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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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marci: german officials say nothing was found there and the evacuation was a precation after several threats that police thought might be credible. this underscores the heightened alert here as the manhunt and the ivestigation continue. this is one of the killers that carried out the attack in paris. his brother on french tv today urging him to surrender. again fighting back against isis. dropping 16 bombs. destroying command and the training centers and the terror group capitol in syria. john kerry meeting with francois hollande today vowing to work together.
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marci: much of europe on edge. soccer match canceled before kickoff. the stadium evacuated while at this game between england and france at wembley stadium. a show of solidarity between the grieving nation. marci: after opening yesterday, today eiffel towers were closed again because of concerns there weren't enough security measures in place there. live in paris, marci gonzalez, back to you. leon: thank you. tensions running high all around the world today. a spirit airlines flight was evacuated and four people taken off and into custody. in the midst of that, our suzanne kennedy was there on
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board that flight. what was happening on board the plane? first, glad you're here to elus the story. suzanne: it was an interesting couple of hoursed, this comes at a time we have heightened concern in light of the terror attack and threats. this started with a woman on board the flight on the plane. she saw something and said something. >> spirit airlines flight 969 to chicago was supposed to leave b.w.i. airport at 6:00. but it was as the aircraft was taxis to take-off that the passenger and the child hurried to the back of the aircraft to alert the plate of a group of people suspicious actions. >> calling me -- [inaudible] suzanne: the jet was held at the gate while three men and a woman were taken from the
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plane by maryland transit authority police. after a half hour at the gate, 109 passengers were evacuated. law enforcement and a k-9 unit were waiting at gate c-9 to search bags. travelers were on edge. >> i'm concerned no one has information on what happened on the plane. >> it happened in the metro. they are looking for something. >> the t.s.a. inspected the plane for more than an hour. nothing suspicious was found. the flight left three hours late. suzanne: we followed up throughout the day. we wanted to know what happened to the four people. around 9:45 they released one of them. one of the men. they have three others there talked to and questioned.
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thaw are releasing the other three people. >> what were they doing or saying? >> they were watching a news report that made the passenger, the woman that went to the back of the plane, it made her uncomfortable. so they were escorted off the plane thereafter. leon: glad you're okay. suzanne: thank you. leon: maryland joined a growing list of the states rejecting syrian refugees. today larry hogan announce head has requested that the government stop sending refugees to maryland until they are assure there is no public safety threat. two dozen other governors made similar statements since the attack in france. one of the suicide attackers that immigrated to europe along with other refugees. count on abc7 for coverage of the acts in paris and the global fall-out. coming out at 6:00, where virginia stands on the controversy about resettling the syrian refugees in the
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u.s. alison: a college campus is shut down in the eastern shore after a student went home to get a gun and vanished. the college in chestertown canceled the classes yesterday. but today it evacuate and closed until further notice. brad bell is there with what we know about the missing student. brad: look at the campus. eerily quiet. nobody on the pathways. over here, john paul science center, the door is locked. there will be no late night studying. this campus closed because o concerns about one 19-year-old sophomore. jacob marberger described as brilliant. a sophomore who had become a student government leader. this fall on this campus, he had been bullied. >> speaking with him, he did
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feel persecuted by students on campus. >> he was caught in possession of a hand gun on campus after a drunken fraternity party. he was suspended, forced to submit to psychiatric evaluation. kicked out of the fraternity and the student senate. >> he obviously is a troubled young man. >> yesterday it's believed he retrieved a rifle from his parent's pennsylvania home. and then he vanished. fearing h may return to campus, the school today ordered all students to leave. >> everyone is scared. we want to get somewhere safe. >> alison among those packing up and heading home. >> my family, i feel like i will be more safe there. brad: this student knows him and doubts he's danger. this campus also evacuated saying the school is making the right call. >> you can't be too careful now. with the society the way it
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is. >> now the washington college president made it clear there is no specific threat against the campus. she also said that the young man was last seen in pennsylvania. so this closure is only out of an abundance of caution. brad bell, abc7 news. leon: noticeably cooler day after a sunny start to week. what about tomorrow? let's find out. chief meteorologist doug hill with the first look for us this hour. hey, doug. doug: hey. the cloudy skies. no rain outside the belfort furniture weather center. we don't expect showers tomorrow afternoon. get to thursday, the rain will become likely around the area. show you temperatures in the upper 50's. 55 degrees in chevy chase. 56 in aspen hill. 57 in ashburn. 58 degrees right now in northeast. clouds will be around and will keep the temperatures cool but
