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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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what can you tell us? horace holmes we are getting there. 102 place is the address in south bowie. news chopper 7 over the scene. a lot of fire equipment on the scene. the fire started in the garage area of the home. it's pretty much confined to that. no injuries but we understand that the firefighters on the scene that a dog was rescued from the home. the dog is fine. at this point it's knocked down and they have the situation under control. we are making our way there and will be there shortly. we'll have live report. back to you. alison: thank you. we'll check in with you in a few minutes. meanwhile, police say he burst into a house. broke a bottle over a woman's
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head. threw a 7-month-old down a flight of stairs. in the last few hours investigators caught up with james brown. jeff goldberg is live in woodbridge. what have you learned about this? jeff: james brown was taken into custody in his home in northeast washington. by the fugitive task force. he did not resist arrest. meanwhile, his 7-month-old daughter is recovering from a serious leg injury. police say brown intentionally and violently caused. >> the news is met with sadness and chock. total disbelief. >> throw the baby down the stairs? that is insane. what is happening? >> 9:15 last night on castle hill in wood bridge. james brown approached a townhome where a woman was inside holding a 7-month-old daughter.
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the child's grand mother tried to stop him at the door. >> he pushed her way in the ground and forced her out of the house. >> she ran upstairs and grabbed the child from her mother. flew down the flight of stairs causing a serious injury to her head. police say brown hit the mother in the head with a glass bottle between leaving the house and taking off. >> a situation between the parties, the mother and the father of the child. jeff: after hearing the motion, harrison ran outside and saw the child's grandmother screaming as the suspect drove away. >> my grandson, call the police. >> neighbors haven't seen much trouble in the past. >> quiet. they stick to themselves. jeff: they hope to never see it in the future. >> the fact that somebody that dangerous is running around the neighborhood is a scary thought. jeff: the mother and the grand mother are recovering from their injuries. said to be doing okay.
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james brown is in custody awaits extradition. leon: incredible the. the streets are starting to reopen after a man was hit by a bus this afternoon. it happened at 1:00 on 7th and massachusetts avenue. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live on the scene. start with how the man is doing. what do we know at this hour? >> we just learned that the man is in serious but stable condition. and talking to police detectives. you are talking about the streets closed down. thatry still closed down. i am standing in the middle of seventh street at massachusetts. when normally there would be traffic all over the place. that is because the bus hit the man, elderly man actually. hit him at 1:10 this afternoon.
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the bus ran -- came under the bus. i appears that the bus turned over him but he was struck. a greyhound bus making a left turn hit a pedestrian in a crosswalk. a man rolled under the bus. a witness say he saw from a taxi cab and said it appeared that the man was elderly and moving slowly when he was hit. >> i heard the screens. he was in the spot and the bus kept going. they were telling the bus to stop, stop, stop. he was pinned under the bus. >> that witness said it did not appear that the bus's tire ran over the victim. the witnesses sent a passerby who said he was a doctor corral under the bus to help. >> a doctor crawled up under the bus to check the man's
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pulse and talking to him to make sure everything was okay. >> the firefighters arrived and began to lift the bus off the man with hydraulics and wooden blocks. he was freed after 20 minutes and taken away after an ambulance. the crowd applauded the firefighters. >> we are now looking again at the bus that was where they took him out. one of the police officers here said it was miraculous that this man survived. again he is in the hospital. according to the police. a man in his 70's. he is in serious but stable condition. >> thank you, sam. leon: route one back open in arlington. after a crash this afternoon. police tell abc7 news a driver had a medical emergency and veered into oncoming traffic. another person was injured. it took crews an hour to get everything cleaned up.
