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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 11, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," looking for republican leadership. >> after a two-hour debate on economic issues the republican presidential hopefuls take aim at each other and hillary clinton. did any of the candidates come out ahead? we're live in milwaukee with insight. deadly crash. the jet that slammed into an apartment building, shaking an entire neighborhood. the search for answers in the burning wreckage. extreme weather. the powerful storm that brought snow and downpours to california. it's intensifying as it moves to the middle of the country. the warnings from accuweather. and later, war hero. the veteran nearly killed in afghanistan, overcoming so much to get ready for the paralympics. her amazing journey on this veterans day, wednesday november 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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and we do say good morning to you, everyone. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. we begin with the latest gop showdown. the candidates clashing on hot-button issues like immigration while finding common ground against, of course, hillary clinton. >> and this time the debate playing out on the stage in milwaukee, wisconsin, it was heavy on substance. a lot of people were saying. and it focused on the economy primarily. it's "your voice your vote." and abc's erin kaersky begins our coverage. >> reporter: republicans have differed on style. this debate showed sharp differences on substance. particularly immigration. >> we know you can't pick them up and ship them across -- back across the border. >> i don't have to hear from this man. believe me. >> reporter: john kasich mocked donald trump's signature plan to remove 11 million undocumented immigrants. and jeb bush piled on. >> they're doing high fives in the clinton campaign right now when they hear this. >> reporter: bush tried to steady his campaign.
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so did ben carson, after days of questions about his biography. >> people who know me know that i'm an honest person. >> reporter: as front-runners carson and trump were center stage, ted cruz tried to break through. >> there are more words in the irs code than there are in the bible. and not a one of them is as good. >> reporter: carly fiorina also tried to assert herself. >> ronald reagan didn't send troops -- >> ronald reagan walked away from reykjavik. he walked away. he quit talk -- >> reporter: drawing this rebuke from trump. >> why don't you keep interrupting everybody? >> reporter: overall, though, trump was more subdued here than he has been on the stump. when rivals attacked, he mainly held his fire. aaron katersky, abc news, milwaukee. >> and our coverage of the debate continues right now live in milwaukee with abc deputy political director shoshana walsh, joining us. >> morning to you, shush. let's get started with that clash over immigration, especially donald trump's plan to deport millions of people.
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let's listen to that sound bite. >> frankly, we have to stop illegal immigration. it's hurting us economically. it's hurting us from every standpoint. it's causing tremendous difficulty with respect to drugs. >> but if people think that we are going to ship 11 million peopleho are law-abiding, who are in this country and somehow pick them up at their house and ship them out of mexico -- to mexico, think about the families. think about the children. >> this got a lot of people buzzing. >> this was a really interesting exchange. yeah, it was a really interesting exchange and an important one. why? because donald trump, he's been talking about this since the beginning of his campaign and he really does play to his base and to republican primary voters. but with jeb bush and john kasich, no, that will not play in a general election. >> and shush, we know that ben carson has faced some intense scrutiny over his questionable stories about a violent past and he was asked if he supports that sort of vetting of candidates.