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cold. tornado warnings today across arkansas. we don't expect the severe weather. we expect the rain that could be heavy at times. especially early thursday morning as the system advances our way. high of 58. slight chance of shower. rain likely tomorrow night and thursday. we look ahead to the weekend in a few minutes. >> in the meantime we have a bright ending for what had been dim hope. 16-year-old girl from d.c. missing for six days in cherokee national forest has been found alive. diane: after six days searching on the ground and from above, the sheriff office confirmed 16-year-old eva has been found. her mother posted an update on the facebook page saying that
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a search and rescue team found her in the woods today. healthy enough to bring her to us before she goes to the hospital. thanks to everyone for your prayers and the positive thoughts. she was hiking with the group from the academy boarding school in tennessee when she disappeared. staff member tells us they within to fourth day of the hiking trip when she ran away. in the search the family members created a facebook page to spread the word. since then many commented on the page after learning of the news. saying, "our prayers were answered." in northwest d.c., diane cho, abc7 news. alison: we are continuing to follow breaking news ahead at 5:00. what police are saying about what was found when a soccer stadium was evacuated amidst terror fears in germany.
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jonathan: -- leon: plus isis fears and why you need to update your schedule to keep up. >> plus new tools. leon: a new tool to protect you from fraud. the help center is wide open to get answers about questions about fraud and scams. they are answering the phone. call them at 703-236-9220. alison: a video that went viral. two women sexually abusing a man. now he says the video only tells part of the story. why he is coming forward next on "abc7 news at 5:00".
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leon: tonight "7 on your side" exclusive. the man in the video at the center of the d.c. twerking and the sex abuse case that so many people is talking about. he is revealing his identity for the first time on television now. alison: as he tells our fighting back against crime investigator jennifer donelan he wants to set the record straight now. general joins us live from the northeast gas station where all of this unfolded. tell us about it. jennifer: what the camera
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capture and the subsequent fall-out have the man reading comment after comment on websites across the internet. jennifer: meet the guy with two women caught on tape, grabbing and touching him. >> it looked like i had girls twerking on me and i called police. that is not what happened. jennifer: the local middle school teacher stopped for gas at the shell station on october 7. he pulaskied out his cash to pay. twerking was the beginning. next game the woman in red. >> she grabbed my private parts. >> i was maneuvering away from him and i was continuing, continuing, continuing. >> sark says so much more -- tharpe says much more wasn't caught on tape. i was a ten-minute ordeal.
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>> he says a woman grabbed his arm. the teacher said he tried to throw her off of him. >> she got right back up. i am thinking she has to be a man. >> the women retreated but just for a moment. he drove in the car wash. >> they came after me. i'm thinking they are going to kill me. that is when i called 911. jennifer: he feared for his life that afternoon. >> we counted views of different versions on youtube and counting.
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jennifer: one of the woman is charged with sex abuse but the other woman is still on the loose but there is a warrant oil for her arrest -- warrant out for her arrest. alison: what a story. more than what we see in the video. thank you so much. heavy winds and by saturday continues hitting colorado -- blizzard conditions hitting colorado. the airport canceled 150 flights today. the national weather service says the heaviest snow in denver could reach up to 16 inches.
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leon: a different picture here. share your pictures with us. send them to alison: hard to see the snow. you know? leon: hard to think it is coming this way. alison: we have cold weather coming our way. doug: the air on saturday, sunday, monday, coldest air mass of the season so far. not bitterly cold but highs in the 40's. start off with a picture. we had a preview a minute ago. decked out for the holiday season. other temperatures are similar. mid-to-the upper 50's. 55 in annapolis. 55 degrees in hagerstown. as we get through the nighttime hours, mostly
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cloudy. cool. but not cold. temperatures with the winds range between 34 and 52 by tomorrow morning. cloudiness is slowly increasing. mostly high and midlevel clouds. picking up understoodcation of showers. some of this is not reaching the ground. fairly dry with the high pressure overhead. it's a preview of the coming attractions. getting through the afternoon tomorrow a few will make it to the ground. the main event is continuing to the west. this area of rain is widespread from the northern gulf coast to texas. all the way to southern canada. this area has been active. especially across the section of arkansas has been producing a number of tornado warnings. a pretty intense area right now. we continue to monitor.
