is w contained. to 9000 gallons of fuel have spilled. fuel has not been found in the main channel of the potomac river. cleanup is expected to be finished by tomorrow morning. blimp broke loose from aberdeen proving ground and ended up in muncie, pennsylvania. helicopters will pull the remains out of the trees tomorrow and military trucks will haul it away. investigators are trying to figure out how this broke free from its tethers. one of the redskins is taking on a major fantasy football gambling site. is suing faneuil on behalf of all nfl players. he says they use players pictures without their consent.
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they do not have a licensing agreement with the nfl pa. the other major site, draft kings, does. exciting day for kids who got to go trick or treating at the executive mansion. they got candy from president obamand the first lady. look at this baby, stole the show! the pope! and he even had a little mini fiat. the president was very impressed. that is clever. leon: that's a good one. still ahead -- incredible images of destruction. efforts. areon: and why these stalls built to look like prison walls. leon alison: a powerful statement
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inside a bathroom at a bar. turned the bathroom
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stalls into jail, to make sure that you do not drink and drive. mirrors,look into the it looks like a prison uniform. owners hope that it helps people think to find a designated driver. news, we, in other have learned at least two people are dead after severe sto swept through central texas. antonio, a suspected tornado left a trailer on the roof of a hotel. daged, treese uprooted. students were told to shelter in plac stopwas, likeshaking for a really thought, like, that, like, it was all over. interstate of between san antonio and auin was closed because of the stm. the flights at the airport were halted by flooding in the air control center. leon: a syracuse bus driver said
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a cell phone shielded him from gunfire. wentopped a bullet that through the windshield of the bus, hitting the chest pocket of the driver, happens to be where he keeps his cell phone. the driver was shaken up, but not hurt. the police believe the bus was hit by accident during a drive by. alison: the capitol christmas tree is on the way. it left a forest in alaska this week. it ia 75'3" that will spend three weeks to make the journey -- it is a 75 foot tree that will spend three weeks to make the journey. leon: does anybody know how to find the root? they should find a way for that. alison: the root of the tree? the route that the tree is taking? leon: the router the root? steve: i bet it's on the
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website. leon:hat's your homework. "root."follow the [laughter] steve: outside right now, 49 degrees. the current temperature at reagan national. earlier in the day, 61 degrees. a whole lot cooler than yesterday, when we only made it into the lower 70's. 64 is the average, the record 82 in 1996. 48 andrews, 51 degrees pax river. the waters of the bay. we will call into the mid 40's overnight. the coldest air will to the north. the areas in green is the milder air. it will take another day or two for to arrive, but once it arrives you will feel the chill in the air. it will be there early tomorrow morning, maiy clear skies right now.
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will to the west, indiana, illinois, wisconsin, that is the next weather maker. the clouds arrive late in the day tomorrow. , it will or treating remain dry. inside the district, looking at 44, 45 degrees overnight. in the suburbs, gaithersburg, germantown, 35, 36, fairfax 38, manassas 35. the futurecast through the day tomorrow, clouds arrived midmorning, early afternoon. that will be from west to east. annapolis will have the clouds later in the day. the clouds overspread the entire region just in time for trick or treating, protectors will be in the mid to upper 50's, slowly falling overnight. -- but the temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50's, slowly falling overnight.
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some rain sunday, not a whole lot, limited to about 30% chance. it will be chilly tomorrow morning heading out the door. grab the gloves, the hat, you will need it, 41 degrees. cooler in the suburbs. little 50's lunchtime, 60 by 5:00. the trick or treat forecast, i will step out of the way, 58 at 6:00, 8:00, 54, near 50 degrees for those of you who are into late-night halloween parties. back into the 70's early next week. alison: is 8:30 late night when you have little kids? we used to be up all night long. leon: how about the wiz. robert: they look real good, they are on track, they are on the right route. sports is coming up.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. action the wizards in tonight against the milwaukee bucks. the good guys caught fire late in the fourth quarter. leave it to john wall to find the open man. sessions in the corner.
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.ater, john wall on the break this is what he does best. finds bradley beal, same spot. wiz up by 7. they win, 118-113. the caps at verizon, taking on the columbus blue jaets. alex ovechkin kicks off the c-tac-toe. the caps take the 2-0 lead and they win, 2-1. game three of the world series, and it looks like the mets want to play more baseball. right now, the new york's are in the the royals 9-3 night inning. germantown, seneca valley and the math the -- damascus. julian canard to marcus vincent. 41 yard touchdown. mask iswins, 21-3.
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end roniots tight gronkowski is a big man. when he wasgronk five years old. poor pinata he was a big boy, towering over the rest of the kindergartners. happy halloween. terps willw, the travel to 10th-ranked iowa. backing will be right here on abc 7, kickoff at 3 p.m. and check out all the prep highlights on high school sports final on news channel 8. check out the high schoolers. alison: you will be there. leon: thanks for the invitation. alison: have fun. leon: still ahead, a cinematic landmark.
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leon: five students and a teacher injured after rain accide at a chemical lab at wtc-asked a beauty woodson high school. oodson high school.
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and the forecast for halloween. it has been an unofficial years, andr 40-plus now d.c. has finally recognized for theirist" steps significance. that is where a character fell to his death in the 1973 film "the exorcist." among those on hand was the auor of the movie and the film's director. alison: we have great photos to share. these were e-mailed to pics look at this family of superheroes. we want to thank abby for sending that. and here is a picture from hagerstown. so cute. look at that it a workable cow.
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we want to see your costumes. just send your pictures to and you might see your halloween fun on tv. leon: i thought we would see steve rudin's. steve: people look at me like i'm crazy. leon: like that doesn't happen here. alison: that's true. you do keep starbucks opened in your neighborhood. steve: yes. the baristas work very hard.
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alison: it sounds like long
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underwear or sweatshirts under the costume? is theyeah, but that best news of all because you can show off your outfit. what are you going as? nothing, but my girls are going to be ballerinas. the forecast for trick or treating, 6:00, early birds, upper 50's. degrees.54 by 10:00, most of the kids -- there are always a few that stay out late -- 50 degrees. the temperatures are going to stay a little on the chilly side. leon: you only get teenagers at 10:00. alison: and they are always in a lame costume. sunday, possibly showers, monday the showers stick around, but warmer, back into the 70's tuesday through friday.
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josh knight will be a bright and early, news channel 8, with the updated forecast. alison: good costume today. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. narrator: for state senate, who shares our values? jeremy mcpike - supports school l funding. thinks women should make their owhealth care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as r, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of drous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from brooklyn, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- michael j. fox. bernie sanders. and music from big grams. broughto you by cigna. with cleto and the cletones. and now, can you believe it -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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