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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  November 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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jummy: that breaking news happening now in montgomery county. police are investigating a homicide. a woman's body was found in a dumpster in takoma park this morning. brad bell is live on the scene. very active crime scene right now. pen thethe dumpster woman was found inside.
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take a look to the left. takoma park police officers are searching this area. there's evergreens growing. searching for any clue that could possibly help them solve this crime. the body was discovered at 7:30 this morning. a janitor taking out the trash made that discovery. all we know about her is that she is a hispanic woman middle-aged and there were obvious signs of trauma. this is being investigated as a homicide. i had an opportunity to talk to some of the people in this complex. one woman told us she is absolutely horrified by what happened here. unsafe and ivery feel for my coworkers and i hope that they find whoever did this to this girl. see this is can still very early in the
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investigation. the perimeter is still up. the victim is still here. the police chief says he has no idea what went on other than he does not believe that this was a random act. jummy: thank you. stay with us for updates on this. we've got you covered on air and at you can also sign up for breaking news text alerts. we are tracking a pretty wet weather system. rain is moving through the area today. let's head over to chief meteorologist doug hill. doug: it's in the process of moving out of the area. it is cloudy and misty. most of it is to the west and northwest of washington.
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not sure we are to see any sunshine. it is definitely moving to the northeast and northwest. there is some clearing and parts of the valleys west of washington. at least the skies will bring. we had almost two inches in southern maryland. we will call it cloudy skies. the rain will end it will stay damp and cool. 57 for a high temperature. 58 germantown and gaithersburg. 61 for most of the district. out is the system moving and clearing skies moving in. sunshineave a lot of and temperatures recovering into the mid-60's. we are working to find
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out if the wet weather played a role in a crash involving a school bus in frederick this morning. the bus slammed into a utility pole on urbana pike and new technology way and it brought down live wires. three people were. john gonzales has the latest from the scene. distractions -- disruptions here on urbana pike after this two vehicle crash involving a school bus. you can see the mess that was left behind. power lines dangling. a power pole cracked in half. that school bus was not carrying any children at the time. three people were injured. minor injuries we understand. the disruption is causing a lot of problems. only one lane is getting by. these office buildings over
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here, the people that work here are essentially blocked in. they can't leave until all of this gets fixed. you can see the power lines and this entire stretch of urbana park is in the dark. this includes a number of businesses. they are working to correct the situation here. jummy: d.c. police are searching for two suspect in a crime that is almost too bizarre to believe. two women caught on camera sexually assaulting a man by twerking on him. jeannette reyes has more. jeannette: is the kind of thing you would expect to see at a nightclub on a friday night. for unwanted twerking it happened here at a shell gas station off of new york avenue northeast. the surveillance video of the tawdry to some is sparking major
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discussions today and getting reactions of disbelief. >> that's crazy. a look fortake yourself. the man is on his phone when out of nowhere and seemingly unprovoked the first woman starts to twerk on him. >> i just would move out of the way. jeannette: the gentleman calmly steps away but then the woman in the red minidress walks over and starts to grow kim. touching his face, shoulder, chest. the man patiently walks away again. she even hugs him and lays her head on his shoulder. finally putting her face in his. >> regardless of who they are i think he has a right to be upset about it. jeannette: never once does he push or aggressively react toward the women but it's obvious he wants none of it. police say this is no laughing matter. of people we talked to agree. >> gender doesn't matter. they still don't know him. >> it still harassment. jeannette: the women are still
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on the loose end facing third-degree sexual abuse charges. this all happened about a month ago. no word on why police released this video weeks later. also in the district, police are trying to figure out what led to a pedestrian accident that sentiment to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. investigators say the man was struck by a car in southeast. the driver stayed on scene. some wet roadways are greeting you this new and. let's head over to jamie sullivan. jamie: we are starting off with a lot of wet spots. make sure you turn those headlights on. we are mostly in the green. heading in on 50, doing well. same thing on the baltimore-washington parkway.
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so far so good on the freeway in d.c. 31 miles per hour on the third street tunnel. 66 and 395 are in pretty good shape. solid red line. the interleukin and the outer loop in the teens -- the inner the and the outer loop in teens. we have this slowing continuing closer towards colesville road. we have a disabled vehicle on the outer loop. that's really not affecting traffic. factor,ay is a especially on those side roads. that is a look at traffic. jummy: thank you. we are just a few hours away from the fourth gop presidential
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debate. this time a smaller group of republicans will take the main stage in milwaukee. there are some controversies carrying over from last week. wisconsin.n is in it has been a wild couple of weeks on the campaign trail for the republicans. after the last debate, plenty of campaigning -- complaining by the candidates about not only the format of the debates but the questions. they didn't like the tone from the moderators. expect some changes tonight. for example, only four candidates in the warm-up act. and on the main stage for the two-hour debate there will be a candidate instead of 10. which a spokesperson for the rnc says will lend to more substantive meaningful theersations between candidates. in theory giving them 15 minutes each. we have also seen a little bit
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of movement in the polls. we will have those latest numbers for you coming up in the evening newscast. i'm scott thuman. jummy: we will be live tonight from milwaukee with everything you need to know about those debates. now we go to capitol hill. presidential candidate bernie sanders is joining workers in a strike near the u.s. capitol. low-wage senate cooks and cleaners work for compass group restaurant associates. this is a look at the protest that happened in a person at park. sanders is urging the organization ceo to pay employees at least $15 an hour and allow them to form a union. a protest is part of a larger protest by fast food workers in 270 cities nationwide. workers walked off a job this morning in a bid to leverage their crusade for $15 an hour wage.