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the timing is late to thursday morning. is future cast shows warmer temperatures tomorrow. maybe shower isolated around the area but then late tomorrow night and thursday morning predawn that is when most of the rain will come in. in time for the end of the rush hour. we could see rain heavy at times and isolate thunderstorms. then it will shift the other way and some parts could get afternoon sunshine. 30% chance of isolated shower tomorrow afternoon. 90% chance of rain on thursday. with thunderstorms, too. cooler on friday. another front will come through on saturday night to bring really chilly area. if you look at saturday,
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sunday, monday and tuesday, this looks terrific around near here. julie and brian will have live coverage of the parade. that will start at 10:00. saturday morning. it looks good. there you have saturday. it starts out mild. look we have a 20 degree difference in the high temperatures between thursday and monday. each successive cold front will pack a punch. alison: that is the direction we are going in now. after the nice warm days we have had. doug: for sure. leon: thank you, doug. now folks we are continuing to follow breaking news, fear of a bombing attempt at a major german soccer match. the new information from the scene. we will have it for you ahead. >> the underhanded schemes and the dirty tricks. i'm horace holmes in the "7 on your side" health center.
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we have folks here who are answering your calls. if you have run into a contractor or an individual ripping you off, 703-236-9220. we'll be back. talk more about it in a minute.
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leon: we are coming to that time of year again. the time when plenty of people are trying to get hold of your
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money. "7 on your side" troubleshooter horace holmes is standing by at the health center tonight. we have a new tool to protect yourself from the scammers out there. horace: the folks at the better business bureau call it scam tracker. this is how it works. this is what the better business bureau calls the scam tracker. a way to watch with the steams and the tricks, companies, contractors and individuals are pulling on consumers. >> we hope to empower consumers with the information. we want consumers to go to the site, see the scams in their area and report scams they are hearing. horace: kelsey of the d.c. better business bureau overseas the project in our area and explains how anyone can log in the tracker on the better business bureau website. >> you can zoom in specifically on you location. it has geographic points of the different scams hurt and destales of the -- details of the scams. horace: we have been getting phone calls from people who
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think they have been the victim of fraud. we have the better business bureau, folks from the u.s. postal inspection service. answer your calls. the number from now until 6:30, 703-236-9220. 703-236-9220. give us a call. alison: thank you very much. now we have new developments to a "7 on your side" i-team report. two former petco workers went on trial today in chesterfield county, virginia. south of richmond. suzanne and rebecca are charged with inadequate care of an animal. golden retriever named colby died in a driver at a petco last may. they lost their jobs and petco retrained its groomers as a result of colby's death. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the major changes planned for two area airports. what that is going to mean for the travelers. >> security stepped up across the city. still some visits to the nation's capital are canceled. i'm stephen tschida.
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i will tell you about that in a moment. alison: coing up next, the latest on the breaking news from germany where a terror threat forced soccer stadiu
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jonathan: i'm jonathan elias joining you from the abc7 terrorism alert desk. a soccer stadium in germany had to be evacuated after there was concrete evidence of
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a plot to set off explosives inside the stadium. the game between germany and the netherlands canceled. th is all happening an hour and a half before the game started. there were all kind of rumors flying around as a result of this. there were stories that an ambulance or a bus found packed with explosives. not true. it doesn't appear to be the case at all. search of the stadium and the parking lot have turned up nothing. this cancellation was done as a precaution given the intel that authorities had about the serious threats aimed at the soccer stadium. folks across europe as you ca imagine on edge afr the paris attacks. word we are getting in about the paris attacks now i that the u.s. officials believe this was not influenced what happened in paris by isis. they say now it was actually directed by isis with the attacks that took place in paris. clearly we will continue to monitor all of the threats we hear about. as soon as we get them, we will be sure to pass them along to you. as soon as they come in, we will be sure to get the information and the tidbits and the threats going on.
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yesterday isis released a video singling out washington, d.c. for the next attack. while security is already increased in the area, fear of a terrorist attack is affecting other part of daily life. stephen tschida is joining us live in northwest washington with what he has found today. >> there is fear here in the nation's capitol. there is fear across the country for the nation's capital. now some field trips to d.c. were canceled today. but in the heart of the city, where you have the sidewalk cafes. we expect them to be filled in the next hour or so. a lot of people refused. >> fear. >> the national theater sent out e-mail. it advises they come early because of the extra security.