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take a look. >> the fact of the matter is, you know, what we -- we should vet all candidates. i have no problem with being vetted. what i do have a problem with is being lied about. and then putting that out there as truth. >> so we've seen a new ben carson on the stump. really more fired up now. you might compare him to other candidates like donald trump and others and say, well, that's not fired up. but for ben carson this is. but we're going to see this again and again. of course scrutiny will continue. he's a front-runner. there's going to be continued questions about his background. so we can expect what he said tonight, we can hear it on the campaign trail too. >> and shush, the buzz on social media, the number one moment for facebook users was really an intense exchange over defense spending. let's take a listen. >> i know that rand is a committed isolationist.. i'm not. i believe the world is a stronger and a better place when the united states is the strongest military power in the
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world. >> marco. marco. how is it conservative -- how is it conservative to add a trillion-dollar expenditure for the federal government that you're not paying for -- >> are you talk about the military? >> you cannot be a conservative if you're going to keep promoting new programs that you're not going to pay for. >> let me respond. >> so we haven't really seen a moment like this from rand paul in previous debates. right? we've been talking about other candidates this whole time. but really, rand paul, this was a moment for him. whether people disagree with him or agree with him, it was not only the most facebooked moment of the debate, but men on facebook were talking the most about rand paul. >> teresting. rand paul getting some love there online. this was -- a lot of people saying this was a make or break debate for jeb bush. and the question many people are walking away with, did he help his campaign and were there any real winners or losers? >> so beforehand in every other debate i've come on and we've
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talked about who won, who lost. but i really -- >> yeah. there are many people wondering who won and who lost and some people, some of the pundits i've heard have said they thought jeb bush did kind of help himself. >> sorry about that, kendis. but yeah. we've always been talking about who won, who lost, and really tonight it's almost status quo. we don't have another debate for another month, and i don't really see a lot of big losers out of tonight. jeb bush held his own as did the other candidates. >> eventually it's going to have to be narrowed down, though, shush. >> it was an interesting fourth debate. >> yes. we can't have this many people on the stage. that's for sure. >> abc's shushannah walshe joining us live from milwaukee. we appreciate your coverage tonight. and we do encourage you to look for more coverage of the republican debate in our next half hour. we'll take you back live to milwaukee again for more insight on all of this. our other developing story this morning, the investigation of a deadly jet crash in akron, ohio. the small plane crashed into a
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home, burst into flames. the owner of the plane that went down says there were nine people on board. authorities have only said that there were at least two deaths and that they don't expect any survivors. there were no injuries involving those on the ground. the impact so severe residents several blocks away said their furniture shook. >> all of a sudden this plane just dropped out of the sky. >> and it just blew up. and it just sounded like gunfire going off. >> sources tell us it appears the plane had a mechanical problem. federal investigators are on the scene. they expect to recover the bodies of the victims today while collecting evidence. three men have been charged in what prosecutors call the single largest theft of customer data from a u.s. financial institution ever. they say the men stole data such as names, addresses, e-mails, and phone numbers of more than 83 million customers of jpmorganchase. other institutions were also hacked. they are then accused of using that information to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal profits.
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>> the conduct alleged in this case showcases a brave new world of hacking for profit. it is no lonr hacking for a quick payout. rather it is hacking in support of a diversified criminal conglomerate. >> two of the men are being held in israel. the oth is a u.s. citizen believed to be living in moscow. the u.s. is now seeking their extradition. the storm that brought winter conditions to yosemite national park now headed to denver. the park blanketed with three to six inches of snow, the first snowfall this season. it means that the badger pass ski area should open as scheduled a month from today. rangers could open the ice rink next week. and downpours also fell on northern california. traffic was snarled. and there were quite a few fender-benders and spinouts. this storm intensifying, posing a threat to millions of the middle of the country. here's justin povick at accuweather. good good morning.
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>> reena and kendis, thank you. good morning foup it's going to be an active day over the central plains and not in a good way as we have a strong low pressure system ride to the north and east. we'll have cold air meshing with warm and humid air and that's going toyingnight dangerous severe thunderstorms capable of damaging winds, large hail, and tornadoes. at the same time concerning as well, snowstorm conditions, blizzard conditions east of denver. reena and kendis, back to you. >> our thanks to justin there. it is the end of an era of sorts in seattle. so sad here. the famous gum wall is coming down. >> workers yesterday started steaming away an estimated 1 million pieces of gum that had been stuck on the wall for over 20 years. it's going to take a couple more days to complete the job. they're using super hot steam instead of pressure washing the wall in order to conservative the bricks. >> yeah, the gum wall is near seattle's pike place market. residents, visitors, and everyone else will be allowed to start putting gum back on the
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wall when the cleaning is done. >> so what is this, trident? dentyne? >> wrigley. all of those. >> so if it doesn't stick to the wall, it doesn't stick to your dental work. >> exactly. i'm sure there are a few dentures out there as well. that would be grease. but there was a study that actually said it is the second jeremiest tourist attraction in the world. >> i bleeb that. >> more so than the subways of -- the sewers of paris. >> that says a lot, kendis. >> that is just gross and disgusting. >> good investigative journalism. >> thank you. not hands on. but coming up, in the mix, the delivery room selfie going viral. the new dad who has some 'splaining to do. >> boy, does he. also ahead the war hero who survived near-fatal injuries in afghanistan. her remarkable journey into athletics and inspiration on this veterans day. and worldwide outrage over russian athletes in the middle of a doping scandal. will u.s. athletes be awarded the medals they deserve? and tell us what you think. we always like to hear. go to facebook.
