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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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minor but it -- with soliciting a teenager. they had explicit sexual conversations. moore accused of sending photos to himself asking for videos and pictures of the child and asking the child to meet up for sex. after turning himself in to authorities earlier this week, moore admitted to sending some of the messages while on duty at the white house. >> allegations that the administration including the secret service takes quite seriously. jeff: once the secret service did find out about the allegations moore was put on police officer leave. also his security clearance was revoked.
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as was his equipment from the sec relate service. as we -- for the secret service. as we mentioned the secret service dealt with high profile scandals in the last couple of years. there is a local expert that believes there is one thing to be done to help turn the tide for the critical agency. we'll tell you what that is coming up at 6:00. until then, live at the white house, jeff goldberg, news. jonathan: it seems like this is an agency in need of help. maybe you are aware that the secret service had a number of issues. in march, they bumped a white house security ferry with the vehicle after drinking at a party fo a retired agency spokesman. it was a few months after omar gonzalez jumped the fence to make it in the executive mansion. came across the grass to the house. the 2012 prostitution scandal. that was big. a lot has happened in between.
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there is more information on alison: a school bus driver is now facing charges after a crash. they crossed the center line and struck an s.u.v. there were five middle school students on the bus but they were not hurt. the 17-year-old driver of the s.u.v. was taken to the hospital in stable condition. the battle between costco and montgomery county in court today. oral arguments ben gan today. montgomery county denied costco's bid to build a gas station in wheaton because of environmental concerns and costco disagrees with that. jonathan: if you got a chance to get outside and you had a hat on, chances on you don't anymore. i was windy today. howling and making or a chilly afternoon. alison: will it calm down for the start of the weekend? chief meteorologist doug hill has the forecast for us. doug: hello. it will stay breezy tonight.
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probably just as gusty tomorrow. by sunday we'll get a break on the winds. right now it's beautiful. blue skies. gusty winds. we'll talk about this weather alert. 61 in manassas. 60 in the district. cooler north and west o the city now. 20-mile-per-hour gust reported in manassas. tomorrow morning it will be chilly. still a breeze. i should be fairly light around sunrise. after the sun is up for a couple of hours the sty winds will start up agai 40 in northwest. 38 in dale city. we will talk about the weekend. sunshine. matter of fact, give you the next seven days, too in a couple of minutes. jonathan: good deal. thanks. the military airstrike designed to take out the
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islamic state militant known as "jihadi john." he was known around the world. seen in videos spread through social media executing prisoners including americans. the one who cut their heads off. now he is reportedly dead. elizabeth hur has reaction from the families of those lovedded ones left victims. elizabeth: drone strikes like these are a routine part of the fight for isis. but the latest target was anything but routine. >> this is significant, of course, because "jihadi john" was a isil celebrity. elizabeth: "jihadi john" became the face of isis. executing hostage after hostage. including journalists and aid workers. >> he was a hum animal. >> if he isnot dead we'll see
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him in 48 hours. >> for the experts and the leaders this is a good day for the intelligent services for the family of the murdered hostages of his demise bring little solace. >> it's st so sad that our , preresources have been -- precious resources have been concentrated to seek revenge if you will or kil this man. >> "jihadi john" is believed to be 27 years old. his real name is mohammed emwazi. a naturalized british citizen who fled for syria in 2012. >> a sad individual filled with hate for us. >> in a statement the family also toldabc7 news this desn't e anything. adding that their son isn't ever coming back. in new york, elizabeth hur, for abc7 news. jonathan: "jihadi john" wasn't the only target. there were other targets against isil carried out today by the united states. the pentagon releasing this video today that shows an air strike destroying a gas and
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oil plant in militant by syria. the strike was carried out over the weekend. alison: also overseas today, the death toll in beirut has risen. to 43. this is after bombings there. investigators in lebanon are looking into whether that was organized by isil. more than 200 people were hurt. one would-be bomber was captured and three others successfully set off the bombs. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00", we have a report from scott thuman who is there in beirut. but first, back here locally now. today, one of the women seen in the video was in court. the woman suspected of going up to that man and grabbing him went before a judge today. stephen tschida explains why she won't be on thestreets anytime soon. stephen: she had n jaijump suiy ault and sexual abuse for the behavior in the video from a shell gas
