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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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all-out manhunt for the person believed to be the only surviving attacker from friday's violence in paris. meantime, the u.s. grapples over accepting refugees from syria. we will look at the public and the political opinions in a moment. leon: but we want to start with a scare at a german match. tom roussey is live. what the latest? tom: there is still information coming in the newsroom on this one. a newspaper in germany is reporting there was a warning of an attack involved the bombs and the automatic weapons. that is why a soccer match was canceled. this was video taken as the authorities evacuated the stadium in hanover, germany. which is in the north central part of that country. the soccer game was supposed to take place tonight between germany and the netherlands. german chancellor merkel was even supposed to come and show that germany would not be intimidated by terrorists but then it was canceled over terrorism fears. there was a second stadium where a concert was scheduled
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and it was evacuated as well. despite report of bomb and gun plot, the german ministry is refusing to say what made them cancel the match. he said it would "unsettle" germans. the latest in the newsroom is no bomb has been found at this hour. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. leon: thank you. keep us posted. hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees are in limbo at this hour. the u.s. promised to take in 10,000 of them. maureen: there is concerned that terrorists could infiltrate the refugees so half of the u.s. governors are now declaring they don't want syrians in their state. leon: can they keep them out? what happens now? kevin lewis? kevin: chris christie says the u.s. should go so far to deny 3-year-old orphans from the war-torn country. meanwhile presidential hopeful jeb bush saying the u.s. should only allow syrians to profess -- who profess so
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be christians. >> you can't let a couple of bad seeds ruin it for everyone. kevin: he supports the refugees in america. >> 99.9% of the people are good people. you can't deny they are in a bad situation. kevin: according to the state department the u.s. welcomed 1,800 syrian refugees this year alone. california accepted the most with 218. maryland brought in 31. virginia, 13. >> there is no current, immediate concern about the syrian refugees coming to maryland. kevin: yesterday, maryland governor larry hogan was still mulling over the debate. but today clarity. hogan saying after careful conversation i'm requesting federal authorities cease any additional settlements from syria. >> we don't know who is going to come here. who knows?
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kevin: terry mcauliffe is keeping his options open. his spokesman telling us every refugee settles settles in the e u.s. undergoes intensive security screening. >> why should we not allow the syrians to come in when we allow any other nationality or religion to come in? kevin: the u.s. supreme court held immigration is a federal matter. it's unclear how successful governors vowing to block refugees will be. president obama is still in support of bringing syrians to u.s. live in the satellite center, i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. leon: thank you, kevin. we want to know what you think about the refugee plan. we asked on twitter should the states be able to refuse to accept syrian refugees? the responses are split down the middle. 52% say yes. 48% say no. maureen: washington, d.c. remains on alert after a threat from isis. you will now see more police patrols and security on the
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streets at tourist destinations andon metro. that is affecting travel and everyday life. stephen tschida has the impact just before the holiday season. stephen: there is a lot of fear for nation's capital. so much so, some are canceling the visit to d.c. in the heart of the city, we have the sidewalk cafes behind me. the ultimate soft targets. they are filling up right now. people here in the city are not changing their behavior because of the threats. as the church repairs to take on the -- as georgetown is preparing for the game, security measures in place. >> you just don't know how they mix in with us. stefs some are apparent. others are invisible. stepped up security blanket the capital. there was a purported video that threatened washington surfaced yesterday. >> we will strike america in
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stronghold washington. >> some field trips to d.c. canceled. security experts warn the soft targets where the terrorists could take aim at victims are the riskiest places. but we found plenty of people at the sidewalk cafes today. >> there is always a risk. especially now after the attack in paris. >> justin says he refuses to change his routine because of threats. >> if we start to change our behavior, that is what isis and the terrorist want. >> the restaurant managers say so far there is no drop in business. they have not experienced patrons asking for seats away from patios and windows or in the rear of the establishment. >> not at all. not in the last couple of nights. everybody is kind of just business as usual in d.c. we know we are a city under some threat some of the time. all the time. stefs but so far there is only a threat if there is terror i attack.