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dare to feel more with new k-y love. fast food workers took to the streets to demand higher wages, particularly a $15 an hour minimum wage. organizers are calling the protests fight for 15. the demonstrations in chicago snarled rush hour traffic in many cities. the protests were centered
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around mcdonald's restaurants. and in washington the workers got support from democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders. daily fantasy sports sites have been thrown for a loss in new york, sacked by the state attorney general. he ordered the two biggest companies, draft kings and fan duel, to stop accepting bets from new york residents. he said their games are illegal, gambling. the tradition fantasy spor sites on the other hand rely on months of smart play and long-term strategy. russian president vladimir putin is meeting today with his country's senior athletic officials as they try to contain the fallout of new doping allegations. >> those allegations include damaging claims by investigators who say russian athletes illegally benefited from doping at the expense of americans and others. abc's matt gutman with the details. >> reporter: when two russian runners blazed past her in the women's 800 meters in the 2012 olympics in london -- >> she's going to win by a huge margin. >> reporter: -- alicia montano knew something was wrong. >> you knew they were doping during the olympics. >> i was aware that it was a
3:16 am
very, very, very, very high possibility. >> reporter: now that scathing report from the world anti-doping agency accusing the russians of widespread state-sponsored doping. even a cover-up by russian secret agents. the international olympic committee calling for disciplinary proceedings against all athletes, coaches, and officials named in the report. the u.s. medal count could be upgraded by 11 medals if the russians are stripped of theirs. >> have you ever doped? >> absolutely not. >> never taken anything? >> never. i won't even take an ace prspir. >> reporter: remember that 800-meter race? montano could be awarded that bronze medal. and something far more precious. >> you know, in 2012 my grandma was here. she's not here anymore. she'll never see that vindication. >> reporter: but montano might. she's training for the 2016 games. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> so devastating for these athletes who really just had that one moment and no matter
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what happens you can never get that back. it's a good point. >> exactly. her grandmother never got to see her win a medal. even if she gets it now. >> right. coming up, standing up for our heroes. the incredible comeback story of one veteran who was told she'd never walk again. how she not only got back on her feet but onto the slopes and traversing an entire country. >> incredible story. and ahead in our next half hour, swipe right for an organ. how a patient in desperate need of a kidney found one through the popular dating app tinder. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ okay. on this veterans day an incredible story about a young woman who nearly died in afghanistan and went on to become a champion snowboarder.
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>> her spirit and refusal to give up -- give in, serving as a powerful reminder of everything our veterans sacrifice for the good of the nation. we're up all nightline with abc's bob woodruff. >> reporter: united states marine corps veteran kirstie ennis is on a new mission. she's trekking 1,000 miles across britain along with five other vets to honor the sacrifice of fellow vets who can't walk with them anymore. they're placing dog tags with their names along the route. >> i lost 25 brothers. whether they were killed in action or they came home and they lost their fight to ptsd. >> reporter: kirstie nearly lost her own life in june of 2012. she was serving as an aerial gunner in afghanistan when her helicopter went down. >> the first six months after i got hurt my life fell apart and it was falling apart in front of me. i had no job. i had no teeth. i couldn't communicate to my family. i couldn't even identify who my family really was. >> reporter: the crash left her with a shattered jaw, a broken
3:20 am
leg, damage to her spine, burns, a hearing impairment, and traumatic brain injury. doctors told her she would never but she did more than walk. after 38 surgeries to repair her body it was healing power of snowboarding that gave her life new meaning. >> you had never gone snowboarding before you were wounded and now in the world of paralympics you're number 5 in the world in terms of snowboarding? >> correct. yeah. i'm ranked fifth internationally for women's paralympic bordercross. >> reporter: she is on tck to compete in the 2018 paralympics. >> yes, i am considered disabled. i am classified as a disabled person. i'm handicapped. but if i can go and i can do something like this that i couldn't do before, i mean, that gives you the power and the strength to try to want to overcome anything at that point. >> reporter: but tirs kee still has another trial to overcome. when she finishes her trip doctors will amputate the lower leg that causes her so much pain. despite her physical and
3:21 am
emotional scars, she still has a smile on her face and determination to finish the journey that has given her a new purpose. kirstie makes her way to london, the last stretch of her trip. presenting her final dog tag to prince harry, remembering another marine who didn't survive when his helicopter went down. >> please welcome, ladies and gentlemen, sergeant kirstie ennis. >> reporter: at the stand up for heroes event in new york kirstie is recognized for her bravery and sharing her message of hope and strength this veterans day. >> like everyone else in the front rows tonight, i do not want anyone's pity. we want people to push and challenge us to be better in order to grasp a new sense of purpose and direction. >> reporter: bob woodruff, abc news. >> and in the meantime we'd like to mention the pins we're wearing right now. they're in support of the day for the brave where all of the charities for veterans are coming together under one roof. >> to find out more please go to
3:22 am and you can donate. the goal today, to reach 1 million in 24 hours. we'll be right back. in your man-cave.
