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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 11, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EST

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this morning on "world news now" -- political clash. the debate showdown for donald trump, ben carson, and their closest competitors. and did any of these presidential hopefuls stand out as a winner? we're live in milwaukee. fiery crash. developments overnight from ohio after a small jet slammed into a neighborhood. the human toll and the investigation into what went wrong. a consumhour about a breakf. >> the so-called food police takes legal action against the makers of cheerios. is this type of cereal as healthy as you think? and later in the segment we call "the skinny" -- models exposed. the extravagant fashion show featuring the sexiest display of lingerie of the season, the victoria's secret angels take the stage on this wednesday november 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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good morning. on what is a really busy wednesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. i want to know what's up with the cheerios. i just bought a whole big extra large box for my kids because it's lower in sugar than a lot of the other ones. >> well, apparently make sure you buy them a treadmill as well. >> i want to hear about that. >> we'll get to that of course in a little bit. and of course more importantly the victoria's secret runway show. >> your favorite, right? >> exactly. yep. we're going to of course talk about last night's gop debate. number four. eliminating pot shots, personal attacks, and gotcha questions into real issues now. >> there were fewer candidates on stage, allowing each of them more time to differentiate themselves on immigration as well as other key issues. abc's marci gonzalez is live in milwaukee for us this morning. marci, good morning. >> reporter: hey, guys. good morning, yeah. such a change in tone compared to the last few debates. last night wasn't about personalities or personal attacks.
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and the moderators really upheld their promise to stick to the issues. facing off in milwaukee -- >> i got about four minutes last debate. i'm going to get my question right now. >> reporter: eight republican presidential candidates taking the stage for the fourth gop debate. as protesters pushing for an increase in the minimum wage gathered outside. inside the questions stayed focused primarily on the economy. >> every time we raise the minimum wage the number of jobless people increases. >> but we have to leave it the way it is. people have to go out, they have to work really hard. >> if i thought that raising the minimum wage was the best way to help people increase their pay, i would be all for it. but it isn't. >> reporter: there were heated moments over immigration. >> we all know you can't pick them up and ship them across -- back across the border. >> i don't have to hear from this man. believe me. >> they're doing high fives in the clinton campaign right now when they hear t this. >> reporter: as well as some levity.
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>> thank you for not asking me what i said in the tenth grade. i appreciate that. >> reporter: as dr. ben carson defended the validity of stories he's told about his youth. >> people who know me know that i'm an honest person. >> reporter: each candidate fighting to stand out against their rivals. >> ronald reagan didn't -- >> ronald reagan walked away at reykjavik. he walked away. he quit talking. >> can i finish with my time? >> why don't you keep interrupting everybody? >> yeah. and last night we also heard hillary clinton's name a lot. in fact, there was so much focus on the democratic front-runner that the wi-fi password here was stophillary. guys, back to you. >> oh, boy. >> interesting. >> you know, this was the smallest republican debate so far but tell us about the candidates who didn't make it to the main event. >> reporter: yeah, this time around chris christie and mike huckabee just didn't have the poll numbers to make the main stage. so instead they had to take part in the undercard debate.
