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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 18, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EST

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the fear now is that we have the attacks in january and we've had these attacks now and that this is just the beginning of a new wave of attacks, that we're going to see not just in france but in europe and beyond. isis has said they want to target the u.s. and washington in particular. i spoke with secretary of state john kerry yesterday, who said that anybody who was engaging in the fight with daesh, with isis, is now a target. so this is something that european and american officials fear, that this is the beginning of a new wave of attacks internationally by isis. >> alex marquardt reporting from saint-denis for us. alex, we appreciate the update. we want to get now to our affiliate, france 24, the english and french channel. and they have some eyewitness sound we want to get to right now. >> i woke up hearing gunshots. so i looked out the window.
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when we called the police, we didn't know what's going on and what we heard, we thought it was like a shooting or something. but then she told us that the police were intervening. so we could hear shootings. and we could hear the helicopters flying. >> she told me that she was woken up by a huge explosion. police stormed into the building and told her to duck down on the floor. she was with her husband and her baby. and then she got really scared and she spent two hours lying down on the floor. police told her to stay down, remain there while they were conducting the operation. then they told her -- they evacuated her and told her to go to city hall. that's where she -- she told me
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she was scared for her son, that it was a very traumatic experience. >> you were just looking at live pictures from the french suburb of saint-denis where police raids have just completed, we're told. we will be going in just a few minutes to brad garrett, former fbi special agent, to recap exactly what's being -- what's going on here in america. stay with us. you're watching "world news now." >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. call this number to learn more. this plan was designed with a rate lock for people on a fixed income who want affordable
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we want to go now to brad garrett, former fbi special agent. we spoke to him earlier this morning and we want to hear a little more about what brad has to hear about this situation. >> reporter: well, one of the keys anytime you're trying to determine if somebody's in a residence, is what intelligence do you have that he's there? in other words, did neighbors call you? did a source call you? what is the situation? and what you try to do is take that and can you actually corroborate it? in other words, what makes you, the police, convinced that this person is in that house? as we just experienced the last couple of days, they entered a house and he wasn't there. they thought he was inside. maybe they had that situation. maybe they don't. but at some point if they have enough time they're going to figure out how to get either cameras or mikes inside a particular location to actually determine what they can see. and at some juncture, and i
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think you're reporting, you're hearing noises which may possibly be flash bangs, et cetera, that they may well have entered a residence or an apartment, whatever it might be. >> brad, i was really surprised shortly after these attacks on friday the fbi coming out and saying that they will be upping surveillance in this country and particularly looking for people potentially who suddenly go dark. can you tell us about that and what the fbi is doing post these attacks on friday? >> sure. they've got literally dozens of people they're keeping track of. and what the suggestion is based on what we just saw in paris, is that there is no outward or open communication. now, is there encrypted communication? that remains to be seen. but the key here is that if you have got some players or individuals that you're particularly concerned about then you're going to you up the surveillance. in other words, the physical
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surveillance, the electronic surveillance, obviously of cell phones and or hard lines. and i think that's what they're suggesting, that there may be a core group of people that they really have the most concern about, and they're trying to do sort of what they call the ticktock, which is literally the ticktock of their life, where are they, where are they going, who are they associating with, et cetera? >> brad, what happens in a situation like this? they're talking about an area molenbeek in brussels that they believe to be the epicenter where the planning took place. they say this community, it is largely muslim, very tight-knit. how does the fbi or any law enforcement crack any source of community that is very tightnight even if you up the surveillance in that area, the people aren't going to speak, how do you get a tipoff as to what's happening or what people are up to? >> well, the biggest advantage they have today is even people in communities like that -- this know that the behavior that occurred in paris will come back
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down on them. and it is in effect i think coming back down on them to a certain extent. so that will get some people to talk to you. but you bring up a point that's been a real issue for the fbi and others during -- since 9/11. you know, there's been complaints from the muslim community that the bureau and other agencies, nypd in particular, are using too aggressive of tactics, they were trying to infiltrate mosques, et cetera. and so you've got that whole component that some of it's working, some of it has not. but you know, it still boils down to two things. human sources and electronic intercepts. and i suspect that's where they're getting the majority of the information that's driving, for example, the current location where they're attempting to apparently go into -- or think about going into a residence or an
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apartment. >> all right, brad. i'm just curious about this one thing. because you know, they're saying this morning it's possible abdelhamid abaaoud, and this is the guy suspected behind the "charlie hebdo" attack, the train attack that didn't happen, and now this. and they thought he was in syria, and now it turns out he might possibly be in a suburb of paris in a residential area. does that kind of shock you that that might be the case, that he might have been able to survive there for all this time? >> no. because the ability, particularly in europe, to move around, particularly if you're doing it by car, is just than difficult. and particularly if you have great fake i.d.s and/or somebody else is moving you, i can definitely see that to be a possibility. >> that was former fbi special agent brad garrett giving us a sense of what's going on inside these operations and also here domestically as to how the fbi and law enforcement are
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responding post those paris attacks on friday. we will have more eyewitness accounts from the ground, from paris, from saint-denis, that suburb not too far from paris. stay with us. you're watching "world news now."
