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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  November 1, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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kimberly: what neighbors thought was a halloween prop was much worse. the police investigate how a man ended up dead on doorsteps. several local firefighters recovering tonight after a crash with a car. from big announcement virginia tech -- head football coach frank beamer is retiring. the news starts right now. 6:30, onbc 7 news at your side. kimberly: tonight we are hearing from a man who made a gruesome discovery outside of a home in woodbridge this morning. what he thought was a halloween prop was a man dead on the front steps of a home on brazil circle. kevin lewis is in woodbridge with more on the homicide investigation. around 8:00 this morning,
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i man was walking his dog, and he saw a dead body propped up on the steps outside of this townhome. the police are looking for the killing. >> halloween night, man, that's like straight out of a movie. the man was found dead on the cold concrete steps leading to this woodbridge townhome. >> he had been lying there. it looked like his throat had been slashed. kevin: this neighbor did a double take when doing his sunday morning coffee run. >> i thought it was a halloween propr. come to find out it was a dead body, man. kevin: after pronouncing the man dead, first responders armed themselves with bleach, a scrub brush, and a garden hose to wash away what residents described as a lot of blood. this person lived up -- learned about the death investigation on facebook. >> i want to know who killed him
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and how, like, he died and if the suspect is still on the loose because i live here. kevin: this person wants to know who the dead man is and how he ended up on this stoop. >> it look like his throat was stabbed or slashed. he must have laid at the residence. kevin: i spoke with the owner of the townhouse. he said the murder victim had a deep gash that ran from the center of his throat all the way around the side of his neck. the police are still looking for the killer. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. kimberly: so gruesome. thank you, kevin. former u.s.n, a senator for tennessee and "law and order" tv star, has died. thompson died today after a recurrence of lymphoma. he had a long list of the cobbler's immense, including his
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work as an attorney on the watergate scandal, which helped lead to the resignation of president richard nixon. thompson was also republican presidential candidate. metro transit police are investigating how a man ended up on the tracks at the u street metro station. the operator of an approaching train saul the man and managed to stop, but it's not clear if the train ever made any contact with the man. he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the police say that alcohol may have been a factor. one person is recovering from injury suffered in an apartment fire in southwest washington. lastire broke out late night on ivanhoe street. the victim was taken to the hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a d.c. firetruck that was responding to an apartment fire, that apartment fire, and it up in a crash in southeast. it collided with a car on mlk avenue.
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for people in the car were taken to the hospital. we do not know how they are doing tonight. firefighter suffered minor injuries but went to the hospital as a precaution. the police are still investigating. what was supposed to be a normal bike ride ended in tragedy in calvert county. a suspected drunk driver hit and killed a woman and a man as they ine on a tandem bike chesapeake beach. diane cho has the latest. that: it's not often neighbors hear sirens on this rural road, so when emergency crews went by, it caught this person's attention. >> is required. diane: it was just after 3:00 in the afternoon halloween day when people were called to the scene of the crash not far from tobacco lane. authorities say that two people on a tandem bicycle going northbound were hit from behind
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by a driver who they identified as 62-year-old catherine lyon. road, which on the they are about to be, and she struck them. diane: the woman was pronounced dead at the scene, and the man who was with her on the bicycle later died at the area hospital. who livedsay the two in clarksburg were avid cyclists. they what the authorities say the driver who hit them is facing several charges, including homicide by motor vehicle while under the influence. home just by lyon's over a mile away from the scene of the crash, but nobody answered the door. diane cho, abc 7 news. kimberly: a big announcement from hokie nation -- virginia tech's longtime football coach frank beamer says he will retire. robert burton is here. beamer has had a remarkable
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career. why not 30 seasons? robert: a long career and a good career. coach frank beamer announced he is retiring at the end of the season. he guided the hokies to 20 consecutive winning seasons. he retires as the winningest in his fourided the hokies rtoto acc titles. in a statement, the merced, i nation willkie continue to give the team the full support. i will be forever grateful to everyone who made these past three decades the best of my life. this is an emotional day for me and my family. i'm honored and humbled to have served as your head coach." pretty sure they are honored to have you. #onemorebowm seeing
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l. the weather, looking live outside, a bit of a warm-up to the end of the weekend. unbelievable weather today. some people may need an umbrella tomorrow. devon lucie has the look. devon: this morning we had light showers. the belfort furniture weather center, completely different now. cloud cover has been breaking, clear skies. a snapshot of the nation's capital outside, a beautiful look. the high texture, way off of the high i thought, 70. hagerstown was nearly there, 73. real-time temperatures, 50's and 60's tonight. the satellite and radar, cloud cover will advance here. a lot more of that to come. see how far south the rain is? of the a big part
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forecast. tuesday and wednesday things look better. somewhere watching now we'll see rain tomorrow. indications the rain will move further north. we will track where the rain will set up and the next three days, as well as how long the nice 70 degree temperatures will last in the complete forecast. kimberly: it was a busy halloween night for the d.c. area sober ride program. they provided 412 cab rides free home last night. that is compared with 278 last year, nearly double. sober ride began at 10:00 last night and continued until 4:00 this morning. the goal of the program is to keep drunk drivers off the roads. it is now a little easier to tote share with uber or lyft win from the airport because they're a places for vehicles to wait at dulles and national.