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stationon new york avenue october 7. knight and the woman identified as marjorie charles seen twerking into a man are well-known to member of the antiprostitution beat. knights' attorney asked for release until the next court appearance but thejudge questioned her residence and said the only contact the city has with her is she keeps ingrrested. why would he believe she would come back when she didn't come back on another charge? knight mutred, "th was only one time. i will come back." but at times she looked bored and answered questions with breathy statements like "i guess." when the judge refused to release her, she sighed heavily and mumbledded something to the effect of "i ain't done" and uttered profanity and the judge warned her and said she isn't help herself with the behavior. the other woman seen in the video seen twerking, marjorie charles, she remains on the
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lam. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: a crime alert in washington, a guy robbing a home and leaves behind clear picture of himself on a home severe cameras. bureau chief sam ford has video that police will help catch the g smar move. >> not exactly n this i'm on the 40ock of rige streetnorthwest. which has beensuffering from bularies and the car break-ins lately.most recently,e was hit twice wednesday and thursday. wednesday and yesterday. the home surveillance video at the police release show a burglar entered the property from the alley side. takes an interest in the camera and breaks in a wednesday nig. then the video shows who police believe is a burglar and an accomplice arou noon the next day returning to the same house. breaking in and taking items
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again. now ridge street is one of the one-block streets in the changing neighborhood. long-time residents say it used to be a block of crack dealers. when it was a block of crack dealers back then, they said they di't haveb because the dealers did not want the police in the neighborhood affecting their, with the upscale neighborhood you have had anges at least in terms of having problems with the burglars. we will hear from the neighbors when we continue the story on "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live from northwest washington, some ford, abc7 news. >> okay. see you next hour. thank you. still to come here on "abc7 news at 4:00", we're going to take you out to rockville. there is a historic high school football game today. jonathan: going to be a big one. but first, a head-scratching decision that restores convicted child abuser jerry sanduscky's pension.
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the loop hall in the law. alison: from some he is a neighbor from hell, and others love him. tonight he will be spending time behind bars. we'll tell you what he did and how long he will be in jail at 4:30. jonathan: do you like fries on your sandwich? we'll take you to hagerstown and explain why some people camped out overnight for their
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alison: breaking news. we learned an cident involved a school bus and an s.u.v. this is in chevy chase. we are learning that there are some injuries here. all of them are set to be non-life threatening. this is right at jones mill road and jones bridge road. we have sent a crew to check out the accident. as soon as we get more information from them we'll get it to you. alison: new developments to tell you about regarding jerry sandusky the former penn state coach convicted of sex abuse. a ruling today restores his pension. the court said that the state employees retirement board wrongly decided that he worked for penn state when the crimes were committed. the pension is worth $4900 a
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month. alison: in an interesting turn of event in the case of subway pitch man jared fogle. he has pleaded guilty to child pornography and sex crime charges. his attorneys are arguing for leniency in what some call an interesting way. they say his victims were 16 and 17 and other vounges want hd 15 years behind bars. seencing is thursday. a gas station clerk hailed a hero for stopping alleged kid thatting. surveillance video shows a woman and man walking in theer to. the police carjacked and abducted a woman and was taking her to different atm's to force her to withdraw money. they sensed something was wrong and stopped the woman from leaving. the suspect takes off in the woman's car.
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jonathan: three guys were caught on camera rack sacking a home. clear pictures. in the process it gave the police a good look at who the guys are. one of the men in the video has been arrested. the others are still on the loose but presumably well fed. in this day and age with cameras you can't be that dumb. figure to get your picture taken. don't do it. i love they are wearing gloves. time for a check of the traffic situation. friday, and jamie sullivan has details. tell us we are starting the weekend off. no, we're not. on the right way. jamie: wishful thinking. we are not. we have crashes popping up. slow traffic. first i want to start out in montgomery county where we have biggest issues. this is the traffic on the outer loop of the capital beltway.
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we will move to the crash at jones mill road. both directions.ould impact you. keep that in mind. if you're traveling to virginia, in good shape. no issues now on 66. we are accident free. even on 95 if you continue to adenhart to the ackerman you are in the teens -- wharton to the occoquan, you are in the teens. that is a look at traffic. we will keep you updated on the crash in chevy chase. jonathan: everybody in pittsburgh has something to say about the thick bread and the fries on the sandwich. alison: the first one opened here in maryland.
