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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 6, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EST

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world. >> the obama administration is reviewing a number of different steps that we can taking to enhance security for commercial flights bound for the united states from certain foreign airports. >> reporter: if it turns out it was a bomb, an isis affiliate in the sinai is a prime suspect. they've posted for a second time that they are responsible. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. all right. our thanks to stephanie. back here in this country, now to the extreme weather in north texas, a tornado in fort worth tore a decorative roof covering a bank building end is standing it crashing on to vehicles on the grounds below. the actual roof wasn't damaged and there were no injuries. further to the north you see the lightning strikes. a snowstorm not only made drive agadventure but knocked down trees and ultimate poles. some minor damage to buildings also reported. this powerful storm system is heading to the southeast today.
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here's the latest from justin povick. good morning. >> reena and kendis, thanks and good morning to you. yesterday, we were tracking flooding and severe weather in the south plains. i think later on today, slowly this front will shift gears and head into the deep south and also the tennessee valley. not as much severe weather but still heavy rain and also thundery downpours. a lot of foug continuing in the northeast. and then some major heat kicking on later on in the day. reena and kendis, ba can over to you into thank you so much. the dungeness crab season is it california delayed because of that toxic contamination. experts saying eating the crabs could live to contamination. >> okay, so have you starred on your holiday cards as yet in the postal service says itpects to handle 15.5 billion mes of mail this season.
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>> come on, really? you've doneour holiday christmas cards before thanksgiving? >> who does cards anymore? that includes cards and packages. we should point that out. 30,000 seasonal workers are being hired to help out. >> i feel better you're including packages, too. >> i've got to work on my crist card. it may have looked like black friday at the h & m store in san francisco because of what was on sale. customers lined up outside just to buy items from designer pierre air balmond. groups of shoppers were let in for 15 minutes to grab arm loads of clothing and accessories. most of it is already on ebay steeply marked up. our floor director knowle. >> i don't know who that is. >> he knows. you were on ebay overnight. we have a story like this every now and again. a woman goes to the hospital having abdominal pain and thinks she's having an intestinal issue. >> surprise judy brown you're
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pregnant. she and her husband have jason have a new daughter named carolyn wa weighing eight pounds two ounces and measuring over 20 inches. >> she is the couple's first child. they've been married 22 years. >> wow. >> she said during her pregnancy she never suffered morning sickness and attributed weight gain to simply growing older. >> wow. >> oh. >> i don't know how that happens. >> yeah. they live in massachusetts and are going to bring her home today apparently. >> congratulations to them. >> i did have a stomach ache and i asked donna to does my hair for' tums but i'm okay. >> you're not expecting. > we'll see seven months from now. >> coming up, reviews for two anticipated movies opening today. the peanuts film and the new james bond story. stay tuned. >> also ahead a consumer alert about brand-new credit cards. those security chips build in supposed to protect you but are they. >> a cam mus attackner california.
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and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. chicago blackhawks star patrick kaine will not be prosecuted in connected with an alleged incident involving a woman over the summer. kaine has always maintained his innocence. prosecutors refused to move forward with the case citing a lack of evidence. they said kaine's accuser's story was full of reasonable doubt. and we're learning new details this morning about that knife attack on the campus of the university of california at merced. >> police identified the student who they say went on a rampage stabbing four people before being killed by campus police. brandi hitt has the latest.
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>> reporter: investigators now say 18-year-old faisal muhammad's stabbing spree could have been much worse. >> he had a pretty elaborate idea of what he wanted to do. >> that's based on what authorities say they found inside his backpack seen her next to the freshman where he was shot and killed by police. inside zip thailand cuffs, a night vision scope, safety hammer, two rolls of duct tape and two bas of petroleum jelly. >> the fortunate part his plan went hay wire because people fought back. >> they say he first burst into this building wednesday morning arched with a large knife and stabbed a student. that's when a construction worker rushed in to stop him. >> where did your son get stabbed. >> right at his belt line right here in front. not too far from the femoral artery. >> investigators say muhammad also targeted a second student and staff member before being taken down. his dorm roommate says he kept to himself. >> didn't talk much.
