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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 17, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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now," the world's most wanted man. >> the police raids and manhunt for the mastermind in the paris attacks. any acblisses how did they get away. new details on the search and how world leaders are responding. homeland threat. latest message from isis vowing to attack washington, d.c. leaders in the nation'sapital taking no chances. murder mystery. developments overnight from the texas where six people were found dead at a campsite. the new clues coming in. and later revolutionary surgery, the most extensive face transplant ever and the injured firefighter who will get to go home for thanksgiving after an operation like no other. it is tuesday, november 17th. from abc news, this is
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"world news now." >> we do say good morning to you this tuesday. it is a busy one. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. let's get right to the intense crackdown on terror in paris and beyond as the scope of flied's grisly attacks begins to slowly sink in. >> a live picture right now of paris of the eiffel tower which reopened on for the first time yesterday following the attacks on friday. some flowers are piling up at memorials all around that city honoring the 1239 people that called on that city home while police conducted more than 150 raids and arrested on nearly two dozen people. a key suspect and the alleged on mastermind remain on the loose. our coverage begins with elizabeth hur. >> reporter: police thought they had him cornered on but the target has slipped on their grasp for the second time. and now the manhunt for the suspected on eighth attacker salah abdeslam is intensifying. the 26-year-old on the run after
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police say he fled paris friday night, abandoning the two cars he had rented then making a run for his native belgiumring a third car with two other passengers. police stopped them at a roadblock saturday but inexplicably let them go and they made it across the border. those two passengers now under arrest and charged on. police identified this plan as the mastermind of the paris massacre. his plan included having one of the attackers blend in among the tens of thousands of syrian refugees to sneak into paris. fears of another deadly ruse have governors of 25 states resisting president obama's plan to resettle up to 10,000 syrians in the u.s. >> slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values. >> in pair pris, francois hollande led his nation in a moment of silence.
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in the meantime, the fugitive's brother was questioned on and released on. he says he had no idea both of his brothers were terrorists. again, one is still on the run and the other died on during the attacks. >> of course a lot of people reacting to this attack. what are we hearing from our lawmakers on capitol hill? >> to honor the victims they observed a moment of silence yesterday and house speaker paul ryan requested on an all-member briefing from the administration, bottom line he says he wants to know what happened. and make sure what happened. paris doesn't happen here. >> we know now also, that syrian refugees have become a huge campaign issue especially for donald trump. >> the donald. elves at a rally last night in tennessee. and he told his supporters there if elected, he would deport all syrian refugees "adding we're going to borders, we're going to have a corrupt again.
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right now we don't have a country." president obama, we should note he just landed in manila for the asian pacific summits. he's already made his position clear for anyone denying the syrian refugees the ability to resettle here, he said that is shameful, not american, not who we are. basically, yes a divisive issue and a debate already brewing. > definitely a change in the dialogue for the presidential race. le thank you for joining us. >> as law enforcement steps up security here at home, isis released on a new video vowing washington will suffer the same fate as paris. here of here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: french police in a shootout, exchanging gunfire with terrorists outside the bataclan concert hall. three hours of terror. isis quickly claiming credit for it all, saying paris is only the beginning. and in this video, isis issues a warning to america. an attack on the nation's capital is coming.
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"as we struck in france in the center of its abode, in paris, then we swear that we will strike america at its center, in washington." >> we are always at a heightened level of security because of our locale. >> reporter: the cia director says the attacks in france should serve as a wakeup call for americans. >> their agenda is to kill. pure and simple. >> reporter: across the country, security is being ramped up. there's a heavy police presence in times square. and new york city's police commissioner said that isis tactics in the paris attack deeply concern him. >> the idea that all of them, all of them were equipped with these suicide vests. >> reporter: u.s. officials are also worried that the killers in france may have used encryption technology to hide their computer and cell phone communications. so-called going dark. belgian officials suspect the killers in france also used on gaming systems like playstation to communicate
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offgrid. even though there's no specific credible isis threato the homeland, the fbi is intensifying surveillance of their suspected sympathizers in all 50 states. more than 70 prospective supporters of isis arrested in the last two years alone. some with deadly intentions. security across this city stepped on up and across this country more than 900 terror investigations under way. pierre thaws, abc news, washington. >> france's fierce military response to the terror attacks now includes an aircraft carrier. the carrier charles de gaulle heading toward syria. they were apparently on a hit list. why didn't they strike before? >> they would wait for them to be populated to have a class there in training, to have a group being recruited. >> as for the american response, president obama says nothing has changed on and he does not want to put boots on the ground.