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we're continuing our coverage of the police raids
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targeting suspects in the terror attacks in paris. and we want to give you some e sound of some eyewitnesses to this morning's raid north of paris. >> i heard an explosion about 20 minutes ago, about six explosions. i didn't count but it was quite a few explosions. it was about 20 minutes ago. >> and what's happening there now? has it gone quiet again there now? >> yes, it seems quiet but then for safety reasons i won't be looking too much. and then, yeah, at least 50 police, army vehicles, and over 100 soldiers, policemen. >> i woke up hearing gunshots. and we could hear it. then we called the police to let them know what's going on and what we heard. and we thought it was like a shooting or something. then she told us that the police was intervening.
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it's called the raid police. so we could hear the shootings until 5:30 a.m. i think and we could still hear the helicopters. now they're -- >> and she told me that she was woken up by a huge explosion. police stormed into the sxwlg told her to get down on the floor. she was with her husband and her baby. and she got really scared and spent two hours lying down on the floor. police told her to remain there while they were conducting the operation. then they told her to -- they evacuated her and told her to go to the city hall. she told me she's really, really scared, she was scared for her son, that it was a very traumatic experience. >> you're watching live coverage of abc's situation in france. police raids taking place there.
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good morning. we're following breaking news out of france. in a french suburb not far from paris, police terror raids taking place there. our alex marquardt is on the ground right now. alex, we're hearing about police potentially injured as well as some arrests potentially. what can you tell us about the situation there? >> reporter: good morning, reena. there had been earlier reports not long after this raid got under way about 4 1/2 hours ago at 4:30 this morning that several police had been injured. what we do know, what we have confirmed with french officials is that one of the suspects that was inside this apartment building that was raided was a woman. she detonated her suicide vest. there are reports from the french news agency that there were at least two others inside that apartment, one of whom was
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killed, one of w4078 is still alive. those have not been confirmed. in the last few minutes there has been activity after a rather quiet period easter the last hour and 15 minutes or so. after we heard a loud series of explosions which we believe to have been sound grenades, the kind that police would use as they storm a house. and what's happening now is until now there had been a series of police vehicles here that were blocking the view but in the last few moments they've been moving around. you can see here in front of me a police officer with his rifle at the ready. they've just put on their helmets. there's a lot more activity here. cars driving away -- moments ago out of nowhere a lot of the police officers who had been here just took off running toward another area in this paris suburb. we all went chasing after them to see what was happening. -- minutes they turned back around and came back here with no word as to why. so again, we understand from the french justice ministry that this raid is either coming to an
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end or has come -- relatively quiet for the past 75 minutes or so. the french have said that the target of this raid is abdelhamid abaaoud. he is believed to be the mastermind, the organizer of these attacks on friday night that left 129 people dead. very prominent member of isis. he's from belgium. 26 years old. and he was believed to be in syria. now he may be in france. that is the big question to answer this morning. >> that is a big question. many are wondering how he was able to get into that neighborhood, which is a residential neighborhood just north of the city of paris. we're going to continue to follow the developments taking place this morning in paris. police targeting the suspects in friday's terrible attacks on paris. >> and as alex marquardt said, those terror raids coming to an end. we do know a series of terror raids taking place the past few days throughout the country. we will have more live coverage right here on abc. you're watching "world news now."
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good morning on this wednesday november 18th. this is a special edition of "world news now." >> we're following breaking news from france. >> gunfire and police raids north of paris. the search for suspected terrorists takes a new turn, a dramatic one. we're going to take you to the scene. raids targeting paris's mastermind. that is what police have told us they believe that they have focused on this area in a suburb not too far from paris, specifically in an apartment complex. initially they believed there were two suspects holed up inside. and there have been several developments that have been taking place just within the last few hours. all of this playing out 4:30 in the morning, paris time, 10:30 eastern time last night here on the east coast. we want to get to our alex marquardt who has been on the scene shortly after all of this started going down. alex, what do you know now? >> reporter: well,


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