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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 17, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EST

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but this is not a real increase in bombing. these are isis targets that may have already been on a list or strike package for weeks. so, why not strike when they were first on the list? >> they would wait for them to be populated, to have a class there in training, to have a group there being recruited. >> reporter: but when paris was attacked, the u.s. stepped aside and let the french go after the targets as retaliatory strikes. it's not known whether there were isis fighters inside. as for the overall military strategy, nothing is changing. the president adamant about not adding combat grou troops. >> we have the right strategy and we're going to see it through. >> reporter: isis is believed to have between 20,000 to 30,000 fighters and oil fields that generate about $40 million per month. for ot first time the u.s. targeted on isis fuel trucks. more than 100 of them, used to smuggle oil to finance military and terrorists operations. but those, too, have been on the
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target list for a while. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> our coverage of the attacks on paris continues in a few minutes with a look at the piano player in the french capital trying to heal the city with one famous melody later in this half hour. >> investigators have given up their search for the black box from the ship el faro. they're still hopeful they can find out what happened to the ship without the recorder. the fighter sank october 1st during a hurricane. everyone on board was killed. the pilot of a small plane managed on to make an emergency landing on a north carolina highway without injuring anyone. it landed on on the median and crossed on two lanes of traffic before stopping on the shoulder. the pilot said he was having mej problems and trying to make it to an airport. >> extreme weather starting with tornadoes in texas. as many as a dozen twisters reported in the panhandle. the severe storms left thousands without power. golf ball sized hail came down
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in some parts. a hilary clinton plant in t-- halliburton plant was damaged. localized flooding was reported. in colorado a major snowstorm hitting areas around denver expecting a foot and a half blizzard like conditions will last well into this morning. wind gusts are expected to reach up to 60 miles an hour. blizzard warnings are in effect for parts of kansas, nebraska and new mexico. winter closing in in northern china. that means they're getting the pandas ready for the cold. the enclosure for the panda has been outfitted with a heating bed. i need a heating chair for the show. >> they want to make sure she is warm enough. she arrived a month ago and the experts say the change of climbs can be tough. >> her area has a built-in in heating system in the ground. no doubt, she's in for a comfortable time this winter.
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>> you would think their fur would make them nicely warm for the winter but i guess not. >> you would think the blubber would help keep her insulated. >> she's a growing girl. eating lots of carrots, steamed onread and apples. that sounds like a diet, not for a growing girl. >> paleodiet for pandas. coming up, if you're hungry for details about the next hunger games," stay tuned. >> the single song from a piano player to heal paris after the terror attacks. we're hearing from the musician who is striking a chord. >> new pictures taken inside the bataclan theater. our coverage continues after our look at today's forecast map. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by sheila g's brownie brittle.
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back now to our top story. the attacks on paris. french president francois hollande is now saying france is at war as he vows to destroy isis. >> as french warplanes strike in syria, he's calling for bold moves on the home front. abc's david muir is in paris with the latest. >> reporter: for the first time it, the moments before paris was forever changed on. these photographs emerging from inside that concert hall taken from the stage before the attack. so many smiling faces, their hands in the air. and now we know what would come next. the gunfire breaking through the music. >> we're also getting our first look at this video of the immediate aftermath. sirens blaring, voices crying out. two officers peering through
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those doors. president obama saying the u.s. had no intelligence this attack was coming. >> there were no specific mentions of this particular attack that would give us a sense of something that we need -- that we could provide french authorities, for example, or act on ourselves. >> reporter: while here in france, president hollande stood with students in a moment of silence across the country. a short time later in front of a joint session of parliament, he declared on france is at war with isis calling for an extension. he wants a three-month state of emergency here in france. saying the attacks were "planned in syria, organized in belgium and perpetrated in france." his country continuing its military response from those air strikes thanking america for providing assistance to sending an aircraft carrier to the
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eastern mediterranean on thursday off the coast of syria. the world now watching as that international manhunt plays out. the alleged on eighth attacker on the front pages of newspapers across the globe. a massive anti-terror crackdown across france. these images of officers entering a building detaining a man in toulouse. 168 raids in all. 23 arrested on, computers, hard drives seized. 39 weapons found him among them bullet proof vests kalashnikovs and a rockets launcher. people under house arrest here in france. as you travel through paris, all of the places where the carnage unfolded. there were 19 different nationalities among the dead. a survivor holding a ticket from the concert. this woman showing photos she took inside the concert hall with friends standing this close to the band. she hid in the dark inside a closet for three hours. >> all we could hear at that point was a stampede.