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yesterday, the u.s. did bomb more than 100 isis fuel trucks. >> secretary of state john kerry made a surprise visit to paris on monday-inning the u.s. ambassador jane hartley for a ceremonial lighting at the american embassy. the building was flooded with light in the blue white and red colors of the french flag. this morning kerry will meet with francois hollande that america shares in the resolve to defeat extremism. >> coming on the heels of brutal attacks in lebanon, iraq and elsewhere, it is an assault on our collective accepts of reason and purpose. >> kerry also said that the attacks would not dematerial paris from hosting the u.n. climate change conference and than president obama is looking forward to being there himself. our coverage of the attacks on paris and the impact worldwide continuing all morning long.
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get the latest on americans who escaped on and the student who did not later this half hour. another major headline we're following a suspect charged on with the murder after six bodies were discovered on in rural texas. two victims were found in a travel trailer on land they just bought for camping and hunting. the other four including one child were discovered on in a nearby pond. the suspect william mitchell hudson lived on the adjoining property. prosecutors have not identified a motive. >> we enlisted on the help of the texas rangers and our district attorney. >> a woman who survived to the attack was able to describe the alleged on killer to the police. >> the fbi and justice department joining forces into a investigation of a police shooting in minneapolis. jamar clark is brain dead after being shot sunday. conflicting reports whether he was handcuffed on when he shot.
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hundreds protesting shut down the highway last night in st. louis. >> tornados in texas. as many as a dozen reported in the texas panhandle. the storms left thousands of people without power. golf ball sized hail came down in some areas. a halliburton plant in the area was powerfully damaged. flooding as reported. you wouldn't think the starter of winter is still a month away. seeing scenes like this areas around denver expecting a foot and a half. we're talking blizzard conditions lasting into the morning. gusts expected on to reach up to 60 miles an hour. blizzard warnings for parts of kansas, nebraska and new mexico. >> so this is huge. marriott is buying starwood resorts to become the largest hotel company in the world. the deal brings together brands
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raising from luxury to budget. the combined company will control about 5500 properties and more than a million rooms worldwide. >> what does this mean for my points? >> no longer do you have to use between starwood and marriott. i'm a geeking about you're a saying no one's gng to get lost in the point system whether you're marriott or starwood. >> yeah, somehow. and for those of uswho need fewer facebook friends, this is national unfriend day. kimmy kimmel came up with the holiday as a joking in 2010. yes, there is a national unfriend page on facebook. among the friends who the runs who overshare, reveal the endings of tv shows and tse who is asks silly questions which could be answered easily online. >> oh, kimmel. that's not nice. >> it is good. i used to have a birthday on
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trending because it gives you a reminder of somebody's birthday. >> so you don't get the reminder again? >> no, or even know who they are. >> when's your birthday. >> monday night football was not a thing of beauty last night but produced on a result almost no one saw coming. >> the bengals had a 6 oil 3 lead when houston backup quarterback here t.j. yates find dion drail hopkins. then receiver of a.j. green and the texans recovered on. the bengals suffered their first loss of the season. houston wins it 10 oil 6. it was an offensive showdown there. really. all right. of coming up in the mix an endorsement for barbie dolls from a boy. the xanl getting worldwide buzz. >> the revolutionary operation for severely burned on
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four days after the deadly terrorist attacks in paris, worldwide support casting a new beacon on the city of light. >> but as the shock wears off, grief is taking its place including here at home, of course, as we learn more details about the american victims caught in the chaos. brandi hitt with more. >> reporter: family and friends of 23-year-old know emmy gonzales gathered on at this vigil struggling to understand why her life was cut short in paris. the senior studying in a semester abroad is seen here on social media celebrating a birthday in 2012. she was shot and killed by terrorists in a restaurant. >> i think she's going to be in everyone else's heart, too.