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>> visiting. we don't know what they are mixing in. beef up security around the national mall. several school systems cancel the planned field trip to d.c. including those to the air and space museum. >> it's probably the wrong message. we shouldn't do anything any different. >> there is not the traditional trip wires anymore. with a attack. >> chief cathy lanier talked able the difficulty tracking the isis sympathizers. d.c. police working with the department of the homeland security. >> we will see measures in place. there is a lot of visible stuff. a lot of stuff is not visible. >> days after the deadly ram page in paris, hours after isis, apparently let washington know it has set the sights on the nation's capital. the city looks unchanged. they take the seriously but
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they won't change their behavior. >> there is a threat but we can't stay away from it. >> there are changing coming for the sports vents across the metro area. i will tell you about those changes on "abc7 news at 6:00". reporting life, abc7 news, stephen tschida. jonathan: we will continue to track the breaking gnaws in germany and bring you all the developments in the war on terror from here at the terrorism alert desk. for now that is it. back to you. alison: okay. one person died in an person din accident. we flew over the scene this morning. this was in brandywine. maryland state police have not released the victim's name at the time and the police are still investigating the cause of the accident. leon: another accident we have been following here. 8-year-old boy injured in a crash in chillum this month died. he was among four children in the back of a mustang when it and another car crashed on new
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hampshire avenue near poplar avenue on october 5. witnesses tell abc7 that the children in age from 4 to 10 were not wearing seat belts at the time. three adults suffered non-life threatening injuries. police tell us they don't believe alcohol or speed played a role in the crash. alison: coming up, widespread reaction after charlie sheen says he has hiv. what the public statement could mean for the perception of the disease. leon: plus, new plans for dulles and reagan national airport. what changes the travelers should expect there. alison: inyesterdayable stories of the life saving moments. it's trauma survivors day. emotiona
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steve: we'll have partly cloudy skies and breezy at it time. the wind chill factors will make it feel colder than that. the thanksgiving day parade in silver spring this saturday. starts at 10:00. julie wright and brian van de graaff will host it. temperatures around noon, around 50 degrees. take out to look at the turkey trot 10k. that is looking at the temperatures for the middle to the upper 40. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues after this.
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leon: dozen of the d.c. homeless living in tents along the river are being forced to leave. yesterday, city officials and a dump truck were cleaning up the camp site. city officials say they posted 14-day notice about the clean-up. despite offers from the city to give the homeless a place to stay, some of them refused. they say it is illegal to catch on the public street. alison: a new logo unveil today for reagan national airport. mwaa says it is a sign big changes to come. >> today we are launching a new brand. >> this is not ju a new look
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but a new campaign to improve your next trip to reagan national or dulles national airport. >> with the new brand, we renew our commitment to our customers. putting their needs first. to improve the experience. >> the airport authority hit a major redevelopment. retail concession. additional parking and a new website. now more changes on the way. >> if we had a shuttle it would be great. >> the plan calls to move the existing security checkpoint. >> the security expansion we are planning is more in line with the increase in the passenger activity we are seeing at the airport. it is also an opportunity to be able to offer the latest protocol and equipment.
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>> planning to build a new area above the ground transportation level. two check point ajis sant to location of the -- adjacent of the location of the bridges connected to the garage. >> you have to be patient. it could be five years before the facilities in place. leon: we have the story of ipads in schools ahead. alison: the shocking admission from charlie sheen. what it could mean for the fight against hiv locally. leon: you can call in the "7 on your side" team with your questions if you think you have been the victim of a scam. phone lines will be open until 6:30. call in now at 703-236-9220.
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alison: a new report reveals s.t.d.'s are increasing at an alarming rate. the number of annually reported cases of sexually transmitted disease are increasing. syphilis increased 15% in just one year. chlamydia up by 3%. goneryia is up -- gonorrhea up by 5%. young people between the ages of 15 and 24 accounted for nearly two-third of all reported cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea. >> i am hiv positive. leon: that is the hollywood bombshell that has been simmering for weeks. charlie sheen on "the today show" revealing that he is the famous hollywood actor rumored to be living with hiv. putting an end to gossip. according to sheen also extortion. that set off flurry of responses among entertainment industry and americans living with the hiv.