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so they were there with bobby jindal and rick santorum and really that debate stuck to the same themes as the main stage debate. a lot of focus on the economy. we didn't see any of the sparring again that we saw in the previous debates. >> all right. marci gonzalez reporting for us in milwaukee. the next republican debate in about five weeks. we will look forward to that. and look forward for more coverage from the republican debate in our next half hour. and more analysis on america this morning. well, the republicans were slamming hillary clinton last night. she was wrapping up a campaign swing in new hampshire, taking questions at dartmouth college. clinton said that if it turns out to be an election between her and trump "put on your seat belt." she also tweeted a link with the caption "if you're proud to be a democrat after watching tonight's gop debate, add your name here." president obama is expected to sign a defense spending bill despite a provision that he is not a fan of. the $607 billion bill bans moving guantanamo bay detainees
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to the united states, something he has been trying to do since he was sworn in as president. the white house says the president will sign the bill anyway. well, now to the investigation of a deadly small jet crash in akron, ohio. the owner of the plane that went down yesterday afternoon says there were nine people on board. authorities are only saying there were no survivors. we should know more details about the accident today after investigators do some of their work at the scene. abc's brandi hitt has more. >> reporter: this is where the small plane went down in akron, ohio, crashing right into a home. >> we have a plane into a house. heavy fire. we have a lot of wires down. >> reporter: flames and thick black smoke could be seen for miles. >> all of a sudden this plane just dropped out of the sky. >> it blew up and it just sounded like gunfire going off. >> reporter: the hawker 25, which can carry ten passengers, was on a flight from dayton to akron when it crashed during landing, killing the pilot and co-pilot. investigators, though, aren't sure if there were any passengers on board. >> there were no survivors on
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the plane. >> reporter: federal sources tell abc news it appears the plane suffered some sort of mechanical problem. >> it was disintegrated. it just was gone. you could see the engine. >> reporter: investigators believe no one on the ground was hurt and no one was inside the home at the time. >> i just was in shock and i was crying and upset. and i lost everything. >> reporter: the fire that was so intense they have yet to remove the plane and understand the true magnitude of the crash. the faa is already on scene and investigators with the ntsb also arrived overnight. they expect to have more answers once they can sift through the rubble this morning. reena and kendis. >> thank you so much, brandi. more than 100 bikers have been indicted in connection with that shootout at a texas restaurant in may. the bikers were charged with engaging in organized criminal activity. nine of them were killed and 20 others injured in the wild melee which broke out at twin peaks restaurant in waco.
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charges against the remaining bikers will be considered the next time the grand jury meets later this month. also in texas some new details about the man being investigated for attacking a judge in austin. chimene onyeri has been charged with murder in an unrelated killing in houston. he's expected in court later today in that case. sources tell our houston station that the same gun was used in both crimes. what's more, onyeri was due to appear before the judge soon in a fraud case. >> when you're sending people to prison and you're sending people to death row not everyone's happy with that. >> records show that onyeri has a long criminal history. the judge is still recuperating but she's expected to be physically okay. daily fantasy sports sites are in the penalty box in new york stay. the attorney general says the two biggest are offering illegal gambling, not games of skill like traditional fantasy sports sites. and he's ordered draft kings and fan duel to stop operating in new york.
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other states have said fantasy sports is gambling but new york is the first to call it a criminal activity. so here's a headline we assure you we're not recycling from several decades ago. you ready for this? sony is ending production of betamax tapes. >> the who? >> yeah. kids are going what is that? the company introduced the betamax format in 1975. it eventually lost out to the vhs. yes, i know. what? and in the court of public opinion. sony hasn't made a betamax recorder in 13 years. and now it says that next march it will no longer produce betamax tapes in japan, which is the only country where they are still available. they're still available in my home. my mix tapes. >> i still have vhs tapes. i don't know why. >> do you? >> i have a vhs copy of "the little mermaid." >> really? what do you play it on? >> i think that maybe i'll sell it on ebay one day. >> okay. and you'll get a buck. well, a rare blue diamond is
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expected to sell for about $55 million at an auction in geneva, switzerland today. and it seems everyone got ready for that sale while checking out another smaller rock. ooh. look at that one. >> that's beautiful. it was a vivid pink diamond set in a ring and rounded with a double row of smaller white diamonds. an important number about that pink diamond, it's more than 16 carats. >> wow. an even more important number, it was purchased for more than $28 million. an auction official says the buyer was a chinese client who lives in hong kong. wow. they just call this the pink. that's the name. the pink. >> it's more than that. it's just dazzling. >> you know, i'd be happy with just a knockoff for nine bucks. >> really? >> yeah. >> all right. so they say. until you get it to them. it's like, no. all right. coming up in "the skinny" the multimillion-dollar lingerie show and the victoria's secret angels getting plenty of exposure. also ahead, a legal challenge for a popular brand of
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breakfast cereal. what you need to know about a particular type of cheerios. and later, could the popular dating app tinder be a life saver? wait until you hear the story of a couple in florida and what they are saying. but on this veterans day we want to take a look at the weather conditions in some towns where we have some major military bases. camp pendleton in southern california, 72 degrees. >> announcer: "world news now" weather. brought to you by sheila g.'s brownie brittle.