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behavior in the city may change. stephanos, abc7 -- stephen tsch, abc7 news. leon: washington college is shut down in chester-up to until further notice. they are investigating report of a student who went home to get a gun and disappeared. police say that jacob marberger is now listed as a missing person. washington college telling the student to check in with staff and leave the campus and go home if possible. stay with abc7 to keep you updated as we continue to follow the investigation. coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" tonight. >> all right. stop. a man is speaking out about a twerking incident. maureen: what do you do if you think you have fallen victim to a scam. abc7 news has the answer. we have those in the newsroom waiting to take your calls. number on the screen.
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doug: i'm doug hill in the belfort furniture weather center. cloudy skies outside. big changes. rain. colder air. we have it all in the seven-day forecast next.
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leon: the man at the center of a d.c. twerking and sex abuse case reveals his identity for the first time. washington tharpe, that is the man you see there, wants to
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set the record straight. he is the man in the surveillance video that shows two men grabbing him at a gas station. police release part of the video to identify the woman. tharpe says what wasn't releasedleased is what caused ho call 911. >> i went outside, they followed me. they grabbed the car door. wouldn't let me get in the car. leon: he thinks that a draw of men sty were somehow involved. his have arrested one of the women believed to be in that video. maureen: new support for an appeal by mcdonald. he is appealing the corruption conviction to the u.s. supreme court. he has support of the former lawyers of president obama and president bill clinton. they signed a letter backing the appeal.
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>> a yorkshire puppy is recovering after investigators say her owner nearly beat her to death. roxy is in the care of the washington humane society. when she was found the humane society said the puppy couldn't move with the repeated fractures to her six-pound body. she has undergone several surgeries and will have more to come. >> we are delighted that she will never feel it again being removed and placed in a responsible loving home. she will get to see what it is like to be loved. maureen: her owner christina washington has been arrested. the humane society is collecting money to cover the cost of roxy's treatment. coming up -- >> mercy for me. maureen: incredible stories of survival. meet a man close to death. the team of doctors that saved him. >> more clouds out there.
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with rain entering the picture tomorrow. doug is back with the complete storm watch forecast up next. erin: i'm erin hawksworth. live in college park. maryland gears up to host georgetown. this guy is ready to go! [cheering]
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leon: incredible story. filing for life after he was run over by a drunk driver. he survived. maureen: today george washington university hospital celebrates the brave people and others and the doctors who save their lives. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg has the incredible stories on trauma survivors day. jeff: more than most, he understands how fragile life can be. he was so close to death. >> no doubt this is the most miracle, it's mercy for me. jeff: last january at his used car business on columbia pike in arlington a woman driving drunk literally ran over him, fleeing the car lot after running into several parked cars. he was rushed to g.w.
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hospital. it was awful. when he first arrived at g.w., doctors only gave him a 5% chance to live. he had severe damage to his back, his neck, his kidneys, his lungs, his heart. his entire upper body was broken. but the entire i.c.u. team led by dr. sarani tirelessly worked together to save him, allowing him to be here today for g.w. hospital's fourth annual trauma survivor's day. [applause] jeff: also honored cleat johnson of alexandria who suffed a broken necklace moh. and robin of arlington recovering from a brain injury after a bad fall in may. for him, moving forward is not easy. >> first, i have to recover. jeff: physically it is a struggle. medical bills are piling up. but he is guided by his deep muslim faith inspired by the doctors, well-wishers and
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motivated by his love for his wife donna and their three children. >> i have to stand up, to do something. not for me. for my family. i want to live. i want to live. jeff: in northwest washington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. maureen: what a story. well, the drunk driver who hit him was sentenced two months ago. mendez is set to serve ten years in state prison. leon: we have breaking news just coming in. this is on the race for the white house. republican presidential candidate bobby jindal dropped out of the race. the louisiana governor suspended his campaign. maureen: this is a beautiful day. doug: it's good. we hit 70 yesterday. not that warm today.