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alison: new developments in the wake of a fire that injured five students and a teacher at woodson high school in fairfax. today students went back to class for the first time since friday. that included three of the five who were injured in the chemistry class accident. others still in the hospital. the classroom where the fire took place is repaired and is ready to use. but out of respect the chemistry class will be held in a different room. it could have repercussions all over the country. now the national science teachers association is calling for changes in classroom. >> the open flame lab experiments at the center of a debate right now after what happened last friday at woodson high school. should they be banned or do they have a place in the classroom? >> woodson high school students returned to class for the first time since an accidental fire injured five students and a teacher on
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friday. the rainbow flame experiment sparked the fire. no one was injured in -- there were others injured in 2009 when a similar incident happened at her ohio school. >> she tried to pour it on the flames and it exploded. >> this is used as a petition to ban these demonstrations. these experiments while valuable must be stopped. >> they don't think doing this experiment using alcohol on a desk top is an safe procedure. the students don't want to see the hands-on experiments done
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away with. >> they shouldn't do that. it's a crucial part of learning. >> i would say continue them but with more safety precautions we haven't been taking from before. >> a ban on the experiments is in place in the county. in the meantime, a student remains hospitalized as a result of what happened here on friday. in fairfax county, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. alison: all the kids in the classroom were probably dreaming about being outside instead. like the rest of us. leon: we were all in the same boat for sure. how much longer can this go on? this is awesome. doug: the clouds have rolled in already when nobody was looking. not far behind are areas of the rain. the temperatures are mild.
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70 degrees in trinidad. it's mild enough. because of the clouds we will hold in the 50's overnight. this tells the story with the satellite. the clouds quickly return as the high pressure is moving out of the area. what is next? we have a full forecast in a few minutes. leon: now only on 7 we hear from the family of a man hit and killed by a stolen ambulance. sebastian isaksen pleaded guilty to manslaughter, carjacking and driving under the influence. today he admitted to the december 2014 crash in greenbelt. dash cam video showed him at the wheel. we spoke with the family of alan hargraves. >> it's hard to make sense of it. at the end of the day, you
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take solace in the fact that he lived life every day full of life and with an energy we would die for. leon: isaksen's blood alcohol limit was more than twice the legal limit at the time of the crash. prosecutors are asking for a 25-year prison sentence. alison: d.c. police are investigating the death of a man along good hope road. alonzo smith died in the custody of special police. this is at an apartment building. >> police found the body of alonzo smith who died in confrontation with security guards. >> he was a good person. >> the morning after halloween residents heard a man screaming "help me, help me" running back and forth on the sidewalk. they say he suddenly turned
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and ran in the building. >> he got louder. help, help, help. constantly. help. somebody is trying to kill me. >> we questioned the security guards here. they are special police. armed, sworn officers. >> cannot disclose any information. >> no information. >> the family says smith worked as a special education teacher and a model and said he did not live in the apartment building. >> they grabbed him because he was being difficult and traying to resist -- trying to resist. he was struggling. he stopped fighting. >> they launched a go fund me account. they are asking why the police report says justifiable homicide. >> they are all actually in disbelief about what happened. >> they are awaiting the
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medical examiner's cause of death and the police investigation. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- following the rules. why one group taking issue with local judges about the way they are treating domestic violence suspects. >> targeting foot traffic and those behind the wheel. the latest enforcement effort to keep pedestrians safe. >> temperatures in the 70's in november. sounds like a good excuse to get on the water to me. i'm meteorologist josh knight. we'll talk about how rare it is this time of year. alison: mobile track 7 on the way to breaking news. a house fire in bowie. we will bring you a live report from the scene as soon
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alison: welcome back. look at the beautiful pictures. a viewer shared this shot with us. very good. this shot from hay market, too. you can see it all. the leaves make it look like fall but it hasn't really felt like it in the last few days. nobody is really complaining.
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leon: you won't hear it here, that is for sure. neither from steve rudin. out there checking out folks dining outside. to do it this late in the year is amazing. steve: this is hard to omplain about the weather. you can wear short sleeves to work and it's early november. we had temperatures well in the 70's today. open seats here. earlier today in georgetown things were hopping at abc7 meteorologist josh knight has a look it a what people were enjoying. >> it's gorgeous. >> you can't ask for better weather. >> the sun is shining, skies are blue. no shortage of soup lative for the -- superlatives at the day's weather. the tourists and the locals alike have a different idea. >> this is like australian summer today. amazing. this is our national capital to your national capital.