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we sent our friend to the grand opening to figure out why some camped at overnight for this. brian: a cold friday morning and gusty winds and folks lined up from overnight to get a chance to be the first 100 visitors where you can get a free sub a week for a year. that is 52 weeks. i have two gentlemen that came out. what time did you come out? >> 8:00. >> 8:00. >> what is your name? >> matt. >> robert. >> matt and robert came out at 8:00 last night for free sub a day. every week for a year. one of you has never had the sub before? >> don't look at me. it's my favorite restaurant, man. >> i heard act the restaurant from him. so, yes. >> work was cool being out. you work for yourself? >> yeah, well. brian: this originated in pittsburgh. they have them all around, the upper midsection of the
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country around ohio. west virginia. even in florida. but this is the first one in maryland. people did line up overnight. they are getting free breakfast this morning. they got breakfast early on. by noon, the doors will open. they will go get their chance for the first of many free subs. wings. streets. blustery night. just for 52 free sandwiches. maybe it's worth it. we will see. i will gie it a taste and try and report later. brianne carter for abc7 news -- briavan degraaff, abc7 news. jonathan: the wind was howling. doug: depending from your lawn is, it could be the day for you. i lucked out for a lot of years. jonathan: don't use a blower. doug: winds are my friend. this is the time of the year i like to access many of the thousands of the weather cameras we have in the weather bug network. we have places to make you feel good. cold windy everything here. how about this? a live look at the yacht club.
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only 85 degrees there. alison: the poor people. how do they stand it? doug: i don't now. it's tough. it will be while before it's 85. our temperatures are headed the other way. gusty winds to deal ith. wind gust today. gusts at per hour gusts in er sin 48 at children hospital. we have wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. it's 58 in falls church. it's 60 in dale city. the forecast through the evening is clear, breezy. although the windy min niche a bit. 32 to 39 by morning.
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58 degrees with sunshine on sunday. another day like that comes our way on monday. tomorrow the weather is fine. 6:15 is the lighting of the big tree. i will be there with santa and others. kicking the holiday season off across the region. jonathan: thank you. this is disturbing. breaking news from overseas. there has been an explosion near a bar, near the pars stadium. bar near the stadium. now there is a shoot-out that has taken place. we are not getting details at this point. this is fluid. we understand that inside the restaurant, the "associated press" is reporting people have been killed inside the restaurant. we don't know how many people have been kill bud there was a shoot-out with police. we are trying to get more information.
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we'll pass it along. alison: stay with us on abc7 news. coming up at 4:30, he has been described as the neighbor from hell. by some. others say he is a great guy. now he is behind bars. what he did and how long he will be jailed still ahead. robert: i'm robert burton. players here don't know what it's like to play an extra week of football. something you don't see often. i'm going to see if i can work this thing. that is c discover the world animals, seen those before but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants with their mouths oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich discod detergent isarmful if swallowed, so keep laundry pacs up and away from children brought to you by tide
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hey! we need to feel like, all day like, all night like. defense like. jonathan: they are jacked up! maryland defending state champ getting afternooned up for tonight's playoff game against richard montgomery. this was early this morning. that is without caffeine. don't try that at home. alison: all right. so they will be heading on the road. you know the atmosphere there is not going to be as friendly. jonathan: not so much. still electric. alison: yeah. robert burtonsville in rockville where the rockets hosting a playful game. this will be rowdy tonight. jonathan: i have been trying to figure out how to work this
4:25 pm
thing. the players don't know what it is like to play an extra week of football. this is the first home playoff game here. take a look at the video today. they had a pep rally. they were going. you saw the youtube video. well, it ws more hype here. take a listen to the head coach. he says it h been different in the week leading up to this game. >> i teach english on the second floor. i hear kids i don't know personally talking to each other. to check out the fable game. the playoff game -- football game, the playoff game. conversations that don't often take place here.
4:26 pm
jonathan: they have t-shirts made. they have these things and faily. 7:00, it will be rowdy. they are 9-1, they might have the edge. i'llkick it to you and try to figure out what going on this blow thing. back to you. jothan: they call it a horn. i can't imagine with all the hot air you've got you can' get it to sound off. robert: good one. od one alison: you have time to practice. jonathan: don't bring it to the station. robert: i'll keep it to myself. this is the subject of the twitter poll. who do you have? the defending champs are confidence. the jaguar fans that are coming out in force. got to step it up rockets. check back later.
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high school football rivalries are fun. alison: an app comes to the d.c. area to keep the check and the balances on the local police department. how it works and who ma it.