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time now for "the mix." file this under things not to do when your wife is in labor. a dad, soon to be dad, decides to post this selfie of himself and his wife. >> no. >> as she's going through contractions and delivering their daughter. >> the baby's popping out at this point. >> yeah. that's gil solano. he's the father. and his wife, sarah. he said his wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expressions on our faces when our daughter was born today. now, ladies, before you hate on him, apparently he showed her the picture in between pushes and she cracked up. and she actually appreciated it. >> it is actually kind of funny. because that really captures how every man is in the delivery room at that point. >> but kendis, i'm warning men out there, please done try to replicate this because your wife might not have the same reaction.
3:26 am
i certainly wouldn't. >> especially during labor. that is a man that doesn't fear his own soul at that point. so take a look at this. do you ever -- do you know how to change a tire? >> i don't i'm embarrassed to say. >> i do as well. i just call aaa. but here's what this kindergartner does. he's a kindergartner. phoenix here. and he's able to replace a faulty front wheel bearing. i don't even know what that is. >> should he be under that? >> i think they're pretty careful. he's on the side. that's on his dad's 2001 toyota corolla. the kid is not a certified mechanic and neither is dad but he knows how to do this and fix a car correctly. he was 5 years old when this video was taken. and yes, the car ran correctly after the repairs. >> it's impressive. looks like we've got a future mechanic. >> yes, he does. >> girl code. trying to get more girls to be literate when it comes to the girl code. >> yeah. >> and there's an interesting math problem that one teacher gave her students. it was to take what was a common core, right? it's a way of teaching here. and the logic was to introduce
3:27 am
eight high school girls and boys who go on a series of dates in different combinations and ask the students to figure out what the final dating combination would be. you know what? maddie from iowa responded. >> what'd she come up with? >> her sber was i can't answer this problem because my mom says according to girl code you shouldn't date a friend's ex-boyfriend. bam. she uploaded this to the huff post facebook page with the hashtag "girl code trumps common core." >> this is a fourth-grader. >> yeah. >> very smart fourth-grader there. i don't know that i'm a believer in that code. >> she clearly got the code of sisterhood. which is an important code to have. >> good nfor maddie. some cool video here. this is a dog that could actually skateboard through 30 people's legs. it's a bulldog. and apparently i'm told that bulldogs are especially good at skateboarding because they have a low center of gravity and a wide body. but this is pretty cool. >> fantastic. >> the dog has learned to skateboard. put him in the guinness book of
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this morning on "world news now" -- political clash. the debate showdown for donald trump, ben carson, and their closest competitors. and did any of these presidential hopefuls stand out as a winner? we're live in milwaukee. fiery crash. developments overnight from ohio after a small jet slammed into a neighborhood. the human toll and the investigation into what went wrong. a consumhour about a breakf. >> the so-called food police takes legal action against the makers of cheerios. is this type of cereal as healthy as you think? and later in the segment we call "the skinny" -- models exposed. the extravagant fashion show featuring the sexiest display of lingerie of the season, the victoria's secret angels take the stage on this wednesday november 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this


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