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>> we didn't expect this. >> for some, perfect for yoga in the park. others couldn't resist biking along the river. even fountains provided splashing around. the bars and the restaurant set up for a big lunch crowd. remember, it is november. >> it's very, very cold. >> this time last year i was in sweaters. >> a couple of 70-degree days is typical in a d.c. november. but a string of four in a row isn't common. still, you may have seen salt trucks out on the road today. in montgomery county they were doing a mock snowstorm as if there were six inches of snow making sure they are ready when mother nature flips the page as well. in georgetown, josh knight, abc7 news. steve: we are back now live seeing the folks enjoying themselves on the ruth top here. a gentle breeze. now that the sun has set temperatures are going to drop
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rather quickly. if you are headed outdoors this evening, short sleeve shirt are fine for now. over the next hour or two, much warmer temperatures on the way. more and the full forecast can doug. alison: so nice. the best part about it is everybody is in a good mood. you can tell. doug: sunshine helps, too. perks you up. clouds rolling in now. just as quickly we had two beautiful days. it's going downhill in a hurry. clouds rolling in tonight. sprinkles or showers later tonight. friday is day we will focus on. leon: record there. alison: great! doug: check this out. love to share the pictures. that is from jan. beautiful. thank you for sharing. this is a beautiful image from loudoun county. this is the time of year that we hit the peak colors.
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still light in the sky here from arlington. that is all overcast. the 70-plus degree temperatures. that is sliding away. still close to 70. 69 at reagan national. 702 at me that analysis and fredericksburg. 64 in annapolis. 71 in gaithersburg. heading through the evening hours we have seen the clouds alive. now rain showing up. some of this evaporates before it hits the ground. but later tonight the showers will hit the ground. patches of light rain. late night, overnight and through rush hour. the high pressure that is dominant kept it sun pressed to the south. now with the high moving out, it's changing. a lot of clouds. raindrops in the morning. we will warm up to the elore 70's tomorrow afternoon. we look forward here to 80 degrees by friday.
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we forecast 72 tomorrow. the official location for the record is 81. that is safe. on friday, if things work out and southwesterly winds and the sunshine we could hit 80 degrees. that could break the old record of 78 for november 6. set in 1948 of the averages. no complaint about the bonus days here where it's delightful outside. 72. chance of showers left over in the morning. on friday cold front will come in. not before the breezy warm weather. a cold front comes through. lingering showers to saturday morning. a low warmup will begin monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week. alison: thanks. let's update you now on the breaking news we have been telling you about. a house fire in bowie. horace holmes on the way to the scene.
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what is the latest? horst we are five mails out. we are fortunate to get folks on social media giving us pictures of the scene. look at the twitter feed and i can tell you what is going on in the fire scene. a lot of equipment on the scene. we understand that the fire started in the garage area of the big home there on juwitt place. firefighters able to get on the scene quickly and confine it to the garage area. it did spread up a little bit. no injuries. but there was a family pet inside the home at the time. firefighters were able to get in there and rescue the pet. no injuries. on our way. we'll be there to get a closer look at the fire. back to you. alison: thank you. first, nasa looking for
5:22 pm
potential astronauts and showing off the latest find. leon: we will show you the latest pictures. plus -- >> the story finished. it has been an amazing ending. leon: grab the tissues for this one. we will share it with you coming up. don't miss it. kidd: i'm kidman live in nash -- kidd o'shea live in nashville. the must-see moments you should stick around for. we tell you about those in a live report. >> the only place to watch the c.m.a. is right here on abc news. stay tuned for abc7 news at discover the world
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leon: tonight is your first chance to weigh in on a plan to improve 1-mile step of route 7. the first of three public meetings discussing light rail and rapid bus transit options there starts at 7:00 at the alexandria health department building on king street. montgomery county police are investigating the crash that killed a morningr motorcyclists in bethesda. fran kiss pontee jr. died when the motorcycle collided with a bus. alison: the crash came as the safe street campaign hits the full stride. a local effort to keep pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists safe on the
5:26 pm
road. we have a closer look at how the effort going now. brianne: we are following the rules. there is a protective vest, we are walking in a crosswalk. imagine as the daylight hours get less and less there is more dark outside. more hours of darkness than of daylight. a bigger chance for people to become involved in a pedestrian or a bicyclist accident. so an effort to reduce that. >> i was on woodmont and a car came up the sidewalk up the ramp. ran me over. they did not, they didn't see me. brianne: we have seen half a dozen pedestrian involved incidents this week. sunday night a man died after a hit-and-run in fairfax.