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all of the top democratic presidential candidates support a higher minimum wage but most of the republican contenders oppose it, saying it will probably hurt job growth. now to university of missouri. employees are under fire following the resignation of the school president. shows aeo on youtube communication professor and assistant director of greek life blocking a student journalist from covering a protest. the school football team will practice today for the first time since players demanded that president tim wolfe resign. he quit amid protests of how he handled incidence of racism on campus. a person of interest is in custody in the shooting of a judge in texas state. authorities say the man was arrested on an unrelated warrant in houston but has a connection to a judge who was shot and wounded in the driveway of her home in austin last week. she is still recovering at the hospital. noong up on abc 7 news at
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a major doping scandal at the olympics. the response from russian officials and what it could mean for the country's future in those games. and cold weather worries. preparing for another intense winter. getting ready for a common problem when that mercury dips. we are dodging showers this week. your best day to get outsidis coming up in the full forecast.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at noon. on your side. jummy: a stunning report rocking
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the athletic world. charge of agency in keeping sports free of performance-enhancing drugs has accused russia of engaging in a vast systematic state-sponsored doping program. the report says the 2012 games in london were sabotaged by athletes who should not have been competing. it also claims that doping was condoned by the russian government and covered up a secret agents. russian president vladimir putin's spokesman said the accusations are unfounded. biggestis one of the scandals to rock international sport in quite some time. >> it's worse than we thought. actually affecting the results on the field of play. jummy: interpol is now involved in the investigation. the report raises the possibility that russia could be banned from competing in the 2016 games next summer in rio. the mayor of boston has signed a ban on replica guns in public areas. this ordinance allows police to seize fake guns that look like
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the real ones. the mayor says he and others are concerned officers could shoot someone holding a replica not realizing it's a toy. police must also notify a parent if a juvenile is caught with a replica gun. george washington university student government officials want to revoke bill cosby's honorary degree. the university announced it would not revoke his honorary degree. now the group believes the degree should be rescinded as an act of solidarity with survivors of sexual assault on that college campus and around the world. this winter is expected to be another intense one here in the d.c. region. cold temperatures can be a big problem for water main breaks. brianne carter shows us what goes into making all those tough repairs. thanrning off the valve patching the pipe with a stainless steel clamp is just some of the work that goes into repairing a broken water main. got a look at what
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goes into fixing a burst pipe as the agency prepares for the temperatures to drop and the number of water main breaks to go up. has more than 5600 miles of water mains in montgomery and pg county. a third of which are more than 50 years old. the agency is aggressively working to replace old pipes and preparing knowing there are still going to have to contend with gushing water this winter. colding infrastructure and weather is a recipe for water main breaks and it's going to happen. between 400eeing and 600 water main breaks. >> in addition to monitoring the pipes, another thing wssc keeps a close eye on is this. the potomac river. they say they watch the water temperature. once it lowers to the mid 30's, that is when they know that cold water going into the pipes really shocked the system and they prepare for any breaks. they are also asking you to prepare.
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a bottle of water isn't enough. they say you need to make sure you have two gallons of water per person per day in case there are any breaks. i'm brianne carter. jummy: always important. doug: winter is coming sooner or later. in the meantime, temperatures warm up tomorrow. sunshine is coming back after the rain. we will go southwest to woodbridge. you don't see a lot of changes in the sky. the low clouds continue. a little mist and drizzle. a steady rain has moved out of the area. skies will brighten. arlington got over an inch of rain since last night. temperatures holding in the
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50's. the cool spot is 50 degrees in purcellville.ersona clear to starting to the south and west. a little promise of sunshine later on. light rain extends from front royal to hagerstown. that will continue to list off to the northeast -- liftoff to the northeast. skies some clearing moving in slowly. we are clear tonight with a change in the wind direction.
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that will bring drier air and milder temperatures tomorrow. a nice day in the 60's with sunshine. midday showers thursday. we cool off and clear out in time for the weekend. lots of sunshine for veterans day. highs about 65 degrees. the chance of rain continues today in spots. that will diminish tonight. clearing skies tomorrow. another chance on thursday. it will still be mild at 63 degrees. breezy and clearing friday. the weekend looks terrific. another warm-up will begin on monday. jummy: thank you. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, a health matter alert. a predictor to early dementia and the one thing that can help keep it at bay. advertising may b
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jummy: a sad update. the terminally ill star wars fan who saw the new early -- the new movie early has died. battlingeetwood was cancer. his story went viral after disney fulfilled his dying wish to see star wars episode seven before it's december release date. that which was granted just last week. now to a health matters report. a new study finding a change in one sense of humor could be a precursor to dementia. in the years before people were diagnosed, people would often
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laugh at inappropriate times and display impulsive behaviors that were out of character. there is new hope to tell you about. a new study finding one to three glasses of champagne a week can actually prevent dementia and alzheimer's disease. reading university researchers say a compound found in black grapes used to make a bottle of bubbly can present the onset of brain diseases. the subject -- the study was based on rats. the next step is to test people. new research finds parents are being tricked into thinking junk food is actually healthy. researchers at dartmouth looked at 51 product intended for children. they found half are primarily advertised to their parents. many of those stacks advertised do not meet federal standards for healthy snacks .
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jummy: the rain is starting to clear out. doug: low 60's in most spots. better. looks much lots of sunshine and highs expected near 65 degrees. jummy: sounds good. thank you for joining us.
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