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♪ janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. so the maker of cheerios is facing a lawsuit for cheerios protein. one group saying it may not have as much protein as one would think. >> the breakfast staple known as the no-nonsense healthy brand stands accused of misleading
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consumers. abc's jim avila has the details. >> power up with cheerios protein. >> reporter: there's something new on that iconic yellow box of cheerios. in big bold letters. "protein." >> high in protein, that's a good thing to have for breakfast. >> reporter: but according to food watchdog the center for science in the public interest, cheerios undercuts its healthful reputation by marketing this new cereal as packed with protein when according to a just-filed lawsuit it's actually packed with sugar. >> you're getting a little more protein but it's not worth the price of four teaspoons more sugar. >> reporter: here are the numbers according to cspi. for the same 200 calories regular cheerios has six grams of protein. cheerios protein just a smidgen more. 6.7 grams. but look at the sugar breakdown we found. that same 200 calories of regular cheerios, just two grams of sugar.
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while cheerios protein oats and honey has a whopping 16 grams of sugar. in fact, this cheerios variety has more sugar than every other cheerios on the market. more than frosted cheerios, fruity cheerios, even chocolate cheerios. >> people are being cheated. not only is general mills giving you so much more sugar, they're also charging you more for this product. >> reporter: general mills told us in a statement, "cheerios protein is accurately labeled. an equal amount of cheerios protein contains 18% more protein by weight than original cheerios." and they did not respond to repeated questions about the amount of sugar. cspi is asking for unspecified damages and for cheerios to change the way it markets this new variety. by the way, regular cheerios has one type of sweetener in it, plain old sugar. cheerios protein honey and oats has nine different types. from corn syrup to brown sugar to molasses. jim avila, abc news, washington.
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>> i had no idea, jim. thank you for that report. >> so you get more in the box. what are we complaining about? more sugar. >> you clearly don't have young children at home. we also want to ask all of you what you eat for breakfast. whether you're starting or ending your day i firmly believe breakfast should be anytime. >> i think so too. so does mcdonald's. but what's your idea of a good breakfast? you can answer on facebook at or twitter and instagram using the hashtag wnnmugshot. we've also got e-mail. our favorite answers get a "world news now" mug. and coming up, supermodels earn their wings. >> and you can watch shia labeouf watch himself. we'll explain next in "the skinny." watch himself. we'll explain next in "the skinny."
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♪ skinny ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny well, this segment was made for this one. topping our appropriately titled segment "the skinny" this morning, the victoria's secret fashion show. >> the annual spectacle always turns heads. this year it was all about the new girls. >> the angels strutted their stuff down the runway, spreading their wings as performers ellie goulding and the weeknd and selena gomez provided the soundtrack. the iconic fashion show taking place in new york city after a
3:49 am
stint in london last year. >> the fashion world's current it girl gigi hadid wowed the crowd as they sported the lingerie with some lavish accessories getting high marks in her first year as an angel. >> she did well. the other newbie, kendall jenner, daughter of kris and caitlyn of course, held her own. no slip-ups to report. they all nailed it. >> and there in the front row to support their daughter kris and caitlyn jenner. although they sat separately they did share a hug as proud parents. >> and they look good. >> mm-hmm. "breaking bad" getting enshrined at the smithsonian. yesterday the stars and creator of the mega hit television series props were on hand as props from the show were donated to the national museum. >> aaron paul and bryan cranston both spoke. and our cameras caught up with them backstage and we asked cranston if he would ever check out the exhibit once it's in place. >> well, i'll have to wear a disguise. i'll have to wear -- i'll wear a hat. i'll be bald. i'll put on a little goatee and a mustache. maybe some glasses. so no one would recognize me.
3:50 am
yeah. >> so basically you're saying the old heisenberg look. before we spoke cranston walked over to the props table to put on that porkpie hat one last time. >> maybe he's returning. maybe he really is alive. >> coming back. all right. next, actor shia labeouf with his most provocative stunt yet. and that's saying a lot. in recent years he's made headlines for some very odd behavior and performance art. >> his motivational speeches and strange fashion choices have perhaps eclipsed his work as an actor. starring in a variety of movies over the years including blockbusters and critically acclaimed films. but labeouf's latest role as him, playing himself. >> hmm. he's watching all of his movies in a row at a new york city theater and live-streaming it as an art exhibit dubbed "all my movies." he started yesterday at noon and will likely finish around 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. he's reportedly remained silent and refrained from speaking but has been courteous to theatergoers.