5:27 pm
monday evening a 54-year-old man died after he was struck by a car in river dale park. just this morning, three pedestrians were struck in d.c. >> we have a lot of people killed by motor vehicle accidents. pedestrians struck by cars. >> trying to reduce that today, montgomery county police kept a close eye on the roads ticketing the drivers and pedestrians not following the law. >> i got a ticket i would think twice. brianne: majority of people we spoke says everyone needs to keep the head up and slow done. >> don't have the cell phones out while driving or crossing the crosswalk. >> i saw a truck rolling up the road and the guy was checking his phone. it doesn't make any sense. brianne: people need to slow
5:28 pm
down. it's in a street smart campaign launched by regional leaders last beak. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. leon: thank you. go to breaking news. beltway closed. you can barely make it out there. look here as the traffic is getting off. that could be wisconsin avenue. but the word is that it was closed because of motorcade. this is happening at the worst time of the day for folks making their evening commute home. we will let you know what is happening. >> no stranger to motorcade in the d.c. area. for sure. coming up at 5:00, potentially toxic turf. what the environmental protection agency says about the "7 on your side" i-team investigation. leon: plus -- >> you you have it in your heart. leon: a mother fights to do what she feels is right for
5:29 pm
her child. >> the judges are getting cri teagueed by their own citizens. i'm kevin lewis with the story coming up. >> countdown to veterans day. wow. this place is spectacular.
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alison: in a single year, 126 people convicted in domestic
5:32 pm
violence cases in montgomery county. they lost their right to own a gun. that was part of the deal when sentenced. but did judges make that crystal clear? kevin lewis finds out. leon: i thought it couldn't be true. kevin: laurie for the last year she and ten volunteers tracked domestic violence cases this the county. they found the judges overwhelmingly fail told tell the convicted abusers they could no longer own a gun. the judge's failure rate was 99%. >> they did not tell them they were disqualified from having a gun. >> they are calling on judges to provide abusers with written and verbal orders of the maryland gun laws and
5:33 pm
asked them under oath if they possess a firearm. the written note should be available in multiple languages. >> victims have a right to know they are watching out for them. trying to keep guns out of the hands of offenders. >> court watch montgomery will sit in on domestic abuse cases. in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. >> new information on the explosion last year. look at the new photos released by nasa. it was carrying supplies to the national space station on october 28 but after take-off it explode and debris falling in flames all over the launch site. nasa by the way is still investigating the cause of the explosion. take a look at this. massive discovery made by nasa
5:34 pm
telescopes. they found this in a remote part of the universe. this cluster is the biggest structure found at a great distance. >> stars on earth. nasa wants to hear from you. space agency looking for a new batch of astronauts. it made the announcement to explain the application process. it begins december 14. nasa will be taking submissions through february. good luck. now to stars on earth. ready to shine? nashville. alison: red carpet in spill swing. that is where we find kidd o'shea live. see any big stars yet? >> yes. behind us, i'm sorry. old dominion. the number one song in country
5:35 pm
music. they are doing interviews now. it is really hot here. i want to show you what this is about. this is from all over the nation and the world. to wait to be inside a tent as you can see. it's hot and steamy in here. we talk to producers earlier today and we ask you about the big moments to watch for tonight on the c.m.a.'s. one moment is when justin tum berlake will come on stage and do a duet with chris stapleton. justin timberlake from memphis, tennessee. there are rumors that he may put a country music album out. will we see that? there could be a preview. we'll watch to find out. we have more at 6:00. back to you. alison: we look forward to it. thank you now. to what is called an amazing love story with a bitter sweet ending. al and dotty had been married 75 years. last week, al passed away in his sleep at the age of 98.
5:36 pm
the next day the family gathered to plan his funeral. that night, dotty died also in her sleep. >> it's affirmation that it can work if you are devoted to each other. alison: it's hard to lose both of her parents but she knows they are together. leon: this may not sound sensitive but this is from the best part of my heart. if they both died it's not sad. maybe it's what they wanted. alison: you hear it sometimes. they have been married for a long time and day within dys of each other. can't live without each other. leon: wish the family the best. alison: absolutely. still to come at 5:00 --
5:37 pm
>> ahead at 6:00 -- fall-out from the break-away blimp. what the military is now saying about the $2.7 billion jlens program.