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>> another target the bataclan concert hall as the eagles of death metal performed on. nick alexander, the band's merchandise manager was killed along with 90 ear others here. his girlfriend wrote you are and always will be the love of my life. there were close calls for many others. >> we heard bang-bang, bang-bang bang-bang, like five shots. >> airbnb software engineer brian moriarity was trapped in a restaurant surrounded by gunfire and and shane and jami also took cover near the concert hall into it feels selfish in a way to be here. >> 16 additional college students were studying with gonzales. california state california long beach confirms they are all safe. that. coming up next, the firefighter with a new lease on life. his dramatic transformation after being severely burned in a
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house fire. it's being called on the most extrensive face transplant ever. >> the later the christmas controversy in new jersey. why so many angry moms took to facebook over that mall santa. that's in our next half hour on "world news now." "world news now"
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it's being called on the most extensive face transplant ever. a firefighter whose face was burned on in a house 14 years ago now has a new lease on life. >> his new face is now that of a 26-year-old brooklyn bike mechanic. mallory hoff has this remarkable story. >> reporter: mississippi volunteer firefighter patrick hardison suffered devastating burns to his face when he ran into a home to see if anyone was trapped on in the flames in 2001. from that point forward, he
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disguised on himself wearing prosthetic ears, a hat and sunglasses. >> i'm hear going to nyu for the face transplant. >> reporter: now the husband and father is the recipient of the most extensive face transplant worldwide to date. >> lips nice and normal. >> he's doing very well today only for day 93. he'll require other procedures. >> reporter: it was performed on at nyu in august. dr. rodriguez led a team of over 100 people during the 26 hour surgery. >> we had an emotional exchange when we took him to macy's to buy clothes. no one stared on at him and looked on at him. >> a friend urged on him to you send his medical records here. he placed those files in the hands of dr. rodriguez. in 2012, they began their journey together. >> we did have challenges identifying the ideal donor, a
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fair skinned on light hairs. >> helen irving is the ceo of the organ recovery organization live on new york. she welcomed on the challenge. more than a year after the search began are, there was a doaner. >> david had been declared on brain dead following a bicycle accident. his mother immediately said yes. there was no hesitation in her mind. her son-always wanted to be a fireman. >> in death he would give a new face and new day to a man who traded in his reflection when he ran into a burning home. >> mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> imagine if the doctor told you you only have a 50% chance of surviving the surgery. >> those were his chances. >> now he can get his vision back and do something as bake as drive. >> after spending 14 years like that, you can kind of understand understand why he took those odds. >> coming up the barbie doll ad
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to unleash max strength medicine. let's end this. time now for "the mix." we're all about gender neutral toys. >> of course. >> you know who is getting on board with that? barbie. this new ad featuring a boy talking about how much he loves barbie. >>. >> moss chino barbie doll sold out within an hour for $150 is the price you'll pay for that one. it seems to mayorer the style of moschino designer jeremy scott. he's come out saying he loves barbie and thinks she is the ultimate muse. >> interesting. i wonder what some people would say having this kid, this male child advertise this. >> they should all get on board.
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gender neutral. girls can play with trucks, boys can play with barbie. >> i'm still playing with my buddy doll from the 1980s. >> okay so around this time of year we always get the word of the day from the oxford. the word of the day is i can't even pronounce it. this is the word of the year rather. >> what is that? >> it's an emotety con. they said this is the word of the year. it would not be an old fashioned string of letters like we know. instea it's this picto, acknowledgement of how popular these pictures have become in our digital and daily lives. >> so that's the emoji for lol? >>t is. crying, laughing. >> okay. >> and the lol is laughing out loud? >> yes. and then there's -- >> that is theive someny yak. i'm so tired i can't feel my face anymore. >> that's a tragically sad emoji. >> what is your emoji there. >> mine is give me more candy
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corn and coffee. >> >> well, a dad was given a video camera to document a trip. problem was daddy put it on selfie mode and then this happened. >> so did you know it was on selfie mode? son said dad, take this n his camera and document your trip. yeah. but what daddy didn't realize was he put it on selfie mode. so everything, every shot has him in it. >> so you never get to see all that is. >> and his son posted on facebook. i gave my dad a gopro while he was inas vegas. i didn't instruct him how to use it and he didn't know the point of the effing thing. >> that is the worst vegas video yet. that's one of the things that happens in vegas that should stay there. >> it's funny. >> that's
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this morning on "world news now" world's most wanted. the police raids and intense search for anyone responsible for the paris terror attacks. new developments in the manhunt. and new this half hour, details emerging about the 27-year-old mastermind. >> from isis headquarters to the french capital. what investigators are uncovering about the young man's plans to terrorize paris. >> political firestorm. the presidential candidates and dozens of governors fighting to stop any influx of syrian refugees. president obama's response. >> and later in "the skinny"", charlie sheen's diagnosis. his very personal healt disclosure going public and what we learned about his condition. it's tuesday, november 17th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we do say good morning to you on this busy tuesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan.
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