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this comes at a price. there is now a four dollar access the that riders will have to pay. thousands raised money for lung cancer research this morning. gavereathe deep d.c. 5k people a chance to work off the halloween candy. lungeas organized by the ivity foundation and they raised a quarter million dollars. a push for changes in the upcoming presidential debates. details on the meetings taking place this weekend in the district. the very latest details on the deadly plane crash in egypt.
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kimberly: russia's top aviation
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officials said the airplane that crashed came apart at 30,000 feet. it was heading to st. petersburg when it crashed, killing all on board. investigators have recovered the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. investigators plan to look at repairs the plane underwent after a hard landing a couple years ago. the pilot's wife said he often complained about the airplane's deteriorating condition. clash will go on as scheduled after a deadly shooting at a dorm at winston state -- winston-salem state university. one student was killed and another wounded in the gunfire this morning. the police are still looking for the shooter. to details and the push change roles for the remaining republican presidential debates. politico is reporting the republican national committee has named a new official to work with presidential campaigns and
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tv networks. the rnc is's on the defensive after criticism of last week's asry debate on cnbc, representatives of most of the candidates meet in washington tonight. changes proposed include fewer questions and moderators who have actually voted in republican primaries. the workweek- forecast. you will not believe how warm i narrator: for state senate, who shares our values? jeremy mcpike - supports school funding.
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thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: e everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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getting closer to the holiday reopened pentagon row its ice-skating rink today. the renovations were made to expand the ice rink, including a stone fireplace. i love that rink.
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it's an awesome place. i wonder if that video was from today. i mean, kids in hats? i don't think so. said, you could almost get away with a swimsuit today. kimberly: it's awesome. devon: we don't have ice rink weather, but we do ever in coming our way. a snapshot, from the marine corps memorial, 50's and 60's. the cloud cover, did not quite get rid of all the cloud cover this afternoon. light rain this morning. i woke up in northern virginia with showers as well. today.0 we had a front that faded away today. that cloud cover stayed. overnightudy skies with a few breaks. the bigger picture the next few days, watch washington in
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relation to the rain, staying on the north side. the north side. sunshine coming back tuesday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. you just may like the mild weather. backing up the forecast, overnight we are tracking light rain. this is the latest information that goes about 12 hours ahead. we may have showers as far north as the immediate metro. asis likely as far north gaithersburg. further north come you will not get rain tomorrow. upper 40's, 50's, starting out tomorrow. washington, south, you will need the rain gear. tune into "good morning washington" and eileen whelan will have the updated forecast. breaks in the clouds by the afternoon. hagerstown is actually only washingtonthan
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metro, and ashburn could be 66, petworth 65. even towards trinidad, 65. and areasabout 62, south a little cooler. the rain is most likely in the southern zones. sunshine,right temperatures are. how do you like 70 degrees? , cloud abc 7 skycast cover all day long, until sunrise which is now 6:20 in the morning. the temperatures recovering, but not too far, about 65 with clouds. the cloud cover is still there. washington metro, only about a 30% chance of rain. we get past monday, a better start to november, lower 70's, thursdaya weak system into friday. the next likeliest rain holding off until sunday. kimberly: no argument about the
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forecast, but robert and i -- robert: a heated debate. big weekend for soccer fans. nothing was easy in the big easy, either.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the redskins in the bye week. the other football here, d.c. united, game one of the eastern conference semifinals. chance, 61st minute, on the attack. the shot is just wide of the net. we remain scoreless. minute, the red bulls have
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a free kick. it is a header, the red bulls lead 1-0. they go on to win by that score. game two is next in new york. the nfl, the ravens looking for their second victory of the season. let's go to new york. scary moment for steve smith sr., tripped up after making a catch. it look like he tore his achilles. hisa good way to end illustrious career. he was helped off the field. he was in pain. it is an official achilles tear, unfortunately. justin tucker with the 39 yard field goal, for the win, it's good. 29-26ore wins this one, the final. china's-saints.
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this was a shoot out -- giants-saints. the middle.ver seven touchdown passes for drew brees. five seconds to go, former skins kick archive format -- kai forbath with a chance to win a, it is good. saints win. bittersweet news -- long time virginia tech coach frank beamer is retiring at the end of the season. he guided the hokies to 22 consecutive winning seasons along with 22 consecutive bowl appearances. he retires as the winningest coach in his conference. a long, successful career. last night, miami-duke, might be the best play in college football. count them. six seconds left in the game. keep had no choice but to
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lateraling the ball, somehow, someway, to keep the play alive. you can say this is better than the stanford band play. this goes on at least a minute. any minute now, this will be over, but not exactly. blockers, up the along thegreat block way. he goes all the way, 91 yards, the winning touchdown. miami wins 30-27. is this better than the stanford play? only time will tell. what a finish. game -- on the field officials and replay officials were suspended two games for missing several calls on that play. kimberly: we looked and we think he was down on the first lateral? robert: i have to look closer at
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kimberly: we paid close attention to your forecast, and you said there conflicting models about tomorrow. is the jury still out? devon: some are showing rain further north, some are keeping its out. i still think it will be south of washington. 30% chance of light rn tomorrow, mainly just cloud cover. tune into "good morning washington" with eileen whelan to see where the rain is setting up, but most likely south. after monday, the temperatures back into the 70's. next sunday looks like the next
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likeliest round of storms. kimberly: spectacular. likeliest round of storms. kimberly: spectacular.
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