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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  November 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] , this is a breaking news alert. jummy: the breaking news is from alexandria, where our car has caused another part to crash into a hotel. this came into the abc7 newsroom. nobody is seriously hurt, but we have a crew on the way to the scene and we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. , peoplepening right now around the world are taking to the streets as part of mass rallies organized by the global protest group anonymous.
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we are live with the action happening out there. eporter: we have 150 to 200 people, many of them sporting guy fawkes masks. they are carrying signs like .his opposed to torture we caught up with the demonstrators as they marched .hrough d.c. along 15th street they did disrupt traffic briefly. they are here, they are calling for reforming industrial military machine and ending genetically modified food and reforms to the pharmaceutical industry, as well as a consolidation of other causes. they plan to continue the demonstration through d.c. they are taking off right now. not saying where they plan to go. but a number of proposed locations.
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asoughout the afternoon and the demonstration continues, there will be some disruption of traffic in the nation's capital. jummy: thanks for the heads up, stephen. to virginia, where a dramatic scene unfolding in fairfax county is finally over. it started with a traffic stop and led to a police crash and the manhunt for five suspects. sam sweeney has details on how this all in it. sam: the manhunt ended here behind his house at about 10:00 this morning. the suspect was in the woods and fled behind the house and a police k9 picked up his trace. officers flooded the area and within minutes, he surrendered peacefully. the manhunt began after a routine traffic stop around 6:30 this morning. police saw a car speeding on fairfax county parkway when they pulled it over. the driver and 4 passengers fled on foot. for four hours, police searched through the with any birds --
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and neighborhoods. one officer was injured when he crashed his police car. he is ok. a police k9 got a hint here this house and a tract the scent and suspect and took him into custody. soon after, please found what happened to the four other passengers. >> ihedigbo given a ride by someone who it -- i gave a right to someone who was out of gas. i gave them a right to the exxon station. they were there, the prison had a strange feeling about it, but they fled the area. sam: police are questioning the driver. knowsay they still don't why he originally ran and they are not searching for the four other passengers. reporting in fairfax county, sam sweeney, abc7 news. george'slice in prince county say that the person injured in an overnight shooting has died. police were called to the 1400 block of southern avenue just after 3:00 this morning.
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the man was rushed to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. no word on any suspects. time now to take a check of the forecast. your thursday. our chief meteorologist doug hill is here now with what we can expect for the rest of the day. doug: big improvements in the sky conditions. outside the belfort furniture weather center, it is cloudy and a little foggy in the air. 63 degrees down the river at reagan national airport. we will show you how close the sunshine is. just west. you can tell by the big numbers come in the 70's already. our 60's in a d.c. and points east. areas with sunshine, temperatures are starting to climb pretty quickly. let's give you an idea of the forecast. just about everywhere, with partly sunny skies for most of the afternoon and early evening. 71 degrees for the high end gaithersburg and in germantown. should hit 72 in college park.
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73 degrees expected this afternoon in aspen hill, 72 in dale city. we are talking literally just a couple miles west and northwest of metro washington. you can see the motion slowly pushing off to these. if you are in the clouds, give it a little weight here. you can see the sunshine moving in and the temperatures will respond very quickly. meanwhile, we have our eyes on a cold front will to the northwest. i will be up there tomorrow night and into the weekend. saturday witht us showers. tomorrow, ahead of the cold front, we will see a big push of warm air. upper 70's tomorrow and it could tight or break a record. never get caught were you don't know what is happening with the weather or the weather alert. always sign up to get the weather texts. go to jummy: they want to cover metro now. the board of directors is meeting right now as the agency looks for new leadership.
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the good news is just out about the stadium armory station. reporter: we just about every meeting here where wmata officials discussed the lengthy reports, a lengthy one. the meeting started out with good news. all trains will resume service to stadium armory. it was effective because of the transformer fire. but there is still a lot of work to do. the report being discussed iders aredicates that r not happy for the most part. escalator and elevator availability did improve but buses and trains are struggling with constant delays, and reliability is also taking ahead. >> especially the speed delays. sometimes i actually had to turn around and go back home. >> i mean, it has just been delays like a crazy, track work and everything. ride are not holding
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back frustration. rs complaints have gone up 50% the past year. there is still no general manager insight to lead to the transit system in a better direction. jeanette reyes, abc7 news. jummy: from the metro to the roadways, we want to get a check of things out there right now. let's go to jamie sullivan for that. jamie: we are starting with a live look outside cap not too bad. if you are passing the american legion bridge, inner and outer loop in great shape. nice pace, no delays traveling on the beltway through virginia. as we move through the map, let's focus on the construction project. you will see this traveling from college park on the inner loop. if you have to get closer, 26 miles per hour for about a mile stretch, just because of construction. in the district, no issues right now. 295 is moving well. quite ride moving through georgetown.