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and i mefr saw him walk with anybody. >> officers were seen rushing into their dorm wednesday guns drawnect collecting evidence and believe mohammed acted alone. we have no reason to believe that this was in any way related to terrorism. >>. >> reporter: classes will resume today and all four victims are expected to make a full recovery, reen ma and kendis. >> brandi, thank you so much. >> we should point out the students say he was angry at being angry at being kicked out of a stud group. >> apparently the group was for the class that he attacked. >> very fortunate. so many people on that campus surprised that this happened there. coming up, what what's in your wallet that can make you even more vulnerable to identity thieves. >> those smart chips on credit cards are making it easier for thieves to steal your information. you're watching "world news now." >>
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with credit card fraud exploding, american banks are catching up with european card issuers and installing those smart chips on credit cards. >> they're supposed to make them harder to clone but also making it easier for thieves to steal your information.
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here's abc's linzie janis. >> he's best known for his role on abc's shark tank. >> i'm going to make au offer. >> but robert built his empire as a cybersecurity expert. >> we help very big companies keep them safe and secure online. >> a behind the scenes look at his group in toronto where his staff after works around the clock to protect major companies from cyberattack. >> there's a map of the world and those little lines are brand-new breaches happening right now in realtime. >> reporter: and one of the biggest breaches for consumers, credit card fraud. he says those new smart chips on credit cards are an added layer of security. but you still need to be careful. >> thank you. >> reporter: watch as he shows us just how easy it is to walk up behind someone and quickly wipe their credit card number. >> i just stole your credit card that very smooth.
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>> watch again. here's what he did. by using free software on his phone, he stole the financial information from my smart chip credit card in a matter of seconds while it's still in my wallet. the same problem we showed you a year ago and it hasn't changed. but he says there's an easy way to prevent this with rfid blocking wallets like these. >> in our e field technology makes your information invisible to hackers. >> or you can use an rfid block card. he invested in one on "shark tank." >> done. >> i love it. >> you you the this next to your credit cards, it blocks the rfid signal from the credit card. >> try to steal from me now. >> aha. >> not working. >> but the electronic payments coalition tells us even though someone might be able to get your credit card none, customers have zero liability when it comes to fraudulent charges. and they say chip cards make it nearly impossible to create fake
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cards and new verification technology protects against online fraud. and to be extra safe, her show veeck says stick to using one credit card for online purchases. >> i have a credit card that has a low dollar amount i use online. >> a card with a low limit. that way you can quickly identify fraudulent charges. >> i mean. >> solid advice from a shark to help all of us navigate the scary waters of fraud. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> i never thought about having a lower limit card. >> there's no such thing in your book. that's absolutely fascinating how easy it is. and so many of us have moved to those chip cards or required to. 50% of americans have them now. who knows, it's that easy. >> another tip is to put all the chip cards together because it can block it, as well we're told. >> and a lower limit would help. >> coming up a reunion of old friends this weekend at the box
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♪ >> okay so it's movie time insomniacs. this week old friends are returning. >> first film sees charles schulz beloved peanuts on the silver screen for the first time. lucy, linus, snoopy and charlie brown all there in 3-d. the technology may be new but the story classic. charlie browns for the little red haired girl who has moved to the neighborhood. while he chases her, snoopy takes to the sky to fight the red baron. ♪ ♪
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>> very cute. >> critics say schultz himself would have been happy with the film with josh bell of las vegas weekly saying it's a bit like watching the peanuts greatest hits and luke thompson of the robot's voice makes a point in saying the film is as big a winner as charlie brown isn't. >> that's great. >> hard to believe it's been so many years and this is the first film. next, bond, james bond making his highly anticipated return in "spectre" with daniel craig returning for what could be his final turn as 007. after infiltrating a secret criminal meeting, bond learns about the existence of an organization called specter. while he tries to ean rad indicate the group he uncovers a frightening connection between himself and the head of specter
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madeply christoph waltz. >> you must know by now that the 00 program is officially dead. which leads me to speculate exactly why you came. >> so james, why did you come? >> critics seem to like it. richard roeper calls it a public beautifully photographed action packsed internationalfullier and robert carnivale of indy london says there's a thrilling entry that combines the best of bond movies old and new. >> wow, two really good movies i would go see. >> and after a lousy weekend at the box office of last week, it's good to see these movies. >> it's not a netflix weekend. is that what you're saying. > exactly. >> that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," growing fears of an isis bomb bringing down a jet liner. >> the latest intelligence on the plane that crashed in egypt and the changes expected in american airports. today's big announcement. >> political decision. the stage is set for next week's republican debate. who is front and center and who did not make the cut and ancan ben carson get past his latest controversial comments. november tornado. the dangerous storm system impacting millions and the warnings expected today. the latest track from accuweather. and later surveillance video shows tennis superstar serena williams going after someone who took her smartphone but was this a smart move? it is friday, november 6th. from abc news,


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