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alison: tonight, mike carter-conneen explores what sheen's disclosure could mean for the perception of the disease. mike: charlie sheen says he was diagnosed four years ago but he is publicly acknowledging the disease now. >> i have a responsibility now to better myself and to help a lot of other people. >> here in d.c., 2.5% of washingtonians live with hiv. many were watching closely. >> i felt a lot of pain for him. mike: some say sheen's hiv status is not shocking but they are surprised by the extortion claims that he paid out millions to keep the diagnosis secret and avoid the hiv stigma. >> the stigma has not changed in 30 years. mike: in 1985, the doctor treated rock hudson. but for sheen in 2015 the disease is no longer a death sentence. >> he fortunately is hiv positive in a very different time than other celebrities in the past. mike: on social media many celebrities expressed support for sheen.
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heather locklear is praying for him. lady gaga calling him brave. mon telewilliams saying he -- montel williams saying he is proud of him but also pointed out the party lifestyle called him reckless. some expressed concern about the media fire storm and speculation over his health. >> nobody should be pressured to talk about their own health issues. >> still doctors, advocates and many patients believe anytime any public figure opens up about his or her hiv status it can help. even charlie sheen. >> we all have histories. maybe he has come around. >> he is helping out the community. helping people be honest with who they are. take care of themselves. >> in northwest. mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. leon: crews are fixing an eight-inch water main break in arlington at the north courthouse road between 13th and 14th street. nearly route 50 ramp if you know the area. rht now the southbound lanes are closed. the pipe burst around 2:00 and that caused a mess for the drivers this morning.
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no word when the repairs are going to wrap up. get a check of the roads elsewhere. jamie sullivan is watching that for us. jamie: we are going to start in the courthouse neighborhood in arlington. because it will probably affect you, especially if you do try to access 50 from the courthouse road. activity there is still doing it between 13 and 14th street. it is open. 50 heading eastbound and westbound, the ramp that you use to exit courthouse, go ahead and use tenth street to avoid. they still have the cones up. the traffic right now on the interstate is slowing. we don't have crashes in virginia. 395, 95 heading southward. dale city. great shape. through fairfax. 11 miles per hour. washington parkway there is a crash. this is headal southbound. six-mile backup from 32 to continue to powder mill.
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a good idea in volume of both directions. if you get from baltimore or expecting someone closer to d.c. you may want to call them to tell them to use 95 instead. that is a look at traffic. back to you. leon: thanks, jamie. coming up tonight on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- d.c. remains on alert after a terror threat. steps up patrols on the street. we take a look at how that is impacting travel. field trichs to the city -- field trip to the city. life saving doctor and the patient. stories of survive new at 6:00. you won't want to miss those. the unbearably long wait is almost over. we are talking about bei bei. bei bei will make a public debut january 16. the members can get an early glimpse on january 8. bei bei will be nearly five months old then. he took steps last week. the third survivorring offspring for the parents --
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surviving offspring for the parents. they live at the zoo also with the second cub born in 2013. leon: i hope he likes the attention. i wonder if they can tell how many eyeballs on him. leon: the first blizzard will be january 16 and you can't go see the panda. doug: bei bei has an app on the phone. fun to see. we have a cold front and then it's nice for the weekend. check this out. time lapse from the washington lee high school in arlington.