3:51 am
admission is free. and you can watch him live right now. >> i hope he makes time for bathroom breaks. >> i can't wait to log into that. >>and filly, amy schumer, the current queen of the comedy world, moving on up. away fm the west side. >> our real estate porn part of the morning here. she's puinher new york city apartment back on the market for $2 million. and schumer only bought the upper west side pad just over a year ago for $1.7 million. >> it's described as cozy with a burning fireplace, high ceilings, and a built-in bookshelf. it has one bedroom. and boy, it looks well staged. >> yeah, it does. the skylight kitchen has the latest amenities. but perhaps the best part, the rooftop terrace. >> ooh. >> plenty of room to entertain and watch the sun set. or the sun rise over the manhattan skyline. >> and amy, we'll take a cut of the realtor fee for showcasing this. >> yeah, you're welcome. not a bad pad. that rooftop is pretty can we roll some of the victoria's secret video on the way out? >> coming up. getting a body part. >> that wasn't long enough.
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♪ what's love got to do ♪ got to do with it ♪ what's love but a secondhand emotion ♪ words to live by. tina turner's classic playing perfectly with this next story. the popular dating app tinder not creating a love match but a donor match. >> florida mom erika bragan was blessed by a miracle. her friend using the tinder app to go on a blind date that would change her life forever. here's abc's jesse palmer. >> reporter: we all know the popular dating app tinder can help you swipe your way to love. but what about saving a li for one florida woman a simple swipe to the right doing just that. it all started with rich o'day, a single guy from tampa, florida looking for a connection on tinder. and when he matched with 35-year-old jennifer thomas, he says there was an instant spark. >> i thought jennifer was a
3:56 am
pretty girl. we had many mutual friends. that's always a good sign. so i swiped right. >> reporter: they made plans to go on a date, where rich opened up to jennifer about erika bragan, his best friend's wife. the 47-year-old mother of two suffering from a rare kidney disease and in desperate need of a transplant after being on the list for nearly three years. >> jen had such a positive response to talking about erica and her family. and she seemed genuinely interested in helping out any way she could. >> all that happened was we had a conversation about it. he told me about her, and i wanted to do something. >> reporter: just a few days after that date rich telling erica and her husband scott about a complete stranger willing to help. >> one day he mentioned there was someone who has come forward and would be tested. >> reporter: in the end rich and jennifer didn't turn out to be the perfect match, but after months of testing jennifer and erika turned out to be. for a kidney donation. >> it feels incredible to be
3:57 am
able to help. >> reporter: erika set to get her new kidney in just a wk. >> there really are people out there that do things for other people. >> it's been a blessing and a miracle. >> reporter: one simple swipe, saving a life and creatingn unbreakable bond. >> going on a tinder date and maybe having a romantic relationship, that's great. i mean, that's wonderful. and a lot of people do that. but i gained something a lot better. >> and as you can imagine, the bragans now consider jennifer and her son as part of their family. >> that's a good story there. in the meantime, referring to shia labeouf, i just tuned in to the live stream. he's been like this. he's been trying to stay awake. there he goes. i want to see if he'll be able to make it through "nymphomaniac" because that movie put me to sleep. >> get him some coffee. >> that is compelling stuff. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two d
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making news in america this morning, high stakes debate. the gop candidates facing off once again showing deeper policy differences than ever before and donald trump with a tense exchange. >> why does she keep interrupting everybody? >> yeah. >> why? >> the key moments and analysis plus hillary clinton's tweet showing what she thought about the debate. deadly crash, a small jet slamming into an apartment building. investigators sifting through the rubble all night searching for survivors. american hero on this veterans day honored, giving new meaning to the word inspiration. and labor selfie. a dad-to-be posing for a picture while his wife gives birth and can you believe it, living to tell about it.


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