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getting into arlington, client. 66, a little bit of hesitation making her way through falls church. no accident right now. especially if you have to get out and get to work on time. -- e: now we want jummy: now we want to get to the race for the white house. donald trump's radio as player in the early primary state, and dr. carson's will air mainly in the south the next two weeks. following moree followed over an illinois police officer accused of staging an elaborate suicide. an organization that assists survivors of officers killed in the line of duty is asking the to return its donation. the club presented a family with a check for $15,000. authorities say yesterday that
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he was not shot while pursuing suspects in september. instead, they say he took his fears he would be exposed for taking money from a police youth group that he oversaw. developing now, new concerns over air safety as the investigation into the russian plane crash continues. british and u.s. officials now believe it may have been brought down by a bomb. scott goldberg is in new york with the new developments in this midair mystery. as russian rescue teams wrap up their search for more remains of the crash site, growing concerns over what could have caused the airbus to fall out of the sky over the egypt's sinai peninsula. overnight come in the next lose of interview with abc's bob woodruff, the u.s. secretary of defense agreed with u.k. officials that the plane was more likely than not down by a bomb. secretary carter: that is one possibility, and explosive device. i understand that there are other hypotheses. scott: the comments echoing
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those of other counterterrorism officials. that thereconcluded is a significant possibility that the crash was caused by an explicit device onboard the aircraft -- explosive device on board the aircraft. scott: russia's foreign ministry premature statements and that the u.k. has had to share any evidence that the plane was on. british prime minister david cameron and the egyptian president met face-to-face at 10 downing street. cameron: i think he was right to stop our planes from going and this optimal from returning -- stop people from returning until we have the security in place. scott: thousands of british tourists are stranded, causing others to follow the u.k.'s lead and suspend flights out of the airport. the islamic state government in the sinai is a prime suspect and it has posted a second claim of responsibility.
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scott goldberg, abc news, new york. jummy: coming up, the nationals officially announce their new manager. when he says persuaded him to take the job. from superstar to superhero. the must-see video of serena williams chasing down a thief in san francisco. and a painstaking process all for a good cause. why a group of marines are spending their day standing in plaster. we are tracking rain for your weekend. doug hill has how it could impact your plans.
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about an hour ago,
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the nationals officially presented their new manager. after aned dusty baker botched deal for their first choice. baker was presented with the nationals jersey. recesses family -- he says his family persuaded him to take the job. he says this will be his fourth and final team, by the way. two other sports news now. from tennis start to superhero, serena williams is making headlines after chasing down at the food tried to steal her cell phone. abc news obtained this exclusive video of the incident. williams was dining at a restaurant in san francisco where a man swiped her phone off a chair, and that is when she leapt into action. she thought that was the best approach to avoid any conflict with him, and i just said good job. jummy: serena confronted a man from asking if he took the wrong phone.
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thenhief hesitated, and she said he did because he was so confused in the restaurant. she told her followers "always listen to your superhero inner voice." now to a story that all pet owners need to hear. a virginia woman takes her golden retriever to the groomer and the dog dies. she turned to 7 on your side to share the entire story. investigation, punishment, possible prevention, and the recovery. she says he could not imagine replacing her dog, but this was her reaction when a sympathetic in anotherreeder state heard her story and offered her a new puppy. >> i was walking around the yard and i was lonely. i wanted to cry. but she just hit me at the right time, and i said yes. i would love to have one. jummy: she would also love to see major changes in the pet
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grooming industry. tonight, consumer investigator kimberly suiters has the story all that owners need to see. danger, tonight at 11:00. for now, time to get a check of the forecast this new. we will start clearing out here soon? doug: literally just three miles west of the studio, beginning in fairfax county. the trend will slowly moved to the east from the district, and it will be nice, warm up to the 70's. let's get started with the time lapse. not that you would need proof when i tell you things, but it is good to be back up now. this is safely other great schools in fairfax. -- saint leo the great school in fairfax. blue skies appear and the clouds start to lift out. that is the process that will continue to move from west to east during the next couple of hours. during the metro area, were we have heavy clouds, 73 in northeastern trinidad, aspen
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hill in 63, and dale city at 66 degrees right now, but kmart is up to 74. they have the sunshine. skies will become partly sunny area-wide. we get close to the date, east -- close to the bay, east of the bay, not so sure. 76 degrees in trust and with plenty of sunshine. 70 degrees in virginia beach. we will chase these clouds out of here. you can see that on our comboite and radar showers moving into portions of missouri. on the east coast you can see the big patch of sky's developing. that is the cold front and that is going to roll through here late tomorrow night with showers . there is indications in might drag its feet moving through saturday morning and afternoon. there could be a threat of showers in parts of the area over the weekend, the start of it anyway. by 5:00, should be a lot of sunshine.