5:38 pm
doug: hello. doug hill. may start saturday morning southeast of town with a few showers. clouds and the afternoon sun. 57 degrees on sunday. given ahead to next week. it looks good. sunshine and a brief shower on tuesday. the temperatures will warm. we could spend a record high the temperatures will warm. we could spend a record high of 80 degrees on
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leon: we all know about take our sons and daughters to work day. but what about take a dad to school day? for seven years the prince george county school had that. it's called men make a difference day. it is having a powerful impact on the students there. it makes the school and all the fathers this week's harris' heroes. at rose valley elementary school in prince george's county, students got a special
5:41 pm
welcome as they entered the building. >> dozens of fathers in substitutes, jeans, military uniforms all line the hallways giving students high-fives. part of men make a difference day. headed by a fellow dad. >> a lot of times men get negative publicity. you want to demonstrate to the kids and the community we are here and involved. our kids are the number one priority. >> the dads read books to help out in the classroom. the younger students said they liked the extra attention. >> it's fine when they come. mite other people's dads. >> older students got an important message. >> you should try your best in school. education is everything. >> if you don't stay in school you probably won't get nowhere in life. >> key to success is?
5:42 pm
>> do my best. >> the goal of the message. >> we came together on their behalf. >> the school year tells us they had the biggest turn-out yet. when the children are involved the fathers do better in school and they have the greater motivation to succeed, they get higher self-eskeep and they are less likely to use drugs. that is men making a difference. >> last week the "7 on your side" i-team sounded the alarm between cancer and what you see on the field where your kids play. what the e.p.a. now has to say about the concerns raised across the country. >> no point to put him through ultimate fear for the rest of his life. alison: a mother debate what is to do for a son to respect his wishes and keep him
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
alison: last week the "7 on your side" iteem raced questions about why the federal government hasn't gotten involved in testing material spread on the athletic fields over the
5:46 pm
country. crumb rubber can be found on the field of 50 local high schools. some believe there could be a link to cancer. the item investigator joce sterman is back with reaction to the concerns. joce: we asked the e.p.a. to talk with us about why testing has not been doneth despite all of the concern. they wouldn't talk to us on camera. last night the head of the e.p.a. sat down with espn shedding light on the concerns we raised last week. >> there is no evidence yesterday that is making the links. >> reacting to concerns and the comments follow a "7 on your side" investigation in a link with the throwedded up tires on the -- shredded up tires on the school field all over the area. they have long called for federal testing but it hasn't been done. >> i'm sure that the agency is saying they should require it.
5:47 pm
provide the money for it outside the budget. we are not likely to. >> some wonder whether the e.p.a. hasn't done testing for a reason. a 2008 document up covered by the i-team found the agency was part of a work group that suggested crumb rubber on field to get rid of tire. espn found a list this said chronic exposure could have health hazardses. they cite 50 evidence that show no evidence of harm. >> i have seen nothing. not one piece of evidence it's not safe. >> as we told you last week congress is now demanding answers from the e.p.a. they say they will provide everything they know as they wait for a study in california. >> it doesn't mean we are dismissing the concerns. or we don't feel terrible. but science takes time.
5:48 pm
>> the e.p.a. told "7 on your side" that the work group you heard me talk about was an independent group that the agency was involved with but not an official project. leon: time for a check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan on traffic watch. jamie: big is an understatement. it's bumper to bumper for ten miles. that is traveling on the beltway. the northwest corner in this area we always see congestion. we had the president, the motorcade went through the stretch. so 20 minutes ago there was not a single car on the inner loop of the beltway. that is fascinating to see. now we are back to normal. you have the delays. let's move to the map. we had the earlier issue in d.c. with a pedestrian hit by the bus. now everything on seventh
5:49 pm
street is reopen. istreet to seventh hour. you are seeing that on 295 and the 11 street bridge. switch gears and move to virginia. a live look to show you what we have on the key bridge. leon: a mother in alabama fighting with a middle school about her son's right to die at the school alison: 14-year-old alex hoover has a terminal heart condition. his mother has drawn up legal documents to ensure the teenager is not revived. if he goes into cardiac arrest. but the school officials say they cannot follow that order if alex's hard stops at school. >> to have comfort and dignity and it will be okay for people to hold his hand when he is gone. i will fight.