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people running and screaming. gunfire and thuds which could only have been people hitting the floor, their bodies. >> reporter: and we metro man renuel, who lived near two of the restaurants targeted. he told me it was his responsibility to be there with the victims who were dying. why did you kneel down beside them? >> what could i do? ignore them? just do what you can. you're not a doctor. you can't help. you can just show feelings to people, don't let people die alone. so, you do what you can do. you just watch, you just try to ease pain, but what can you do? >> and the french government also trying to do what they can do. a short time ago, the interior minister announcing 128 raids have taken place overnight. they've added 115,000 police to conduct patrols in france, as well. and as we take a look once again at the growing memorial that is growing outside one of the six locations that were
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attacked on. you can see things are starting to get back to normal. at least people are going about their business this morning there in paris. .coming up, one man's musical message. >> they're also the chords of peace. the musical tribute from another time. "world news n
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♪ imagine all the people, living life in peace ♪ ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer >> they're the notes from another era, another time and another war. >> when john lennon wrote the music and the words to that song, they never thought it would become an icon of peace for its time. who could have possibly envisioned they would have such a powerful impact more than 40 years later half a world away. here's abc's juju chang. >> reporter: amidst it the horror and grief, a moment of hope. davide mortello outside the bataclan theater playinging that far tune, john lennon's
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"imagine." >> music goes directly into your heart. you have a moir moir in front of you and you're reflecting yourself in this music. >> reporter: after the infamous attacks, the musician drove 400 miles from germany to play at nearly every site where innocents lost their lives. >> my hope is that all the musicians all around the world are playing music for peace. this is what the world needs right now. >> reporter: around the globe echoes of support, monumentses a wash in the colors of the flag, this image trending worldwide and in paris, a symbol of hope in a city tossed on but not sunk. ♪ >> so beautiful to hear his words and the music and that song is just so touching even a generation later. it was written in his home and it went to number one on the
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♪ so hello from the other side ♪ i must have called on a thousand times ♪ ♪ to tell you i'm sorry for everything that i've done ♪ ♪ but when i call you never >> it is t minus three days to the release of perhaps the most highly anticipated hunger games" installment ever mocking jay part deaux. >> fans are asking what's going on with the fashion forward effie trinket. elizabeth banks opened on up to rachel smith. >> everyone's either going to want to kiss you, kill you or be you. >> far from the districts in the heart of times square -- lies the hunger games" exhibition.
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>> what do you make of all of it? >> it's remarkable. it's a walk down memory lane for sure. >> eyes right, chins up, smiles on. >> where i met up with the capital's favorite fashionista effie trinket, aka elizabeth banks. here she is. those are works of art. >> i want to say they were designed by an architect. it was a collaboration between an architect and a shoe designer. >> what are you doing? >> i'm a political refugee. >> she reflects on her surprising return in part 2. >> the films were a departure from the book where effie was mia. >> i think everybody disagreed was sort of a fan favorite and she had a real connection to katniss. you couldn't really see it in the books. >> you look lovely as ever. senator now for a little lightning round, maybe the odds be ever in your favor. >> a game we're calling what are effie's odds? >> what are the odds of her
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wearing sneakers? >> low, very low odds. unless they become a big deal in the capital. >> she really likes the heal. >> what are the odds of effie ing on socmedia? >> high odds. effie understands the power of a great media presence. >> with the games coming to a close, she says effie will always have a place in her heart. >> are you going to miss this character? >> very much. i loved on her. she's really iconic and there's a lot of creativity within effie. i'll miss that for sure history was made here. . >> abc news, new york. >> you excited about this one, huh. >> yeah, it opens this friday. many say it could make up to $120 million this weekend. >> that's a lot. that's the news for this half hour. on "world news
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now," the world's most wanted man. >> the police raids and manhunt for the mastermind in the paris attacks. any acblisses how did they get away. new details on the search and how world leaders are responding. homeland threat. latest message from isis vowing to attack washington, d.c. leaders in the nation'sapital taking no chances. murder mystery. developments overnight from the texas where six people were found dead at a campsite. the new clues coming in. and later revolutionary surgery, the most extensive face transplant ever and the injured firefighter who will get to go home for thanksgiving after an operation like no other. it is tuesday, november 17th. from abc news


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