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announcer: from abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. >> we are following breaking
4:30 pm
news for you out of paris, france. i'm chris papst. early reports say there is an explosion and a shoot-out in paris restaurant. information coming in but this is what we know right now. police officials in france said it happened signed a bar near a paris stadium. afterwards there was a shoot-out. there is several dead on the restaurant shooting on the right bank of paris not far from one of the city's largest train stations. reuters is reporting two dead and seven injured. liberation newspaper in france is reporting four deaths. now one of the police officials said there was a separate explosion north of paris. it's unclear if the events are linked. we will get the information if we can. both officials spoke to us on condition of anonymity. they were not authorized to be publicly named. we are hearing that the explosion happened near a building where france was hosting the leaders of germany. there is a love speculation act what is -- a lot of speculation about what is happening here. we will get more information
4:31 pm
and bring it to you. you can see the pictures right here. i'm chris papst in the newsroom. as we get more information we'll bring it to you. alison: okay, chris. thank you. we will follow that closely. breaking news at home to tell you about. accident involving a school bus, s.u.v. this is in chevy chase. news chopper 7 over the scene. we are learning there are injuries but they are all non-life threatening. this is on jones mill road and jones bridge road. jonathan: this is a big night. friday night lights. a big championship game to the end of the football season. a lot of the kids, that is a perfect weather. doug: for the kids. for the parents in the stands it could be chilly. robert burton is in northwestern from germantown against rich montgomery.
4:32 pm
wind chills in 30s tonight. jonathan: perfect for emdoug: the friday night football forecast. we have an hour and a half to go. windy advisory north and west. the winds will dimish a little bit. just a little bit tonight as we head through he area. as we get through the nighttime hours, we have relationships. lighter the winds and the faster the temperatures fall. 61 in manassas. 55 in hagerstown. the winds will be the story. weh wind gusts in the past hor or two to 25 miles per hour at andrews and 28 miles per hour at leesburg. winds will diminish but they will be back again tomorrow. the forecast overnight, 32 to 39. we have tha and the forecast forecast cong upi n a cuple of minutes. jonathanseyou ten. thanks. a new tool on the street to maw enforcement more acuntable. an app that can help make repoing policemisonduct
4:33 pm
easier suzanne kenne is satellite center with more detals n how thi works.nd, virg, and washington, c. now join states where themobile justice app isno available. it's an ap to allow private citizens to autotill record and submit ideo to the aclu if someone feels that their civil rights are violated by law enforcement. the app is available in spanish and english. currently 300,000 people across the country have downloaded it. >> the departmentfor homeland security has a saying if you see something, say something. this is the same thing.omhing, m something. suza h ers need to downloheapp or the riction inwhicthey live mi upat 5:0, we ll ll yo wh thinkof the nwa thank you.bc7 nws. well, a lrge number of medical majuana a maryland ll bg
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delays to get the progm up and running. e state medical marijuana missn said it received 882 applications for grower, processor and dispenser licenses due to the high numbext the applicationeview process. jonathan: a frmer allgient air pilo claims he was fire and he is now suing. he ordered avcuation after seeing smoke. 141 passengers jumped down the slide. someere hurt in the process. he claims that he was for costing the airline money and creating bad publicity. >> it is important to me that we set a tone that safety should alwys be pilot's decision. just because it may cost the airline a little media not my job. a few bucks.
4:35 pm
jonathan: this is interesting, too. the f.a.a. have regulations saying this. "the captain is directly responsible for and is the final authority as to the operation of the aicrraft." that is a satement that he plans to take to court. alison politics now. dold rump on the offensive. theopt of the g.o.p. andte rspons s camigeting upquickly. dtrump' a vioram ideo asether cminal or a tphol li. in his tirade thursday in iowa he went a step further. >> he lunged. he cted out in caron's autobiography where he tried to stab a friend and ht a belt buckle.