5:50 pm
alison: so far the teenager has not returned to school. the case is getting a lot of attention on social media. you can weigh in by going to our facebook page. leon: coming new tonight at 6:00 -- >> i'm mike carter-conneen outside union station where today uber drivers reacted to the brutal viral video showing a customer beating his driver in california. we will look at the local law and policy with the uber vehicles. is: all right. first time to get back to breaking news we have been following this afternoon. a major fire in mobile track home. he is there now. what is the latest? >> let me let you see the house where the fire started. this started in the garage area. i talked to the homeowner. a woman, the homeowner was inside and he is told me she heard a noise and came outside and saw her garage on fire.
5:51 pm
it spread down below upstairs. a good portion of the house has been damaged. she was the only one home. no one hurt. her dog was in the garage area. the upper part of the garage. the firefighters had to go in and rescue the dog. they have it undercontrol. the one-alarm blaze. there eyare now. there is thedog. i don't know if you see the dog rescued. she is doing fine. reporting live, horace holmes, abc7 news. leon: all right. scary night. happy dog. alison: it is. made an appearance on tv. leon: good deal. alison: check the weather now. this has been gorgeous, doug. doug: it has been. great days and 70's with the sunshine. but the clouds have come in from the south. that is where we see showers
5:52 pm
now. a rapid change to the weather. we have the rain coming up over virginia. showers, spotty rain. drizzlement to and overnight. the temperatures are mild. 72 in frederick. 70 in manassas. 64 in annapolis. to get through the evening hours and we will deal with the clouds. we still have a chance for scattered aea of light rain. sprinkle, drizzle. fog. the winds are light. 49 to 59. the range of temperatures by morning. tomorrow we will hang on to the possibility of light rain at time through the morning. a break of the sun in the afternoon. 72. friday is a great day. partly sunny. breeze i have. near a record setting high of 80 degrees. cooler in the afternoo out sund. sunday and 57.
5:53 pm
most of next week we are expecting a warming trend. it can be backto 70 dries next week. so tomorrow morning, light rain. the drizzle and the fog could affect thursday morning commute. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" returns after this.
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leon: the temperatures in the 70's, it's hard to believe the holidays are around the corner. but good morning washington team is getting you in if spirit early by giving away $700. they will be doing it every day. you just have to watch for the cue to call. don't miss your chance to win. alison: speaking of being in the spirit you know that is case tonht leon: hopefully winning something. alison: yes. yes get out to robert burton. wizards-spurs tonight. robert: we are looking for the first home win. they lost to the knicks. that was a tough one. let me step out of way. if you look down the court you
5:57 pm
can see the spurs i canrage parker. the big three that you always think about. tim duncan, of course. now there is a fourth in the line-up and his name is lamarcus aldridge. a big addition to the first team. 45 minutes ago we caught up with the wizards star sessions. >> the fans are here for us. we can a tough one against san antonio. tough guy. >> san antonio. a lot of eyes on them this season. there is a fourth guy. lamarcus aldridge. how better are they this year than last year with the addition. >> just saying the names is a lot. they have been around for a
5:58 pm
while. to add another all-star in lamarcus aldridge and leonard coming to his name. they are dangerous on paper. if they put it together it's tough. >> the new offense, to push a fast-break offense. how does it feel to get up down the floor. >> it's your style of basket. >> push the ball up. for me to be a point guard, we love it. we like the up tempo pace. >> you heard the mention of vladimir leonard is part of the offense and the defense. that is it for the wizards. coming up at 6:00 in sports we are talking to jackson. hopefully they will gethim back in time for the patriots. at the phone booth, i'm robert burton, sports. alison: thank you. have a good time out er
5:59 pm
that is it for bc"anews at 5:00". "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. maureen: first at 2:00, new information on the house fire we are following in bowie. horace holmes and the mobile track seven on the scene. what are the firefighters telling you now? >> we are in the cul-de-sac. the fire started in the garage area of the home. spreahe second level. there was a homeowner that i talked to a while ago who told me she was inside. we understand that the dog was upstairs in her room.
6:00 pm
they had to go in and rescue the job. we have a picture of the reunion as they handed the dog to the homeowner or back in family. she is fine. leon: new video is giving a first-hand view of the night that a man caused an accident. the man behind the wheel admitted he did it and pled guilty. maryland bureau chief brad bell was there and the only reporter to speak to the victim's family. >> we have been following the story when an ambulance like this one stopped on the beltway to help a motorist after a crash. the medics smelled alcohol on the man's breath. he refused treatment. he stunned volunteer medics


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