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some clouds hang stubbornly over the bay in southern maryland. partly sunny through the day tomorrow just the through the day tomorrow, southwesterly winds developing ahead of the cold front and we will see highs in the upper 70's. the record highs 78 and we could break that number. get into the overnight and saturday and it looks and there will be more showers around. sunday, by the way, still looking great. as far as the numbers, for tomorrow, upper 70's to about 80. --tly cloudy, greed breezy breezy. lingering showers on saturday. clearing later today, 63. sunny and breezy, 57 degrees on sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures will slowly start to climb up. even this afternoon, a dramatic improvement over what we have in the moment. much prettier tomorrow. jummy: 80 degrees! it will be nice, doug. a new endurance test for several marines. a brand-new exhibit is being
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for the national museum of the marine corps, and it requires the servicemen to be coded in plaster. john gonzalez looks at this unique tribute. >> everything is starting to go numb now. all good. isn: one limited time, it smeared on in globs, creating a lifelike marine figured using a real-life marine. >> we will do his torso, his will cap eventually we slid his entire head. john: you could call it a casting call. local marines have stepped cast moldinave made of themselves in honor of service members who fought in vietnam. it will be used for a new exhibit at the national museum of the marine corps in quantico. >> what we are doing in this scene is several marines jumping out of a helicopter during vietnam in the 1965 era. john: the process is messy and uncomfortable but the results on
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credible. everything has to be perfect. for this sergeant, it means standing in this pose for hours. >> sergeant upshaw will be immortalized in the national museum of the marine corps for as long as it is there, and he will be part of what is called the tableau. john: seven marines and one navy corpsmen fall injured to pose for the exhibit that opens in late march. molding is sod detailed you can see the wrinkles on the forehead. on this marine's torso, you can see his semper fi tattoo. using modern technology, the statues will become part of history, remember and heroes of the past. >> i'm very honored to be part of this awesome expense. jummy: wow, so cool. " abc 7 news at noon," the red carpet moment
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jummy: it was a night of big surprises at the 48th annual country music awards. a look at some of the big wins and the behind the scenes moments. that's right, last night, right behind us, the 49th annual country music awards were held at the bridgestone arena, and it was an incredible show. what makes the cma's country's biggest night? ofis a little bit everything, from the stars, to the jokes, and of course, the music. timberlake traded decent dance moves for guitar and toetapping. pop and country music crossed and it was epic.
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couple sean and caitlin call national home and i had to ask, how is the engagement going? >> is fun. reporter: kellie pickler was one of the best dressed. >> let it out, take the duct tape and crisco and wash it off. artists: from upcoming to classic artists, they came together and are all what makes this country's biggest night in music. this is the exact spot we were standing last night went theybody was coming out of bridgestone arena after the show. we asked them, what was your favorite moment, and time after time after time, people said justin timberlake and chris stapleton, the big moment from last night at the 40 night annual cma awards. now they are getting ready for the bi
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jummy: here is a live look at that breaking news from alexandria. a car crash caused another card to crash into the hotel. we will have reports coming up on newschannel 8. for now, one last check of the forecast. doug: still cloudy, but anytime now we will see some sunshine. forecast becoming probably sunny and warm. we could reach a record high of 78 and we will have more on the
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>> welcome to bachelor fan favorites week. today we're playing for charity with the help of some familiar faces from my other shows, "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette." will one of them be that special someone who wins a million dollars? let's find out right now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] very good. got a special day. our bachelor fan favorite today is playing in honor of someone close to her heart and is hoping to win big money to donate to the chris4life colon cancer foundation. from salt lake city, utah, please welcome my good friend michelle money. [cheers anand applause] >> hi. >> hello, my dear. >> how are you? this is fun, huh? >> we'll see. >> fun little gig.


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