4:36 pm
>> how stupid from the people of iowa?up areth pople thecountry to believe this crap? reporter: candidates rushed to iowans' defense. >> they arethe nicesandt informed voters in the untry. reporter: carson's response? he is staying above the fray. >> this is not the that i would engage in.reportere claims that the chinese are involved in the conflict in syria. >> i'm surprised that my sources a better than theirs. reporter: white house spokesman stunned that carson advisers would know more than the white house. >> it violates my job description as a spokesperson to be speechless but in this case i am. : naio security adviser susan rice says she has seen no vidence of china in syria and president obama says he doesn't think carson knows much about theflict. megan hughes, abc7 news. >> am woman's ir of work
4:37 pm
discrimination sounds like it's out of the last century or earlier. but it didn't happen in a private business. set the standard forderal fair treatment. in 2010 at age 27, alicia dabney landed a dream job as a firefighter with a forest service. she was prepared for the life-odeath situations when it came to fighting fires like the one in new mexico. what she wasn't prepared for was hostility she faced athe stage in region five responsible to cover 20 million aces inthe pacific >> frat boyattitude and the bung and bing humiliated, called i couldn't ta it. >> do you think they were trying to be playful when they called you the names? >> no. it's part of the culture. jonathan: for more on the story, and one woman's battle that went to the top of the federal agency watch the "flashes" with -- w "full
4:38 pm
measure" with sharyl attkisson this sunday. we are keeping an eye on breakin nes in our newsroom. this is from paris, france. this is international television the police agents are standing there in front of the car. staged all around the area. this is where w unerstand haened. a at restaurant a bomb went off inside or outside. i ul say explosion. we know several people are dead inside. we don't know if the police confronted the guys, they were in a shootout or they kiled . we don't ne. across town, miles away a separate explosion. the investiga toiece together whether this is somehow connected. again,18 people. the number could go up given this is a fluid situation. the cameras now you can see as they are pointing down a street on the left-side of your screen. a map. this is in central paris.
4:39 pm
they have now a restaurant that was the backdrop for what took place here. some attack. but again, you had an explosion that went off. gunfire. inside the restaurant. the shoot-out that took place with the police outside the restaurant. as soon as we get more information about this, what is going on here, you can understand that it's chaotic. we will let you know what is happening with that as soon as we get the information. alison: system of this took place next to a stadium. they were hosting german officials at the time. obviously there is speculation. it's fluid. we'll continue to watch paris closely. jonathan: we will be back after this
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oobell ringing] ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'gonna give you candy. ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you... ♪ ♪le and plum and apricot-a too, eh! ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house a come on. ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, everything. ♪ ♪ i'm gu complete your thanksgiving table at target. right now butterball premium frozen turkey is only 99 cents a p pound. premium frozen turkey ♪ come on-a my house alison: we are following breakingews out of paris, frnce. theseare the images we are getti back from the international television. early reports say was an explosion and a shoot-out in a paris restaurant. jothan: it looks like the posture is they are not standing don. we have seen the officers behind the vehicles.
4:43 pm
chris papst is in the newsroom. what do you have? chris: this is active and it' also ongoing. three bombs have beexploded and the shooting is continuing. the french medi reporting casualties. 18 with 35 shots fired. people on the ground regular everyday people. there is a police presence. this is quarter of 11:00night t. it'sa drk. this is the second or the third story of a building looking down.
4:44 pm
as we get more pictures we will bring it to you. this is angoing active situation. 18 people reported dead. three bombings. the shootings are continuing. jonathan: we'll call this an tack where it took place. is not farrom the stadium. this was close to an international meeting taking place between the french and german officials. it's not clear if tha was the target. this was inside a restaurant. crowded friday night as you can imagine. there was an explosion. whether it's a grenade or a bomb planted there. then shots fired. shoot-out and we understand with the police. we do not know if the gunman is dead or alive. where he got away. that was one explosion.
4:45 pm
across town on the north side of paris. there was a second explosion. dn't know if it's coordinated or connected. alison: the north side of paris, is where the friendly football match happening at the stadium at the time. that is the other end of town you were referencing. jonathan: we have 18 ople dead and we don't know how many others are wounded. when you have a fluid situation like that it is difficult to get acute information. some people are hearing anonymously from the law enforcement. they are not authorized to talk to the press. but they are giving some information out. saying look, this is off the record.
4:46 pm
don't attribute it to me. they atelling ustat 18 people are dead inside o outside the restaurant where it took place. alison: his comes a it a time when france was already under heightened security. they had a lot of security measures underway. they were about to host a major global climate conference about to get underway in two weeks. they were in heightened security and worried about the violent protestfore conference coming up. jonathan: we are seeing reports that when the police is behind the van as if something else was taking place. we understand at a concert hall now the hostages are being held. if that is the case, then what happens now is special weapons team will come in. it's the same for france as it is for us. they will bring innegotiators to try to end it peacefully. but they have to brace for what could be the worse.