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this is the sunrise you would have seen heading up to logan circle this morning. thanks to will for sending this to we have had a lot of beautiful sunrises in the past several days here. absolutely gorgeous. all right. let's talk numbers here. all across the area. temperatures mostly in the 50's at this hour. setting high of 61 at reagan national airport. veronica of bowie sent this to us. the sunrises are great. i'm asleep at sunrise time. that is why i love the picture s. mid-50's around the area. 53 in baltimore and hagerstown. 57 in culpeper. 55 at the reagan normal airport. we go through the evening hours we will have the clouds around. no rain. cool. stable atmosphere with the easterly winds coming in five to ten. temperatures by morning will drop off at 52 in the metro
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area. farther west drop to mid-40's tomorrow morning. the clouds making slow and steady progress in the day. sunshine and color in sky this morning. the clouds are rolling in. showers picked up ahead of the cold front. many of these were evaporating before they hit the ground. the air is dry. tomorrow afternoon as the air moistens up. we may see isolated showers. we get through late tomorrow night. overnight through the morning and mid-day thursday. this cold front will head our way. you will notice the motion of the rain and the thunderstorms moving from south to north. the frontal zone is moving east. it's a matter of timing. we will see the rain. what is interesting about the rain, we are looking at the computer models forecasting how much will fall. during the day the models had .2 of -- .8 of an inch. now it's showing less than that will fall. whatever it is, it will come and go. the future cast for tomorrow, scattered rain showers are possible. late tomorrow night and
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thursday morning. that is when the bulk of the rain will come in. moving around the by a thursday night. hagerstown will wind the prize. 30% chance of showers tomorrow. saturday will knock the temperatures back. sunday, monday, tuesday we have highs in the 40's. that is the latest. back to you. leon: we know the emotions are high tonight. a big game that folks have been waiting years to see. finally getting to play. maureen: a big local rivalry.
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georgetown versus maryland basketball. erin hawksworth is there. erin: the fans have been waiting years for the game. the students have been waiting hours to get in the arena. they are so hungry they just ordered pizza. we have a preview coming up next.
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealer. erin: we are here with the maryland students as they wait in line to get in front of the arena for georgetown at maryland. the big thing for the hoyas will be bouncing back after their opening loss to radford. >> the matchup speaks for itself. >> imagine the building will be electric. i don't need to give any speeches. erin: march medness a few months early. the visitors are ready for anything. hoyas and terps haven't tangled on the d.m.v. turf since 1993. maryland won that epic contest on the last-second runner. >> got it. >> three seconds to go! erin: since then, a local rivalry too few and far between until now. >> i know that the history. with the game. what it means to the people. >> walk around the city, people are coming up to you and they say i'm excited for
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the maryland game. the georgetown-maryland game. erin: hoyas come in underdogs and chip on their shoulder after the shocking season opening loss to radford. >> angry. from a coach's perspective, absolutely. as it relates to maryland it doesn't matter what happens or what they did or what we did. when our two teams have played in the past, will play in the future, you know, the emotions, the angst, the excitement. erin: so let's get it on. rivalry renewed. >> i don't know how many tickets we could have sold if we had a huge arena. we could have sold 50, 60,000 tickets. it will get a lot of play. it should be a great basketball game. erin: so i'm in line with the students. my photographer kendall griggs is at the start of the end. i'm at the end. he will go down the line to show you how many students are
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here. they have been in line for about 24 hours now all wanting to get the best seats in the house. [cheering] now the doors open in about ten minutes. to the students. for the rest of the public is 7:30. the game is a late one. tip-off is at 9:00. getting loud. back to you. maureen: my goodness. leon: if that is any foretelling what will happen once they get inside it will be a great night. boy! maureen: what is the latest? doug: rain moves in late tomorrow night and thursday. that is the forecast. the temperatures are mild. then it will turn breezy and cooler on friday. saturday and sunday is cooler. chilly, sunday, monday, tuesday. steve will have more at 11:00. maureen: thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. leon: see you here at 11:00.
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from paris. and this evening, the new scare. mass evacuations at another stadium. police say there was a serious and credible threat to safety. suddenly, ordering thousands of fans out of the stadium, rushing them to safety. terry moran is in germany tonight. also tonight, the breaking news in the terror manhunt. police are now searching for a second fugitive, believed to be a ninth attacker. this is they have been searched for the alleged eighth attacker, the brother who fled. and we're right there, following the trail. also breaking, russia. now revealing, they believe it was a bomb that brought down that passenger plane. russia tonight firing on isis. abc news obtaining this video of a russian cruise missile over syria. and the new concern back home in america, after isis praised the deadly attacks h


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