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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  November 15, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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from abc 7 this is a breaking news alert. passengers and crew members on america and airlines might have to get off after the lubetkin -- crew had concerns after two passengers. everyone but those two passengers boarded the plane which was sent to boston. they will be placed on the later light. tonight the french military is ramping up its french officials said massive air strikes decide just destroyed to jihadi sites in syria. let's get more from abc.
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>> crowds in paris try to reclaim their city area everyone running scared police moving in. authorities quickly determined it was also alarm. meanwhile become -- the hunt is heating up. the waves made several people including one who managed to us a. at least one more suspect remains on the run.
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the rest comes as more and more one of the shooters of described as a possible terrorist five years ago. we now have a picture the past were found on one of the attackers identifying him as a in new yorkee area abc news. pope francis is call that blasphemy or terrorist use god to jfyusti their violence and hatred. the pope pray for the people of paris.
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yesterday the phone call the actions of ice this a third world war. afterives were remembered the saints game. there was a moment of silence. crowds also noticed tighten security inside and out side. >> there were no known threats directed to her from the washington rent in. law enforcement officials in the nfl were taking no chance is. as tens of thousands of loyal washington. thanks hear about it literally brought tears to my eyes.
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the mirtha contact unleased days ago in paris left scores dead or you gain throughout this country. >> am ok with the increased section of that really mean that we as in are going to be safe. to complement the nfl. >> i just feel i need to be aware of what going on. as retired military they have no time seeing a show horse. the yet another region to enjoy >> nfl and make area and
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madonna said she considered can't linger show in stockholm last night but says she refuses to let the terrorists are. there is no one in this world is the right to stop us from doing what we love. for new developments. tomorrow night join us for townhall roundtable called your voice your teacher area the guests include a number of security and military at birds and begins tomorrow night on our sister station news channel 8. it will be streamed on wjla. a carbon copy tomorrow.
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62 washington for the high today. is a look at temperatures dropping fast. satellite radar depictions. forecast. tomorrow for the rest of us. to just continue to go down.
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complete forecast just a few minutes away area and >> much-needed win for the redskins today. somee has this team been # players even call this a must win and it moves the redskins. jones make some great move goes all the way for a 70 yard touchdown. finish with 324 yard. redskins lead 27th team. through being passed ball. blowout.
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convicting -- convincing win. after the game they say this was the best week of practice they had all season. >> they really have been laying hard all season. they practice. we keep our action like we did last week. hopefully we will start coming. >> the players say this game was ucial for the confidence. hopefully they just will be overconfident. i must say i must say i've only been to to redskins home games and they won both times. ok. every single redskins game. now to a must-see photo from philadelphia. long photos of
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the short chase to above on social media. here's the best part philadelphia police tweeted he's in custody. and sentencing. night a neighbor being called a hero. he says he was just kind of lady
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>> tonight a man is being credited with saving the lives of two families. it happened last night on alabama avenue. he tells his firefighters are still looking into what caused the fire. >> at the time he parked his car you realized his neighbors worked was on fire. instead of running away he ran towards them.
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>> i went and banged on the door. they didn't answer selected it open until the daughter your house is on fire get out. >> it happened about 8:00. it was around the time his elderly neighbor typically went to bed. luckily they were able to get out in time. coming so fast. so. said he didn't realize the fire was burning in her home until he came in the door. >> he said run mama run. she grabbed a three-year-old granddaughter and try to get dumped shares. it was so intense at one point she thought she was on fire. she worried she would not be able to make it offers how he
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decided to try to save her granddaughter in. step in gotdown to right new the front door and that's when my daughter ran up in the yard. >> gibson says mother was davidson home as well. he's just grateful everyone was able to make it out lately. [indiscernible] diane cho. ahead the workweek forecast early good.
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>> blew out the saints or that it's about 60 degrees now. coming up and
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player sitting at their best week of practice and it translated to sunday is the their best game of the season. they get off to a quick start 96 yard. he leave then for the 16 yard td. first time at seven the skins knocking on the door cousins finds krauter over the middle. washington now up to seven. early in the second they show 60 yard are close live
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touchdown scores 14 apiece. jones is a pass to matt jones makes some shifty moves goes all the way for a 78 yard touchdown. this one is a shoot out 21 or team red skin. seconds on the doorstep. he quickly take the lead. 3714 and then in the fourth the final nail in the coffin the ball is to and picked off right to sean golden. he returns for the touchdown redskins blowout the same. their most convincing win by far this season.
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[indiscernible] >> great lens. i'm proud. it's about expectations. let's go from there. >> after the game i was talking to a rookie on a month or game was most excited about the fact that he is pierre garcon from $15 going around the yield while there in the huddle. he said he got to keep the five dollar bill and he seemed pretty pumped up about it. major upset in the u.s. he could
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consider one of the biggest up that's ever. knocked out rousey with the left in kick. thethis he was taken to half that a lot of conscious. today they announced her ct scan came back normal and that she received such as. a major shopping when in a big low out when for the washington. the good look was everywhere.
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>> back with new developments. french officials said military did area out massive airstrikes
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in syria destroying to jihad he can. police continue their hunt for more suspects in the terror attacks. they released a picture of a french national on the run. president obama has ordered lives be flown at half past and public buildings in honor of the victims. we will follow this tonight and online at our website. use the commute cast for tomorrow morning. >> specifically for those driving in northern virginia we have to fight the sun glare. maybe thinking about a natural lunch. and wednesdayy likely overnight morning hours. we want to be cooler by this time next weekend. us area weor joining will see you 11. 11.
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