4:47 pm
but you are not negotiating with somebody who is easy toalk. alison: a lot of developmes in france. the international television on the scene. this says still active. we will follow it. we'll take a
4:48 pm
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jonathan: take look at the twitter poll of the day for you. who got in maryland high school playoff game, who do you have? which team are you picking? montgomery hosts the defending state champions tonight. kickoff a matter of day. the polls stay ophenroughout the start of the day. sofr thenorthwt ans are more confident than rocket fans. go back to abc7 sports robert rton. this is what friday night foball is all about. these are big rivals. robert: yes, it is. kickoff tonight at 7:00. hello. [cheering] i'm only testing i think they are excited.
4:51 pm
this is first time they have been to the playoffs. they haven't hosted a home playoff game ever in school ris torrey. the defending champs northwest 7-3 on the season. the rockets are 9-1. the edge in this one. this is windy. steve rudin, hopefully it doesn't affect the game night. steve? steve: yeah, i hope not, robert. we are live at national harbor where it's breezy. look behind me. the christmas tree is there. it is not lit yet. that will happen tomorrow evening at 6:15 when doug hill is on the air. tonight temperatures are around 49 to 43. winds out of the northwest at 10 to 20 mies pe hour.
4:52 pm
the tmratures on the cool side. we have temperatures that is around 53 egrees for the day on saturday. 58 on sunday. take a look at the forecast. it will be dry. sun will set before 5:00. christmas tree lighting time the temperature will be around 49 degrees. the temperatures in the 60's. that is upper 60's for next week. the thursday projected high is 67 degrees. reminder we will be out here december 5. we will collect toys for ys-for-tots. more on that in the near future. look at traffic only a busy friday evening rush hour commute. jamie sullivan? >> this is a busy one. start off in chevy chase, maryland.
4:53 pm
news chopper 7 overhead. this is a closure due to an accident that a school bus was involved. no life threatening injuries. but the road is closed off. news chopper 7 giving you a great deal. the area that is blocked in both directions. the best alternate, connecticut avenue is crazy. but that is going to be the best option at this point. we had an earlier accident on the outer loop of the beltway. that is gone. you are still in the 20's. 95 heading south is backed up from cherry hill road in maryland. no big problems on 395. i want to focus in on 66 in virginia. we are in the teens, continuing through fairfax. live look. everything is moved over to the shoulder but we are still seeing delays.
4:54 pm
jonathan? jonathan: thank you. we continue to monitor what is happening in paris, france. this is a fluid situation. three incidents to tell you about. two explosions that took place at the stadium be french and germans were playing soccer. shooting at a restaurant. 18 if not more is dead. right now hostages at a theater. al three different locations. we'll have thelatest from paris, france, when we come back. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
4:55 pm
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alison: we are following breaking news out of paris, france, this afternoon. this situationoi here is what we know so far. at least 18 people are dead in multiple attacks around the city. we heard of two explosions and a shoot-out. the explosions near a stadium where a game between france and germany was taking place. a shoot-out in a restaurant. now we have heard of hostages taken in a theater in france.
4:58 pm
it's almost 11:00 at night in paris. and police are still actively working the situation. we cannot confirm if the events are related. but there is a lot happening in paris. we are going to continue to follow this breaking news from paris, france, as "abc7 news at 5:00" begins now. anuncer: frm this is a breaking news alert. leon: that breaking news coming out of pris where police were in ashootut. now a hostage situation at a theater. chris papst in the newsroom following the breaking development. chris: we are hearing that 26 people are now dead as a result of this. this is an activeandan ongoing situation.
4:59 pm
the first location is two explosions at a stadium where there is a person dead and many wounded, where french was playing germany. another location at a bar where 12 peopleare known to be dead. another location at a restaurant. casualties unknown. we are hearing there is a hostage situation at a theater. so what we have here is a stadium, theater, a bar and a restaurant where all the attacks seem to have happened in paris in the center of downtown. the people that are on the ground there are tweeting and instagramming. we gtingformation. here is some of it here. this lady is taking pictures. these are all coming from people with different countries that happen to be in dotown pas right now as
5:00 pm
this is going on. people are tweeting all sort of things, insagramming as many as 26 people dead at four locations where the violence isappening. as w eget more information we'll bring it to you. jonathan elias has more. jonathan: there were threats against the german socer team yesterday or early today. threat of a bomb. it was not taken as serious as it probably should have been. they went on and played the game. as soon as there was any word that violence was taking place, the german soccer team was evacuated. now theinidents that we are keeping track of is not in an isolated area of central paris. we have at the stadium where the soccer game going on, we understand two explosions took place there.
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