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the temperatures around the area are the low to mid-50's. we have 50 degrees in the morning. upper 40's in sur burr been a areas. there are tornado warnings in eastern arkansas right now. that weather and that pattern is coming here overnight tomorrow night through 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 on thursday morning. isolated storm or two. heavy downpours. once we get it through, the weather portion friday to the upcoming weekend. it will turn cooler. storm a 30% chance of an afternoon shower. otherwise mostly cloudy and 65. mild and breezy thursday ahead
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of the cold front. the weather looks great for saturday's silver spring. if you can't make it i, it is live on newschannel8. brianne carter and julie wright will do the play-by-play of the parade. alison: they will be a lot of fun. leon: you know it. we have an event that folks around year are clamoring to be an annual event. alison: this is big. erin hawksworth is here. georgetown and maryland playing basketball tonight. erin: that is right. the line is behind me. you can tell that students from both schools realize the magnitude of the game. maryland hasn't hosted georgetown since 1973. [applause]
5:51 pm
>> we are excited and hoping we will win. >> one of the most exciting tickets in town. tickets are hard to come by. this maryland student doesn't have to worry. >> my friend came up and said do you want the ticket? >> maryland is ranked number three in the country, students at both schools realize an upset is possible. >> it will be fun. the second game. we are still dealing with what happened on saturday. we had a good chance. >> georgetown lost the first game. there could be an upset tonight. >> right. no. probably not. erin: i asked them what time
5:52 pm
they got here. these are the first students in line. they said 5:30 p.m. yeah, that's not really a big deal, right? well, no. 5:30 yesterday! who was the first one here? erin: you slept here? >> me and my friends slept in cars in the garage. erin: how excited are you for this? it hasn't been since 1973 that you hosted germtown? >> i'm very excited. two historically great programs. great basketball game. >> were you cold last night? >> no. >> this is way better than camping out in wisconsin in february. that was cold. especially how excited are you for being -- erin: how excited are you for being the first in line? you'll get the best seats. >> we're the first for the games. our section the same for two or three years. these guys have been here longer than me. erin: good luck. coming up at 6:00, hear from both teams. tip-off is at 9:00. back to you. alison: oh, to be young.
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[cheering] coming up next at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- we're putting the spotlight on education. kellye: i'm kellye lynn at new market middle school. coming up at tonight's spotlight on education the surging popularity of the
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horace: i'm horace holmes in the "7 on your side" health center. we are hearing over and over again. if it sounds like it's too good to be true, it's too good to be true. we're hear with the postal inspection service. what kind of calls are you getting? >> older americans who are targeted by multiple phone numbers. what happens is the bad guys get a list of phone numbers. they tend to be people who have money. they go after the people. they call them. different scams, different times. they convince them to usually
5:57 pm
wire money or mail money to somebody. the think is they are overseas typically. so it's easy to get a convincing phone number using the internet or skype. horace: we will be here until 6:30. leon: move over ipad. maureen: chrome books are taking off as the laptop of choice in the education sector. in tonight's spotlight on education. kellye lynn finds out why the devices are surging in popularity. kellye: at the elementary school in germantown, chrome books are common place. >> it helps with all the drills we have to use. >> since 2013-2014 school year, montgomery county spent $18 million on nearly 60,000
5:58 pm
chrome books. >> part of it is the ease of administration. in a school system of the size, sustainability and cost are important. kellye: the notebook computers that run on the google chrome operating system can be purchased for as little as $200. according to the "new york times," last year, 3.9 million chrome books were shipped to the education sector which represents more than a 310% rise in unit sales. in comparison. ipad unit sales in education declined last year. >> this is like my favorite topic other than math. because this is where you can interact with the chromebooks the most. kellye: in frederick county, educators put 20 different devices in front of students and asked them to pick the favorite one. the number one choice, the chrome book. >> eighth graders take the device home for $60 a year. home use is available for the seventh grade students in new market middle school in
5:59 pm
january. >> one thing i hear is the backpack is lighter so i'm more organized. kellye: kellye lynn, abc7 news. >> that is it for us at 5:00. right now on "abc7 news at 6:00". refugee crisis. there are fears that some could be terrorists. but some want to refuse the refugees. are the governors allowed to? d.c. is on alert after a specific threat from isis. how it is affecting tourism and field trips. closed until further notice. maryland college evacuated over threats. the latest on that investigation as the "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: up fist at 6:00, intensifying questions about how to combat isis as germany thwarts what coul have been a devastating attack. maureen: at this hour, an
6:00 pm
all-out manhunt for the person believed to be the only surviving attacker from friday's violence in paris. meantime, the u.s. grapples over accepting refugees from syria. we will look at the public and the political opinions in a moment. leon: but we want to start with a scare at a german match. tom roussey is live. what the latest? tom: there is still information coming in the newsroom on this one. a newspaper in germany is reporting there was a warning of an attack involved the bombs and the automatic weapons. that is why a soccer match was canceled. this was video taken as the authorities evacuated the stadium in hanover, germany. which is in the north central part of that country. the soccer game was supposed to take place tonight between germany and the netherlands. german chancellor merkel was even supposed to come and show that germany would not be intimidated by terrorists but then it was canceled over terrorism fears. there was a second stadium where a con


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